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Excerpts from CARIBBEANA , Volume IV

Matriculated Students of the University of Glasgow*


[FORMAT: Year of matriculation, Name, University data translated from the Latin by jamaicanfamilysearch, Comments by Addison, matriculation number]

1741 ROBERT GORDON 3rd son of William Gordon military commander in Jamaica (912).

1743 ALEXANDER BROWN son of Alexander Brown, surgeon in Jamaica (1021).

1743 JOHN CLARKE son of Edward Clarke formerly of Kingston, Jamaica (1028).

1745 JAMES SOMERVELL son of David Somervell former citizen of Glasgow, now living in Jamaica (1117).

1746 WILLIAM CATHCART 1st son of Hugo merchant of Glasgow. Of Gilmorehill, merchant in Jamaica (1162).

1748 WILLIAM GRAHAM 1st son of Nicholas Graham of Dartmore.

Advocate 1756; d. at Lisbon in Jan. 1774, predeceasing his father, who d. on 16 Nov. 1775; brother of 1321; uncle of 4747; grand-uncle of 10,235, 12,559. (1320).

1748 ROBERT GRAHAM second son of Nicholas Graham of Dartmore.

Otherwise Robert Cunninghame Grahame, sometime planter and Receiver-General in Jamaica. Afterwards of (1) Ardoch, Dumbartonshire, which in 1757 has been entailed on him by his cousin, Nicol Boutine; (2) Gartmore, Stirlingshire, to which he succeeded on the death of his father in 1775; and (3) Finlaystoune, Renfrewshire, which fell to him on the death in 1796 of the last Earl of Glencairn. Rector of the University of Glasgow 1785-87; founder of the Gartmore Gold Medal therein 1788; M.P. for Stirlingshire 1794-96; d. at Gartmore 11 Dec. 1797, aged 62; brother of 1320; father of 4747; grand-uncle of 10,235, 12,559. (1321).

1754 GOODIN DEHANY 4th son of David former merchant in Jamaica (1645).

1757 HUGO WHITE 2nd son of Samuel lately a merchant in Jamaica (1832).

1760 GEORGE CUMING 1st son of Peter merchant in St. James, Jamaica (1968).

1762 MATTHEW CRAWFORD 1st son of John surgeon of Glasgow.

Of Gilnook Hall, Jamaica, d. at Teviot Row, Edin., 25 April 1815. "The heir at law and present representative of the ancient family of Crawfordland is Matthew Crawford Esq. in Jamaica, son of the lat John Crawford, surgeon in Glasgow, whose grandfather was son to Crawfordland." ("Glasgow Courier," 2 March 1793). (2178).

1762 ROBERT SMITH only son of William agent in Jamaica (2197).

1765 JOHN FOSTER 1st son of John, entitled to beard heraldic arms, Jamaica (2406).

1766 McLAURIN GILLIES 3rd son of the Right Reverend John in the City of Glasgow.

Merchant in Jamaica (2540).

1766 ALEX SHAW 1st son of the Right Reverend John, in the city of Greenock. D. in Jamaica 10 Aug. 1804 (2585).

1767 JOHN CAMERON 2nd son of John de Carntyn in the Parish of Barony. D. in Jamaica in 1794 (2667).

1768 CHARLES HENRY KNOWLES only son of Charles a Baronet and Army officer.

Sir Charles Henry Knowles, 2d Baronet, succeeding his father in 1777; b. in Jamaica 24 Aug. 1754. Entered the Navy and saw much active service, being present at, inter alia, the action at St. Lucia in 1778 (where captured by the French); the engagement off Grenada 1779 (when wounded); and the battle of Cape St. Vincent 1797. Read-Admiral 1799, Vice-Admiral 1804, Admiral 1810, K.C.B. 1820; d. 28 Nov. 1831 (2736).

