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Having had an opportunity of looking through a large parcel of deeds, some of which were catalogued ante, I., 19, I am able to give the following notes and correct errors in the catalogues.
1. 1674, Chas. II. In consideration Anthony Westgerth hath transported himself & servants to Jamaica as a planter we grant him that parcell of land in St. Thomas' parish near Mancheneell harbor, containing 300 acres, at the rent of a halfpenny per acre. Witness,  Sr Tho. Lynch, Knt, Lt. Gov. & C. in C. This patent dated 10 June 1674. Endorsed: A. W'garth of J. Assign to William Coward of J., gent., all the said title, 14 Dec. 1675.
2. 1695. Will of Nath. Terry of Kingston, J., Esq., dated 24 June 1694. Wife Rebecca. Brother John to sell estate in England. Latin decree from P.C.C., dated 1695, annexed.
3. 1712, Feb. 2. Leonard Compere, citizen & leatherseller of London, & Mary his wife, sell to Joseph Wildegos of L., merchant, & Richard Finch of Gloucester, all that plantation in St. Davids, J., called Otell, reciting deed of 1690 between Thomas Compere, citizen & skynner, George Compere of L., gent., & Rebecca his wife, both deceased, & the said Leonard Compere & Mary his wife.
4. 1714, Nov. 24. Tho. Cowper of St. Margaret, Westminster, gent., & Anne his wife, of the one part, & Theophilus Armitt of L., woodmonger, of the other. Whereas by Indenture of 3 & 4 Jan.1704 between Tho. Coates, citizen & merchant-taylor, since deceased, uncle & heir of Robert Coates, late of J., merchant, deceased, who was son & heir of Wm. Coates, citizen & winecooper, deceased, brother of the said Tho. Coates, & Abigail Coates, deceased wife of the said Wm. Coates, & the said Anne Cowper, by the name of Anne Coates, dau. & presumptive heiress of the said Tho. Coates of the 1st part; Sam. Swift of Worcester, Esq., of the 2d part; Theophilus Armitt & Wm. Hart of Bristoll, merchant, of the 3d part, for reimbursing Sam. Swift £700 he had lent, Tho. & Anne Cowper convey to Theophilus Armitt & Wm. Hart all their plantation & slaves in Port Royall in the parish of Clarendon on Trust to sell, as well the premises in Thames St. & in Leicester, & by deed of 20 Oct. 1714 between Sam. Swift of the 1st part, Tho. Cowper & Anne his wife of the 2d part, Theophilus Armitt. &.Wm. Hart of the 3d part, it is witnessed that Tho. Cowper had married Anne Coates, the houses had been sold, & the £700 paid off, Sam. Swift released to the said trustees his reversion & rights for an annuity of £100, &  the plantation is now conveyed to him. Signed by Tho. & Anne Cowper. Jacobean seal. Arms .... a fess between three pelicans vulning. Crest. --A like pelican.
5. 1730, June 24. Geo. Townsend, late of Lincoln's Inn, now of Hampstead, co. Midd., Esq., & Tho. Compere of St. Clement Danes, apothecary, of the one part, & Mary Compere of Stratford Langthorne, co. Essex, widow, of the other, the former sell to her the Mont or Stony Hill plantation in St. Davids, J., the estate unused for many years & the 53 slaves removed to another plantation of hers called Otell in St. Davids, & which are let to her at 40/. a year, all late the estate of Tho. Compere, citizen & apothecary of L., deceased, & held by Geo. Townsend & Tho. Compere in Trust. Signed by the latter two. Seals. Arms:- Argent, a chevron Ermine between three escallops [TOWNSEND].
6. Thomas Thorpe, 2d Lieut, in Col. Wynyard's Marines at Port Royal in J. Will dated 14 Jan. 1741. My son John £100.
7. 1741. Will of Edward Wilcox of Kingston, J., merchant. My sister Ann Rouse, wife of Thomas Rouse of Kingston, £100. My uncle, Nathaniel Foy of Bristol, £100 & all residue. Decree from P.C.C. Probate 13 June 1741.
