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     Margaret Byndles of Lewes, co Sussex, widow. Will dated 18 Oct. 1626. My eldest son George, a minor. My children William, Ann, Margaret, Thomazin, and Arther B. William Peake an overseer. (5, Skynner.)


     Sir Robert Bindlose of Barwick, Lancashire, Knight. Will proved 1655. My late father Robert Bindlose.  My son Sir Francis B.  (172, Aylett.)


     Jane Campbell of St. James', Westminster, widow. Will dated 1763. My nephew and nieces Mathew, Cath., and Susanna Byndloss. My brother Mathew B. My niece Mrs. Mary Long of Jamaica. (220, Caesar.)


     1675.  Min. of Council.  March 7.  Lt-Col. R. B. present (p. 182)

     1676, Nov.  Deposition of (Col.) Robert Byndloss, aged 40.  (W.I. Cal, Addenda, 491.)  Is related to Sir Henry Morgan, has for 9 years lived 20 miles from Port Royal, has a wife and 5 or 6 children, and one of the best estates.

      1676, Nov.  Petition of John B., agent to Sir Henry Morgan, his brother Col. Byndloss. (Ibid., 505.)

     The will of Edward B. was recorded in 1682 and that of Thomas about 1694.

     Robert Bijndloss, ex Insula Jamaicensi, 23 Aug. 1742. (" Leyden Graduates," by Peacock.)

     See the Visitation of Sussex and Register of Rye. (" G.M.," 1832, p. 129.)

     1687, Aug. 12.  Letter from Robert B. to the Lords of Trade: "I who had been of the Council since 1664 was turned out of it by Sir Thomas Lynch . . . when I was chief Judge."  (Col. Cal., 416.)

     1686, Feb. 28.  Robert B. to John B. (his brother).  (Ibid., 157.)

     Sam. Orgill, who died 1741, married Anna Petronella (?Byndloss).

Sir Charles Wheeler, 2nd Bart., Col. of a Regiment of Foot and Governor of the Leeward Islands, M.P. for Camb. Univ., mar. 1648 Dorothy, daughter of Sir Fra. Bindlosse of Berwick Hall, Lane. ("Genealogist," New Series, ii., 203.)




1694, Sept. 12.  Andrew Langley, Esq., & Ana Maria B.
1695, Nov. 21.  Charles Fuller & Catherina Maria B.
1700, July 3.  Charles Morgan B. & Elizabeth Heywood.
1710, May  24. Polnitz B., Esq., & Katherine Gregory.
1734, May --.  Thomas Beckford, Esq., & Mary Bynloss, both of St. Catharine.
1745, Oct. 29.  Thomas B. & Elizabeth Cussans, both of St. Catherine's.
1751, Dec. 21  Henry Morgan B. & Jane Cussans, both of St. Catherine's.
1777, Dec. 24  Matthew B., Esq., & Sarah Jones, spinster, both of this parish.
1786, Aug. 18. George Dehany, Barrister, & Sarah B., widow, both of this parish.


1670, Sept. 1.  Anne Maria dau. of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1671, Sept, 23.  Catharina Maria dau. of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1673, Oct. 3.  Robert son of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1674-5 Jan. 7.  Mary Elizabeth dau. of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1677, July15.  Elizabeth dau. of Robert & Anna Petronella B.; bapt. by Mr. Moody.
1677, Dec.13.  Charles. (The baptism of Charles was omitted from the list, but it was in the tabular pedigree.)
1679, May 15  Elizabeth dau. of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1679-80 Mar.1. Charles* son of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
* Morgan was his second Christian name.
1681-2 Mar.18.  Morgan son of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1683, Aug.17.  Pellniz son of Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1685, April 25.  Joanna dau. of Coll. Robert & Anna Petronella B.
1701, Dec. 2.  Robert son of Charles Morgan & Elizabeth B.
1703, May 1.  Henery Morgan son of Charles Morgan & Elizabeth Byndlose.
1705, Nov. 4.  Grase Morgin dau. of Charles Morgin & Elizabeth Byndlose.
1709, Nov. 20.  Peter son of Charles Morgan & Elizabeth B.; b.15 Nov.
1711, May 18.  Anna Petronella dau. of  Polnitz & Catharine B.; b. May 11, 1711.
1712, June 24.  Jane dau. of Polnitz & Catherine B., aged 7 days.
1713-14 Feb.16  Robert son of Polnitz and Catharine Binloss ; b. Feb. 9.
1717-18 Jan. 9.  Catherine dau. of Polnitz & Catherine Binloss, Esq.
1721, Nov. 24.  Mathew son of Paulniss & Catherine Bynloss.
1724, Nov. 15.  Anna dau. of Paulnitz & Catherine B.
1737, Oct. 10.  Mary dau. of Robert & Susanna B.
1739, Sept. 27.  Jane Catherine dau. of Robert & Susanna B.


