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[For Indentures, etc. please see below]

49. Robert Shorter of Southwark, co Surrey, and John Keith of London, lands in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. Signature of Robert Shorter, dated 1671.

50. Robert Shorter of Horsey Down, co. Surrey, and John Raymond of London, conveyance of lands in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica, sworn before Sir William Hooker, Lord Mayor of London, dated 1671.

51. Anthony Westgarth and William Conard, land in St. Thomas in Jamaica, dated 1676.

52. Dame Elizabeth Modyford, relict of Sir James Modyford, John Deane of co. Hants and Mary his wife, and Elizabeth Herne of Mattingley, and Peter Heywood of Jamaica and Grace his wife, land in Jamaica. Signed by all parties, dated 1684.

53. Administration granted to John Terry, with the will of Nathaniel Terry of Kingston in Jamaica annexed. 2 skins, dated 1694 and 1695.

54. Hans Sloane and Elizabeth his wife, late wife of Fulke Rose of co. Middlesex, John Heathcott of London, several plantations in Jamaica. 3 skins, signatures of Hans and Elizabeth Sloane, dated 1709.

55. Leonard Compere and Mary his wife of London, Joseph Wildego of London, and Richard Finch of Glouc., lands in St. David in Jamaica. Signature of Rich. Finch, dated 1712.

56. Thomas Cowper and Anne his wife of Westminster and Theophilus Armitt of London, plantations in Clarendon in Jamaica. 2 skins, signatures of Thomas and Anne, dated 1714.

57. Copy of the will of John Tavell of Vere in Jamaica, dated 1720.

58. Copy of the will of Mathew Halsted of Jamaida, dated 17267.

59. Copy of the will of Thomas Bernard of St. Catherine in Jamaica, dated 1728.

60. George Townsend of Hampstead, co. Midd, and Thomas and Mary Compere of Stratford Langthorne, co. Essex, plantations in St. David in Jamaica. Signatures of George Townsend and Thomas Compere, dated 1730.

61. Probate of the will of Edw. Wilcox of Kingston in Jamaica, dated 1741.

.62. Probate of the will of Thomas Thorpe at Port Royal in Jamaica, dated 1746.

63. A parcel of letters relating to the families of Booth, Barrett, Mason, and Prye, who had estates in Jamaica, dating from 1747.

64. Copy of the will, with 2 codicils, of James Woodcock of Kingston in Jamaica. 9 folio pages, dated 1750.

65. Anthony Langley Swymmer of co. Hants and Rowley Noel of All Souls' Coll., Oxford, lands in St. Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica. Signature of A. L. Swymmer, dated 1750.

60. Dame Philadelphia Cotton of Finchley, co. Midd., daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Lynch of Jamaica, and William Beckford, one of the aldermen of the City of London, conveyance of lands in St. Catherine in Jamaica. Signature of Dame P. Cotton, dated 1754.

67. Burton (?Beeston) Long and Robert Long to Edward Long. Letter of attorney for the management of Longyille plantation and other lands in Clarendon in Jamaica. Signature of B. Long and R. Long, dated 1765.

68. Printed appeal case between Thomas Broughton and Phillis his wife, late P. Roper, widow, and Elizabeth Jackson, widow, William Davis, and James Jonas, creditors of Charles Kelsall, etc., Hermon Hill and Union plantations. The Respondents' case, with schedule of payments and disbursements, 22 pages fo., dated 17671779.

69. Henry Archbould, late of Kingston in Jamaica, and Benjamin Gee of co. Midd., plantation in the parish of St. Andrew in Jamaica. 3 skins, with signature of H. Archbould, dated 1770.

70. Probate of the will of Charles Goodall of Port Royal, co. Surrey, in Jamaica. 2 skins, dated 1771 and 1808.

71. Charles Bowles of N. Aston, co. Wilts, plantation in Jamaica, schedule of slaves. 15 leaves, dated 1771.

72. William Gilchrist and Frances his wife, Neil Malcolm of London and Jamaica, and Page Keble and Rich. Sadlier, insurance brokers, of London, plantation in Hanover in Jamaica. 2 skins, signatures of William and Frances Gilchrist and Neil Malcolm, dated 1773.

73. William Gray of St. George's and John Howell of Kingston in Jamaica, plantations in St. George in Jamaica. Signatures of both, dated 1775.

74. John Straw and John Jackson, both of London, plantation in St. Andrew in Jamaica. Signature of John Straw, dated 1776.

75. Cause (the Respondent's case) between Elizabeth Virgo Scarlett, Mary James Scarlett, William James Stevenson, Henry White Plummer, and Sarah Gallimore, William Green, administrator of Mathew Gallimore, plantations in Trelawney in Jamaica, dated 1778.

