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Indentures, etc., relating to Estates in Jamaica


Jamaica. This Indenture made the 31 Oct. 4 Geo. IV. 1823 BETWEEN Abraham Mendes Henriques of the parish of St. Catherine co. Middlesex gentleman of the one part and David Skaife of the same place Esq. of the other WITNESSETH that in consideration of £500 c. A. M. Henriques hath sold to D. Skaife all that dwelling-house building and parcel of land in the said parish bounding N.W. 86 feet on the heirs of Jonathan Martyn deceased W. Southerly 11 ft 6 in. on the heirs of Thomas Rogerman decd. S.E. 16 ft. and S.W. 13feet 6 in. on the heirs of Henry Mathew decd. S.E. 48 ft. on Sam. Ydand and N.E. 45 ft. on a street leading to the Parade as appears by the conveyance from Robert Morgan and Mary his wife to Simon Adolphus.
Signed by A. M. Henriques. Witnessed by Andrew F. Milligan. Sworn before Abraham Hodgson. Enrolled in the office of Enrollments, Lib. 725, fol. 9.
[On 1 1/2 wide sheets of paper.]



Jamaica. This Ind're made the 21 June 5 Geo. IV. 1825 Between Benjamin Nibbs of the parish of St. Catherine co. Middlesex a free person of Colour of the one part and David Skaife of the same place Esq. of the other Witnesseth that in consideration of £125 c. B. Nibbs sells to D. Skaife all that piece of land in the said parish of 20 acres butting S.E. and N.E. on land belonging to Abraham Anthony, N. on the King's Road leading from Spanish Town to Old Harbour, W. on Mr. Reid and S. on Mrs. Catherine Ireland part of 50 acres conveyed by John Edward Shakleford to Thomas William Anthony by deed dated 1 April 1801.
Signed by Benjamin Nibbs. Witnessed by John Henry Grant, gent., and sworn before J. Smith. Enrolled in Lib. 731, folio 170.
[On a single wide sheet of paper.]



Jamaica. This Ind're made the 17 Oct. 31 Geo. III. 1791 BETWEEN John Prendergast of the City of London Doctor of Physic by Philip Pinnock of the parish of St. Catherine co. Middx in the said I. Esq. his attorney of the 1st part Thomas Bourke of the parish of St. Mary in the said Co. Esq. eldest son and heir at law of Nicholas Bourke late of the parish of Clarendon in the said Co. Esq. deceased and Edmund Fearon Bourke late of Clarendon but now of Gt. Britain, Esq. by Arthur McKenzie of the said parish Esq. his attorney only surviving trustee under the will of the said Nicholas Bourke of the 2d part and Jacob Israel Bernal of London Esq. by Lewis Cuthbert of St. Catherine Esq. his attorney of the 3d part WHEREAS by an Ind're of mortgage dated the 7 Sept. 1765 made between Nicholas Bourke and Eliz. his wife of the one part and Richard Welch Esq. of the other reciting that Welch had lent Bourke £2568 c. it is witnessed that Bourke conveyed all that parcel of land in the parish of St. Dorothy containing 192 acres subject to redemption with interest at 6 per cent, and Bourke having become indebted to Welch in the further sum of £1081 c. by another Ind're dated the 4 Nov. 1765 conveyed the said land to Welch and whereas by an Ind're dated the 7 Sept. 1768 made between Richard Welch of the one part and John Prendergast of the other Welch in consideration of £4076 c. transferred to Prendergast the said premises and Nicholas Bourke on the 11 Dec. 1771 departed this life leaving the said Thomas Bourke his eldest son and heir at law having made his will dated 13 May 1771 and gave his estate to his brother John Bourke of the City of London Esq. and Charles Palmer of the parish of St. Thomas in the Vale Esq. during the minority of his son Edmund Fearon Bourke and after his age of 21 on certain trusts and the will was proved in the Secretary's Office and whereas E. F. Bourke sometime since attained the age of 21 and a suit was instituted in the Court of C. of this Island wherein John Prendergast by James Ridge and Charles Prendergast his attornies was claimant and Thomas Bourke, Charles Palmer and Edmund Fearon Bourke and others defendants which was heard on the 20 April 1779 when it was decreed that the defendants should pay £6781 due on the two mortgages and all costs to be taxed by Sam. Howell Esq. Master of the Court of Chancery (M.C.C.) which order was confirmed on 16 Nov. 1789 and afterwards it was referred to Lewis Knight M.C.C. to sell and on the 21 May 1791 it was referred to Richd Batty Esq. M.C.C., Lewis Knight having left the Island., and on the 17 June 1791 at Glover's Tavern in the Town of St Jago de la Vega the land was sold at public outcry to Jacob Israel Bernal for £730 c. which he hath paid over to the Masters and all parties now confirm the sale of the said estate formerly butting N. on Wm. Goss deceased, S. on George Bonner Esq. E. on the Black River and N.W. on the Road leading from Old Harbour to the Black River all which was conveyed to Nicholas Bourke by Thomas Fearon Esq. by Ind're dated 2 Sept. 1761 and all buildings.
Signed and sealed (plain seal) by Philip Pinnock for John Prendergast in the presence of J. G. Millward. Signed and sealed by A. McKenzie in the presence of F. Smith, T. Bourke, and R. Batty, M.C.C.
Francis Smith Esq., sworn 10 Jan. 1792 before John Clinton McAnuff. Enrolled 24 Jan., Lib. 396, fol. 111. James Jones, Secretary. Sworn also by John Gardner Millward, gent.

