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Kingston, Jamaica

January 5 - 30, 1869

January 5, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Neva from Southampton: --

- Ensign Lovegrave, 3rd W. I. R

- Ensign Ritchie, 3rd W. I. R.

- Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Panton and 2 children

- Mr. and Mrs. Ronaldson

- Mis Boutler

- Rev. Mr. Smith

- Mr. J. T. Williams

- Mr. and Mrs. Roper and 2 children

- Mr. J. H. Bonitto

- Mr. J. A. Keating

- Mr. and Mrs. Miles

- Mr. Steinhoff and family

- Master Chapman


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

F. A. Ebbeke and H. J. Bicknell, Esqrs.

January 6, 1869

Passengers Sailed

Per R. M. C "Neva" for Colon: --

- Mr. & Mrs. and Master Rampe

- Mr. Malabre

- Mr. Osmond Nunes

- Mr. Belisario

- Mr. Courtenay

- Mr. Figueroa

January 7, 1869

An accident, fortunately unattended with any very serious consequences, occurred on Tuesday Evening, during the performance of Divine Service in St. George's Chapel. A portion of the ceiling underneath the gallery, on the south side of the building, suddenly gave way - almost burying those who were quietly seated at their devotions in a mass of debris. The first impression was that an Earthquake had occurred; great alarm was naturally felt, and a rush was of course made for as speedy an exit as possible. We understand, that, with the exception of Mr. Fegan (who with Mrs. F. and their niece were sitting immediately underneath) no one was injured -- he having sustained some few bruises on the head. The accident providentially was no worse - and when a little order had been restored -- Rev. Mr. Nuttall appropriately addressed the audience, increased possibly by a large influx of sightseers, on the occasion. The alarm was considerable, with good reason, and calls for a better order of things in the prevention, as far as timely repairs are concerned, of a similar accident.

January 8, 1869

In consequence of the Rev. Mr. Raw, the Wesleyan Clergyman at Port Royal and some members of his household having been afflicted with Small-pox, his house has for some time been kept isolated; that is all communication between its and other residents of the town forbidden by the Municipal authorities; and the Mission House being connected with the Chapel, that was also isolated, much to the inconvenience of the congregation. It affords us pleasure to learn that Mr. Raw having quite recovered the restriction we have mentioned will very shortly be removed.


Under the District Courts Law 1867, James Allwood, Esq., has been appointed Clerk of the Montego Bay District Court and Edmond Alcock, Esq., Clerk of the Savanna-la-Mar District Court. These appointments bear date from the first instant.

January 11, 1869

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato from Colon: --

- Mr. Lazarus

- Mr. Lester and female servant

- Mr. Cowan

- Mr. Byndloss

Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer Atrato for England: --

- Colonel Grain and Mrs. Grain

- Mr. M. Farmer

For St. Thomas: --

- Mr. Goubault

- Mr. Larcode

- Mr. Woolcott

- Mr. Vital

- Mr. Goldenburg

- Mr. Breckenridge


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Henry Davis, Esq. and Dr. Charles Campbell

January 12, 1869

The Friends and Acquaintances of Mr. Alexander Stevenson, late Schoolmaster, are respectfully invited to attend his remains from his late residence, No. 24 Temple Lane, to the place of interment, at half past 4 o'clock this afternoon.

January 13, 1869

We have been informed that his Excellency the Governor has been pleased to make the following appointments in the public service: -- Mr. Charles Gauntlett, late clerk to James Allwood, Esq., Spanish Town, to be Bailiff of the Montego Bay District Court; and Mr. J. C. Young, Deputy-Marshall for Westmoreland, to be Bailiff of the St. Elizabeth District Court. We also learn that Mr. Alex Robertson, Assistant Collector of Dues for St. David, will be promoted to the appointment lately held by Mr. Henry Greensword for St. John and St. Dorothy.

January 18, 1869


At Amity Hall, St. Thomas, on the 15th inst. The Wife of the Revd. Thomas Harty of a Girl.