76. Sir Charles Price, Baronet, of St. Catherine in Jamaica, Henry Rawlinson and John Chorley of Liverpool, plantations in St. Thomas-in-the-Vale in Jamaica. Signature of Sir C. Price, dated 1779. Also schedule of slaves and stock. 2 skins, dated March 1779.

77. Sir Charles Price of St. Catherine in Jamaica., afterwards of co. Midd. in England, and Jeremiah, John, and Robert Royds of London, lands in St. Ann and St. Mary. Signature of Sir C. Price, dated 1779.

78. Robert McGhil and Elizabeth Pomeroy his wife of Bristol, co. Som., and William Miles, also of Bristol, and Thomas McGhil of London, plantation in Trelawny in Jamaica. Signatures of Robert and Elizabeth McGhil, dated 1781.

79. John Hyde, George Healey, and Ebenezer Maitland, all of London, plantations in St. Andrew in Jamaica, signatures of Hyde and Healey, dated 1783.

80. Abraham, Grace, and Joseph Aguilar (son of Emanuel Aguilar of Jamaica), all of London, Isaac Baruh and Emanuel Baruh Lousada of London, plantations in Jamaica called Bankes estates, with the signatures of all parties. 4 skins, dated 1784.

81. Cause between Henry Broughton and Phillis his wife and others, Appellants, and Elizabeth Jackson and others, Respondents, with an Appendix. Thomas, Stephen, and Rose Fuller of London mentioned, plantations in St. Mary in Jamaica. Printed on 22 sheets, dated from 1786.

82. Cause (Appellants' case) between Charles Mitchell, administrator of William Inns and Hugh, William, and Mary Ann Barnet, Robert, James, and Jonathan McGhil, Simon Taylor, George and Joseph Brissett, plantations in Trelawny in Jamaica. Printed on 14 sheets, dated 1786.

83. William Inns of St. Thomas in Jamaica, and Hinton East of St. Andrew in Jamaica, and Sir William Chambers of Gt. Britain, plantations in St. Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica. Signatures of all parties, on 10 sheets, dated 1788.

84. Appeal from the P.C.C. Susanna Coppell, widow, Executrix of William Coppell, late of Kingston in Jamaica, and Thomas Goldwin and Thomas Aspinall, two Executors named in a will of said deceased dated 1788. Mr. N. Gostling, proctor for Mary Aspinall. 34 pages.

85. Daniel Crokatt of Carmarthen, Ja,es, Charles, and Alexandra Cranfurd and Dame Jane his wife of Surrey and Midd., and Henry Redwar of Jamaica, messuage in St. Andrew in Jamaica. Signatures of all parties except Redwar, dated 1791.

86. Cause between Robert Kerr and Alexandra McLeod, appellants, and Mary Verney, Baroness Fermanagh, and John Pedley, respondents, plantation in St. Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica, also sums advanced by Sir William Forbes of N. B. Printed on 16 sheets, dated 1791.

87. Copy of mortgage from Thomas Reid of Belvidere in Hanover Jamaica, to George Goodwin Barrett of Trelawney, Jamaica, and Leonard Parkinson of St. James, Jamaica, land stock, and over 300 slaves in Westmoreland in Jamaica. On 12 pages fo., dated 1791.

88. Power of Attorney from Thomas Finley of H.M. sloop Goelan and Francis Willson, navy agent, of London, dated at Jamaica 1792.

.89. Probate of the will and codicil of Colin Campbell, Lt.Col. in 1st Regiment of foot guards, dated in Jamaica, 1793.

90. Two deeds between Thomas Reid, the Younger, of Hanover in Jamaica, Thomas and George Hibbert and Edward Fuhr, all of London, lease and mortgage of a plantation in Hanover and Cornwall in Jamaica. 5 skins, signature of Thomas Reid, dated 1793.

91. Cause between Joseph Timperon, appellant, and the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Harewood as to a bond given by Edw. Brailsford of St. Catherine in Jamaica and land there, dated 1794.

92. Charles Sturt of co. Dorset, devisee of the will of Humphrey Sturt, Mary Sturt, the Rev. George Bingham, Rector of Great Critchill, co. Dorset, Edmund Morton Pleydell, and Henry William Portman and John Jarrett of Trelawny in Jamaica, plantation called Catherine Mount and Catherine Hall in Jamaica. Signature of Charles Sturt, dated 1794.

93. Charlotte Kathrine Babb (wife of Thomas Babb, 1ate of Bristol, now of Jamaica), niece of William Babb, late of Marrazion, co. Cornwall, and John Question of Minehead, co. Som. Premises in Barnstaple. Signature of first named. Copy of will of William Babb of Gurlyn, co. Corn., dated 14 May 1791. Power of attorney 14 Sep. 1793 and assignment 30 Jan. 1794.

