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August to October 1866

August 18, 1866


John Watt, Simon Pereira, and William Taylor were charged yesterday with breaking open the store of Messrs. Albergas and Mitchell, in connection with the larceny by Margaret Judah, and stealing 50 dozen bottles Ale, 25 dozen bottles Sherry Wine, 6 cases, 6 quart bottles, and 25 pints Claret, 12 packs Candles, 25 dozen bottles Rum, 12 loaves Sugar, 12 tins Meat, 24 tins Salmon, 12 Hams, 20 pieces Bacon, 20 dozen tins Condensed Milk, and one case Moselle. The prisoners were not defended. At the close of the case, the Jury retired for a quarter of an hour, and returned into Court with a verdict of guilty against Taylor: Watt and Pereira not guilty. As there are other indictments against Watt and Pereira, they were kept in custody.

Taylor was then sentenced to five years penal servitude.

His Honor the Attorney General observed that he would not proceed with the other cases as he in the meantime might be able to procure corroborative evidence. As the case then stood, none other than Hackett's evidence was available. Watt, Hamilton, and Pereira, were then brought up and told that they would be let on bail to answer at the next Court, if the could find security on £50 each.



At the opening of the Court yesterday, the prisoners arraigned on Thursday were placed in the dock, but in consequence of numerous challenges it was difficult to form a Jury. The Attorney General thereupon applied to the Court to pass sentence upon those who were already convicted, and stated he would proceed against them next Court upon the remaining indictments. Margaret Judah was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in the Female Penitentiary; Finn to 12 months imprisonment, and Spencer referred to the officers of the Reformatory, to see whether they would take him in.

Mr. Phillippo, on behalf of Margaret Judah, moved for an arrest of Judgment, on the ground of appeal to the Supreme Court, as to the legality of receiving Huckett's evidence against the parties whom he implicated in the indictment. The learned Judge declined to grant the motion for arrest of Judgment, but committed the prisoners to the County Jail till after the decision of the Supreme Court in October next.

August 21, 1866


At St. Andrew, on the 19th instant, the wife of Charles J. Ward, Esq., of a son.

August 22, 1866

Sitting Magistrates

C. Levy, D. Qualo, Simon Soutar, Esqrs.


Sailors Home

Revd. E. Nuttall and H. J. Bicknell, Esqrs.



A meeting of the Board of Firewardens was held at the Court House, in this city, yesterday evening. There were present, Messrs. Richard Hitchens, C. H. Davis, G. Magnus, Geo. Magnus, Alexr. Berry, W. Morrison, L. McCormack, Alex. Jeffreys, John Walker, J. Desporte, John Milholland, Wm. Burke; A. McFarlane, Surveyor. Mr. Magnus proposed Mr. Richard Hitchens as President, and Mr. E. Abrahams as Vice-President, which was unanimously carried.

August 23, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Bolivar, Watson, from Colon en route to Liverpool:

- Mr. Wheeler

- Mr. Milligen

- Mr. Delevante

- Mr. Henriques

- Mrs. Henriques

In transit, G. S. Grey, Esq. and lady.

August 25, 1866

1st West India Regiment

A detachment of the 1st W. I. Regiment now in this Island, will after the arrival of H. M. S. Doris from the outports, leave Port Royal under command of MAJOR ANTON for the coast of Africa.

Major Anton joined the Army in January 1842, was made a Lieut. 3rd March, 1843; Captain. November 1854 and Major July 1862. He has served many years on the Coast of Africa, and although the third officer in rank in his Regiment, has commanded a part of the corps varying from 4 to 7 Companies, for the last 3 years. He is now going to the West Coast of Africa, from whence he returned with the Left Wing, 1st W. I. Regiment, two years ago, after having undergone all the privations of the Ashantee Campaign of 1863-4, when a large number of officers died. The Major is greatly admired by his men and officers, and highly deserves it, for a better Commanding Officer they could not have.



