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Kingston, Jamaica

May - June, 1869

May 1, 1869


In consequence of shipments of Paper overdue, not having come to hand, and none being obtainable in this market, we are compelled to issue The Gleaner on a sheet half the usual size. We crave the indulgence of our Advertisers for a few days. [This continued to be the case until the issue of June 23, 1869.]


On the 24th April, 1869, at Hayes Savanna, Vere, after three days illness, Mr. Horatio Canton, in the 65th year of his age, leaving four children and many near relatives and friends to mourn their loss. He was Clerk of the Parish Church and Schoolmaster of the above Parish for 38 years.

May 3, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the Spanish steamer Guantanamo for Cuba -- J. F. Salazar y Justiz, Lady, and two children; Dona Maria de los Delores Colas y Justiz; Dona Rosa Maza y Guitieres, and three servants; Senor Olivera Silva; Don Jose Ma. Portuondo y Moreno; Dona Trinidad Portuondo; Dona Paulina Portuondo; Dona Apolena Mereno; Dona Rosa Portuondo, eight children and three servants; Dona Gertudris Figuieres de Parojo and Niece.

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Capt. J. C. Peynado and J. B. Clough, Jnr., Esqrs.

May 7, 1869

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Thomas H. Bunting to be a Second Class Clerk in the Internal Revenue Department -- Appointment dated 1st instant.


During the absence of the Revd. D. R. Littlejohn, who, after thirty years' service in the Church in this island, is about to proceed to England to recruit his health, the duties of Rector of Trelawny will be performed by the Revd. Mr. Scotland, at present Island Curate of St. John's.


Andrew Dunn, Esq., M. D., has been elected Chairman, and Alexander Fiddes, Esq., F. R. C. P., Edin., Secretary of the Board of Medical Examiners, appointed under "The Medical Act, 1859".

May 12, 1869


On Tuesday, 11th instant, at 10 p.m., James Minot, Solicitor. Friends and acquaintances are requested to attend his Remains from No. 3, Barry Street, East of King Street, to the Scotch Burial Ground, at 5 o'clock this evening.

May 13, 1869

During such time as the Rev. Horace Scotland may be called upon to act for the Rector of Trelawny, the duties of his Cure at Lluidas Vale, St. John's, will be discharged by a Catechist, Mr. Alexander James, of Hope Bay, St. George's.


We have been informed that Mr. W. B. Espeut has imported a large quantity of Madder Seeds, for distribution in the different parishes of the island. The Madder Root produces one of the most valuable species of Dye, worth as much as £60 per ton in the European Markets. Mr. Espeut has placed these seeds at the disposal of the Government for distribution, and some have been planted by Mr. Thompson at Castleton, and are doing well. Mr. Espeut, whose public spirit has induced him at considerable expense and trouble to procure these seeds and particulars of cultivation, is deserving of the highest commendation for endeavouring to add to the material industry of the island a commodity of such commercial value.

May 14, 1869

Mr. Aubrey Garland Facey has been appointed a Second Class Clerk in the Internal Revenue Department.


His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to accept the resignation of the Commission of Justice of the Peace for the Parish of Kingston, held by Jacob Alveranga, Esq..

May 17, 1869


In this City, on the 11th instant, the wife of John C. Nethersole, Esq., of a daughter.

May 21, 1869

The Friends and Acquaintances of Mr. James McFarlane are requested to attend his remains from No. 7 Water Lane (corner of Charlotte Street) to the place of interment at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

May 24, 1869


Yesterday morning, the 23rd inst., Esther, the beloved Wife of F. A. Autey, Esq. Friends are invited to attend the funeral at 5 o'clock this afternoon from her late residence, No. 33 North Street.

May 25, 1869


In Spanish Town, on 21st inst., the wife of Mr. Samuel Lawton, of a son.

On Saturday, 15th inst., at Rymesbury Pen, Clarendon, Mrs. Henry Clough, of a daughter.


Early yesterday morning at his residence, No. 23 Temple Lane, Peter Henry, Esq., aged 92 years and 2 months.

May 26, 1869

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and Rev. W. Holdsworth.

May 28, 1869

The Governor has been pleased to appoint Mr. Anthony Touzalin to be a Master Pilot for conducting ships and other vessels into and out of the Port of Savanna-la-Mar.

May 29, 1869


In this City, on Friday morning 28th instant, the Wife of Mr. G. C. H. Lewis of a Son.

May 31, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Mexican, from Colon: -- Mrs. Farmer; Mr. Julius Farmer; Mr. Samuel Farmer; Mrs. Rebecca Isaacs and three Children; Mr. Bravo of Cuba; Mr. Courtenay.

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Aaron Gregg, Esq., U. S. C., and J. R. Brice, Esq.

June 4, 1869


At Worthy Park Estate, St. John, on the 29th ult., after a long and painful illness, Thomas Emmerton, second son of Thomas Heath, Esq., of above Estate, in the 19th year of his age.

June 5, 1869


At Stanmore Parsonage, St. Elizabeth, on the second instant, the Wife of the Revd. David Rowe, of a daughter.

June 7, 1869


At Great Valley, Manchester, Susan Maud Logan, the infant and beloved daughter of Henry Vincent Martin.

On the 14th May, at his residence Brumalia, near Mandeville, of Bronchitis -- John Reed Hollingsworth, in the 58th year of his age, for many years Custos and Member of Assembly for Manchester.