94. Will of Mathew Halsted of Jamaica, but then in London, large estates in Jamaica. 5 pages fo., dated 1795.

95. Covenant between Sam. and Joseph Delpratt of Kingston in Jamaica and Robert Milligan and David Mitchell of London. 4 sheets, dated 1796.

96. Copy of the will of William White of St. Ann in Jamaica. 5 sheets, dated 1796.

97. Letter of attorney from Robert Gibbs and James Mitchel of Kingston in Jamaica, and Robert Milligan of London. Signature of Robert Gibbs, dated 1797.

98. Assignment in trust. Pierre Henry de Fonville of France and Alexander Cuthbert of Mark Lane, London. Interest in goods sold in Jamaica, dated 8 Sep. 1797.

99. John Fisher of co. Som. and Thomas Raikes of London, and Robert Campbell of co. Kent, plantations in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. Signature of John Fisher, dated 1798.

100. Copy of the will of Sam. Rainford, late of Kingston in Jamaica. 5 sheets, dated 1798

101. Sarah Wilkinson of co. Oxford, John Connor Field of co. Midd., Philip Somerville, Post-Capt. R.N., Abraham Watson Rutherford of London, and William Meyrick of co. Midd., estate in Jamaica. Signatures of Wilkinson, Field, and Meyrick, dated 1801.

102. Letters patent to Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville, gentleman, to be Secretary of Jamaica, in reversion, dated 1801.

103. Private Act of Parliament to deal with the estate of Richard Rigby, part of which was the Plantain Garden River plantation in Jamaica worth £1400 per annum. 9 pages fo. dated 1801.

104. Administration with. the will annexed of John Thomas Hughes, Esq., made at Spanish Town, dated 1802.

. 105. Cause between Isaac Munt and Charles Munt and John Smellie, plantations in St. Thomas-in-the-Vale and. St. Mary in Jamaica, dated from 1803.

106. Probate of the will and codicil of Thomas Chisolm of Kingston in Jamaica, on parchment, dated 1804.

107. Appeal to the King in Council from Jamaica between James Robertson and Alexandra Stevenson, supposed libel on the latter who surveyed lands in Trelawney in Jamaca, dated 1805.

108. Emily Providentia Winn and Susannah Winn, both f. of Bath, Ross and John Jarrott of Freemantle, H. Newton Jarrott, John Henry Tilson, and Isaac Lascelles Winn of St. James's in Jamaica, lands in Trelawney in Jamaica. 3 skins with signature of the Lord Mayor.

109. Probate of the will of Thomas Kaylett of St. Andrew in Jamaica, dated 1807.

110. Henry Murray, Major in the Suffolk Militia, Anna Murray of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, and Charles Murray of St. Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica, sale of the River View plantation in latter parish. 3 skins, signatures of all parties, dated 1810.

111. Original will of George Harrison Cozens of Portland, co. Surrey, in Jamaica. 12 sheets, dated 1814.

112. Probate of the will of Joshua Hughes of Westmoreland in Jamaica, dated 1814.

113. George Lawrence of co. Midd. and Sarah his wife and George. Reid of Mincing Lane, London, 1350 acres called Belvedere in Hanover in Jamaica. 2 skins, signatures of George and Sarah Brissitt Lawrence, 2 deeds, dated 1815 and 1816.

114. Probate of the will and 3 codicils of Martha Hinton East of Montague Sq., formerly of St. Andrew in Jamaica. Will dated 1816.

115. Privy Council. Thomas Haynes, Esq., appellant, and Robert Grier and others, respondents, lands in St. Ann in Jamaica. Printed on 10 pages, dated 1816.

116. Copy of the return of 97 slaves in St. Ann in Jamaica in the possession of the Hon. John Hiatt, trustee to the heirs of Joseph Hayns, dated 1817.

117. Copy of opinion of Council in Jamaica respecting the wills of Thomas Munro. 3 sheets, dated 1816.

118. Probate of the will of Alexandra Dickson of Clarendon, co. Middlesex, in Jamaica, dated 1816.

119. Peter Martineau of co. Midd., George, Robert, Charles, and Edmund Fra. Green, all of London , plantation in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. Signatures of Martineau, Geothe and Robert Green, dated 1817.

120. Peter Martineau of Whitechapel, George and Robert Green of London, plantation in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. 2 skins, signatures of P. Martineau and George Green, dated 1817.

121. Agreement for the sale of the Mount Sion plantation with the slaves and stock St. Elizabeth in Jamaica, 1ate the estate of William. Finlason and devised by will to Thomas Finlason of co. Midd., England, and William and John Finlason of St. Elizabeth in Jamaica, James Buchanan and Mary Anne his wife, 1ate M. A. Finlason, and Robert Seton and Elizabeth Jane his wife and John Plummer and Elizabeth Finlason. Signatures of all parties, 10 skins, dated 1823.

