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Tuesday January 2, 1894

A West Indian Submarine Volcano

This story comes to the Hydrographic Office of the Navy Department from J. Johnson, master of the Norwegian bark Haabet, under date of Belize, British Honduras Capt. Johnson says:

On the 14th October, last past, at about 11:45 p.m. we were sailing along with all sail set. The weather was dine and the direction of the wind northeast. There was no change in the barometer, which had been high for some days past. By observation had that day I was in latitude 16.40 deg. N., longitude 59/13 deg. W. The ship was going through the water about five knots. It was the mate's watch. Ship was headed west by north. The mate found suddenly that the ship's head seemed to be rising out of the water, and he called me (Captain). When I came on deck I found her head had risen from about six to eight feet out of the water. At this time it appeared as if the vessel was striking heavily on some rocks, but as I judged we had 200 fathoms under us, and knowing my position, I came to the conclusion that I was immediately over the disturbed area of some volcanic (sub-marine) eruption. In a few moments the vessel's head fell heavily down; thus all the sails were taken aback. There were continued heavy blows, as if the vessel were striking on a reef, accompanied with tremblings such as are caused by an earthquake on shore. The shocks were so heavy that I feared the ship would split in two, and it was impossible to stand on the deck. The ship was going ahead all the while, but rolled as if in the trough of a heavy sea. The duration of the disturbance was from three to five minutes.

"The watch below were so alarmed that they could not get on the deck till all was past."

"The waves of the seismic influence were from west to east. The next day I sighted Guadeloupe, West Indies."



The races have left their mark on the football ground at the Race Course. Broken bottles and glass fragments strew its checquered expanse, and the frisky and energetic weed has thrown a frowsy carpet over the hidden dangers. Before a match is again played, I would suggest that Hon. Secretaries depute some reliable person to remove the accumulated rubbish as playing in its present condition would be exceedingly dangerous.


St. Ann's Bay is the latest sufferer from the football boom. Several matches have been played there recently, and I understand that a club will shortly be formed. The St. Ann's Bay men will shortly visit Kingston to try conclusions with the Winchester. Mr. R. M. Hemming is responsible I believe for the initiation of the game in St. Ann's Bay.


Mr. G. F. J. in a recent letter to the 'Gleaner' takes exception to my classifying St. Jago del la Vaga, with all its historic associations, under the leading "Country." Mr. Jevons in his primer of logic remarks that many of the errors in writing and reasoning are caused by ambiguity in the use of words of several meanings. G. F. J. in a moment of municipal patriotism has fallen into this error; he has taken the narrower sense in which the word country is used, I the wider. If he will look up Noah Webster he will find that "country," besides its meaning in apposition to town has the wider meaning of "the territory in which one lives." Consequently my expression meant Kingston vs. the island of Jamaica or that part of Jamaica lying outside of Kingston, and contained no hidden insult to St. Jago del la Vega. Spanishtonians are, however, naturally touchy on the subject of the ancient city, seeing the town lives but in its associations with the past and enters but little into the busy life of the present.

Sgd. The Young 'Un.



Stolen or Strayed: Two Mules.

No. 1 From Maggotty in the parish of Saint Elizabeth, on the night of the 3rd November, 1893, a mouse colour he Mule, branded 28 on the right side of the neck, and P.W.D. on left buttock, etc., in poor condition.

No. 2. From Galloway Pasture in the parish of Westmoreland, a mouse colored she mule, etc.

Public Works Office.


To the Electors of the Parish of St. Elizabeth

Before leaving the Island I received a requisition from many of you asking me to allow myself to be nominated as member for the Parish at the approaching Election for the Legislative Council, to which I consented.

A very heavy bereavement has since befallen me. I am still very unwell and cannot say when I shall be able to assume the duties, and I think it best to ask you to kindly relieve me of my promise and to elect some one else. . .

J. M. Farquharson

London, 4th Dec., 1893


The "Eden"

St. Thomas, Dec. 30. The R. M. S. "Eden" is still on the rocks, the weather being unfavourable for operations.



LEVY. At Montego Bay, on Friday 15th December, 1893, the wife of Ivor McK. Levy of a daughter.