1768 JOHN HENDERSON 1st son of John formerly Doctor of Medicine in Jamaica (2766).

1769 JOSEPH BRISSETT 1st son of George colonist in Jamaica. Brother of 3071, 3228 (2884).

1771 CHRISTOPHER SENIOR 3rd son of Christopher formerly in Jamaica. Brother of 3106. (3066).

1771 GEORGE BRISSETT 2nd son of George of Lucea Bay in Jamaica. Brother of 2884, 3228 (3071).

1771 WILLIAM LAMBIE 3rd son of former R. V. Archibald V. D. M. in the Parish of Killmartin.

Possibly "William Lambie Esq" who d. in Jamaica 29 July 1794 (3080).

1771 ROBERT KEITH SENIOR 4th son of Christopher formerly in Jamaica. Brother of 3066 (3106).

1772 JOHN BRISSETT 3rd son of George of Lucea Bay, Jamaica. Brother of 2884, 3071 (3228).

1774 HUGO WALLACE born in Jamaica 1st son of Hugo, bearing heraldic Arms of Eldersley, in Jamaica.

Variously described as of Biscany; of Biscony, Jamaica; of Biscony, Renfrewshire; late merchant; late officer in the Army (3428).

1775 WILLIAM BROWN born in county of Lanerk 3rd son of Laurence, bearing heraldic Arms of Edmonstown.

D. in Jamaica 30 June 1811 (3525).

1775 WILLIAM WALLACE born in Jamaica 3rd son of Hugo colonist in Jamaica (3532).

1776 ROBERT HENRY McDONALD (born in Jamaica) 2nd son of William doctor of Medicine in that island (3586).

1778 EDWARD PINNOCK youngest son of Thomas deceased merchant in Jamaica (3898).

1778 WILLIAM ROSS only son of Alexander doctor in Jamaica.

Possibly William Ross, surgeon, who was married in Glasgow 12 Oct. 1790 (3901).

1779 JAMES STEVENSON 1st son of Nathaniel merchant, born in city of Glasgow.

B. 29 March 1767; d. in Jamaica at an early age, unmarried (3981).

1780 FIFE ELLASON [ELLISON] KING 1st son of Thomas merchant in Jamaica (4051).

1780 JOHN MALCOLM only son of JAMES merchant in the town of Greenock born in Jamaica (4071).

1782 THOMAS KING 2nd son of Thomas formerly doctor in Jamaica and born there (4176).

1782 GEORGE NISBETT, 2nd son of George of Cairnhill in the parish of Old Monkland in the county of Lanark.

D. in or near Westmoreland, Jamaica, 30 Nov. 1811 (4180).

1783 ALEXANDER CAMPBELL 1st son of Alexander merchant in Jamaica (4312).

1783 JOSEPH CAMPBELL 2nd son of Alexander merchant in Jamaica (4341).

1783 JOHN CAMPBELL 1st son of Archibald (Arms) born in Jamaica (4350).

1784 HUGO SNODGRASS 1st son of Hugo magistrate's clerk in the town of Paisley.

Possibly Hew Snodgrass, Esq. of Morant Bay, who d. at Port Royal, Jamaica, 24 Oct. 1819 (4427).

1785 WILLIAM FERGUSON 1st son of James merchant in Jamaica (4464).

1785 GEORGE JOHNSON 4th son of James former merchant in Jamaica (4516).

1785 WILLIAM KER only son of William merchant in Jamaica (4517).

1785 ROBERT JOHNSON 3rd son of James former merchant in Jamaica (4538).

1786 ALEXANDER CUTHILL 1st son of Adam merchant in Jamaica (4568).

1787 ALEXANDER EDGAR 1st son of Alexander of Martha Brae in Jamaica born in the parish of Hamilton (4706).

1788 JAMES GRAHAM 4th son of Robert Burdon (Arms) of Feddel in County of Perth.

"Captain James Graham, son of Robert Graham Burdon Esq. of Feddal"; d in Jamaica 16 Jan. 1806 (4844).