8. 1741, Feb. 16. Indenture tripartite between Dame Philadelphia Cotton alias King of Easthide, co. Bedford, widow, of the 1st part; Joshua Crosby of St Andrew, J., planter, for Anthony Langley Swymmer of St Peter's College, Cambridge, Esq., a minor, of the 2d part; & Anthony Langley Swymmer of the 3d part. Whereas by agreement of 30 April last Dame Philadelphia Cotton or King, by Cotton King of J., Esq., her attorney, of the one part, & Joshua Crosby, for A. L. Swymmer of the other, she for £40 & £650 sells that land in Vere containing 817 acres, formerly patented by Charles Atkinson, & sold to her late father Sir Thomas Lynch, Knt. Plan annexed. (The land lay E. of the estate of A. L. Swymmer.) Signed_by_ Phill._ Cotton; Seal. Crest. - A lion's head erased.
9. 1773, Feb. 23. Ind. tripartite between Wm. Gilchrist of Hanover, J., Esq , now in London, & Frances his wife, of the 1st part; Neil Malcolm of Hanover, J., now in London, of the 2d part; Page Keble, Esq., & Richard Sadler of London, Insurance brokers and partners, of the 3d part. Whereas Wm. Gilchrist is seized of a plantation in Hanover called Rutherglen, Page Keble & Richard Sadler advanced him £2100, & the said plantation of 502 acres and slaves having already been mortgaged to Neil Malcolm, Wm. Gilchrist enters into a bond of £4200. Three seals of a demi-lion rampant.
10. 1776, Aug. Lease for a year. John Straw of London, apothecary, conveys to John Jackson of London, merchant, all that plantation called Barbican in St. Andrews of 400 acres, Chaplin's Penn of 1200 acres, & Chaplin's Mountain plantation in St. Thomas in the Vale of 100 acres. Signed by John Straw. Seal. Crest.- A demi-lion rampant, couped.
11. 1777, Feb. 5. Ind. between John Serocold & John Jackson of London, merchants & co-partners, of the one part, & John Morse & Thomas Smith of London, merchants & co-partners, of the other part. Whereas by Ind. of mortgage made 10 April 1775, between Wm. Stevenson of St. James, J., & Mary his wife, & John Serocold & John Jackson, Wm. S. sold to the latter all that sugar plantation in the parish of St. James called Unity, containing 943 acres, & Pleasant Penn of 300 acres, subject to redemption for £24,023 & £21,034 is still due. Assignment now
to John Morse & Thomas Smith.
12. 1786, April 7. Ind. between Wm. Stevenson of Trelawney, Esq., & Mary his wife, of the one pt, & Joseph Royal of L., Esq., by John Van Heelen of St Eliz., Esq., his atty, Edmund Green of L., Esq., by Wm. Mitchell of St. Cath., Esq., his atty, & sd. W. M. & J. V. (all 4 Trustees of John Morse, late of L., Esq., decd) of the other. Whereas by Ind. of 10 April 1775 between W. S. & Mary his wife of the one part, and John Serocold & John Jackson of L., Mts, of the other, W.S. assigned to them Unity plantation in Trelawney, 943 acres, & Pleasant Penn in Trelawney of 300 a., & 140 negroes, subject to annuity of £500 to Mary S. if she survive her husband, & redemption as per 8 bonds & by Ind. of 21 April 1781 betw. W. S. & M. S. of the one pt, & John S. their son, of the other, assign to him a moiety of the sd estate & of 121 slaves, & John S. hath died intestate, leaving Sam S. his brother & heir at law, & by Ind. of 1 Feb. 1785 betw. sd Sam (sic) S. & Mary his wife of the one pt, Ph. Pinnoick, Geo. P., & Charles Hall of the other, said S. S. conveyed sd moiety to them for her life, then to raise £2800 c. for sd M. S., and by Ind. of 4 July 1785 S. S. & Mary his wife conv. to. Wm. S. sd moiety & the legal estate of sd mortg. is now vested in J. Royal, etc., as T. of J. Morse, and said bonds belong to them. W. S. conv. to them free of M. S. annuity of £500. (A paper copy.)