[On 4 large sheets of paper.]

See a short pedigree of Burke in Livingston's "Chancery Pedigrees," page 21, in which the death of Nicholas B. is incorrectly given as 1774.
1813, March 10. In Lamb's Conduit-street, Lewis Knight, esq. formerly of
the I. of J. {death} ("G.M." 389.)
1815, March 18. F. B. Millward, esq. fellow commoner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, youngest son of J. G. Miilward, esq. of J. (Ibid., 374.)
1819, June. At Hopewell Estate, J., John Clinton McAnuff, esq. a Master of the High Court of Chancery, and one of the Assistant Judges of the Supreme Court in that island. (Ibid., 655.)
1822, Dec. 24. In Spanish Town, J., aged 61, John Gardner Millward, esq. Lieut. General of Militia in that I. (Ibid., 1823, 382.)
1824, Dec. 13. At Brighton, John Burke, esq. of York-place, London, formerly of Kingston, J. (Ibid., 1825, 190.)
1772, Feb. 29. Nicholas Bourke, Esq; at J. ("G.M.," 151. "Town and Country Mag.," 167.)
1814, Oct. 28. At Knightsbridge, aged 38, John Bourke, esq. late of Kingston, J. (Ibid., 503.)




This Ind're made the 15 May 1779 between Aaron Manby of Kingston J. sadler of the one part and Patrick John Burke of the same parish gent, now in parts beyond the seas (by Alex. Ector of Kingston merchant his attorney) of the other WHEREAS by an Ind're of mortgage dated 3 April 1776 between James Draper of Kingston merchant of the one part and Aaron Manby of the other. Draper for 10s. c. conveyed to Manby 12 slaves to be void on payment of £684 c. and Manby hath agreed to assign to Burke the mortgage now in consideration of £811 c. to Manby paid by Ector, Manby conveys the slaves to Burke.
Signed and sealed (plain seal) by Aaron Manby in the presence of Rob Crockatt, and sworn 15 May 1779 before James Crean (?).
Endorsed: On this 1 Feb. 1784 Patrick John Burke formerly of Kingston gent. At present an absentee by Peter Humphreys of the same place merchant his Attorney in consideration of £616 c. paid by J. I. Bernal hath sold the said 12 slaves. Signed by Peter Humphreys, Witnessed by Joseph Da Silva. Sworn 21 Jan. 1785 before Archd Thomson, and signed by the latter. Enrolled the 7 Feb. 1786, Lib.341, fol.l56. Will.Dunlop, Senr

(0n 1 1/2 sheets of paper.)