1789 JOHN ALEXANDER GRAEME 1st son of Alexander (Arms) of Serge in the island of Jamaica (4914).

1790 ROBERT TAIT only son of Robert former merchant , born in Jamaica (5135).

1791 ALEXANDER ERSKINE 2nd son of John (Arms) in Jamaica.

Of Balhall, d. in 1855; brother of 5399; of the Dun family(5165).

1791 ALEXANDER McLARTY 2nd son of Alexander Master of a ship of Greenock and the county of Renfrew.

Possibly "A. Johnston MacLarty (youngest son of Capt. Alex. MacLarty, Greenock)," who d. at Kingston, Jamaica, "of the malignant fever," eight days after his arrival there, 23 June 1794 (5166).

1791 THOMAS MARSHALL 4th son of Robert merchant, born in Glasgow.

Manager of the Frome Estate, Jamaica; d. unmarried 15 July 1802 (5255).

1792 DAVID ERSKINE 2nd son of John (Arms) in Jamaica.

Of the Dun family; brother of 5165(5399).

1793 EDWARD CROASDAILE 3rd son of Richard merchant in Jamaica.

M. D. Edinburgh 1799 (5439).

1793 JAMES DICKSON FISHER only son of James colonist in Jamaica (5456).

1793 JOHN HAMILTON 1st son of John merchant in the city of Glasgow.

D. at Kingston, Jamaica, 4 Nov. 1801, aged 20 (5472).

1793 THOMAS SPENCER 2nd son of John merchant in Jamaica (5504).

1793 JAMES LEWIS son of James (Arms) the town of Spanish Town, Jamaica (5512).

1796 JAMES PEEBLES 1st son of the Reverend William in the Parish of Newton Super Ayr.

M.A. 1801; went to Kingston, Jamaica; d. there 23 June 1822; his father was "Peebles frae the Waterfit" (5768).

1799 JOHN SHORTRIDGE 1st son of William merchant in the city of Glasgow.

Born in 1786; sometime of Jamaica; d. at 68 Gloucester Place, London, 22 Nov. 1878 (6068).

1801 MICHAEL SCOTT 5th son of Allan merchant of Glasgow.

B. at Cowlairs House 30 Oct. 1789; Merchant in (1) Jamaica 1806-1822, (2) Glasgow 1822-35; Author of "Tom Cringle's Log" and "The Cruise of the midge"; d. at Glasgow 7 Nov. 1835 (6282).

1801 ROBERT HAMILTON 4th son of the Right Honorable John, officer of the city of Glasgow.

Merchant in Jamaica; d. at London in 1840; brother of 5472 (6288).

1802 HUGO WALLACE 1st son of Hugo formerly of Biscany in Jamaica, born in Glasgow.

Otherwise Hugh Ritchie Wallace, son of 3428 (6381).

1806 GEORGE CALDER only son of George merchant in Jamaica (7091).

1808 WILLIAM McKEAN 1st son of Alexander merchant in Jamaica.

B. at Paisley 13 Jan. 1787; Unitarian Minister at (1) Alnwick (2) Sunderland, (3) Walsall, (4) Oldbury. Composed the music to the Lament for Captain Patoun by John Gibson Lockhart; d. at Oldbury 28 July 1869. His father was John (not Alexander) McKean, sometime abroad, afterwards Yarn Merchant in Paisley; grandfather of William Muir McKean, Provost of Paisley from 1909 (7581).

1811 JAMES GAVIN 1st son of William merchant in Jamaica (8296).

1811 ALEXANDER RENWICK 1st son of William merchant in Jamaica.

Brother of 10,405. (8353).

1811 WILLIAM CLARK only son of William formerly vicar, born in Jamaica (8383).

1813 JAMES McFADYEN 1st son of John merchant in Glasgow.

B. at Glasgow 3 May 1799; M.D. 1837; Lecturer on Natural History in the Mechanics' Institution, Glasgow, 1822-24; afterwards Physician in and "Island Botanist" of Jamaica; d. there of cholera 24 Nov. 1850. (8853).