13. 1781, Dec. 26. Lease for a year. Ind. betw. Robert McGhie of Bristol, Esq., & Eliz. Pomeroy his wife of the one part, & Wm. Miles of Bristol, Esq., and Tho. McGhie of L., Esq., of the other. Wit. that for 5s. R. McG. & wife sell to W. Miles & T. McG. one-third of the Retreat sugar plantation in Trelawny, also one-third of Hampstead and one-third of slaves, all formerly belonging to Jane Stone, decd.
14. In the Privy Council. Henry Thomas Broughton, gent., and Phillis his wife, formerly wife of James Roper late of St. Andrews, Esq., Appellants, Eliz. Jackson, widow, and others the creditors of Charles Kelsall, Esq., deceased, and Sarah Kelsall the dau. of the said Chas. K., Respondents. Charles Kelsall owned Hermon Hill in St.. Mary's and a moiety of the Union and owed Thomas, Stephen, and Rose Fuller of London, merchants £3000, and dying 4 Nov. 1780, bequeathed his estates to his son Henry Kelsall. James Roper was his son-in-law. Tho. Fuller was dead 1782. Recites deed of 1776 between Chas. Kelsall and Rebecca his wife of the 1st part and George Clarke, Esq., and Susannah his wife, dau. of Chas. Kelsall, by which one third was settled on G. and S. Clarke. Benjamin Lyon d. 1780 and his will was dated 12 Aug. 1776. Rebecca Kelsall d. June 1786 and appointed her dau. Sarah Kelsall her Executrix. James Roper d. soon after 1788.
15. 1788, Oct. 25. Ind. betw. Wm. Innes of St Thomas in the East, J., Esq., & Selina his wife of the 1st pt; Hinton East of St And., Esq., of the 2d; & Sir Wm. Chambers, Kt, of the. 3d. Whereas by Ind. of Mortg. of 1 Sept. 1786 betw. the sd W. I. & S. his wife of the one pt & John West of Kingston, Merchant, of the other, in consid. of bond of £4721 W. I. conv. to him that plantation in St T. in the E. called Williamsfield of 1000 a. & 76 slaves. Conveyance, Assignt. further mortg. (Paper copy, 7 sheets.)
16. Appeal to the King in Cl. James Robertson, Appellant, & Alex. Stevenson, Respondent. Both cases. J. R. a land surveyor. Printed cases.
17. 1791, Aug. 24. Ind. between Dan. Crokatt of Langharne, co. Carm., Esq., Sir Alex. Craufurd of Bristol, Baronet, & Dame Jane his wife, 1. J. C., spr., dau. & only child & heir of James Crokatt late of Richmd, Surrey, Esq., decd, & James C. & Charles C., 2 of the children of sd Sir A. C., & Henry Redwar of St Cath., J., Esq., lease for a year to latter of Liguanea Farm of 87 acres.
18. 1794. In the Privy Council. Joseph Timperon, Merchant, & the Earl of Harewood. Edwin Lord H. sold an estate in J. to Edw. Brailsford of St Cath. called Amity Hall. Latter made his will 5 Dec. 1794 & gave it to his bro. Wm B.
19. Wm. White, late of Landovery Est., St Ann, planter. Will dated 24 July 1796. Death of late nephew John W., 1st son of 1ate brother John W. in Spanish Tn. His M. in Grantham, to her 6 daus. ea. 3000 guineas. By deed of 1779 she Dorothea Susa W. receives £400 a yr. Bro. Isc W. of Boston, Linc., 1000. (Copy.)
20. 1797, June 30. Robert Gibb and James Mitchell of Kingston, J., Merchants and cop. (Rob. G. & Co.), power of attorney to Rob. Milligan and Dav. Mitchell of London, Merchants.