1817, March 21. At Greenhill, the residence of her brother J. Lane, esq. Mrs. Manby, widow of Aaron Manby, esq. formerly of Kingston, J. ("G.M.," 376.) {death}
In Kingston church-yard is a stone to Aaron Manby, an ironmonger, who d. 21 Jan. 1763, aged 32; also his wife and son; (Archer, 142.)
Also one to the wife of Alex. Ector, d. 15 June 1796, aged 38. (Ibid., 155.)



This Indre made the 6 June 38 Geo. III. 1798 BETWEEN Jacob Israel Bernal late of Kingston J. but now of the City of London Esq. (surviving assignee of the estate of Abraham Tavares the Younger late of J. an insolvent debtor) of the one part and David Samuda of Lemon Street Goodmans Fields in the said City Esq. of the other WHEREAS by an Indre of mortgage dated the 1 April 1774 Frances Crees of J. in consideration of £2000 c. conveyed 104 male and female negroe slaves to Abr. Tavares and by another deed of 1 Feb. 1777 for securing the payment of the further £1500 c. William Robinson and Frances his Wife (formerly Fra. Crees) mortgaged a Penn called Friendship to him and by a deed of 26 Jan. 1775 in consideration of £2000 c. advanced and secured by bond Ab. Tavares transferred the slaves to Jacob Israel Bernal and on 19 Dec. 1772 Ab. Tavares being indebted to David Samuda in £5000 sterling executed a bond and becoming further largely indebted executed to Benjamin Dias Fernandez the attorney of D. S. two bonds dated 8 Feb. 1776 for the payment of £1168 c. and £1168 c. and a third one dated 30 Ap. 1777 for £504 c. and whereas by another Indre dated 27 Feb. 1778 made between Ab. Tavares aud Rebecca his Wife of the one part and B. D. Fernandez as attorney of D. Samuda of the other reciting that considerable sums had been repaid Tavares conveyed the said Penn and slaves subject to certain trusts and David Samuda being the correspondent of Tavares in England received from him a bill of exchange drawn by John Myrie of J. on Messrs. Serocold and Jackson of London merchants dated 28 June 1774 for £596 sterling but the acceptors stop't payment and judgment against the drawer and acceptors was obtained in May 1779 and in 1779 Ab. Tavares became insolvent and his estate was vested in Clayton Littlehales merchant Thomas King Esq. (both since deceased) and the said J. I. Bernal and the assignees in Ap. 1781 obtained a verdict against D. Samuda for the said bill but no money received and whereas D. S. filed his bill in Chancery against J. I. Bernal and on 20 Feb. 1792 the Chancellor decreed that D. S. should not be charged for the bill and it was referred to John Strand one of the M.C.C. to take accounts and Bernal appealed to H. Majesty in Council who decreed on 4 July 1794 judgment should be reversed and both parties having expended large sums in the suits and being desirous to put an end thereto amicably have referred all matters to Henry Smith of Cannon Street Esq. who awarded that J. I. Bernal assign to D. Samuda the judgment of Tavares against John Serocold and John Jackson and no demand shall be made by D. S. against Bernal for sums received from Frances Crees and Bernal shall assign to Samuda the mortgage of 1 April 1774 and all proceedings shall cease each side to pay costs of suits depending these last 20 years now for 5s. Bernal hath confirmed to Samuda those 124 slaves and the premises and the recited Judgement. Signed and sealed (plain seal) by J. I. Bernal and David Samuda in the presence of Robert Shawe, W. H. Haselfoot, clerk to Messrs. Richd and Robert Shawe.

[On 4 wide sheets of paper stamped with 50s. This is an original deed.]

There are several extracts made by Robt Cooper Lee (apparently the counsel) from the correspondence, covering the period 1778-1783, between Samuda, Dias, and Tavares, relating to the suit of Samuda v. Bernal, but they are of no interest.
1821, March 3. At Lund, in Westmoreland, J. Lyndon Howard Evelyn, esq. Collector of Customs at Savanna-le-Mer, to Alice, dau. of Benj. Samuda, esq. formerly of that island. ("G.M.," 467.)
In the Jewish burial ground at Kingston is a stone to David Tavares, d. 7 July 1776, aged 61.