The Adirondack sails for New York at 9 p.m. tomorrow.


The Hungaria of the Hamburg American Packet Company is due on Thursday and sails shortly after for Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos.


The Atrato having arrived at Barbados yesterday morning, will be here on Friday morning.

The Premier of the Merchants line is due on Thursday from New York.

The Spey arrived on Saturday at noon with 6 passengers and a few packages cargo.


The following are among the passengers expected in the Atrato on Friday from Southampton: Mr. F. Freeman, Mr. W. C. D. Esdaile, Hon. W. and Mrs. Kerr, Miss Campbell, Mr. C. H. Ward, Miss Ward, Miss E. Ward and child.

In the Adula from the eastern route -

from Montego Bay: Mr. Maxwell Hall;

From Port Antonio: Miss M. E. Smith;

From Morant Bay: Mr. & Mrs. S. Tilly, Miss Cathcart;

and 25 deckers from the various outports.

In the Claribel from the western route -

From Montego Bay: Mr. W. Sherwood;

From Lucea: Messrs. F. H. Sherlock and Langley

From Sav-la Mar: Messrs Savarian and T. N. Aguilar;

From Black River: Messrs. G. Hogg and A. Bogle

and 23 deckers, including 1 lunatic, 2 prisoners, 2 constables; from Montego Bay, and 1 constable and 1 lunatic from Lucea.



The new Wesleyan Church at Red Hills, St. Andrews, is to be opened tomorrow. The proceedings will commence at 11 o'clock. The Rev. W. I. Williams now of Port Antonio but formerly in charge at Red Hills will preach the dedicatory sermon. Persons who have not very recently visited the district will be surprised to know that the roads are now good for driving, even to the Chapel doors. On the Sunday following the Rev. W. Gillies takes the service.



General Bengough gave a Cinderella party yesterday 1st January.


We regret to announce the serious illness of Mr. W. B. McPherson, at his house, Devon Lodge, St. Andrew. We hope that his indisposition will be of short duration.


The interview between a deputation of Kingston Electors and Advocate S. C. Burke did not take place on Saturday. It is expected that the deputation will wait on Mr. Burke today.


Mr. Fred Solomon left by first train yesterday for Clarendon, to make arrangements for the electioneering campaign in the interest of the Hon. Geo. Solomon.


The office of Mr. H. R. Walters, Solicitor, has been removed from Church Street to 107 Water Lane upstairs, three doors east of Mr. John Cassis bootmaking establishment.


Mr. A. L. Vendryes, Resident Magistrate of St. Andrew, left for Grand Cayman on Saturday to hold the Assize Court. During his absence Mr. Preston, Assistant Resident Magistrate for Kingston, will act for him.


On Thursday the 27th December, 1893, Alexander Doull, Esq. overseer of Catherine Hall Estate in this parish was elected unopposed to fill the seat at the Parochial Board of St. James for the No. 1 Division, made vacant by the death of the Honourable J. W. Parkin.


In addition to the changes in firms we mentioned on Saturday, we have to record one which has just come under our notice. Mr. G. Bestenbostel has admitted Mr. Theo. Schopper jr. as partner, and the business will be conducted as G. Bestenbostel and Company.


A fisherman named William Brooks was found drowned on Saturday morning under the wharf at the west end, known as "Waldron's Wharf". From what has transpired it would appear that the deceased along with a boy had taken refuge under the wharf whilst a squall was blowing. He apparently went to sleep, and, it is supposed, lost his balance and fell into the sea. The alarm was given to the Water Police who secured the body and had it taken to the Mortuary, whence it was taken and buried.


William Beckford of Somerly

[No. 2]

Since writing over date of 22nd inst., I have found in the Island Record office a Deed of Conveyance to have entails, by "William Beckford of Balls, County of Hartford, Esquire, (the reputed son of And Densee named in the last Will and Testament of Richard Beckford, late of the Kingston of Great Britain, Esquire, deceased". This Deed (which relates to "Roaring River" in Westmoreland) is dated 28th September, 1765 and was recorded 2nd January, 1766. It therefore cannot relate to the Richard Beckford I named before, as the Will of the latter was dated 1792, 26 years after the date of this Deed of Conveyance. In one of the recitals of this Deed, the Richard Beckford (father of this William) is stated to be "a brother" of "Julines Beckford". This then would make it clear that his father Richard was one of the sons of the second Peter Beckford. It is thus shewn that both William and Richard, sons of this Peter Beckford, had illegitimate issue.