122. Thomas Finlason and William Candale, both of London, plantations in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica. 3 skins, signature of Thomas Finlason, dated 1823.

123. Letters patent to Henry Maddock and Fortunatus Dwarris to act as a Commission of Enquiry into the administration of criminal justice in the Windward and Leeward Islands, dated 1823.

124. Probate of the will of Mary Vidal of Westmoreland in Jamaica, dated 1824.

125. Hymer Cohen and Judah Cohen and George Reid, all of London, William Bramley of co. Midd., Henry Cerf of the same co., James Dyer and John Plummer of London, assignment of mortgage on plantations and stock in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica, sworn before the Lord Mayor. 2 skins, signatures of all parties, dated 1824.

126. Deed of compromise between Stephen Kenny, Martin Concanen, Jethro John Nrecknell, all of Loughrea in Ireland, and Charles More Ullithorne and Robert Langley Appleyard, both of co. Midd., and Richard Quarrell of Jamaica, plantation in St. Andrew in Jamaica. Signatures of all parties, 2 skins, dated 1826.

127. Rich. Watt* of Bishop Burton, Yorkshire, and John Williams Peterson and William Lambie of St. Mary, in Jamaica and Elizabeth his wife and Richard Watt Walker and others, sexpartite conveyance of Potoso and Orange Hall plantations in St. James in Jamaica. On paper, dated 1829.

128. Probate with copy of the will of George Barriffe, formerly of St. Thomas-in-the-Vale in Jamaica, dated 1831.

129. Joseph Hayne of Worthing, co. Sussex, and of St. Ann in Jamaica, and Frances Jane his wife (late. F. J. Carter) and Charles King of Piccadilly, London, copy of assignment of freehold premises in Vere in Jamaica. 10 sheets, dated 1835.

130. John Ball of Bishopstone, co. Wilts, and Jane his wife (formerly J. Baker), Sam. Lawes, William Wilkins and Mary his wife, Sam. Springbelt, John Lawes, and others, reciting the will of James Lawes, late of Pembroke Hall, St. Mary, co. Middlesex, in Jamaica, planter, dated 25 June 1838.

131. Probate of the will of Thomas Fennell of St. James, co. Cornwall, in Jamaica, dated 1840.

132. Power of attorney between Lord and Lady Huntingfield and Sam. Shortridge of co. Suffolk and Arthur James of St. Thomas, Golden Grove plantation in St. Thomas-in-the-East in Jamaica, dated 1875.


*See his pedigree in Burke's "Landed Gentry." Miss Watt of Speke Hall, near Liverpool is the present representative.


Indentures, etc., relating to Estates in Jamaica


Jamaica. This Indenture made the 2 April, 21 Geo. III., 1781, BETWEEN James Virgo and Montague Wisdom Virgo of the Parish of Trelawny, co. Cornwall, Jamaica, Esquires:, two of the sons and devisees under the will of William Virgo the Elder late of the said parish Esq. deceased and William Virgo the Younger of the same Esq., another son of William Virgo the Elder of the 1st part Mary Virgo of the same parish Widow only acting Executrix of the will of the said William Virgo the Elder of the 2d part and Robert Minto of the same parish Esq. of the 3d part. WHEREAS a suit was lately instituted in the High Court of Chancery of this Island, wherein Robert Minto was Complainant and Mary Virgo, James Virgo, Montague Wisdom Virgo, William Virgo the younger and Neill Malcolm late of this Island but now of Great Britain were the Defendants which on 3 Jan. 1781 came on to be heard for a final decree when H. E. the Chancellor declared that the Complainant ought to stand in the place of Neill Malcolm for so much of the £6000 as the Complainant had paid to the Defendant William Virgo the Younger that the Complainant had fully paid to William Virgo the Younger the £6000 and £429 Interest also £13,055 in virtue of the agreement of 7 July 1777 in discharge of the debts and legacies of William Virgo the Elder, he decreed that the Plantation or Sugar Work called Water Valley (but reserving the slaves) should be set up to sale before Samuel Howell Esq. one of the Masters and upon the Complainant bidding £20,421 he should become the purchaser and pay over to the Defendant £935 the balance and deduct costs and whereas on the 16 Feb. 1781 the Master at the house of Robert Pitcairn Tavern Keeper in the Town of St. Jago de la Vega sold the plantation to Robert Minto for the said sum and made his Report which was enrolled in the Office of the Register of this Court and whereas the balance due with interest is £984 c. and Complainants taxed costs were £343 and Defendants £59 making £403 and Robert Minto hath paid over the balance of £581 the Virgos now release all claim and confirm to him the said Plantation containing 633 acres butting E. on Thomas Bayly, N. on the estate of Thomas Gallimore deceased and James Morris, W. on William Sams and S. on Samuel West and all mills houses and 26 mules 12 steers 1 cow and all plantation utensils.