His Excellency Sir J. P. Grant, in the exercise of his prerogative, has been pleased to issue a pardon for Mr. Sydney Levien, and he was discharged from custody yesterday.



His Honor the Chief Justice took his seat at ten o'clock yesterday. There were only two unopposed insolvents - Frank J. Webbe, of Kingston, and Richard Lindo, of St. Andrew. They were discharged. Three Appeal cases were then heard, and the Court adjourned....

September 3, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer Crusader from New York:

- Mr. H. W. Levington

- Mr. C. L. Hider

- Mr. A. D. Trench

- Mr. John Reid

- Miss Mary Rainsford

From Port-au-Prince:

- Mr. J. Delande and family.

September 4, 1866

Sitting Magistrates

David Ewart, William S. Cooper, R. N., and Richard Hitchens, Esq.


Sailors Home

Dr. Dunn and John Davis, Esq.


[ADVERTISEMENT] Advantageous Opening

One or two intelligent boys anxious to learn the printing business will be received at the Gleaner Office. No Application will be entertained without Certificates as to Character and respectability. Apply personally at the Office no 61 Port Royal Street. None need apply who cannot Read and Write correctly.




At his Lodgings, Harbour Street, in this City on Sunday morning, the 2nd instant, Mr. David A. Campbell, Late Engineer of H. M. S. Aboukir.

On the 29th day of August 1866, the beloved wife of Solomon Horsfield....

Death of the Sub-Collector of Lucea

Information has been received by the Crusader from New York of the death of W. J. Iles, Esq. late Sub-collector at the Port of Lucea, in the island. Mr. Iles was on leave of absence, and died at this son's residence, Cambridge, United States, on the 5th August last.

September 6, 1866


At Montego Bay, on Monday 3rd instant, aged 9 months, Ralph Cecil, the infant son of S. G. Corinaldi, Esq.


Passengers Arrived

In the Royal Mail C. Steamer Tyne:

- H. Irving, Esq., Colonial Secretary

- Mr. Davis and wife

- Mr. Buckwell

- Mr. G. Clarke

- Mr. G. Aitken

- Mr. Delapenha

- Mr. Green

- Mrs. Rachill and servant

September 7, 1866

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer Crusader for New York:

- Mr. Solomon DeCordova

- Mr. Morales, Mrs. Morales, 2 children and servant

- Mr. Alex Roberts

- Mr. Downer

- Mr. John Bacquie

- Mr. R. B. Lynch

- Mr. Wheeler

- Capt. Young



In this City on Wednesday the 4th instant, by the Revd. A. H. Delevante, Mr. Abraham D'Leon to Madeleine, youngest daughter of Mr. Isaac Soares.

September 17, 1866


In this City on the 14th instant, the wife of Charles Abrahams, Esq. of a son.


On the 12th instant in the Parish Church, Falmouth, by the Revd. D. R. Littlejohn, Rector, Mr. Archibald Crooks, of Duncans, to Sarah Elmore, only daughter of the late Mr. Michael Cook.

September 22, 1866

Passengers Arrived

In the Steamer R. M. C. Mersey:

- Mrs. Warren Carlyle of Lucea

- Mr. Finzi

- Com. The Hon. Chelwyng, H. M. S. Steady

- Lieut. Lavard, 3rd W. I. Regiment

- Col. Farrell, C. B., 4th Depot Battalion, President of Court Martial

- Lt. Col. Daniell, 23rd Regiment Foot

- Major Williamson, 48th Regiment Foot

- Major Campbell, 71st Regiment Foot

- Captain Maclean, Rifle Brigade, Dep. Judge Advocate

- Captain Barscow, 84th Regiment Foot

- Captain Oliver, 66th Regiment Foot

- Captain Reany, 66th Regiment Foot

- Captain Day, 78th Regiment Foot

- Captain Walters, 44th Regiment Foot

- Captain Seaton, 102nd Regiment Foot

- Mr. Gibbs, Barrister, Legal Adviser of Court Martial

- Mr. Emanuel Lyons

- Mrs. Levy and 2 daughters

- Mr. David Brandon, Barrister

- Mr. Lawrence

- Mr. Romber

- Mr. Brown

October 4, 1866


At Port Maria, St. Mary, on the 18th September, the wife of Edmund DeLisser, Esq., sub-collector of H. M. Customs, of a son.