G. F. J.

St. Jago de la Vega, 29th Dec. 1893.


Christmas Festival, St. Andrew's Parish Church

On Wednesday evening last a Christmas Festival took place in the Parish Church at Hal-way Tree. There was a crowded attendance and His Excellency the Governor and Lady Blake and party were present. The choir was reinforced by a few friends from Kingston. Mr. Ernest Sibthorpe, B. Sc. the organist, acquitted himself both in the solos and accompaniments with remarkable ability, and the solos of Mrs. Gammage, Miss Astwood, and Mr. Laidman were much enjoyed.

The organ is now completely repaired. Mr. Sibthorpe leaves this week on a twelve days' vacation after the season's musical labours.


Estate of William Herbert Carter

Creditors having claims against the estate of the abovenamed William Herbert Carter, who died on 14th October, 1893, at Stoke' Hall in Saint Thomas, are requested to send their claims duly authenticated to Fanny Elizabeth Carter and Richard Evans (to the care of the latter, Dukenfield Hall, Plantain Garden River P.O., or to Henry Vendryes, Esq., No. 12 Duke Street, Kingston, their Solicitor) the duly qualified Executrix and Executor of the will of the said deceased.


Jumble Sale commences January 3rd, Bee Hive. A. M. Nathan, proprietor



16 Church St., Kingston

S. Louis Joseph



Go to Chas. deMontagnac & Co.


We have opened today a very desirable assortment of Ladies' straw hats.

J. R. Gore & Co., 35 King Street, Blake House, Kingston


Received on consignment from Glasgow, Stout and Beer. Archibald Munro, 50 Port Royal Street


The Castleton Cottages, situated in the Botanical Gardens are now opened to visitors. Apply to Mrs. E. Giles, Castleton, Kingston P.O.


Horse and Cattle medicines

Leydon Brothers, Black River, and F. A. Jenoure, Boston, Priestman's River.


Received from the S.S. Nicaraguan, and for sale, French brandy. Henry H. Iles.

Received from S.S. Floridian from Liverpool, and for sale, Club Ale. Henry H. Iles



December 30, 1893

We have this day sold to Mr. Joseph Burrows the stock in trade. book debts, and fixtures of the business carried on at 35 King Street by Messrs. J. R. Gore & Co.

William Fraser & Co. Ltd.


J. H. Milke & Bro.

12 King Street

Watch Makers, Jewellers and Opticians.


Myrtle Bank Hotel

Reopened 1st December, 1893

under entire new management, on the American and European plans.

Restaurant open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

DePass & Sims, proprietors.


Antillean House

6 King Street


Wm. McCartney & Co.


Medical Hall


Perfumery, Candy, herrings, ginger beer, sugar, tea, patent medicines, etc.

Fred. R. Evans

Disp. Chem. and Druggist


Rum, whisky & brandy.

Daniel Finzi & Co.


O. J. Lai & Co.

29 King Street, Kingston

Hats, cloaks, socks and undershirts


Wicker furniture, ornaments, at Surge. Gardner's, 5 Church St., Kingston


New Year and Birthday cards.

C. A. Lopez, Jnr., 121 Water Lane West of King Street, Kingston


House Ornaments and Rose Plants

Victoria House

Isaiah Cox, Manager


D. Henderson & Co.,

123 & 125 Harbour Street, Kingston

Sole Agents for "Victor" Cane Mills


Doctor Pascal, by Emile Zola


by R. M. Croker


At Gardner's

Christmas and New Year cards, diaries, Almanacs.

Arthur Hylton, 28 Harbour Street, Kingston



House Furnishing Store

J. W. Middleton & Co., Proprietors, Kingston


MacNish & Son

Jamaica Aerated Water Company

64 Port Royal Street, Kingston


H. A. Carrington, Insurance agent, 110 Harbour St. Kingston


Agent for Marine Insurance

J. R. DeCordova, 53 Port Royal Street, Kingston


Jamaica Permanent Building Society

Office, 8 Duke Street, Kingston


George Henderson, Esq., Chairman

P. E. Auvrey, Esq.

W. R. MacPherson, Esq.

Honble. George Stiebel

George Adams, Esq.

