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February 1867

February 1, 1867

Diana Good

We have been informed that the woman (Diana Good) for the supposed hanging of her child, has been captured and is now in the County Jail of this City to take her trial at the April Circuit on a charge of manslaughter.

February 2, 1867


January 31, 1867

LOST - Three or four weeks ago, in this city, a HAIR BROOCH, representing a bunch of Black Grapes with Gold leaves and Gold dots. Jewellers and others are requested to detain the same if offered for sale, and communicate with D. C. at this office.


January 31, 1867

MISS BELLE SIMONS begs to acquaint the public that she has been induced by her friends to open a School for a limited number of Scholars, at her Residence, in Peck Street, a few doors East of Knight St.

Miss Simons has been for the past three years a teacher in the High School of Messrs. Eiswald and Delevante, where her art of imparting knowledge was so highly complimented by those Gentlemen entrusted with the last examination of the pupils under her care in that Seminary.

Miss S. can offer references of the highest respectability.


January 3, 1867

WANTED -- a Governess who can teach Music, Drawing and English, throughly to two little boys. If she speak French it would be a great recommendation. - Apply by letter post paid to the Rev. REES WEBBE, Spanish town.


January 24, 1867

WANTED A GOVERNESS -- to take charge of Four Children, in the Healthy Mountains of Saint Elizabeth. Salary £25 and found. Testimonials to respectability and capability will be required. Address Z., Black River Post Office.


Falmouth, 1st February 1867

NOTICE -- The Firm of LINDO BROS. is this day dissolved by mutual consent.




Falmouth, 1st February, 1867

Referring to the above Notice of Dissolution of Partnership, the Subscriber begs to intimate that the Provision and Estates Supplies Business hitherto conducted by him (at the Fire Proof Store, Market Square, in this town) under the firm of Lindo Bros., will in future be carried on by himself under the style of


Falmouth, 1st February, 1867

Referring to the above Notice of Dissolution of Partnership, the Subscriber begs to intimate that the Business hitherto conducted by him under the firm of Lindo Bros., will in future be carried on by himself as


Falmouth, 1st February 1867

Referring to the above Notice of Dissolution of Partnership, the Subscriber begs to intimate that the Businesses hitherto conducted by him under the firm of Lindo Bros., will in future be carried on by him as David Lindo & Co. -- viz: --

- 1 -- THE DRY GOODS BUSINESS and the CIGAR and TINWARE FACTORIES carried on at the store, in this town, known as the WATERLOO HOUSE

- 2 -- THE DRUGGIST BUSINESS carried on at the Establishment, in this town, known as the MEDICAL HALL

- 3 -- THE GENERAL BUSINESS carried on at CLARK'S TOWN in this Parish.



Sailors Home

Rev James Watson and Hon J. H. McDowell




The Parish Church

The Rector............................................Morning

Revd. Garcia Del Rio.............................Afternoon

St. George's Chapel

Revd Garcia Del Rio..............................Morning

Revd. E. Nuttall.....................................Evening

St. Michael's Church

Revd. C. P. Street..............................................

Port Royal

Revd. F. S. Bradshaw, L.L.D.................Rector

St. Andrew's Church

The Rev. W. Mayhew, M. A. ................Rector

Coke Chapel

Revd. T. M. Geddes.................................Morning

Revd. T. Raspass......................................Evening

Wesley Chapel

Revd. E. Fraser.........................................Morning

Revd. S. Smythe.......................................Evening


Revd. J. W. Rowbothom..........................Morning

Revd. J. W. Lewis....................................Afternoon

Revd. T. M. Geddes.................................Evening

(Sunday School Sermons)


Revd. W. C. Murray


Revd. A. Smith

Spanish Town

Revd. J. A. Gurney

Red Hills

Revd. S. Sutton

Port Royal

Revd. R. M. Parnther

Presbyterian Church East Queen St.

Rev. J. Watson

Freeman Chapel

Revd. W. J. Gardner

February 5, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. & P. Steamer Venezuelan, from Colon: --

- Mr. And Mrs. Harrison, child and nurse

- Thomas Luston

- Joseph Pickle

- John Auer

From Colon for Liverpool: --

- Mr. Whitfield

- Mr. T. Lloyd

- Mr. E. W. Hollands

In the barque Fontabelle: --

- Master and Miss Ewbank

- Mr. Francis, son of Joseph Francis, Esq.

