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[Add. MS. 21,931, British Museum.]




[By modern dating, this would be 1669. In the old calendar the new year started on March 25]

Anno 1666

June 7 John Willson and Ann Zeale

June 10 Edward Woodin and Grace Tumbler

July 5 Richard Spicer and Anne Hopkins

July 8 Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Hall

Aug. 5 Richard Flenrick and Alce Claydon

Sept. 13 James Thomson and Mary Zeale

Oct. 4 Silas Crouch and Joan Jesse

Nov. 30 Richard Fielder and Eleanore Shullevant

Dec. 17 William Parker and Jane Biarom

Mar. 24 Thomas Joyce and Elizabeth Parrum [By modern dating, this would be 1667. In the old calendar the new year started on March 25]

ANNO 1667

May 20 Thomas Edmunds and Sarah Holder

June 2 Thomas Poel and Mary Moody

June 21 John Standly and Alce Turner

July 14 Francis Standly and Sarah Ellis

Aug. 9 Robert German and Elizabeth Sharrom

Sept. 8 John Francum and Elizabeth Boin

Nov. 11 John Pitts and Christian Thomas

Nov. 18 George Whottle and Mary Mackarta

Dec. 29 Ansell Coaly and Margery Barnes

Jan. 1 Richard Guest and Mary Onion

Feb. 9 Joseph Castell and Elizabeth Boam

Feb. 28 Peter Turpin and Elizabeth Lather

Mar. 20 William Tanton and Hester Smith

Mar. 24 Thomas Tod and Anne Johnson


April 3 Stephen Massey and Allagon Tarragon

April 12 Thomas Tichbury and Isabell Bacchus

April 30 Henry Fenwick and Ann Huddleston

May 7 Robert Bullin and Catharine Green

May 19 Hugh Weeks and Anne Lemon

May 21 William Mathews and Rebeckah Nicholson

May 31 Thomas Crosshall and Mary Mackween

July 12 Nicholas Deport and Mary Webster

May 14 Colonel Henry Archbould and Amy Tom

Aug. 19 Nichola Deroche and Elizabeth Woodin

Sept. 17 John Eakins and Grace Collins

Dec. 22 Ralph Jackson and Edith Squire

Dec. 31 Charles Hudson and Margaret Wood

Jan. 10 William Terrell and Mary Turin

Jan. 19 Gregory Hubbert and Catharine Bullen

Jan. 29 Robert Partridge and Martha Penlerick

Feb. 14 Edward Parker and Elizabeth Raines

Feb. 21 Laughland Smith and Abigael Denne

Mar. 3 Morrice Shehan and Catharine Alboth

Mar. 14 John Throwles and Elizabeth Green

ANNO 1669

May 7 Drew Blunt and Elizabeth Condy

May 16 John Damery and Elizabeth Garnet

May 23 Edward Goff and Elizabeth Freeman

May 27 Thomas Tod and Magdalene Boone

May 27 William Tanton and Mary Thomas

May 27 Sampson Hales and Alice Boone

May 30 Thurlo Offenolo and Catharine North

July 8 Robert Sables and Mary Pearce

July 14 Richard Teague and Elizabeth Roach

Aug. 8 Dearman Oduly and Dorcas Guy

Aug. 8 William Morrel and Joane Dean

Sept. 23 John Williams and Catharine Aldworth

Sept. 28 Philip Butterel and Mary Glover

Oct. 2 William Nellson and Elizabeth Dalbooth

Oct. 2 Philip Thomas and Rebeckah.Francum

Oct. 21 George Dayley and Ann Long

Nov. 8 Peter Jordan and Mary Paul

Nov. 18 Henry Hitching and Mary Fitzgarret

Nov. 18 William Jeffs and Catharine Shepherd

Dec. 16 William Sparkes and Mary Foxwell

Dec. 26 William Silver and Mary Bliss

Mar. 13 John Priest and Deborah Andrews

ANNO 1670

Mar. 27 Lancelot Mathews and Margaret Eldridge

June 9 Bryan Mullins and Catharine Cahan

Oct. 13 Richard Husband and Elizabeth Grimes

Oct. 27 Robert Smith and Susannah Amp

Dec. 26 Nicholas Maverley and Suzanah Ulfe

Dec. 26 John Hedges and Anne Watts

Dec. 31 John Claydon and Mary Sparks

Jan. 29 John Morry and Mary Rundall

29 John Galvin and Joane Goddin

Mar. 5 Henry Davis and Hester White

ANNO 1671

April 7 Major Samuel Barrey and Anne Collisson

May 14 Walter Miller and Mary Joanes