Lieut. Col. the Honble. C. J. Ward

Denis F. Verley, Esq.

C. C. A. Hogg, Esq.

Alexander L. Berry, Esq.

from Thomas A. Hogg, Secretary


Jamaica Marine Insurance Company, Limited


P. E. Auvray, Esq., Chairman

Henry Ford, Esq.

A. McD. Nathan, Esq.

James L. Verley. Esq.

H. E. H. Davies, Esq.

E. A. Haggart, Esq.

from John D. Squire, Acting Manager


The Northern Assurance Company of London and Aberdeen

Agents: Charles Levy & Co.


G. Boettcher & Co., Spanish Town

George Sturridge & Co., Mandeville

W. C. Nash & Co., Black River

Jones & Co., Sav-la-Mar

E. G. Corinaldi & Son, Montego Bay

Corinaldi & Co., Falmouth

Delgado Bros., Dry Harbour

L. L., Fraser, St. Ann's Bay

Isacher I. Lyon, Port Maria

F. R. Standford, Annotto Bay

Delgado Bros., Brown's Town

Delgado Bros., Stewart Town

S. D. Gideon, Port Antonio

Hope & Co., Morant Bay


Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance Society


S. E. Pietersz, Esq., Chairman

William Lee, Deputy Chairman

F. B. Lyons

J. T. Palache

Hon. John Orrett

A. H. Pinnock

Rev. G. W. Downer

John McLean

L. F. McKinnon


Royal Insurance Company, Fire & Life


Kingston, William Malabre & Co., General Agents

Emanuel X. Leon & Co., Kingston, Local agents

Montego Bay: J. E. Kerr & Co., Agents


Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Co.

J. W. Middleton & Co., Sole agents for Jamaica


Anti-rheumatic Gent's Welsh flannel undershirts, lambswool undershirts, and long drawers.

___ipps, Scott & Co., 107 Harbour Street [page torn]

[Comment from this web page: Isn't a bit too warm in Jamaica for these?!]


Malabre's monster reduction, annual Xmas sale commences today


The Imperial Insurance Co. Limited


Sav-la-Mar, Leydon & Co

Falmouth, B. B. Nunes & Co.

Black River, Leyden Bro.

Old Harbour, Melhado Bros.

Montego Bay, Abraham Hart & Sons

Agents: Simon & Co.


The Lion Fire Insurance Compy.

Agent, M. Delgado, 82 Port Royal Street, Kingston


Scottish Union and National Insurance Company

Agent: E. Bolivar Wolfe


North British Mercantile Insurance Company

Agent: Davidson Colthirst & Co.


Jamaica Co-Operative Fire Insurance Company Limited.

Henry Ford, Secretary


The Standard Life Assurance Company

Arthur W. Farquharson, Agent, Kingston


Equitable Life Assurance Society

Altamont DeCordova, General agent, Kingston


The Lancashire Insurance Company

J. Bonitto, Agent, 114 Harbour Street, Kingston


The Jamaica Co-Operative Fruit & Trading Co. Ltd.

Established 1887


P. A. Moodie, Esq., Managing Director

F. R. Stanford, Esq.

W. H. Plant, Esq.

Edward Sutherland, Esq.

Auditors: Messrs. A. H. Jones & S. S. Lawson

Head Office: Port Antonio

Charles H. LeFranc, Secretary


The Jamaica Eclipse Stakes 1894 and the St. Catherine Stakes. Send entrance fees to J. L. Ashenheim.


W. George Glegg, Dentist, Pratville P.O. now traveling all over Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Clarendon doing dental work. Extractions of teeth a specialty.


Theo. Nunes sells Californian salmon, Vancouver Island salmon, Spanish Calipeeva Roes. 5 King Street, Kingston.


L. Chacon & Co.

Cigar & Cigarette Manufacturers.


S. V. Duran & Co.

Cigar & Cigarette Manufacturers, 103 Harbour Street, Kingston


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