- Mr. Paine, son of W. S. Paine, Esq.

- Miss McFarlane



At Morgan's Valley, Clarendon, on the 30 ult., Jacob B., son of the late Matthew Farquharson, of St. Elizabeth, aged 34 years.

February 6, 1867

Sailors Home

A. J. Brymer, Esq. and Capt. J. C. Peynado



The friends and acquaintances of Charles Gadpaille, Esq., are requested to attend the remains of his son Joseph Phillip Gadpaille from his residence Southeast corner of Duke and East Queen Streets, to the Catholic Church, at 5 o'clock.

February 7, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tasmanian, from Southampton: --

- Captain Glascheck

- Mr. Bernard Hall



At Greenwich Park, St. Andrew, on the morning of the 28th ultimo, Mrs. D. P. Trench of a son.


At Nutshell - the Baptist Mission House, St. Ann's Bay - on Saturday, the 2nd February, Grace Annie, aged 7 years and 3 months, the daughter of the Rev. Benjamin Millard.


Admission of Attorneys at Law

In the Supreme Court on the Tuesday, his Honor the Attorney General made application for the admission of Mr. Samuel H. Watson and Mr. Alfred Jackson James, and yesterday for the admission of Mr. Douglas N. Berwick as Attorneys at Law. The examination of the several applicants is fixed for Saturday.

February 8, 1867


The following telegrams were posted at the Jamaica News Room and Commercial Exchange yesterday: --

Port Royal, 10:30 a.m.

Boat just arrived and reports: -

French transport Steamer "Gironde" from Mexico, bound for France, with Troops, got ashore last night on Bare Bush Key, at 9 o'clock

The "Gironde" was running nine knots when she struck

The Troops are landed on a small key

H. M. Ships "Royalist" & "Doris" proceed immediately to give assistance.

4:30 p.m.

The "Gironde" was from France for Vera Cruz, (last Martinique). She is 1200 tons; has five months supplies, Captain does not speak English.

The Commodore's Secretary reports that the Gironde has only 140 men on board.

The R. M. Co's Steamer Danube will be released from quarantine tomorrow at 2 o'clock.

5:30 p.m.

The American Steamer in sight is the San Francisco.

6 o'clock p.m.

The Schooner Rachel from Outports reports that while passing Bare Bush Key, a large French Steamer hove off there with signals up for a Pilot, to go in to render assistance to the Steamer wrecked.



On the 10th ult. at the Parish Church of North Stoneham near Southampton, by the Revd. George Thornton Mostyn, of St. John's Kilburn Park, cousin of the Bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. F. F. Beadon, M. A., Robert Thomas Baker, the only son of the late Matthew Baker, Esq., Q. C, of Dublin, to Mary, eldest daughter of William Bailey, Esquire, Merchant of this City.

February 9, 1867


A meeting of the subscribers and friends of the Sailors' Home was held on Friday (1st Feb.) In the Jamaica News Room and Commercial Exchange, 6 Port Royal Street. Among the gentlemen present, we noticed His Excellency Major Gen. O'Connor, C. B.; Commodore Sir Leopold McClintock, Knight; Capt. W. S. Cooper, R. N.; Hon. L. Q. Bowerbank, Custos; Rev. D. H. Campbell; Rev. J. A. Garcia Del Rio; Rev. Enos Nuttall; Rev. J. Milne LL. D; Rev. J. Gayleard; F. A. Ebbeke; Andrew Dunn, M. D.; Charles Campbell, M. D.; Izett W. Anderson, M. D.; B. A. Franklin; J. C. Peynado; Aaron Gregg, United States Consul; Lieut Lanyon, A. D. C.; Charles Levy; M. DeCordova; D. J. Alberga; Daniel Finzi; C. J. Ward, Esq.; and Major Prenderville, Inspector General of Police.

February 9, 1867


The following was posted at the Jamaica News Room and Commercial Exchange yesterday:

Negotiations are being made with the Sailors' Home to receive the crew of the "Gironde" on their arrival in Kingston.