Signed by the four Virgos, and by the Master Court of Chancery.

Enrolled 11 Aug. 1781, Lib. 310, fol. 18. [On two sheets of paper, with original signatures.]


1791, Feb. At Jamaica, James Virgo, esq. (" G.M.," 186.)

See the Monumental Inscription at Roslin Castle Estate in Trelawney Parish to Mrs. Mary Virgo, relict of Col. William Virgo. She died 21 Nov. 1787, aged 67. (Archer, 329.)



This Indenture made the [blank] 56 Geo. III., 1816, BETWEEN Walter Minto of the Parish of Trelawney Jamaica Esq. only son and heir at law and devisee named in the will of Robert Minto of the same parish Esq. deceased of the one part and William Peatt Litt and Richard Steele of Lime Street in the City of London Merchants and Co-partners by William Harris of Kingston Jamaica their Attorney of the other part WHEREAS Walter Minto is seized of several plantations slaves in fee simple subject to certain mortgages and to the Trusts created by an Indenture of 4 parts dated the 31 Jan. 1815 and made between John Willis of Bishopsgate Street Within London Merchant of the 1st part and Walter Minto of the 2d part and W. Peatt Litt and Richard Steele of the 3d part and Henry Devis of Bishopsgate Street Within Merchant and Jonathan Harrison of Lewes co. Sussex Esq. of the 4th part whereby the mortgages vested in John Willis were conveyed to Henry Devis and Jonathan Harrison in trust for securing the payment of bills of exchange for £29,613 sterling the debt due from the estate of Robert Minto deceased to John Willis and further sums have been advanced by Litt and Steele to Walter Minto he hath agreed to grant them a mortgage of all that Plantation or Sugar work called Water Valley lying in the parish of Trelawney containing 763 acres bounding E. on Thomas Bayly, N. on the estate of Thomas Gallimore deceased and James Morris, W. on William Evans and S. on Samuel West. Also all that plantation in the same parish called Dry Valley of 500 acres and that plantation called Jock's Lodge and all buildings, slaves, mules, cattle, stock utensils, etc. subject to redemption with 6 per cent. interest. [Sealed, but with no signatures. £6 stamps. It is evidently a draft which was never executed.]

[Three wide sheets of paper.]


Jamaica. This Indenture made the 10 Dec. 1845 Between Jarvis Minto of the Parish of Trelawny co. Cornwall Esq. of the one part and Lawrence Hislop of the Parish of St. James in the said Co. Esq. of the other Witnesseth that in consideration of £8000 sterling of Jamaica, Jarvis Minto sells to Lawrence Hislop all that Plantation called Water Valley in the said parish of Trelawny containing 672 acres also that called Dry Valley containing 562 acres, also that piece of land and wharf situate at the Rock called Minto's Wharf of 1 acre all bounded as delineated in the plans annexed, and all houses, mills, works, implements, utensils.

The plan shews Dry Valley to the N. of and partly butting on Water Valley the whole containing 1234 acres and bounded N. with Springfield Pen, Mountain Spring Est. and Queen Road leading to Rio Bueno, E. with the Oxford Estate, S. with the Cambridge Estate, W. with Orange Grove, Clermont, Roslin Castle Estate and Lottery Estate.

The wharf was bounded E. by Boddens Wharf, S. by the Queens Road, W. by Atkins Wharf, N. by the sea shore with a jetty running out.

Signed by Jarvis Minto. Witnessed by Thomas Whiteside. Sworn before Phineas Abraham, Assistant Judge Court of Common Pleas, Trelawny. Stamps £40. 10s.

Enrolled 12 Feb. 1846, Lib. 877, fol. 78.

[On two large sheets of paper.]


Augustus Alexander Ruxton, Lieut. Royal Fusiliers b. 24 Sep. 1894 m. Mary Eliza Minto, daughter of Walter Minto Esq. of Jamaica. (Burke's "Landed Gentry," ii, 1598.)

See Archer 329 for M.I. to the Minto family.


Jamaica. In the Court of the Commissioners for the Sale of Encumbered Estates in the West Indies. In the matter of the Estate of Lawrence William Hislop and Isobel Charlotte Mary Hislop, Owners. Ex parte William Stevenson and Robert Mowbray Petitioners.

