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Excerpts from CARIBBEANA , Volume IV



Published in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1796-1799

The oldest magazine known to have been published in Jamaica is " The Columbian Magazine or Monthly Miscellany," the first number of which appeared in June, 1796. It was printed and published by William Smart of Church Street, Kingston. The last number known appeared in June, 1800. The magazine consists of a considerable number of extracts from English publications, local news and local verse. A set, fairly complete, the only copy known to exist, is in the West India Library of the Institute of Jamaica.

From it the following records of Marriages and Deaths are taken. No Births are recorded.


JULY 1798

MARRIED: In Kingston, Charles MacNeal, Esq., to Miss Milborough Gray.

DIED In Kingston, Archibald Galbraith, Esq.; Mr. Alexander Bain; Mrs. O'Brien, widow of the late William O'Brien, Esq., of St. Andrew's; Mrs. Ewbank, wife of William Ewbank Esq., Mr. Joseph Chew; Charles Gordon, Esq., of. the House of Robert Gordon, & Co. of Cadiz; Mr. W. Pierse of St. Andrew's; Mr. John Sutherland, cooper; Capt. Thomas; Mrs. Judeth Tavares; Lieut. Thomas Cates, of the 60th. regiment; Master William Thomas Nicoll, son of Mr. John Nicoll, merchant; Mr. Hugh Ralph; Mr. John Cary; Mrs. Elizabeth Smith; Samuel Rainsford Esq., a gentleman of long tried worth and most extensive mercantile concerns.

In St. Catherine's at Winter's Pen, Mr. Clarke, overseer; Mrs. Rachael Soares, wife of Mr. Jacob Soares.

In Clarendon, Jonathan Ludford Esq., of Cherry Hill.

In St. Mary's, Mr. John Gibbon, nephew of John Gibbon, Esq., of the parish of St. Andrew's.

In St. Ann's, Archibald Campbell, Esq., of Minard.

In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Master David Sharpe, son of Samuel Sharpe, Esq.; Miss Peggy Findlater; Mr. James Galt, son of Capt. John Galt, of the ship "May" of Greenock; Capt. Daniel Brocklebank of the ship "Alfred" of Liverpool.

At Lucea, John Moxham, Esq.

In Trelawny, at Martha Brae, John Nettlefold, Esq., planter; at Florence Hall estate, Lieut. Ledwell of the York Hussars; on board the "Brunswick" at Falmouth, Mr. William Morley; and in the "Elizabeth" being Chief mate of that vessel, Mr. Robert Graham; at Falmouth, Mr. Hulse, watchmaker; Mr. James Telfer, only son of Patrick Telfer, Esq.; Capt. Henry Potts of the ship "Emerald" of Liverpool.

In St. Elizabeth's, Samuel Alexander, Esq.

In St. David's, at Eccleston, Mr. William Grierson Clark, planter.

In Port Royal Mountains, Mr. Francis Scott.

In America, at New York, Mrs. Gordon, wife of John Gordon, Esq., of St. Ann's.

In England, Sir Philip Houghton Clark, Baronet, of this island.


MARRIED: In Spanish Town, Mr. Clarke to Mrs. Rieussot of Port Royal Mountains.

In Trelawny at Salt Marsh, John Taylor, Esq., of Falmouth, to Miss Scarlett, daughter of William Scarlett, Esq.; in Falmouth, Mr. Lazarus Solomon to Miss R. G. Silva, jun.

In St. James's, at John's Hall, Mr. Samuel M. Lewis to Mrs. Ann Rusea Goodin.

DIED In Kingston, John Mais, Esq.; Mr. Joseph Letellier; Mr. John Cary; Mrs. Elizabeth Smith; Mr. Mordecai Chaves; Mr. William Miller, watchmaker; Dr. Charles Claxton; Mr. Matthew Morris; Mr. Joseph Hogg; Mr. Patrick McInnany; Mrs. Mary Eliza Marston, wife of N. Marston, Esq. ; Dr. Andrew Toss; Mr. Charles Leighton, printer; Master James Tuitt ; Mr. John Graham, second mate of the ship "Parr," lately blown upon the coast of Africa; Mrs. Judith Depass; Mr. William Young; Mr. James Richardson, printer; Lieut. Thomas Shaw of the 17th regt.