Passengers Arrived

In the Brigt. Haidee, from New York:

- Mr. Burrowes

In the Schooner Vicksburg, from New York:

- Mr. Henry Ford

- Mr. C. Baker

- Mr. B. Baker

In H. M. S. Nimble, from Nassau: --

- Mr. Stricker

In the Ship Blancathra, from St. Thomas: --

- Mr. Chatward

In the Spanish Steamer Moctezuma, from St. Jago de Cuba:

-- Colonel Marley, wife and child; Mrs. Bicknell; Mr. Blumental; Senora Ruiz; Senora Nunes; Senora Arterilara; Senora Lovin; Senora Castanio


Passengers Sailed

In the W. I. & P. Steamer West Indian, for Port-au-Prince: --

- Mr. Geo. Ralston and niece

- Mr. Morais

- Mr. A. Berry



In this City on Saturday the 2nd February, Ann Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. C. E. Brock, and eldest daughter of the late Samuel Greensword, Esq.

February 11, 1867


The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Charles P. Meau, are requested to attend his remains from his late residence, No. 1, Rosemary Lane [one door above Water Lane] to the place of interment, this afternoon at half-past 4 o'clock.

The attendance of Carriages is requested.


Passengers Arrived

In the R. M. C. Steamer Tamar, from Colon: --

- Mr. Cooper

- Mrs. Oswald and 4 children

In the French Steamer Caravelle, from Cape Haiti: --

- Miss St. Domingo

In the Steamer Cuban, Captain Whitbourne; From Liverpool, for Jamaica

- Mr. Small; Mr. Clarke. From Port-au-Prince, for Jamaica - Mrs. Bird.


Passengers Sailed

In the R. M. C. Steamer "Tasmanian" for England: --

- Col. Farren, C. B.

- Mr. Gibb, C. B.

- Col. Daniell

- Lieut. Jackson, wife and child

- George B. Clarke

- Henry Clive

- William Chisholm

For Antigua:

- Mr. Franze

For Demerara:

- Mr. Ogilvy.


The Jamaican Rebellion

Among the passengers per Steamer "Tasmanian", which left yesterday for England. Were George, B. Clarke, Henry Clive, and William Chisholm, three witnesses in the prosecution arising out of the Jamaica Rebellion of 1865.

February 13, 1867


The Largest assortment of Jamaica Pictures taken by an "Instantaneous Process" will be found at the Photographic Gallery of MR. J. S. THOMPSON, No. 26 Harbour Street, Cater Corner to John Brass & Son.

The Cheapest Photographs in Kingston

February 15, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. And Pac. Steamer Darien, from Colon: --

- Mrs. Lindo

- Mr. Perchal and brother

- Mr. Malwalind

- Mr. Roberts

- Mr. Jaine

- Mr. Mochard

- Mr. And Mrs. Abrahams and family

- Mr. Marcus



His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to appoint the undermentioned gentlemen to be members of the Municipal Boards respectively, in the Parishes named below: --

ST. ELIZABETH -- The Hon. John Salmon, chairman, John Cuff, James Miller Farquharson, John Hudson, John William Leyden, and William Lewis, Esquires.

HANOVER -- Hon. Hugh Anthony Whitelocke, chairman; William Brown, John Edwards, Jacob Jackson, Jacob Lyon, Edward Sharp, and Joseph Whittingham., Esqrs.

WESTMORELAND -- The Hon. Benjamin Vickers, chairman; Joseph Adolphus, William Hylton Cooke, Tomlin Campbell, William Nicoll, and Joseph L. Segre, Esqrs.



His Excellency the Governor has appointed the following gentlemen to be Members of the Parochial Boards of Road Commissioners: --

ST. ELIZABETH -- The Honorable John Salmon, Chairman; Arthur Beswick, W. L. Boxer, John Cuff, James Miller Farquharson, William Finlayson, John Hudson, William Hill, John William Leyden, William Lewis, and William Brice Salmon, Esqrs.

HANOVER -- The Hon. Hugh Anthony Whitelocke, Chairman; William Brown, Revd. John Campbell; Francis Dod, Jacob Jackson, Jacob Lyon, Murdoch Munro, Edward Sharp, John Donaldson Potts, and Joseph Whittingham, Esqrs.

WESTMORELAND -- The Hon. Benjamin Vickers, chairman; Joseph Adolphus, Tomlin Campbell, James Fenton, Christopher M. Gifford, Zebulon Mennell, William Nicoll, David Russell, the Honorable Hugh Anthony Whitelocke, and William V. Walcott, Esqrs.