This Ind're Tripartite made the 22 April 1778, 18 Geo. III. BETWEEN William Bibbye of Kingstone in Jamaica Merchant and Rachael his wife and Thomas Weales of Hammersmith co. Middlesex D.D. and Frances his wife (which said Rachael and Frances are the daus. and coheiresses of Sarah the late deceased wife of Harry Stibbs of Jamaica Merchant by him Harry Stibbs and which said Sarah Stibbs was one of the daus. of Francis Edwards late of the Borrough of Devizes co. Wilts gent, deceased) of the 1st part William Cock of Devizes baker of the 2d part and Charles Garth of Bishops Cannings co. Wilts Esq. of the 3d part WHEREAS Francis Edwards was seized in fee simple of a freehold messuage and stable situate in the Old Port and parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Devizes adjoining Short Street and made his will dated the 27 March 19 Geo. II. 1746 whereby he devised the same messuage to his son Francis Edwards and John Richards of Devizes apothecary to the use of testator's three daus. Lucy E., Anne E. and Eleanor E. for 1 year only and then to the use of his said dau. Sarah wife of Harry Stibbs for life and after her death to her eldest sons in tail male and in default to her daus. which will was proved in the P.C.C. and whereas Sarah Stibbs outlived her father and is dead leaving no son but the said Rachael Bibby and Frances Weales her two daus. who are possessed of the messuage as tenants in common now in consideration of £55 paid by William Cook they convey to Charles Garth, Esq. the said messuage late in the occupation of Mr Gabriel Cruse but now of his under tenant William Cooke and will levy a fine.
Signed by Rachel Bibbye, Thomas Weales. Frances Weales. Plain seals. Attested by Wm Frogatt, John Parker. 3 skins.
The Lease for a year, dated 21 April, on one skin, gives no further information.


Richmond plantation in the parish of
St. Ann, Jamaica*

(* Copy of Draft. On 11 large sheets of paper in the Editor's possession. These Richmond estate deeds were purchased from a dealer who wrote that they had come to him in three different parcels from different places.)