1813 JOHN THOMAS 2nd son of George surgeon in Jamaica (8881).

1813 GEORGE BUCHANAN only son of George merchant in Jamaica (8942).

1813 JOHN McCALL only son of John formerly merchant in Jamaica (8955).

1815 ROBERT JOHNSTON 1st son of Andrew Artif. Dunfermline.

Secession Minister at Rosehearty 1828-32, when resigned; d. at Dunlin Castle, Jamaica, in Jan 1853, aged 64 (9430).

1816 ROBERT GRAHAM 10th son of John formerly merchant in Jamaica. (9639).

1816 GEORGE STENNETT 1st son of George merchant of Jamaica.

Otherwise George Radcliffe Stennett, Student of King's College, Aberdeen, 1817-19; M. F. Edin. 1826. (9673).

1817 WALTER FORRESTER only son of Sommerveille merchant in Jamaica (9806).

1817 WILLIAM LECKIE GRAHAM 2nd son of John former merchant in Jamaica.

Possibly William Leckie Graham, merchant in Glasgow, who d. on the island of St. Thomas 16 June 1843 (9812).

1817 WILLIAM MILLER 1st son of John merchant in Jamaica (9817).

1817 JOHN BELL only son of James (Arms) Jamaica (9842).

1819 JOHN RENWICK 2nd son of William merchant in Jamaica.

Possibly John Renwick, Member of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow 1832; Writer there, who d. at 140 George Street, Glasgow, 10 Dec. 1851; brother of 8353 (10,405).

1821 JOHN SEMPLE 2nd son of John merchant in the West Indies from Liverpool (10,774).

1821 JOHN DRYSDALE 1st son of John, West Indies. (10,784).

1821 THOMAS STEVENSON 1st son of Thomas (Arms) in Jamaica (10,899).

1822 RICHARD TUCKER 1st son of William merchant in the West Indies.

Otherwise Richard Thomas Tucker, B.A. Cantab. 1828. (11,036).

1824 JOHN WIGHTON, first son of Alexander, merchant of the West Indies (11,482).

1826 DONALD McLAURIN 1st son of John, Minister of God's word in the county of Lanark.

Surgeon, J.P. of St. Thomas in the Vale, Jamaica; d. on passage from Jamaica to St. Helena, for the benefit of his health, 1842 (11,852).

1826 LAURENCE CRAIGIE 1st son of Laurence merchant of Jamaica.

Otherwise Laurence Williams Craigie (11,991).

1827 ROBERT DEWAR 1st son of Robert merchant in Jamaica (12,192).

1828 WILLIAM REID oldest son of Robert merchant in the county of Renfrew.

B. at Paisley in 1811, Minister of Borgue 1843-66; d. at Huntly, Mandeville, Jamaica, 25 Oct. 1866 (12,270).

1828 EBENEZER J. BROWN 3rd son of Charles merchant in Jamaica.

Ebenezer John Brown, L.F.P.S.G. 1838; M.D. of Marischal Coll., Aberdeen, 1854; sometime Surgeon R.N.; thereafter settled at Edinburgh and Helensburgh; brother of 12,398 (12,341).

1828 PRICE C. BROWN 4th son of Charles merchant in Jamaica.

Price Carfrae Brown, M.D. 1832; d. 1 Nov. 1835; brother of 12,341 (12,398).

1829 ROBERT CHRYSTAL, youngest son of William Archididascal Glasgow.

B. in 1815; of Cormiston Towers, Biggar; sometime Merchant in Jamaica, etc. (12,555).

1830 PLUMMER DEWAR 2nd son of Robert, merchant in Jamaica.

Sometime of Glasgow; d. at Hamilton, Canada West, 4 Nov. 1878, aged 64 (12,653).