21. 1799, Aug. 13. Ind. of 4 parts betw. Charles Boldero, Stephen Thurston Adey, Sir Steph. Lushington, Bt, and Edw. Gale Boldero of London, Merchants and cop., of 1st pt; Henry Jackson of L., Mt, of 2d; James Inglish Keighly of L., Mt, of 3d; Rob. Shawe of L., Esq., of 4th. Whereas by Ind. of 29 and 30 April 1777 betw. Jacob Johnson, Esq., now decd, of the 1 pt, and Tho. Gowland, Esq., also decd, of the other, J. J. conveyed his plantation in W'ld called Springfield, 3720 acres and 223 slaves, 90 steers, 50 mules, 10 horses and 95 breeding cattle subject to redemption on payment of £5000 sterling. Tho. G. died and m. his will 5 Feb. 1778 (recited), Tho. G., now of Gt Britain, a Trustee and Executor, and by Ind. of 26 Sep. 1786 Hen. Jackson pd £6951 due and estate was conveyed to him. Seal. Crest: A hind's head couped, in its month an arrow bendwise. (5 large skins.)
22. In Chancery. Charles Mitchell, Esq., administrator of Wm. Innes, Merchant, decd, App., and Hugh Barnett, Esq., Wm Hugh B. and Mary Ann B., infants, by the Executors of Rd Brissett, Esq., decd. On 13 Dec. 1786 the Creditr of H. B. filed a Bill v. the Ex'ors of H. B.-- H. B. son of testr. H. B.'s will, 20 April 1780. Sportsmans Hall and 100 slaves to his son Hugh B. at 25, remr to his nephews Rob. McGhie, James McG and Jonath. MCG., heirs of Wm B., Jr, of Trelawney --Hopewell and Bidiford for said son at 30. Rd Brissett proved the will 1783. Personal estate £23,792 c. H. B. att. 25 on 1 Jan. 1785 and took possession of Sportsm. Hall 1787. Arthur Boyer and Rob. Kenyon, surv. cop. of Peter Holme, bkrupts. H. B. in 1779 owed them £20,000 c. and d. on h. passage to Gt B. On 8 Novr 1800 total debts were £76,000 c. Receivers now appointed and £300 a yr. c. allowed to H. B.
23. Charles And. Vanneck Lord Huntingfield and Louisa his wife, L. of attorney to Sam. Shortridge, about to proceed to J. to enter Golden Grove pln in St Tho. in E., with Stokes Hall and Hampton Court, Pen.
24. Letter from J. Math. Rogers, Felpham near Chichester, 15 Sep. 1800. Probate of my wife's will; pay me £545 into my account at Child's Bank.
25. 1801, May 1. Indenture tripartite between Sarah Wilkinson of Adderbury Ho., co. Oxf., widow of 1st pt; John Connor Field of M'lebone, Esq., of 2d; and Ph. Somerville, Post Capt. R.N., Abr. Watson Rutherford of London, Merchant, and Wm. Meyrick of L., gent. of the 3d. Whereas Wm. Bond, late of Park Hill nr. Croydon, Esq., decd, m. his will dat. 10 Aug. 1791, Ex'or and cop. of his brother Tho. B., and gave his plantations in Jamaica to A. W. R. and others on T. Endorsed, Sett. on the Marriage of Mrs Sarah Wilkinson with John Connor Field, Esq., of her est. in J. (Only 1 skin.)
26. 1801. Letters Patent. Whereas by let. pat. on 12 May, 3 Geo. 3d, we granted the place of Secretary of Jamaica and Commissary of Stores to Charles Wm. Wyndham, Esq., on the deaths of John Anthony Balaguier and Nicholas Herbert, Esqrs, both now decd, and C. W. holds sd offices. We now appoint Cha. Cavendish Fulke Greville, gent., 1st son of Chas. G., Esq., Secretary, after the death of C. W. 2 Oct. 41 yr. of Reign.
27. (Probate of) will of Tho. Chisholm of Kingston, J., Merchant, relatives in Inverness, made 10 Feb. 1801. Probate 1804.
28. Will of John Tho. Hughes. All to wife Eliz. Jane H. John Cuningham
and Sons of Montego Bay, Ex'ors. At Spanish T. 26 May 1802. Probate 24 Jan. 1804. Lib. 72. fo. 73.
29. In the Privy Council. Appeal from Court of Chancery of J. Isaac Munt, Merchant, Appellant, and John Smellie, Esq., Respondent._ Resp. filed Bill 8 Aug. 1803 that he was seized of a Mount. coffee pln in St Mary and St1 Tho. in the Vale cd Brenshall, and sold it for £16,000 c. to Louis Matthias de Jonette.