Susanna dau. of Robert & Susanna B.; born July 4, 1741
John Polnitz son of Robert & Susanna B.; born Dec. 24, 1742.
Ann Musters dau. of Robert & Frances B. ; burn Feb.14, 1744-5.
Frances dau. of Robert & Frances B.; born July 7, 1746;
& Mathew son of Robert & Frances B.; born Ap. 16, 1748.
1751, Nov. 19. At Sixteen Mile Walk, Anna Petronella dau. of Robert & Frances B.
1779, Dec.6. Edward Risby son of Matthew & Sarah B ; b.June 7, 1779.
1780, Dec. 13.  Sarah Whitehorne dau. of Matthew & Sarah B.; b. June 17,1780.


     *The first three generations have been supplied by the Rev. A. Fuller of 7 Sydenham Hill; the remainder of the pedigree was by Roby in 1832, Add. MS. 27,968, fo.,44.
     John Roby, in his letter to Mr. Long, adds in a note "Thomas Byndloss Esq. who married Eliz. Cussans 1745 and died 1757, I have not been able to connect and some others are not noticed. It is very improbable that Mary Byndloss (your ancestress) who married Thomas Beckford 1734 should have been the daur. of Col. Byndloss, as she could not have been less than 47 and her husband was 23. I have not noticed them in this pedigree. I expect you will find (on re-looking) that she was a granddaur."




1678, Aug. 27.  Charles B., an infant.
1679, July 10.  Elizabeth B., an infant.
1687, June 17.  Colonel Robert B.
1692, Dec. 12.  Joanna B.
1694-5 Mar. 20.  Mary B.
1697, July 14.  Thomas B., Capt.
1701, Dec. 4.  Robert B.
1710, Dec. 16.  Coll. Andrew Langley.
1711, Aug. 1.  Anna Petronilla B., a child.
1711, Nov.11.  Peter B., a child.
1713-14, Feb. 21.  Mdm Anna Petronella Binloss.
1715-16, Mar. 9.  Mr. Morgan Binloss
1720-21, Jan.10.  Catherine Binloss.
1737, Oct. 10.  Mary B.
1744,  July 6. Mathew B., infant.
1746, Nov. 9.  Jane Catherine B., a child.
1750, Dec. 2.  Martha B.
1753, Dec. 7.  Robert B.
1755, July 25. Henry B., Attorney General.
1757, Nov. 29.  Thomas B., Esq.
1781, Jan. 17.  Sarah B., dau. of Matthew B., Esq., North Ayle; pd. sore throat.
1781, Oct. 6.  Matthew B., Esq., buried North Ayle; gout.


1795  Matthew B., widower, & Tabitha Williams, widow, both of this parish married at St. Ann's Bav, 14th Nov. 1795.


1798, May 3.  Buried John Samuel B.


1714, April 28.  Buried Robert Bindloss.
1716, Oct. 27.  Buried Francis Bindloss.


[British Museum, Add. MS. 27,968, fol. 156.]

Thomas Ballard, gent., of St. Jago de la Vega in Jamaica. Will dated 28 Dec.1690. Wife Mrs. Anne B., my estate of Newhall in St. Thomas in the Vale for life and my house in town. My sister Alice Skelton £40 per annum for life. All residue to my son Thomas B.
Witnessed by Sam. Bernard, Elizabeth Chapman, James Lespinass, Edward Purefoy.
Proved before Lord Inchiquin, Governor, 14 Nov. 1691.




1675-6, Jan.  24. Coll. Thomas Ballard and Anne Washington.
1692, Dec. 22.  Colonel Peter Beckford and Madam Ann Ballard.
1683, July 19.  Thomas Ballard, Junior, and Hannah Toldervay.
1693, Sept. 17.  William Brodrick,* Esq., and Hannah Ballard.
* Attorney-General and Speaker 1711. - Of Lord Middleton's family.