CLAIM by Mrs. Charlotte Stewart Williams sometime Hislop now Dewar presently residing at No. 10 Blytheswood Square, Glasgow, formerly spouse of Lawrence Hislop deceased sometime of the Parish of Trelawny co. Cornwall Jamaica, afterwards of Rhind Lodge, Leith Links, co. Edin., now wife of Donald Dewar Esq. M.D. residing in Glasgow. Reciting that By Ante-nuptial deed dated 5 April 1847 enrolled in Jamaica 13 May Lawrence Hislop now deceased in contemplation of his marriage with Charlotte Stewart Williams and being seized of a plantation with mules cattle and stock agreed to charge it with a jointure of £300 a year for her therefore in consideration of 10s. paid by W. Williams of the Parish of Westmoreland co. Cornwall her Father and James Lawson Williams of the Parish of Trelawney he confirmed to them in Trust his estate called Weston Favel in the Parish of Trelawny with the stock, etc.

By settlement and Will dated 14 June 1855 recorded at Edinburgh 11 Jan. 1856 he confirmed the £300 a year to his wife and assigned maintenance etc. for his two children by her Lawrence William Hislop and Isobel Charlotte Mary Hislop and gave her the use of Water Valley Great House as a residence and a barrel of sugar and a quarter cask of rum yearly, and Lawrence Hislop died at Leith in Scotland on 4 Jan. 1856 survived by his said wife and 2 children and James Duncan Esq. entered on the management of the said estates and down to 29 Sep. 1864 paid the annuity and £70 a year for each of the children. He died on 18 July 1865 and since then she received on 22 Feb. 1869 £300, 21 Oct. 1869 £100, 3 Oct. 1870 £150 on account of joynture paid her by the Rev. Dr. Stevenson his Exrcutor. Claimant was born 19 Feb. 1829 so that she was 41 last birthday and her annuity is worth £4710. Lawrence William Hislop the son attained the age of 21 on 20 Oct. 1869 and Isobel Charlotte Mary Hislop the daughter still resides with her. She has never occupied the Great House. Her claims are for arrears of joynture at 10 Nov. 1870 £1711, for maintenance and education £941, for the sugar and rum £454.

(On 19 sheets of folio paper, with schedules of accounts, in the Editor's possession.]


Jamaica, This Indenture made the 19 May 1841 Between George Lawrence of Cowsfield co. Wilts Esq. by George Lewis of the Parish of Hanover co. Cornwall Jamaica Esq. his Attorney of the one part and Lawrence Hislop of the Parish of St. James in the said Co. Esq. of the other Witnesseth that in consideration of £6500 sterling George Lewis sells to Lawrence Hislop all that Plantation or Sugar Work lying in that part of the Parish of Trelawny formerly called St. James known as Weston Favell consisting of 3 several parcels of land viz. all that piece near Harmans Valley (part of 15,000 acres vested in His Majesty for New comers) containing 300 acres and bounded to the E. on a rocky hill and the Antigua road N. formerly on Doctor Fowler now on Gale's Valley and Wakefield Estates to the W. formerly on Miles Toppin and Colonel James Lawrence now on York Estate, S. on lands formerly belonging to Mr. James Shawe now on Hacton Pen Also those 256 acres situate at Queen of Spains Valley being a part of the said 15,000 acres bounding N. formerly on Jacob Morgan now on Weston Favell Estate, S. formerly on James Shaw now on Hacton Pen., H. formerly on John Libert, Junior, now on Weston Favell Estate, and W. formerly on Jacob Morgan now on Weston Favell Estate. Also that other piece containing 264 1/2 acres part of 300 acres patented by John Libert Jr. bounding E. on Cockpit Hills, W. formerly on Mr. James Shaw, Jacob Morgan and William McDonald now on Hacton Pen and Weston Favell Estate, S. formerly on Mr. John Libert and Mr. John Stenton now on Hacton Pen and York Estate except a piece conveyed by Cath. Harding to Edward Morant, Henry Dawkins and Samuel Long containing 23 acres. Also that Pen piece containing 81 acres near Martha Brae mentioned in a certain suit lately in the High Court of Chancery in which Cath. Harding was the Complainant and Thomas Harding and Isaac Bernard Harding were Defendants. Also 23 acres formerly in the possession of Edward Morant, Henry Dawkins & Samuel. Long formerly a part of York estate, having the said Estate on the N. and W., S. upon Weston Favell, E. on the King's highway leading from Weston Favell to Martha Brae Also that piece called Chatsworth containing 693 acres bounding N. on lands formerly of John Gray Esq. of Industry Estate now Spring Vale Pen part on William Atherton Esq. and land formerly of John Sterling Esq. of Content Estate and land formerly of John Fowler, W. Atherton Esq. and land formerly of David Shaw Esq, S. on land formerly of David Shaw and W. part on land formerly of Alexander Longlands part on Drayton formerly of Lemon Lawrence Lawrence Esq. and John Sterling and Also that piece of 146 acres bounding N. on the 15,000 acres, E. and S.E,. formerly on John and William Mowatt Esquires, S. and S.W. on David Schaw and W. on Lemon Lawrence Lawrence Esq.