30. 1804, Aug. 1. John Willis of L., Merchant, of 1st part, Sir Fra. Baring, Bt, Thomas B. and Charles Wall of London, Merchants and cop., of 2d, John Tunno and And. Loughnan of L., Mts and cop., of 3d. Whereas by Ind. 1 Jan. 1795 betw. James Edgar of St George, J., Esq., and Elizabeth his wife, of 1 pt, and J. Willis of other, for £4000 c. pd by J. W. Osbornes sugar plantation of 638 acres in St. Geo. was conveyed to. J. W., and Whereas by Ind. of 14 Feb. 1798 betw. Hon. Thomas Murphy of St Mary, Esq., and Eliz. His wife for £4000, the Decoy was conv. to J. Willis and £19,275 c. had also been adv. to T. M., he conv. The Ramble pln in St Mary of 1018 acres subject to a Marriage settlement of
31 Oct. 1769. Six seals of a hind's head couped, in its mouth an arrow bendwise.
(As in No. 21. 4 large skins.)
31. Tho. Wm. Plummer and John P. of London., Mts, Lewis Matthias and Tho. P. the Ex'ors of Eliz. Smalling late of Bath, widow, decd, recites that Wm. Chr. Schmalling or Smalling late.of J., then of Bath, Esq., made his will 22 Aug. 1786, and gave his penn called Emmaus and Content plantation in St Eliz. for his wife Eliz., then to Wm. Smalling Foster, 2d son of Thomas F. of Toumon Castle, co. Glam., esq., since decd without issue, then to John F., brother of Tho. F., and testator died 28 Nov. 1786, and Eliz. S. died 9 Oct. 1804. Her will dat. 7 July 1804. Her bro. Lewis Matthias, etc. Proved P.C.C. (? incomplete.)
32. Tho. Kaylett of St Andrew, J., Esq. Will dat. 18 Nov. 1800, all to sister Mary wife of James Napper, sister Eliza K. Proved P.C.C. 1807, May 6.
33. Charles Goodall of Port Royal. J., tavernkeeper. Will dated 18 May
1806, wife Mary M. Jeannett G. £100 a yr., children Edmund, Charles and George. Probate 24 Ap. 1813. (P.C.C.)
34. Joshua Hughes of Westmoreland, J., carpenter. Will dated 15 Jan. 1812. To poor of Rexam, co. Deub., £2000, due from Tho. Hughan and Co. of London, to the church wardens the interest for 6 of the poorest ho. keepers. My neph. and 4 nieces. Prob. 15 Oct. 1814.
35. Alexr Dickson of Clarendon, J., planter. Will dated 23 July 1816. Estate to Archd D., Jr., Esq., of Hassendeanburn in the shire of Roxburgh.
36. 1817, Jan. 30. Ind. between Peter Martineau the Younger of London, sugar refiner, and. Geo. Green of L., Merchant, assig. of estate of Robert Green late of L., Mt, bankrupt, and Rob. Green. Whereas John Morse late of L., Esq., decd, being seized of a plantation in J., made his will 29 Sep. 1777. His plantations or penns called Y. S., Ipswich, Unity and Sunderland in St Eliz. near the ports of Martha Brae and Montego Bay. Assignment of a share of 1/5 recites assigt of 11 Dec. 1784 betw. Nath. Middleton, Esq., and Ann his wife (f. A. Morse) assig. 1/2 of 1/5 to Rob. M., &c. Lease for a year. See No. 11.
37. Mary Vidal of Westmoreland, J., gentlewoman. Will dated June 1822.
My dau. Ann Darling £1000 sterling., dau. Eliz. Darling my 4º/0 Navy Certificates and £500. Goods in my store at Savanna la Mar to be sold. My 2 sons David and William Finlayson my 3%, David F. the Elder a house; he and Alex. Lockhart F. of St. Mary, Executors. Probate 8 Sept. 1824. (? fr. P.C.C.)