At Strathsever, in the Parish of St. George, in the 59th year of his age, the Rev. Charles Tuthill May, upwards of 24 years Rector of the Parish.

October 8, 1866

Sitting Magistrates

P. Bravo, A. L. Malabre, and Wm. Berry, Esqrs.

October 9, 1866



ON the 18th ultimo at Quebec, St. Mary, Daniel, the third son of the late Daniel Nairne, Esq. of Nairne's Castle, Clarendon, aged 57.

October 10, 1866

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer for St. Thomas:

- Mrs. Thomas Hendrick and child

- Mr. Lewis, 6th Regiment

- Master Samson for St. Thomas

- Bandmaster Brophy, 6th Regiment

- Dr. Crosbie

- Dr. Mortimer



On the 27th ultimo, by Revd. F. H. Sharpe, Herbert, third son of Geo. Silvera, Esq., of the parish of St. Mary, to Henrietta, daughter of the late Ebenezer R. DaCosta of same parish.



[To the memory of the late John Wray]

The formal presentation of the fountain, erected by Charles Ward, Esq., on the Parade, to the Corporation of this City, will take place at 5 o'clock this afternoon. The Bands of the 2nd and 3rd W. I. Regiments will be in attendance.



Their Honors the Judges of the Supreme Court, gave judgment yesterday, in this case, discharging the motion for a new trial. The prisoner, it is expected, will therefore commence her long term of imprisonment in the General Penitentiary today.



We understand that S. C. Burke, Esq., Solicitor of this City, was to leave England on the 2nd inst. For this Island. It is said that he has been armed with instructions from the Anti-Slavery Society of London to institute proceedings against several persons here who were prominently engaged in the suppression of the late Rebellion.

October 15, 1866


At Yardley Chase, St. Elizabeth, on Friday, 5th instant, the wife of the Rev. J. L. Ramson, of a daughter.


Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. S. S. St. Thomas, from Liverpool via St. Thomas:

- Mrs. Espeut and family; Miss Hardcastle; Miss Fogarty; Mr. McKinnon.

From Port-au-Prince:

- Mr. Egbert DePass; Mr. Berry; Mr. Morais; Mr. Savage and family; Mr. Tate and family; Mrs. McCullock and family; Miss Jones; Lieut. Col. Ulrich; Madame Valalore.

Passengers Sailed

In the Steamer American, for Liverpool:

- Lieut. Fitzgerald

October 23, 1866

Sitting Magistrates

P. J. Ferron, J. Francis, and J. Hart. Esqrs.


Sailors Home

A. J. Brymer, Esq. and Capt. J. C. Peynado.



At Lindale Pen, St. Ann's, October 10th, 1866, Mr. E. W. Morris, of Kingston, to Emma Lamar Brough, daughter of the late Joseph Brough, Esq.

October 25, 1866


At Dunbar's River, Westmoreland, on Sunday 7th last, after a short illness, Jane, the beloved sister of Elizabeth A. Wedderburn, aged 67.

October 26, 1866


In this City, at her residence, no 8 Hanover Street, on the 23rd October, 1866, Mrs. William Wilkinson ...

October 29, 1866


An exquisite view of this splendid City Ornament has just been executed by Mr. Thompson, the photographer in Harbour Street, price, four shillings.

The Photographic Gallery, no. 26 Harbour Street, opposite Brass's Polytechnic.



In this City, on Wednesday the 24th instant, Abraham R. DaCosta, Jr., aged 71 years and two months, leaving a wife, three children and a large circle of relatives and friends ...

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