At Port Royal, Mrs. Yates, an old and respectable inhabitant.

In Spanish Town, Capt. Wemys of the 63rd Regiment; Mr. Cavello; Mr. Ambrose Folliot; William Aitcheson, Esq.; Mr. Andrew Esplin, taylor; Mr. James Dunckley; Master James Sanbury.

In St. George's, Mr. Peter Skimmings; Mr. Peter Churnside.

In St. Ann's, at Mount Olive, Mrs. Mary Parsons, wife of William James Parsons, Esq.

In St. James's, at Hazelymph, Col. James Lawrence; at Montego Bay, Mr. Simeon Shepherd, mason; Mr. Robert Donaldson; Mrs. Bryan, and on the following day her daughter, Miss Bryan, aged 15; at Rosemount, Alexander Stephen Findlater, Esq.

In Hanover, Dr. James Patterson.

In St. David's, Richard Croasdale, Esq., an old inhabitant.

In Trelawny, at the Back Grounds, Mr. Peter Scarlett; at Greenfield estate, Miss Mary Scarlett, daughter of James Scarlett, Esq., of Peru; at Falmouth, Mr. Thomas Harris.

In St. Mary's, at Tremolesworth, Thomas Ballard Godfrey Shreyer, Esq.

At the Bay of Honduras, Capt. Andrew Ross of His Majesty's 6th West Indian regt.

In St. Domingo, Mr. Robert Hunter, late of Kingston.

At Bristol (England), Mrs. Rebecca Bernard, wife of Charles Bernard, Esq.

In St. Elizabeth, Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper.

At Lucea, Mr. William Dinham, brother of Mr. John C. Dinham.

. . . . Bluefield estate, Mr. John Stewart, overseer . . . . . ate Mr. James Black, ditto. At Friend ....


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Joseph Fry to Miss Anne Felsted; Ensign John Thomas Gustavus Harris, Esq., of the 6th West India Regiment, to Miss Martha Frances Bees; Francis Elrington, Esq., Major of the 6th West India regt., to Miss Sophia Matilda Josselyn; at Kensington, Lieut. Joseph Richardson, of the 83d regt., to Miss Susanna Dunbar, youngest daughter of the late John Lawrence Dunbar, Esq.

In St James's Lieut. Col. William Godley, of the 83rd. regt., to Miss Catherine Ricard, eldest daughter of the Rev. Francis Ricard, Rector of that parish; Dr. James McClelland, of Falmouth, in Trelawny, to Mrs. McLellan, widow of James McLellan, Esq., of Aurora in Hanover.

In Vere James Wright, Esq., to Miss Redwar, youngest daughter of the late Henry Redwar, Esq.

DIED In Kingston, Dr. William Dean; Mr. James Kay, tailor; Mr. Aaron Barnett; John Atkinson, Esq., of the House of Atkinson, Mure, Bogle & Co.; Mr. William Birbeck; Mrs. Margaret Hill, wife of Mr. Stephen Hill, merchant; Mrs. Cohen of the Hebrew nation; Mr. John Drummond; Mrs. Sarah Manby; Mr. William Beattie; Mr. James Black; Mr. John Orr; Mr. William Brook.

In St. Andrew's, Mr. Christopher Wade.

In Spanish Town, Mr. John Courtnay Coveney of St. Ann's; near that town, Mrs. Anna Maria Mytin, wife of Thomas John Mytin, Esq., of St. Dorothy's; at his pen, near Passage Fort, Francis Smart, Esq.

In St. Thomas-in-the-Vale, Mr. William Thompson.

In Clarendon, Mrs. Howell, widow of Thomas Howell, Esq.

At Old Harbour, Dr. John Mickle.

In St. Elizabeth's, Robert Benstead Wright, Esq.

In Trelawny, at Falmouth, Mr. John Hanlon and Mr. Henry Douglas; at Pantry Pant estate, Mr. Robert Gosman, carpenter; at Martha Brae, Mr. Thomas Charles, coppersmith.

In St James's, at Montego Bay, Mrs. Smith, wife of Lieutenant Smith of 83d regt.; Mrs. Flora Zeny, widow of Capt. Zeny, leaving a destitute family of seven orphan children; at Smallfield, Mr. James Wauchope.