38. 1826, Aug. 31. Compromise between the claimants to the estate of James Concanen, Esq., decd, Martin C. of Loughrea, co. Galway, clothier, and others. Jas. C., late of St. And., J., Esq., owned a coffee mountain pln cd Middleton and 220 negroes, and died at New Providence in 1810 intestate and without issue. 3 of them share the estate.
39. 1829, March 1. Indenture betw. Burrage Davenport of L., Merchant, of the one part, and Margt Hill Mavor of Brighthelmstone, spinster, of the other. Whereas by Mortg. of 25 July 1821 betw. Newall Berwick of St Thomas in the E., Merchant, and B. D., N. B. owed £7000 c. and conv. 2 parcels of land in Morant Bay and 18 neg. and £1500 is still owing and B. D. owes £1400 to M. H. M., he transfers said land to her. Signed by B. D. Crest: A lion rampant. Motto.
40. 1835, Dec. 13. Indenture betw. Joseph Hayne of Worthing St Anne, J., Esq., and Fra. Jane his wife (late F. J. Carter, spinster.) of the one pt, and Charles King of Piccadilly, Esq., of the other. Whereas by Ind. of 22 and 23 Feb. 1827 a Mar. was intended with F. J. Carter--Wm Carter. Haddon, Penn., 1800 acres in St Ann and 400 acres in Vere were sett, in T. Chas. King lends £200. (Paper copy.)
41. Thomas Pennell of St James, J., planter. Will dated 28 June 1833. Bro. Wm. F.* of Ireland £300. Bro. Sam. F. £300. £150 to children of late sister Mrs. Mary Sandford. Sist. Mrs Eliz. Hoar £100; Sist. Susan F. £ 100. My Mountain settlement called Floyds Lodge to my housekeeper Jane Perry. Testator d. 15 July 1835. Ad. P.C.C. to Wm. F. Under £200 in P.C.C., p. r. to Sam. F. 7 July 1840.

*Perhaps a clerical error.



Jamaica. Aaron Nunes Henriques of the Parish of Kingston Co. Surrey Merchant the only acting Ex'or now in this I. of the will of Thomas Goldson late of the parish of Port Royal Esq. WHEREAS Tho. Goldson by his Will dated the 17 May 1783 (recited) and testator died (torn here) and the 3 Ex'ors proved the will which is on record in the Secretary's Office here and Wm Goldson and Eliz. Winter have lately departed this Island A. N. Henriques appoints Raphael Vas Da Silva and Isaac Isral Bernal of London Merchants his attornies to collect all sums in Gt B., Dated 26 Nov., 26 Geo. III., 1785. Signed and Sealed by Aaron Nunes Henriques. Crest: A cubit arm couped, erect, in the hand a royal crown. Motto: virtutis gloria merces. Witnessed by Robt Cruikshank, Eben: Robertson. Sworn 28 Nov. 1785 by the last named before Andrew Cathcart. (On two sheets of paper. This deed and the will of Tho. Goldson were amongst the Bernal deeds.)
Thos. Goldson of the pariah of Port Royal, Co. Surry, Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 17 May 1783. My Ex'ors and Ex'trix shall sett up to publick sale all my estate and all monies both here and in the hands of my agent Edward Ommerny of Gt B., Esq., to be disposed for debts and legacies. To my reputed son Thomas G. (born of Elizabeth Goldson, a free brown woman, deceased) £2000 c. My reputed dau. Elizabeth Winter (b. as above), relict of Wm. Winter, late of the said parish, gent., deceased, £2000 c. My reputed son Wm. Goldson (b. as above) £2000 c. My reputed son John Goldson (b. as above) £2000 c. My natural dau. Ann Goldson (b. as above) £2000 c. Sarah Ann Winter, dau. of my said reputed dau. Eliz. Winter, £2000 c. George Spraggs of Kingston, a free brown man, £50 c. Aaron Nunes Henriques of Kingston, Merchant, £25 c. as a token of my regard. My nephew Jeffry Knight, son of my sister Ann Knight, in Red Lyon Sq., City of London, widow, £50. I manumit my negroe woman Monimea (but lately christened Mary Wooledge), also my little quadroon girl Nancy, dau. of my mulatto woman Mary Lad, and £5.c. each a year. All residue to my loving brother Wm. Goldson of Union Str., Portsmouth Common, gent., and to his children Wm. G. and Ann G., and to my loving sister Ann Knight and her three children James K., Ann K., and Bridget K. equally, and I appoint my good friend Aaron Nunes Henriques, my reputed son Wm. Goldson, and my reputed dau. Eliz. Winter, Ex'ors and Ex'trix. Witnessed by James Cuningham, Thomas Denniss, Edwin Denniss.