1676, Dec. 17.  John son of Thomas and Anne Ballard.
1679, June 28.  Anne dau. of Thomas and Anne Ballard.
1682, May 26.  Mary dau. of Thomas and Anne Ballard.
1684, May 9.  Thomas son of Thomas and Hannah Ballard.
1685, May 12.  Mary dau. of Thomas and Hannah Ballard.
1691-2, Feb. 25.  Grace dau. of Thomas and Hannah Ballard.


1674, May 13.  Mrs. Mary Ballard*.
1691, Nov. 11,  Coll. Thomas Ballard
1692-3 Jan. 16,  Thomas Ballard, Major
1683-4 Jan. 4.  Mary the dau. of Coll. Thomas Ballard
1690, May 1690.  John Ballard, in the Church
1690, June 1.  Ann Ballard in the Church.
* First wife of Colonel Thomas Ballard, and mother of the Member for St. Catherine's.



1755  Matthew Byndloss, Esq., of St. Ann's & Mary Bucknor, Spinster, of this parish, married 16 April 1755.

1756  Matthew the son of Matthew Byndloss, Esq. & Mary his wife was born 11 Sept. 1756 & baptized 25 Nov.1756.


[Add. MS. 27,968, fol. 44.]


1745, Feb. 3. In Amity Hall Plantation, in Plantation Garden River, the remains of the late Thomas Cussans, Esq., who departed this life ye 2d instant, aged 40 years 7 days, leaving issue by Mary his relict 2 sons and 2 daurs., viz., Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas, and John.

1789, Dec. 3. George Scott, Esq.,* of Hordley, to Miss Euphine Cussans, dau. of the late John Cussans, Esq., of Amity Hall, at Potosi, the house of her uncle John McQueen, Esq.
* George Scott was Member for St. Thomas in the East 1791, and John McQueen for same parish 1784.  (J. Roby.)



1745, Oct. 29.  Thomas Byndloss and Elizabeth Cussans, both of St. Catherine's.
1751, Dec. 21.  Henry Morgan Byndloss and Jane Cussans, both of St. Catherine's.


1767, May 5. John Cussans of the parish of Clarendon, Esquire, and Euphine
Macqueen of the parish of Kingston; Spinster.

1758, July -, Daniel McQueen,* Esq., in Church.


George Harrison Cozens of Portland, Jamaica, about to embark from England for the W.I., Esq. Will dated 4 Nov. 1814. To Robert Hibbert the younger of E. Hyde, Bedfordshire, Esq., Robert Taylor of Kingston, Jamaica, merchant and William Lambie of Kingston, gent., my plantation called Shrewsbury in trust for my children Ellen C., Charles Bryan C:, and Robert C. equally, provided if my 1st son Samuel after attaining 21 pay to the Trustees £36,000 sterling it shall be conveyed to him. Whereas my said 1st son will be entitled to considerable estates settled by my Father on me. All estates to be valued, and if entire estates do not exceed one-fourth of whole by £10,000, deficiency to be made good from residuary trust estate. All residue to Trustees to pay £100 a year to Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Neufville of Bath (sister of my late wife), nephews William Lambie and John Cozens Lambie, and residue for younger children. ( From the original will. Each page is signed "Cosens.")

Thomas Cussans son of Thomas of Jamaica, esq., Trinity College, Oxford, matriculated 29 May 1755 aged 16.

John Cussans son of Thomas of Jamaica, esq., Trinity College, Oxford, matriculated 5 Jan. 1759, aged 17; created M.A. 1765.

The following grant of arms is from Edmundson's "Heraldry": -
ARMS.  Or, an eagle displayed Gules, in chief two barrulets Azure.
CREST. - an eagle displayed Gules, charged on the breast with a bend Argent, thereon three fleurs-de-lis Sable. Granted to Thomas Cussans of Jamaica in 1767.

1821, Dec. 15.  At Eseter, Grace, widow of the late G. H. Cosens, esq., of Jamaica. (" G.M." 647)

1829, Feb. 12.  At Southampton, the Rev. Fred. Russell to Ellen, eldest dau. of the late Geo. Harrison Cosens esq. of Jamaica. (Ibid., 268.)

1852, Feb. 27.  At Kensington, Surrey, aged 66, John Macqueen of  Potosi,
Jamaica. ( Ibid., 453)

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