June 8, 1869

Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

J. H. DeMercado, Esq., and A. L Malabre, Esq.


On the 4th May, after a short illness, whilst on a voyage to America, via St. Jago de Cuba, Mr. Thomas Roberts, in his 32nd year. The deceased was a native of Pembrokeshire, South Wales, England, and for eight years a resident of this Island. He has left a sorrowing widow, two children, and a circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

June 9, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato, from Colon: -- Mr. Lyons; Mrs. Hepburn and child; Miss M. A. Leon; Mr. S. Lindo; Mr. Hull; Miss Burnett; Mr. Lazarus; Mr. H. Ramon; Miss Scott and infant. For St. Thomas -- Mr. M. A. del Garro. For Southampton -- Mr. J. Houghton; Dr. J. M. Hettore Bueno; Mr. & Mrs. E. Vega; Mr. C. Kernish; Mr. C. E. Davis; Dr and Mrs. Kamel and child.

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato: -- Mr. Isaac Levy & wife; Mrs. Forsyth; Mr.& Mrs. Dawson; Mr. S. K. Magnus; Mr. Ruthven; Mr. S. R. DaCosta; Major & Mrs. Barnard; Miss King; Mrs. King, for England.

June 10, 1869


In Kingston, June 7, the wife of Revd. F. L. King, of a Son.


On the 8th instant, at Stony Hill, St. Andrew, by the Revd. F. L. King, assisted by the Revd. A. Findly, Walter Daley Downer, Esq., to Mary Reynalds, second daughter of the late John King, Esq..

June 11, 1869


At White Hall, Westmoreland, on the 8th instant, the wife of John C. Stone, Esq., of a son.


We have been informed that Mr. G. A. Fowles has been appointed Surveyor in the Customs Department, in the room of Mr. Mark Laidman, who has been superannuated.


In the Police Court yesterday, before Justices Bicknell and Salom, Esther DeSouza, keeper of the "New Commercial Hotel", 38 Harbour Street, was charged by Sergeant Johnson, C. 5, with selling Rum without a License. The evidence of Sergeant Johnson and another policeman was to the effect that they went into the tavern on the 2nd June in disguise as travellers, and called for a drink; the defendant served them each a glass of rum, for which they paid sixpence; they asked for a sixpence of a shilling's worth in a bottle, but she stated that she could not give it as she had no license to sell spirits -- and they left. Mr. Nathan, for the defence, produce four witnesses who were present on the night in question, and each positively swore that no Rum was ever served to the men, they were told by Mrs. DeSouza that she had ale or porter and they went away without purchasing or drinking anything on the premises. Mr. Bicknell stated that he had no doubt in his mind that the defendant was guilty, but there was a division on the Bench, as Mr. Salom considered the evidence sufficient to warrant a dismissal of the complaint. No decision was arrived at, and the defendant left the Court.

June 12, 1869

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. George Overly are requested to attend his remains from his Pen Residence, Elliston Road, to the Place of Interment, at half-past four o'clock this evening.


The Governor has been pleased to recognize, provisionally, Noel Crosswell, Esq., as acting Consul for Hayti. His Excellency has also been pleased to recognize the undermentioned gentlemen as Vice-Consuls for Sweden and Norway, namely: -- Louis Lindo, Esq. at Black River; James Dougall, Esq.,k at Savanna-la-Mar; and R. J. C. Hitchins, Esq., at Kingston.

June 15, 1869


On the 11th ultimo, at Malvern Lodge, New Cross, London, the wife of Edward Muirhead Earle, Esq., of a Son.

June 21, 1869


On the 17th instant, at the Trinity Church, Kingston, by the Very Rev. J. Jones, V. G., assisted by the Revds. J. Dupont, J. M. Bartolio, and R. Barton, Victor Boileau, eldest son of John Boileau Sorapure, Esq., to Emma Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Chas. Malabre, Esq.

June 22, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Seine, for Colon: -- Mr. Emanuel Lyons; Miss Burnett; Mr. Camayo; Mr. Bates; Mr. Rico, for Santa Martha.


The London Gazette contains an announcement to the effect that the Queen has been pleased to appoint Edward Everard Rushworth, Esq.,D. C. L., to be Colonial Secretary for the island of Jamaica.

June 25, 1869

Mr. James Lewis has been appointed Bailiff of the Mandeville District Court.

Thomas Calvert Thompson, Esq., has been appointed a member of the Municipal Board, and Board of Parochial Commissioners, for the Parish of Portland, and to act as Chairman of the said Boards during the absence of the Hon. Wm. Hosack.

June 28, 1869

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Neva for Southampton: -- Revd. D. H. Campbell, Mrs. Campbell; Mr. Peart; Mr. Price; Mr. Leloubere and daughter; Mr. Briscoe; Mr. Fisher; Mr. Batrarillo and Bros.; Mrs. Butler; Mr. R. Harris; Mr. G. Sturridge; Mr. Bryant; Mr. William Lee; Mr. J. E. West. For St. Kitts: -- Mr. and Miss Cottle.

June 30, 1869


On the 24th June, in Kingston, Thomas W. Smith, Esq., Ellis Caymanas.


We understand that William Kemble, Esq., the Postmaster for Jamaica, has obtained leave of absence for six months, for the benefit of his health, and that the duties of the office are likely to be discharged by Mr. Sullivan, the Chief Clerk of the department during the absence of Mr. Kemble.


We have had an opportunityh of testing a sample of Ground Coffee, from the establishment of Mr. Horatio DeSouza in Orange Street, corner of White Street, and have not hesitation in pronouncing it of good flavour and superior quality, and are assured that the same description is always kept on hand. We would recommend Mr. DeSouza's establishment to the notice of families.

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