MARRIED: In Kingston, the French Esquire, de Lassie, to Madame de Castro; and the French Planter, Seecard [Sicard], to Madame Miailles; Mr. John Barker to Mrs. Aitcheson, widow of the late Capt. Aitcheson.

In Great Britain, at Woodford in Essex, Job Matthew Raikes, Esq., of Bishopsgate, to Miss Charlotte Sophia Bayly, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Bayly, Esq., late of this island.

DIED In Kingston, Mrs. Ann Best; Thomas Holcombe, Esq.; Mr. Patrick McColl; Mr. John Watson; Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Moore, wife, and Master Jasper Moore, son of Daniel Moore, Esq., Attorney at Law; Mr. Thomas Dawson; Capt. John Batton; Miss E. C. Barry; Alexander McNeil Esq., of the parish of St. George; Mr. Joseph Wild; Miss Elizabeth Maxwell; Miss Maria Fowles; Mrs. A. L. Gribble ; Nathaniel Bayly, Esq., of the parish of St. Mary, in his 73rd year; Mr. David Sanches; Mr. Abraham Mendes Cunha.

In Liguanea, Hon. James Cockburn, Esq., Custos of St. Andrew's.

In St. David's, Mr. Patrick Smith.

In Port Royal Mountains, at Cool Shade, Mrs. Margaret Davis.

In St. Mary's, Dr. James P. Tulloch.

In Clarendon, at Hickley estate, Miss Mary Green.

In St. James's, at his Pen, Clanicard, James Schaw, Esq.

In Trelawny, at Falmouth, Mr. Thomas Crooks, only son of Mr. James Crooks..

In Westmoreland, William Henry Ricketts, Esq.

At Honduras, Mr. Edward Freeman, Lieutenant in the 6th West India Regt.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Capt. Willoughby to Miss Harriet Yates.

DIED In Kingston, Lieut. Lewis Mersgill of the Dragoons; Lieut. Henry Brown of the 17th regt. of foot; Mrs. Priscilla Addington; Mr. Philip Addington; Capt. Williamson; Mr. Charles Sutherland; Mrs. Elizabeth Higginson; Mr. Hugh McDonald; Mr. Hinson Harvey; Mr. John Duesbury; Mrs. Edith Townsend Lodge; Mrs. Abigail Heath; Mr. G. Parker Walker, surgeon to the "Penelope" packet; Capt. Luke Burn; Hon. James Irving, Esq., Member of Assembly for Trelawny.

In St. Andrew's, at Halfway Tree, Master Charles Robinson Dean, infant son, and three days after the wife of Thomas Dean, Esq.; at Mountain Spring, Mr. Henry Kerby, lately arrived from London; at Prospect Hill, Mrs. Mary Reid, wife of Mr. John Reid, overseer of that property, a worthy woman and affectionate mother.

In St. Thomas-in-the-Vale, at Dove Hall, Mr. John Sadler.

At St. Ann's Bay, Mr. Henry Newby.

In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Mr. James Rankin, merchant; at Cinnamon Hill estate, Edward Barrett, Esq.

In St. Elizabeth's, Mr. Francis Robertson, surveyor.

In Westmorland, Dr. John Cunningham; at Bluefields, Mr. Thomas Harper, merchant, of Montego Bay.

In Trelawny, at Duncan's, Mrs. Mary Mayne Gillespie, wife of Urquhart Gillespie, Esq.; at Weston Favel, Thomas Harding, Esq.; Mr. John Haughton Leigh; at Martha Brae, Dr. Alexander Henderson ; at Falmouth, Mr. John B. Slusing; Mr. Andrew White ; Mr. Thomas Jones, attached to the 83d regt.; in Falmouth, Mrs. Elizabeth Olive Reid, daughter of G. Haughton Reid, Esq.

In Kingston, after an illness of three days, Master Jacob Henriques in his 19th year: a youth of the most promising expectations, whose company was courted by old and young, by the severe and gay. His morals were pure, his manners engaging, his friendship sincere, his piety unaffected, and his duty to his parents unparalleled. His remains were attended by a most numerous company of friends; the tears which gushed plentifully from every eye watering the mournful bier, while the dejected countenances of all portrayed the inward anguish of their souls. Alas! How rare such budding excellence to find,/ A heart so tender, and so sound a mind.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. McKenzie White to Miss Rebecca Allin; Mr. William Rand. Warden to Miss Sarah Thon.