1830 JOHN BLYTH, 1st son of John, merchant in Jamaica.

Otherwise John B. Blyth, M. D. Edin. 1839 (12,720).

1831 THOMAS HORLOCK, 2nd son of Thomas, merchant in Jamaica.

Otherwise, T. W. Horlock; M. D. 1837 (12,882).

1833 ALAN KER 1st son of Robert merchant in the county of Renfrew.

B. 7 Dec. 1819; Barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple 1842; Attorney General of Antigua 1851-54; Chief Justice of Nevis 1854-56; Chief Justice of Dominica 1856-61; Puisne Judge of the Supreme 1861-85; d. at Kingston, Jamaica, 20 March 1885; Brother-in-law of Lord Tennyson, poet laureate, whose sister Mary he married on 7 July 1851 (13,155).

1833 JOHN YOUNG 1st son of John Aerarii Cancellarius in Jamaica (13,189).

1834 GEORGE BARRETT 4th son of Edward (Arms) of Sidmouth in the County of Devonshire.

Otherwise G. Goodin Moulton Barrett, b. in 1817; brother of 13,226 (13,222).

1834 CHARLES BARRETT 3rd son of Edward (Arms) of Sidmouth in the County of Devonshire.

Otherwise Charles John Barrettt, brother of 13,222 (13,226).

1834 CHARLES MUNRO 2nd son of William, surgeon, in West Indies (13,302).

1835 DUNCAN CAMPBELL 1st son of Alexander, Minister of God's word in Parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica (13,433).

1835 HUGO MONTGOMERIE oldest son of John, merchant in the West Indies (13,443).

1840 ALEXANDER HOPETON 1st son of David planter in Jamaica.

Otherwise Alexander Waldron Hopeton; Student of Medicine in the University of Glasgow 12842-46 (14,235).

1842 CHARLES J. TAYLOR 4th son of Robert lately merchant in Jamaica.

Charles Johnstone Taylor, B. A. Cantab. 1849; M. A. 1852; Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, 1854; Assistant Professor of Humanity in that College 1859 (14,469).

1843 ROBERT THOMSON 1st son of Robert Thomson, planter in the parish of Urr Gallovidia.

Took theological course in the United Secession Hall; became a catechist in Jamaica (14,541).

1845 THOMAS CAMPBELL 1st son of John formerly merchant in Jamaica.

Otherwise Thomas Fraser Campbell; d. at Ilfracombe in 1870; brother of 15,138; the father's name was Lachlan John Campbell (15,020).

1845 ALEXANDER TAYLOR 5th son of Robert merchant in the West Indies (15.023).

1846 COLIN CAMPBELL 2nd son of Lauchlain John agent in Jamaica.

Sometime of the Union Bank of London; retired and residing at Falmouth in 1904; brother of 15,020 (15,138).

1847 WILLIAM W. BIZZET 2nd son of Alexander planter in Jamaica.

William Weddel Bizzet, Student of Medicine in the University of Glasgow 1848-52; M.D. Edin. 1853 (15,329).

1847 HENRY BLYTH youngest son of John planter in Jamaica (15,342).

1850 JOHN CAMPBELL 1st son of the late Reverend Henry of Jamaica (15,719).

1851 GEORGE ANDERSON 1st son of Peter, cleric in the West Indies (15.995).

1852 ROBERT DEWAR 1st son of Robert merchant in Jamaica.

Student of Botany in the University of Glasgow 1852-53 (16,092).

1853 ROBERT BAIRD 1st son of Robert lawyer in Glasgow.

Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple 1864; Judge of the District of San Antonio [Port Antonio?], Jamaica; d. at Kingston, Jamaica, 11 Oct. 1888 (16,362).

1855 WILLIAM DEWAR 2nd son of Robert merchant in Jamaica (16,573).

* "The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858." W. Innes Addison. James Maclehose and Sons, Glasgow. 1913.

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