Signed by George Lewis. Witnessed by Richard Turnbull. Sworn before H. W. Plummer.

Enrolled 19 Oct. 1842, Lib. 853, fol. 19.

[On two large sheets of paper.]


This Indenture of 3 parts made the 6 Nov. 43 Geo. III., 1802, BETWEEN Joseph Aguilar of Devonshire Square Bishopsgate Street in the City of London Esq. and Grace his wife of the 1st part; Daniel Ximenes late of Gower Street but now of Duke Street Portland Place co. Middx. Esq. administrator of his late wife Sarah Ximenes deceased of the 2d part; and Isaac Aguilar formerly of the Island of Jamaica but now of Devonshire Square London Merchant and Emanuel Baruh Lousada of Perry Street co. Middx. Esq. of the 3d part WHEREAS Isaac Lamego formerly of Jamaica and also late of Stoke Newington co. Middx. Esq. deceased by his Will dated 16 Sept. 1754 after taking notice that he had given his daughter Sarah Lopes Torres wife of Jacob Torres only £1500 on her marriage gave her the interest of £3500 sterling at 3 per cent. for her life and at her death to her issue until his estate should be divided and her issue was to have this over and above the fourth share of the residue payable at 21, and the income of his estate till then was to be paid to his four daughters equally viz. 3 equal fourth shares between his three married daughters Sarah Lopes Torres, Abigail Baruh Lousada and Rebecca Mendes Da Costa and ordered that his real estate in Jamaica should be sold and the money invested in the English funds and appointed his said daughters Sarah Lopes Torres and her then husband and his daughter Abigail Baruh Lousada while remaining the widow of Jacob Baruh Lousada and his daughter Rebecca Mendes Da Costa and her then husband and his daughter Hester and her husband when she should marry, his grandson Isaac Lopes Torres notwithstanding his minority and his brother Moses Lamego and 3 friends Moses Alares Coroks Jacob Gonsales of London Merchant and Isaac Lopes Torres Executors. AND WHEREAS testator by a codicil dated 17 Dec. 1761 revoked the appointment of his dau. Esther and also of her husband Abraham De Mattas Mocatta as Executor and of Jacob Gonsales and appointed his grandson the aforesaid Emanuel Baruh Lousada to be Exexutor and testator died the 9 Jan. 1767 and the will was proved by the said Abigail Baruh Lousada widow and Rebecca Mendes Da Coata widow and Emanuel Baruh Lousada the Younger AND WHEREAS by an order of the Court of Chancery made the 12 Nov. 1771 an account was ordered to be taken and all sums invested in Trust with the privity of the Accountant General to the account of the said cause viz. £6000; £10,000 3 1/2 per cent. bank annuities, £29,250 3 per cent. annuities reduced, £39,900 3 per cent. consolidated bank annuities, £1000 bank stock, £10,000 consolidated 4 per cent. bank annuities, £10,000 old S. Sea annuities, £6000 New ditto, and £1000 S. Sea stock AND WHEREAS by an order of the Court made the 6 July 1783 1/4 of the interest should be paid to Sarah Lopes Torres for life and she died on the 6 Sep. 1787 without leaving any child surviving her but leaving two grandchildren Sarah then wife of Solomon Dias Fernandes deceased and the said Grace wife of Joseph Aguilar the said Sarah and Grace being the only children of Rebecca wife of Abraham Aguilar formerly of the City of London gent. and which said Rebecca was the dau. of Sarah Lopes Torres and the only child of her who left issue AND WHEREAS by an order of the Court made the 8 April 1788 the interest on the £3500 was to be paid to Solomon Dias Fernandes and Sarah his then wife and to Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife and also the interest of the 1/4 share of above residue AND WHEREAS the Master by his Report made the 19 May 1790 certified that he had set apart a sufficient fund to answer the Annuity of £20 given to Aaron Lamego and the interest of the £3500 and the said estates then consisted of £10,000 old S. Sea annuities, £56,718 reduced annuities, consolidated £32,274, New S. Sea annuities, £6000 Bank stock, £1008 S. Sea stock, and £10,000, exclusive of his real estate in Jamaica, and that the said Solomon Dias Fernandes died the 27June 1791 and by an Order made the 23 June 1791 it was ordered that the interest of the funds mentioned in the Order of the 8 Ap. 1788 should be paid to Sarah his widow AND WHEREAS Sarah Dias Fernandes intermarried with Daniel Ximenes on the 5 Nov. 1795 and died on the 23 June 1797 and he obtained letters of administration from the P.C.C. AND WHEREAS by an Indenture Tripartite made the 26 Oct. 1784 between Abraham Aguilar deceased father of the said Grace Aguilar and the said Grace Aguilar of the 1st part, Joseph Aguilar of the 2d part; Emanuel Baruh Lousada, Isaac Baruh Lousada, Abraham Aguilar deceased, Emanuel Baruh Lousada deceased and Isaac Aguilar of the 3d part reciting that a marriage was intended between Joseph Aguilar and Grace Aguilar and reciting that the said Grace Aguilar under the will of Isaac Lamego would on the death of Sarah Lopes Torres her grandmother be entitled to 1/8 part of his estates it was agreed that £12,000 bank annuities part of his estate should on the death of her grandmother be laid out by trustees after her death for her husband and then for their issue AND WHEREAS by agreement dated 31 Oct. 1798 made between Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife of the one part and Daniel Ximenes of the other after reciting the death of Isaac Lamego and his 2 daus. Abigail Baruh Lousada and Sarah Lopes Torres leaving issue and Sarah Ximenes without issue the said Daniel Ximenes as her administrator became entitled to whatever she was entitled to by the will of her Great Grandfather Isaac Lamego and a question had arisen whether Sarah Ximenes was entitled to a moiety of one fourth of the residue or whether Grace wife of Joseph Aguilar by the death of her sister before her was entitled to the whole of such fourth share and the principal of £3500, concerning which a suit is now pending if it should terminate in favour of Daniel Ximenes it is agreed that he should pay to Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife £8000 3 per cent. consolidated bank annuities and if the court should decide in favour of Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife they shall transfer such sum to Daniel Ximenes, and if the moiety of £3500 be decreed to them they shall transfer £1000 to him. AND WHEREAS by a deed poll under the hands of Daniel Ximenes and Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife dated the 26 Feb. 1800 reciting that Esther de Mattas Mocatta had died and no decree in the cause had been yet made it was agreed that Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife should petition for the whole of the interest of the £3500 and the dividends of 1/4 share of the residue since the death of Sarah Ximenes and also 1/3 of 1/4 in case Rebecca Mendes Da Costa should die without issue and that they should pay all the legal costs of Daniel Ximenes and £240 a year and if Grace survived Rebecca pay him £1000, and if they obtained the 1/3 of 1/4 pay him £8000 three per cent. consolidated bank stock and insure Grace's life AND WHEREAS by an order made on the 29 Ap. 1801 upon the petition such dividends were to be paid to them and they have paid the costs and in pursuance of the agreement Daniel Ximenes and Joseph Aguilar and Grace his Wife grant to Isaac Aguilar and Emanuel Baruh Lousada all their shares under the will subject to an assignment of Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife's share for securing £3500 and another one to Isaac Aguilar, Daniel Ximenes and Abraham Bravo dated 31 Oct. 1799 in Trust to pay costs and the several agreed sums to Daniel Ximenes and the residue of dividends to Joseph Aguilar and Grace his wife.