In Spanish Town, Mr. W. H. Parker to Miss Sarah [Brown], daughter of the late. J. F. Brown, Esq.

DIED In Kingston, Peter Despuit, Edw; the Hon. Lieuger Montgomery of the "Legere"; Master Alexander Henry, son of A. Henry, Esq., merchant; Mr. John Kelly; and Mr. Moses Iallo, a most industrious and discreet young man, of a mortification occasioned by being run over by kitterines, driven furiously through the parade by some bloods; Mr. Thomas Tiffin; Mr. John Marr; Miss Margaret Brown.

In Spanish Town, Mr. Joseph, Jervis; John Blake, Esq.

At Old Harbour, the Rev. Mr. Clark, Rector of St. John's; Capt. William Paxton of the brig "Notus".

In Vere, the Rev. Mr. Crigan, Rector of Hanover.

At Morant Bay, James Renny, Esq.

In St. Ann's, at Bank's estate, Mr. W. T. Carpenter.

In St. Johns, Mrs. Ormond; Master Alexander Tulloch, son of Samuel Tulloch, Esq.

In St. James's, at York estate, Mr. Peter Walker, carpenter; Mr. Edward Hawkins, overseer on Childermass estate; at Stapleton, Mr. Christopher Burmingham, planter.

In Trelawny, at the Rock, Mr. Andrew Dalrymple, carpenter; at Falmouth, Mr. Daniel Murray, blacksmith.

At New York, Mr. Thomas Babb of Montego Bay; the Rev. Mr. Burgess, Rector of St. Mary's in this island.

In Glasgow, soon after his arrival from this island, John Spence Munroe, Esq., late of Passage Fort.

At Twickenham, in England, Mrs. McKenzie, Widow of George Mackenzie, Esq., of Clarendon.


MARRIED: In Kingston, W. J. James, Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Elizabeth West; William Bryan, Esq., of St. Thomas-in-the-East, to Miss Arabella Williamson Cosens of St. Mary's; Charles James Sims Esq. to Miss Frances Cockburn.

In Spanish Town, Dr. Kublan, of the 60th Regt., to Mrs. Ann Neander; Mr. John Bean, coachmaker, to Miss Ann Townsley.

In Trelawny, at Falmouth, Mr. Frederick Vanzee of Martha Brae to Miss Kent.

In London, Abraham Bravo, Esq., formerly of the House of Henriques & Bravo, Spanish Town, to Miss Aguilar, daughter of the late Abraham Aguilar, Esq., once an eminent merchant in this town. Miss Aguilar's fortune stands in the first class of mercantile heiresses; her family expectations are also considerable.

DIED:In Kingston, Mr. Moses Riz; Capt. Benjamin Robinson; Mr. Thomas Powell; Mr. James Rowen; Mr. Archibald Thomson lately from America; Capt. Richard Lane of his Majesty's ship "Acasto "; Mr. John Hall Lewis.

In Liguanea, Charles Cussans Thomson, Esq.

In Above Rocks, at the Farm Mountain, Mr. John Mackentire.

At Bog Walk, Mrs. Pike.

In St. Catherine's, at Spanish Town, Mr. James Valentine., and at her penn in the neighbourhood, Mrs. Ann Kelly, both in very advanced ages.

In St. Andrew's, Dr. Neil McLean, a young gentleman who promised to be an ornament to his profession and to the community; possessing, a mind susceptible of the clearest and quickest impressions, a disposition prone to study, and a heart replete with the kindliest affections and most scrupulous integrity.

In St. Thomas-in-the-East, Mr. Hugh Falconer; Mr. James Begbie.

In Westmoreland, William Haldane, Esq.; at Southfield, Mr. W. Morrison.

At Rio Bueno, Mr. Samuel Bacon, merchant.

At Flint River, Mr. James Allen.

In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Mr. David Gillatly, carpenter.

In Hanover, at Belvidere, Mr. John Hill.

