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Excerpts from CARIBBEANA

Caribbeana, subtitled "being Miscellaneous Papers relating to the History, Genealogy, Topography, and Antiquities of the British West Indies," was edited by Vere Langford Oliver. It was published quarterly from 1909 to 1919.

Excerpts that relate to residents of Jamaica, or those with Jamaican connections, have been extracted from certain pages. Please use the links to the pages as indicated below:

From Volume I

Marriages before 1680 in St. Catherine.

Marriages before 1680 in St. Andrew.

Deeds in Jamaica.

Monumental Inscriptions in England.

Monumental Inscriptions in England (2).

Notes and Queries.

Records of Jamaica, an article written by Noel B. Livingston.

From Volume II

Bookplate of Haughton James. Herring of Jamaica, pedigree and Arms. See James and Herring.

Brooks pedigree, wills and tombstones.

Sir Thomas Lynch, Governor of Jamaica, pedigree, wills, indentures.

Sir Thomas Lynch, account 1684, patents and deeds.

Archbould of Jamaica, pedigree, baptisms, marriages, burials, indentures.

Deeds, Indentures, etc, relating to Jamaica.

Gymballs and Cherry Garden Estate in St. Dorothy 1783

List of persons serving under General Venables in the West Indies in 1654

Persons leaving Nevis for Jamaica c1656

Notes and Queries, and some Deeds on the Closed Rolls.

More Notes and Queries.

Monumental Inscriptions in England relating to Jamaicans.

More Monumental Inscriptions in England relating to Jamaicans.

A list of Wills relating to Jamaica proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (P.C.C) from 1655 to 1658. .

Vere rectory c 1820 .

From Volume III

Families: Johnson, Lyne, Scarlett, Anglin, McIntosh, Lawrence, Brooks. See Johnson and others.

Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaicans in England.

Description of principal persons 1720; The Groans of Jamaica 1714; Herring of Jamaica; Notes and Queries See Persons in early Jamaica

Indentures relating to Jamaica; Richmond Estate.

Deeds relating to Jamaica.

Heywood, including pedigree.

Families: Byndloss (including pedigree), Ballard and Cussans. Byndloss and others.

Orgill (including pedigree), Stewart of Trelawny, judgments of the Supreme Court 1687. Orgill and others.

Dehany (including pedigree), Admissions to Gray's Inn and a College in Scotland, Deeds relating to Jamaica, Notes and Queries, early Great Seal of Jamaica. Dehany and others.

Guy (including pedigree) and Williams families

Church of England in Jamaica 1684-1786 and Archdeacon Brooks. Anglican church

Foord of Bristol and Jamaica including pedigree.

Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaicans in England. Monumental Inscriptions 1, and Monumental Inscriptions 2.

Emigrant clergy, a hurricane, British troops in the West Indies 1792 and 1799, List of subscribers to Caribbeana c1912. Miscellaneous Caribbeana

From Volume IV

Hibbert wills and monumental inscriptions

Hibbert diaries and manuscript books

Hibbert pedigree

Nembhard pedigree.

Nembhard pedigrees (2)

Nembhard diary and letters.

Murray pedigree. Modyford wills.

Swymmer pedigree, wills and tombstones.

Matriculated Students of the University of Glasgow, from 1741 to 1855.

Monumental inscriptions in England relating to Jamaica. Inscriptions 1 and Inscriptions 2 and Inscriptions 3.

The Notes and Queries includes a list of those landowners who had 5000 acres or more in 1750.

Biography of the Rev. Thomas Arthur Jones, and the document presenting him as Rector of Vere in 1820.

Deaths and Marriages recorded in the "Columbian Magazine", the oldest magazine known to have been published in Jamaica, from 1796 - 1797, and 1797-1798 and 1798 - 1799.

From Volume V

Dwarris of Jamaica - Pedigree, will, indentures, births marriages and deaths, excerpts from 57 letters.

Page 2 Davies pedigree, Lancaster, McGowan, Fenwick, Sterne

Page 3 Lawes of Jamaica pedigree, wills, births, marriages, etc.; Bayly and Edwards, Beckford granting of Arms.

Page 4 Welch of Jamaica pedigree; Halsted pedigree, wills, births etc.

Page 5 Hals of Jamaica pedigree, Parkinson will.

Page 6 Administrations (P.C.C.) 1655-1666; P.C.C. Wills 1813-1814.

Page 7 Monumental Inscriptions in England relating to Jamaicans.

Arms and Reviews.

From Volume VI

Volume VI, part 1 Hawtayne/Haughton pedigree, wills and deeds. Administrations related to Jamaica in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1667-1681. Items on Betterton, Tew, Bernal.

Volume VI, part 2 Brodrick pedigree, births, marriages, deaths and will; Appeals by Jamaicans to the Privy Council in the early 18th century; Brooks Diary.

Lawrence of Jamaica, pedigree charts, documents, reports of births, marriages, deaths, etc.

Bowles of Jamaica pedigree; West Indian bookplates; Appeals to the Privy Council.

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