January 20, 1869

Samuel Rennalls, Esq., late Custos for the Parish of St. Thomas in the Vale, was, yesterday, sworn in as an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council -- and afterwards took his seat at the Board. Another unofficial member has been appointed, but it did not transpire on whom the appointment has been conferred.


Mr. Espeut's invention for refining sugar has been thought much of in Scotland, where it was tested. We observe with pleasure, a very favorable notice of it in a Glasgow paper, the writer of which expresses the opinion that it will be universally known, on account of its extreme simplicity and perfect efficiency. It is to be hoped that Mr. Espeut will reap the full benefit which his inventive genius merits.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Daniel Finzi, Esq., and Rev. W. Holdsworth

January 22, 1869

The Governor has been pleased to make the following Appointments and Promotions in the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Alexander Robertson, Third Class Assistant Collector of Taxes, to be a Second Class Assistant Collector. Mr. William Cork, Clerk of the Second Class to be a Third Class Assistant Collector. Mr. E. P. Pullar, Mr. Joseph P. Vaz, and Mr. Melville A. Carter to be Clerks of the Second Class. Mr. Joseph Malabre to be an Assistant Collector of the First Class.

January 23, 1869


On Wednesday, 13th January, 1869, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Spanish Town, by the Revd. J. Mearns, assisted by the Revd. Thomas Raspass, Mr. Eustace Franklin of Kingston, to Matilda Louisa, eldest daughter of Wm. Burnett, Esq., of Spanish Town.

January 25, 1869

Passengers Arrived

By the R. M. C. Steamer Tyne from Southampton: --

- Mr. and Mrs. Drake

- Mr. Healy

- Mr. Griffith

- Rev. & Mrs. Lynch

- Mr. Mitchell

- Mr. Metzgar

- Mr. A. Duany

- Mr. H. Lee

From Demerara: --

- Rev. Mr. Barton

From St. Kitts: --

- Rev. Mr. Taylor

From Water Island: --

- Theo Paddy

- J. Bailey


We have already directed attention to the fact that a new and improved machinery for sugar refining -- invented by Mr. Espeut -- has been highly spoken of in Scotland, where it has been tested. We have since been informed that this machinery has been ordered from England for Bog Estate, in the parish of Vere.

January 26, 1869


At Hampton Green Penn, Spanish Town, on the 18th instant, the wife of Mr. Alexander J. L. Lyon, of a daughter.

January 26, 1869


At the Wesleyan Mission House, St. Ann's Bay, on the morning of the 25th inst., Mary Charlotte the beloved daughter of the Rev. T. P. Russell, aged three years. "A flower picked in the bud".

At Glacealis, St. Andrew, on the 18th inst., Caroline Edith, infant daughter of C. J. Ward, aged 3 months.


Sailors' Home Visiting Committee

Aaron Gregg and J. R. Brice, Esq.


We beg to direct attention to the advertisement in another column, of Miss Singleton, who has established a preparatory school in this city, and is soliciting support. Miss Singleton has had the best advantages, educationally, and we must say form her conversation that she appears eminently qualified for the charge she is desirous of undertaking. We trust that she will meet with the encouragement she merits.

January 30, 1869


At Halfway-Tree Church, St. Andrew's, on the 14th instant, by the Revd. David Rowe, brother of the Bride, assisted by the Revd. David B. ......, M. A., Phillip Edward Chapman, Esq., to Louisa Sophia, second daughter of the Venerable Archdeacon Rowe, M. A.


SAILORS' HOME (extract)

A general Meeting of the Subscribers to the Sailors' Home was held at the Commercial Exchange yesterday. The Chair was taken by Commodore Phillimore, and among the other Gentlemen present there were the honorable Dr. Bowerbank, the Rev. DDD. H. Campbell, the Rev. E. Nuttall, Dr. Campbell, O. Marescaux, D. Findi, D. J. Alberga, C. J. Ward, A. Gregg, F. Lyons, H. DeMercado, and B. A. Franklin.

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