In Trelawny, at Cedar Spring, Nicholas Rosewass Esq., aged 73 years, 55 of which he spent in this island; at Colchis estate, Mr. Barker; at Falmouth, Mr. I. Pearce, cooper; at Running Gut, Mr. Claver Taylor.

In England, Dr. Alexander Forbes, late of St. Thomas in the Vale in this island; at Avesbury House, Wilts, on the 21st of October last, Sir Adam Williamson, K.B., formerly Lieut. Governor of this island.

MARCH, 1799

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. John Coram to Miss Eliza Stanley; William Griffiths, Esq., to Miss Catherine Morse of Liguanea.

In St. Catherine's, at Lime Tree Garden Penn, Robert Reid, Esq., to Miss Jane Harriet Hill, daughter of Mr. J. Hill ; Mr. Joseph Mundall to Miss E. Gregory.

In St. Andrew's, at Whitehall Penn, Jacob Stamp, Esq., of St. George's, to Miss Mary Leigh, second daughter of Thomas Leigh, Esq.

In Clarendon, William Hewitt, Esq., to Miss Ann McKenzie, daughter of the Hon. George McKenzie, Esq.

In St. Thomas in the Vale, John, D. Smith, Esq., to Miss M. Page, daughter of Robert Page, Esq., of that parish.

In Great Britain, at Bargeny, the Hon. Hugh Lindsay, son of the late Earl of Balcarres to Miss J. Gordon, daughter of the late Hon. Alexander Gordon, Lord Rockville.

DIED In Kingston, John Graham, Esq., merchant, after a residence of upwards of fifty years in this island; Mr. John Davidson; Mrs. J. C. Savage, wife of William Savage, Esq.; Mr. James Dickson; Mr. Thomas Young, senior; Mr. Donald Grey; Mr. Thomas Goodman; Miss Ann Thompson; Alexander Johnson, Esq.; Mr. -- Lewis; Mrs. Jane Fenton; Mrs. Amey Grantham.

In Spanish Town, Miss Mary Wotton; Miss Elizabeth Norwig; Mrs. Harris, wife of Dr. John Harris; William Burrowes, Esq., late Deputy-Marshal for St. Catherine.

In St. Thomas in the Vale, Mr. Edward House.

In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Mr. George Morrison ; Mrs. Alves, wife of Thomas Alves, Esq.; Mr. William Hair.

At Honduras, James Gordon, Esq.

In London, on the 6th January, Miss Hitchman, daughter of the late John Hitchman, Esq., of this island.

APRIL 1799

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Aaron Nunes Rebeiro to Miss Judith Mendez; Mr. Hymen Phillips to Miss K. Judah.

In Spanish Town, Mr. Daniel Hanchard to Miss Johanna Courtney Bonner.

At Falmouth, Mr. Edward Fleming, planter, to Miss Cotter, daughter of Mr. Sylvester Cotter, tavern-keeper; Mr. Nathaniel Hine, jun. to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Graves, daughter of John Graves, Esq.

At Martha Brae, Mr. Martin Baker, of the parish of Portland, to Miss Buchan, lately arrived from Leith in the "Rosetta."

DIED In Kingston, Mr. C. G. F. Stephens, of his Majesty's Custom-House, lately from Europe; Mr. John Thurston, sail-maker, an old and worthy inhabitant; the Rev. James Richardson, one of the Methodist Missionaries to this island; William Pink, Esq.; Mr. Judah Sequira; Mr. Moses Nunes Rebeiro; Joseph Busby, Esq., lately from St. Domingo; Mr. William Bender ; Mr. Joseph,

Milburn; Mr. Thomas Gillespie and Mr. Joseph Preston, both on the eve of their departure in the May fleet.

In Spanish Town, few days ago, at the very advanced age of 112, Mrs. Esther Torres of the Hebrew nation. Till within three months of her death she used to work at her needle, and never was known to take a dose of physic, and retained every faulty to the last moment of her life.

In St. Thomas in the East, at Mullet Hall estate, Mr. James Fergusson.

In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Mr. George Nelson.

In Trelawny, at the Rock, Mr. John Sterret, cooper.

In St. Elizabeth's, Michael Heath, Esq.