May 16 John Miles and Elizabeth Patten

June 1 John Hays and Mary Newby

June 16 Anthony Woodas and Margaret Nevel

July 6 Robert Norris and Sarah Stephens

Aug. 24 Alexander Shavan and Elizabeth Jordain

Oct. 18 John George and Elizabeth Damery

Dec. 7 David Crossby and Suzanah Thomas

Jan. 24 Christopher Castle and Frances Hamat

Jan. 31 John Cape and Elizabeth Nooman

Feb. 13 John Archer and Anne Hillgrove

Feb. 25 Richard Harris and Jane Sawyer

Feb. 29 Godfrey Hartley and Mary Nasher

Mar. 4 Robert Moody and Margaret Sharp

ANNO 1672

April 9 James Zeller (Rector) and Anne Struys

Sept. 1 John Martin and Mary Robinson

Sept. 21 Robert Williams and Mary Dondel

Nov. 10 Andrew Johnson and Grace Bridging

Nov. 21 John Barnaby and Anne Hope

Dec. 31 John Edwards and Anne Barra

Jan. 1 John Eakins and Elizabeth Alexander

Jan. 30 Charles Delacree and Rebeckah Thome

Mar. 3 David Tonghey and Margaret Patterson

Mar. 5 Thomas Edmonds and Mary Joanes

Mar. 14 William Bower and Mary Tanton

ANNO 1673

April 2 Thomas Thornwell and Elizabeth Haw

April 3 Edward Robinson and Mary Alldworth

April 24 Francis Garland and Margaret Bentley

April 24 Henry Slaughter and Eleonore Clarke

April 24 Robert Amp and Tomison Middleton

April 24 John Massonet and Elizabeth Hope

April 24 John Pipe and Eleonore Padery

April 24 Oswell Saw and Mary Joanes

April 24 Andrew Brand and Affliction Joanes

April 24 Nathaniel Guy and Dorothy Wood

June 3 Edward Barra and Grace Tayler

June 5 Thomas Vaughan and Elizabeth Bowless

Sept. 30 John Grant and Martha Winter

Oct. 7 John Jarret and Margaret Bird

Oct. 21 Robert Groves and Elizabeth Smith

Nov. 8 John Ranger and Elizabeth Stewtly

Nov. 24 Captain Lawrence Prince and Suzanah Hermonson

Nov. 25 Thomas Murfy and Mary Morgan

Nov. 25 James Sill and Grace King

Dec. 3 Richard Fitzcharrel and Mary Coffin

Dec. 20 Giles Nelms and Anne Withers

Jan. 1 William Smith and Precilla Barker

Feb. 4 John Boughey and Elizabeth Birt Senior

Feb. 23 William Cane and Mary Hopkins

Feb. 28 Andrew Stephens and Mary Allen

Mar. 12 James Hooker and Mary Mays

Mar. 12 Gilbert Gravet and Jane Parker

Mar. 17 Henry Dakins and Elizabeth Mackrachum

ANNO 1674

Mar. 29 Robert Morris and Eleonore Carter

April 9 William Barker and Anne Bowles

April 9 Ralph Emerson and Margaret Weston

April 9 Philip Griffith and Catharine Carter

April 23 William Carvis and Mary Fisher

May 12 Mathew Savory and Sivill Hunt

May 12 Thomas Hunt and Anne Allen

June 6 Lewis Fernee and Elizabeth Davis

June 28 William Glasbowl and Elizabeth Edwards

June 29 Michael Devinall and Mary Lovell

July 9 William Green and Francis Flood

July 18 John Batteram and Jane Thomas

July 24 Henry Goare and Elizabeth Greenoway

Aug. 14 William Gray and Suzanah Tayler

Oct. 11 Henry Williams and Elizabeth Green

Oct. 25 John Waters and Ann Beecroft

Nov. 5 Henry Howard and Elizabeth Cockery

Nov. 27 Tobias Norman and Margaret Wellman

Dec. 10 Robert Lee and Susannah Race

Dec. 26 Samuel Guess and Jane Main

Dec. 26 George Saxon and Joane Bullen

Dec. 26 John Brown and Catharine Bishop

Feb. 9 Alexander Keith and Jane Race

Mar. 21 Josias Jones and Margaret Williams

ANNO 1675

April 4 William Carel and Suzanah Bullen

April 7 Thomas Jones and Anne Ross

April 25 Captain Edmond Delacree and Elizabeth Warrington

April 25 Walter Reeves and Elizabeth Declosel

April 30 John Hane and Sarah Cotton

May 20 Owen Connoway and Eleonore Fielder

May 23 John Lago* and Dorothy Hunter (*?Jago.)

May 30 Benoist Charles and Uanah (an Indian Woman)