Signed and sealed (crest, a bird, ?dove) by Joseph Aguilar [L.S.], Daniel Ximenes [L.S.), Grace Agnilar [L.S.] , in the presence of Abraham Bravo.

Endorsed: "Joseph Aguilar Esq. and Grace his Wife to Isaac Aguilar and Emanuel Baruh Lousada Esq. Assignment in Trust. Dated 6th, Novr 1802."

[From an original parchment deed of ten skins in the possession of the Editor.]


Isaac Lamego was a merchant at Kingston in 1728. (Feurtado, 56.)

1767 (18, Legard). Isaac Lamego of London, Merchant. My dau. Abigail, widow of Jacob Baruh Lousada, and her 5 children.

1767 (18, Legard). Esther Lamego of London, widow. The children of David B. Lousada. Aron B. Lousada, of Jamaica, Merchant, son of my aunt Ester.

1787 (519, Major). Sarah Lopes Torres, widow.

1790 , Nov. In Jamaica, Moses Bravo, Esq, to Mrs. Abigail Da Crasto, widow of Jacob Da Crasto, esq. ("G.M.," 1213.)

1799, Jan. 2. A. Bravo, esq. of Jamaica, to Miss Aguilar of Devonshire-square, dau. of the late Abraham Aguilar, esq. (" G.M.," 77.)


This Indenture made the 25 July 54 Geo. III. 1814 BETWEEN Judith Aguilar of Devonshire Square London widow of the one part and David Samuda of the City of London Merchant of the other WHEREAS the said Judith Aguilar in [blank] obtained a judgment in Jamaica against Emanuel Barruh Lousada of Kingston in the said Island Esq. for £2210 c. and agreed to accept from D. Samuda £1358 in full for the purchase thereof now in pursuance of the same she hath sold it to him and appoints him her attorney.

Signed and sealed by Judith Aguilar in the presence of Thomas Street of Philpot Lane London and William Otley clerk to Mess. Street and Woolfe, Philpot Lane. Receipt for £1358.

[This is an original deed on two sheets of paper stamped with a 30s. stamp.]

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