At Edinburgh, in January last, David Findlayson, late of Savanna la Mar, and Member of Assembly for Westmoreland.

MAY 1799

MARRIED: In Kingston, Robert Thomson, Esq., to Miss Mary Gleeson; Alexander Ector, Esq., to Mrs. Freeman, relict of Edward Freeman, Esq.

In St. Andrew's, Mr. Watkins to Mrs. Armstrong, relict of the late John Armstrong, Esq.

In St. David's, John James Barry, Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Sarah Lewelling.

At Falmouth, Mr. Thomas Cooper, Carpenter, to Miss Elder.

DIED In Kingston, Piers Smith, Esq., of St. Andrew, a most respectable and truly benevolent character; Master John Weld, son, and on the 6th day after, Mrs. Mary Weld, wife of Mr. Ezra Weld, printer, late from Boston; Mr. John Baveridge; Mr. Angus McLarty, late from Europe ; Mr. William Paget; Mrs. S. Bankes ; Mr. Peter Smith; Mrs. Mary Casey; Mr. John Johnson; Mr. Moses Mendes; Mr. M. McKay; Mr. Horace Burton; Mr. John Todd; Mrs., Elizabeth Bonner, a woman of colour, aged 111 years; Mr. Nicholas Smith, an old inhabitant and worthy man; Lieut. John Forbes of His Majesty's 40th regiment of foot; Mrs. Laing, lately from America, wife of Dr. Laing of Bermuda.

In Liguanea, Mr. John Howgate; Robert Law, Esq., at the age of 75 years.

In Spanish Town, Mrs. Sarah Lewis; Thomas Peppard, Esq., barrister.

In St. Ann's, at Green Pond pen, John Smart, Esq., of Spanish Town, millwright.

In Clarendon, the Hon. Wheeler Fearon, Esq., Custos of that parish; Mr. John McLean, for many years wharfinger at Salt River, deemed (sic) by all who knew him for integrity, industry, and that openness of disposition which indicates sociality, friendship and benevolence to dwell within. And such it were, in truth! The name of John McLean will not soon be forgotten in the neighbourhood of Salt River. Poor John!

In St. Mary's, Mr. James Davidson, millwright.

In St. James's Mr. John McNaughton .

In Westmoreland, at Spring Garden, W. Fyffe, Esq.; at Paradise Mr. Smith.

In Trelawny, at Duncan's, Richard Smart Fisher, Esq.; at Martha Brae, Mr. Patrick Neven; at Wiltshire, W. Wilton, Esq., Nightingale Grove.

JUNE 1799

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. W. Strachan to Miss Sarah E. Walny; Mr.Joseph Emanuel to Miss Rebecca DePass; Mr. Benjamin Alves to Mrs. S. Mendes Cunha, relict of the late Dr. Cunha; Mr. Amos Cremen to Miss Judith Coates.

DIED In Kingston, Mr. Wainwright; Mr. James Bligh; Mrs. Martha Warner; Capt. Richard Miller; Mr. Henry Newton; Mrs. Sarah Pass; Mr. William Jones, schoolmaster; Mr. William Stewart; Hon. Andrew Deans, Esq.; Mr. Francis Osborne, lately from England; Mr. William Giles; Mrs. Mary Dawson, wife of John Dawson, comptroller; Mr. John Wood lately from Great Britain; Mr. Halstead; Thomas Paxton, Esq.

In Spanish Town, John Tinniswood, Esq., Paymaster to the 20th Dragoons; Lieut. Col. Arbuthnot of the 67th regt.

In St. Mary's, at Palmetto Grove, Donald Campbell, Speaker of the Assembly, etc.

In St. Ann's, John Baillie, Esq.

At Port Antonio, Capt. James Veitch of Fort George.

At Red Hazel, Mrs. Church.

In Trelawney, at Falmouth, Mr. George Ward, saddler.

In Westmoreland, at the Paradise, John Wedderburn, Esq.; at Amity, Mr. G. Barnes.

In St. Elizabeth, Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper.

At Lucea, Mr. William Dinham, brother of Mr. John C. Dinham.

. . . . Bluefield estate, Mr. John Stewart, overseer . . . . . ate Mr. James Black, ditto. At Friend ....

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