June 27 Edward Slaughter and Anne Bacchus

June 27 Edward Lamb and Elizabeth Cook

June 29 Robert Jackson and Rebeckah Willson

July 6 Richard Walton and Elizabeth Knight

July 13 John Hadman and Anne Jackson

July 20 David Gormand and Margaret Spence

July 25 Timothy Dowley and Bridget Eaton

July 25 Ralph king and Mary Koape

Aug. 10 Joseph Halton and Martha Bold

Aug. 26 Alphonse Marlo and Joane Thorne

Sept. 10 Isaac Newton and Anne Waller

Sept. 11 Barnhard Hilliard and Elizabeth Pope

Oct. 1 George Nichols and Jeane Mansfield

Oct. 14 Thomas Davis and Mary Porter

Oct. 16 Richard Sims and Elizabeth Walker

Dec. 10 James Lobely and Mary Wheatly

Jan. 2 John Baxter and Anne Depree

Jan. 6 Robert Minson and Suzannah Holdup

Jan. 15 Andrew Stephens and Elizabeth Robinson

Jan. 18 John Potter and Elizabeth Coale

Jan. 27 Henry Harris and Margaret Joanes

Jan. 30 Timothy Hunter and Anne Boncey

Feb. 13 Daniel Onion and Tomison Squier

Feb. 22 Robert Bull and Rosemond Clark

Mar. 12 George Rickets and Jane Steward

Mar. 12 James Boyd and Ann Rixam

Mar. 19 George Pyke and Elizabeth Williams

ANNO 1676

April 12 Samuel Kemer and Margaret Burroughs

April 23 William Wyatt and Abigail Brierby

May 14 John Willson and Alice Burk

June 13 Thomas Allkorne and Jane Boncey

July 5 John Lobb and Elizabeth Man

July 5 Noah Tanner and Deborah Taylor

Aug. 4 John Driver and Elizabeth Fibo

Sept. 21 Richard Savage and Mary Thurstone

Oct. 6 John Gosney and Eleonore Lyon

Oct. 12 Aaron Race and Catharine Boone

Oct. 30 Mathew Mackweight and Mary Sims

Nov. 9 Thomas Zeale and Anne Carter

Nov. 23 Jacob Hardin and Anne Heath

Nov. 25 John Throgmorton and Elizabeth Smith

Dec. 30 Ralph Lavender and Prudence Clarke

Feb. 5 William Tomkins and Mary Joanes

Feb. 12 Thomas Fulker and Mary Edmons

Feb. 25 John East and Martha Doughey

Feb. 26 Edward Lusper and Elizabeth Jennings

Mar. 12 Francis Boney and Elizabeth March

ANNO 1677

April 11 Thomas Joanes and Elizabeth Grudgeworthy

April 11 Thomas Penlerick and Margaret Jarret

April 24 Mackum Macklouts and Joane Newjan

May 1 Philip Gillhamton and Elizabeth Hamilton

May 22 Thomas Earle and Mary Cooper

May 27 Robert Joanes and Mary Flinn

June 3 Joseph Fuller and Mary Rogers

June 4 James Biggins and Anne Portingall

Aug. 20 Joseph Fips and Anne Rider

Sept. 4 Edward Lepper and Mary Titchfield

Sept. 9 William Truxton and Temperance Reeves

Oct. 10 Robert Faithfull and Eleonore Morgan

Nov. 22 Henry Hitchen and Mary Thorne

Dec. 1 John Smith and Winnifred Murrow

Dec. 31 Alexander Parke and Magdalene Devivere

Jan. 10 Peter Robinson and Mary Yates