This 19 Feb. 1784 Tho. Denniss made oath, etc., before me Archd Campbell. Proved same day. Vera copia Will. Dunlop, Secry.
On five folio sheets of paper. The above was proved in the P.C.C. (20, Ducarel).


William Goldson* of Portsea, co. Southampton, shipwright. Will dated 6 Jan. 1704. I give my messuage, etc., on the East side of Union Street unto my dear wife Sarah Goldson and my sons, William Goldson of Portsea, carpenter of H.M.S. "Monarque," Thomas Goldson and James Goldson of Jamaica, shipwrights, my daughter Anne, wife of Jeffery Knight of London, and Ann Walker otherwise Goldson the natural child of my son Samuel Goldson, deceased. I appoint my said son William Goldson and my said son-in-law Jefferv Knight executors. Witnesses: James Collins, John Baptis, George Binsteed. Proved at London 21 Nov. 1767 by Jefferv Knight, Power reserved for William Goldson. (P.C.C., 413, Legard.)
* The above will was abstracted and communicated by Mr. (George Tudor Sherwood sometime before I obtained the two preceding documents.


(Lease for a year.) This Ind're made 30 March 1701 Between Phillip Nott of the City of Bristoll Grocer and Sarah his wife (one of the daus. of Michaell Hunt late of the same City Sopeboyler and of Judith his wife) of the one part and Aldworth Elbridge of the I. of Jamaica Merchant of the other Witnesseth that Ph. Nott and his wife for 5s. have sold all their one eighth share of the plantacons and slaves in the said Island whereof Joseph Hunt Merchant dyed seised which descended to Mich. Hunt as brother and heir of the said Joseph who bv his will devised the same to trustees for his wife and children except 2 parcells of land in the parish of St Thomas the one containing 420 acres and the other 400 a. since conveyed to Richard Morse and James Bradshaw Merchants since the death of Mich. Hunt from the 25 inst. during the term of 1 year that he may take a Release. Signed by "Phill. Nott." "Sarah Nott."
Two arm. seals. Jacobean mantling. Arms: On a chief indented three escallops. Crest: An eagle with wings raised.
Endorsed. Sealed and delivered in the presence of Tho. Edwards, "Walter Attwood, Tho. Jones.
(On one skin in the Editor's possession.)


Jamaica. Pleas held for our Soverign Lord the King at a Supreme Court of Judicature holden at the Town of St Jago de la Vega co. Middx. the last Tuesday in Nov., 18 Geo..III. 1777 before the Hon. Richard Welch Esq. chief Judge etc.
James Dick and Robert Milligan merchants by Thomas Farquharson their attorney complain of Sam. Horlock the Younger of the parish of St James co. Corn. Esq. that on 17 June 1777 he subscribed 3 bills of exchange to Messrs. Chr. and Tho. Horlock merchants at Kingston and Messrs Dick and. Milligan and refused to pay and defendant by Wm. Mackay his atty appeared and the Jury find for the Plaintiffs and assess damages £102 with costs. True Copy. W. Mitchell, Clerk.
On account of another bill the Jury assessed damages £114 and costs. Sworn by Wm. Dunlop Esq. Sec. and N.P. 17 Feb. 1787.
Signed and the Broad Seal of the I. appended by A lured Clarke Esq. Lt Gov. and C. in C. 17 Feb. 1787.


At the August Grand Court 1786 before the Hon. John Grant Esq. Chief Judge etc. the same plaintiffs by Rich. Grant their atty obtained judgment against Rob. McMurdo late of Kingston merchant "now off this Island" for £1459 c. by bond of 1 July 1779.

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