Mr. George C. Linton having been selected by the Clergy to fill the office of Catechist and Lay Reader in St. Elizabeth, the Teachers and scholars of the Kingston Church Sunday School presented to him on Tuesday last, at Wolmer's Girls' School, a Farewell Address, with a Silver Cup and Church Service, from the Teachers, and a Gold Pencil Case from the Children. The Cup was neatly engraved by Mr. Abrahams, Jeweller of this city, and bore a suitable inscription. Mr. Linton was Superintendent of the school, and is greatly esteemed for his zeal and devotion in the interest of Religion and the advancement of the scholars. The address from the Teachers was read by the Revd. Mr. Gayleard. There were also present at this interesting meeting, the Revd. D. H. Campbell, Rector, Revd. C. P. Street, Revd. R. Gordon, E. C. Lewis, Esq., late Churchwarden, and several ladies and gentlemen from the congregation worshipping at the Parish Church. After the presentation, Mr. Linton was entertained at the National School Room by the Teachers with cake and wine.


We understand that Mr. McDougall, late Clerk to the Parish Church, Kingston, has been appointed Lay Reader and Catechist at Scott's Hall, Metcalfe, and that Mr. Henry, late Schoolmaster of the Grove, has succeeded Mr. McDougall as Clerk of the Parish Church of this City.


Charles Campbell, Esq., M. D., and Henry Forbes Colthirst, Esq., have been Gazetted as Church wardens for the parish of Kingston: William Addison and Joseph L. Segre, Esqrs., for the parish of Westmoreland.

February 19, 1867


The Rectory of the Parish of St. George, rendered vacant by the death of the Rev. C. T. May, has been offered to the Rev. George Cheyne, now the incumbent of St. George's Church, Kingston.

February 20, 1867

Passengers Arrived

In the W. I. And Pacific Steamer Bolivar, from Colon: --

- Mr. Delevante

February 22, 1867


It is much to be regretted that the funds necessary for keeping up the Garden on the Parade cannot be raised among the inhabitants of Kingston, who have always bee noted for acts of generosity and a desire to assist any useful undertaking. It cannot be denied that the establishment of a permanent Garden on the Parade would add materially to the improvement of the City and present to strangers visiting it something like an effort to appear in keeping with other civilized Towns. Much labour and attention have been bestowed upon the Trees now growing on the Parade, by Mr. Andrew Lyon and Mr. Henry Ford, without which, no doubt, these Trees would have languished and died shortly after being planted, although the community subscribed handsomely at the outset of the project. The small amount of 10s or 12s per week, (Mr. Lyon says), would be sufficient to keep up the Garden effectively. Will Kingston really allow such a shame to come upon her as the abandonment of the undertaking without making an effort to prevent it? We would recommend Mr. Lyon to enlist the kind offices of the Ladies - a practice that has met with approval in other communities; and by the appointment of a Collector to visit subscribers of even a shilling per quarter, sufficient funds, we are sure, would be raised to keep up the Garden.

February 23, 1867

Harbour Street Looking Up!

The site of the large store at the corner of Harbour and Church Streets, extending to Port Royal street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Joseph Francis & Co., was sold on Monday last to Messrs. Maurice Farmer& Bro., by Messrs. Turnbull & Lee, Auctioneers, for the sum of Eleven Hundred Pounds.

February 26, 1867


At Hillend House, Greenock, N. B., on Thursday, the 20th ultimo, Mrs. John Scott, of a son.


Lieut. Lanyon A. D. C.

Lieut. W. O. Lanyon, late 6th Royals, has been gazetted Lieutenant of the 2nd West Indian Regiment.



Lieutenant Brand has been permitted to retire from active service on a pension of £125. He was not tried by Court Martial, the authenticity of the letters addressed to Mr. Charles Buxton, M. P. having been considered sufficient to warrant the step taken by the Government. We understand Lieut. Brand was fully prepared to retire from the service, being a gentleman of independent means.



We are sorry to announce the death of Dr. Richardson, Assistant Surgeon of Royal Naval Hospital, Port Royal, yesterday morning (25th instant). This gentleman during his short residence in that town, won for himself many kind friends and admirers, who lament his loss.



His Honor Sir Bryan Edwards, Knight, Chief Judge, has been pleased to appoint Mr. Septimus King Magnus, of Spanish Town, a Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Supreme Court of this island.

February 28, 1867


On the 23rd instant, at Bath, St. Thomas ye East, by the Rev. C. F. Douet, Island Curate, Sutton Brierley, fourth son of the late Richard Scoltock, Esq., of the county of Salop, England, to Elizabeth Serena, second surviving daughter of the late Dr. Charles H. McDermott of this island.

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