Jan. 28 Paul Oxden and Ann Hudson

Feb. 4 John Stanly and Hester Thomson

Feb. 21 John Daniel and Bridget Gibson

Feb. 24 Thomas Tipton and Lucea Clarke

Mar. 6 Robert Lacie and Catharine Price

Mar. 9 Edward Moare and Catharine Leech

ANNO 1678

Mar. 25 Michael Devinall and Margaret Burditt

April 8 Thomas Hamly and Frances Eldridge

April 16 Marke Cook and Elizabeth Goswell

April 26 William Blanchard and Mary Winikly

May 21 John Starr and Frances Coates

June 2 Robeits Gomersall and Suzanah Williams

June 6 William Thorne and Alice Taylor

June 15 William Whaley and Charity Smith

July 2 John Winterflood and Margaret Morgan

July 4 William Elder and Mary Simpson

July 13 William Mathews and Rebeckah Thomas

Aug. 8 William Roche and Joice Brothers

Aug. 11 Richard Grace and Mary Smith

Aug. 23 James Galloway and Mary Joanes

Sept. 12 Mark Price and Sarah Hazelwood

Oct. 17 Teague Sullevant and Elizabeth Tutterel

Oct. 24 John Price and Isabell Mills

Nov. 1 William Atkinson and Joane Taxell

Nov. 5 Thomas Clarke and Hannah Davis

Nov. 5 William Axtell and Sarah Pyott

Dec. 19 John Biggs and Sarah Deane

Dec. 26 Henry Ealy and Joane Sexton

Jan. 9 John Throgmorton and Derneris Burkly

16 Henry Bohun and Grace Butterfield

Feb. 20 John Kettle and Sarah Johnson

ANNO 1679

April 3 John Headman and Elizabeth Griffith

April 24 John Cassel and Bellinda Coffins

April 28 Mackum Macklouts and Anne Beateford

April 29 Edward Bray and Hannah Bowden

April 29 David Powel and Anne Rose

April 29 John Roe and Mary Robinson

May 4 Leonard Fuzer and Elizabeth Nutt

May 11 Dennis Field and Elizabeth Coffin

May 13 Thomas Wigwall and Mary Hillgrove

June 10 Edward Cotton and Elizabeth White

June 26 Edward Hudson and Elizabeth Cape

July 3 Mathew Powel and Elizabeth Hansley

July 12 Henry Newton and Mary Taylor

Aug. 9 Roger Grizel and Joane Daw

Aug. 10 David Mohoane and Honor Cartee

Aug. 26 William Drew and Elizabeth Roe

Aug. 28 Robert Faithful and Agnes Caughaun

Sept. 9 John Sims and Isabella Knights

Sept. 11 John Axwell and Joice Tayler

Sept. 22 Charles Trenchant and Anne Kelly

Oct. 6 John Kindall and Anne Pattison

Oct. 9 Thomas Joanes and Mary Hayes

Oct. 10 John Gorlo and Mary Hodges

Oct. 20 Edward Evens and Elizabeth Steward

Nov. 20 Thomas Gay and Christian Usher

Nov. 27 Daniel Smith and Elizabeth Flinn

Dec. 16 Richard Brayne and Mary Bush

Dec. 17 William Slaughter and Elizabeth Ailer

Dec. 26 Timothy Kelly and Mary Morgan

Dec. 26 John Parsons and Alice Dicks

Dec. 26 Richard Phelps and Elizabeth Rose

Dec. 27 Robert Trelayne and Mary Stephenson

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