Abstract of the Title of William Gray Esq. to Richmond plantation and Black Heath penn in the parish of St Ann.
1737. Gershom (in margin Gresham) Ely Esq. being then seized in fee by lease and release of 12 and 13 April for £10,000 currency mortgaged to Abraham Gonsales and Jacob Gonsales both of Kingston Merchants, all that parcel of land in St Anns of 1200 acres called Richmond bounding W. on Capt. John Cross and Mrs Sarah Wright, S. on James Gray Senr and James Gray Junr deceased and Mr Thomas Gray, E. on the estate then lately purchased by the said Gershom Ely of Wm Banks Esq. and St Ann's Harbour, and N. on the sea, together with the sugar work mills, utensils, slaves, 40 mules and 40 cattle subject to repayment before 13 April 1742 with interest at 10 per cent.
1747. Gershom Ely conveyed the plantation to Philip Pinnock Esq. absolutely.
1767, Sep. 1. Hon. Philip Pinnock for securing payment of £5432 sterling and 5 per cent, interest, conveyed the plantation to Barlow Trecothick and John Apthorpe of London Merchants.
1775, Jan. 9. By Indre tripartite between Jacob Gonsales of London Merchant survivor of Abraham Gonsales his late brother by Benjamin Dias Fernandez of Kingston Mercht his attorney, Sarah Lopes Torres widow and David Lopes Torres Mercht the Ex'trix and Ex'or of Isaac Lamego Mercht deceased, Rachael Barrup Lousada widow, Benj. Dias Fernandez and Jacob Fourtado Mercht the Ex'ors of Aaron Barrup Lousada late of Kingston Merchant deceased who was the Ex'or of Jacob Barrup Lousada Merchant deceased and the said Sarah Lopes Torres and David Lope.s Torres the Ex'ors of Jacob Lopes Torres of Kingston Mercht deceased and David Lopes Torres of the 1st part the Hon. Philip Pinnock of the parish of St Andrew Esq. of the 2d part and Wm Gray of Kingston Esq. of the 3d part Reciting above deeds and that in 1737 Gershom Ely owed £20,350 c. by bond to Jacob Gonsales also £903 c. for which judgment was obtained against Philip Pinnock as administrator of Gershom Ely in Feb. 1758 and that John Walter, Wm Menzies and Thomas Williams by bond dated_13 Nov. 1738 owed Jacob Gonsales £4259 c. and that Gershom Ely by his bond dated 23 May 1736 owed to George Ellis Esq. £5215 c.; judgment having been obtained against his personal representative in Nov. 1741, and by his bond dated 21 May 1736 to John Ayscough and Thomas Ayscough Esq. owed £2920 c. by judgment in Aug. 1743, and that John Walter, Gershom Lloyd and Wm Ely Walter by bond dated 5 March 1746 owed Ab. and Jacob Gonsales £4969 c. by judgment in May 1758, and that John Walter and Gershom Lloyd by bond dated 10 Aug. 1747 owed Aaron Barup Lousada Mercht £1432 c. by judgment in May 1758.
That John Walter and Gershom Lloyd by bond dated 19 Oct. 1747 and judgment obtained in May 1758, owe Jacob Gonsales and Aaron Baruk Lousada £763 c., That Gershom Lloyd and Philip Pinnock Esqrs by bond dated 30 Sep. 1748 to Abra'm Gonsales, Aaron Baruk Lousada and Jacob Lopes Torres Merchts, judgment in Feb. 1758, owe £2648 c.,
That John Walter and Gershom Lloyd by bond dated 13 Oct. 1747 to Abram Gonsales, and judgment in May 1758, now owe £1096 c.,
That John Walter, Gershom Lloyd and Wm Ely Walter by bond dated 13 May 1747 to Jacob Lopes Torres, judgment in May 1758, now owe £1742 c.
All which said bonds Ph. Pinnock acknowledged were a lien on the estates when he became the purchaser, and that James Grant and Ph. Pinnock by bond dated 20 Jan. 1755 to Jacob Lopes Torres, judgment in Aug. 1757 and May 1758, now owe £346 c.
And by an account settled 17 Sep. 1773 Ph. Pinnock acknowledged that £3953 was due on Arthur Usher's mortgage of Banks's Est. taken up by David Lopes Torres and all which said several sums amounted to £50,601, the debt of Ph. Pinnock and a lien on the estate, and that he owed a further sum of £17,597 to Wm Gray by bond dated 31 Dec. last making a total of £68,198 c. It is Witnessed that in consideration of £20,350 c. to Jacob Gonsales paid by Wm Gray he conveyed and confirmed to Wm Gray the premises mortgaged to him Gonsales except such part of the stream of water running towards Richmond water mill already granted to Banks' est., and in consideration of £30,251 to Ben. Dias Fernandez Ex'or of Ab. Gonsales, Sarah Lopes Torres and David Lopes Torres Ex'ors and Ex'trix of Isaac Lamego, Rachael Barruk Lousada, Ben. Dias Fernandez and Jacob Feurtado Ex'trix and Ex'ors of Aaron Baruk Lousada, Sarah Lopes Torres and David Lopes Torres Ex'trix and Ex'or of Jacob Lopes Torres and David Lopes Torres paid by Wm Gray, they assign all bonds and judgments subject to redemption by Pinnock on payment of £50,601 and £17,597 on 1 Aug. 1775 with interest at 6 per cent.
By Indre of 1 June 1775 between Pinnock and Gray reciting the Indre of 20 April 1775 between Aaron Nunes Henriques Mercht surviving copartner of Moses Nunes Da Costa Mercht of ye 1st part, Ph. Pinnock of the 2d and Wm Gray of the 3d after reciting that by Indre dated 30 Nov. 1764 between Ph. Pinnock of the one pt and Moses Nunes Da Costa and Aaron Nunes Henriques of the other it was Witnessed that Ph. P. conveyed to Moses N. Da Costa and Aaron N. Henriques all that penn in the parish of St Ann called Black Heath containing 435 acres bounding N. on Ph. Pinnock, E. on Richd Hemmings the heirs of Menzie deceased Ph. Pinnock and Daniel Tracey, S. on Richd Hemmings, Tho. Gray, Peter Bradey, Fra. Harvey, and W. on Tho. Smeal, Josiah Smeal and Hen. Tucker and buildings and slaves as in schedule annexed and reciting that by a further Indre of 13 March 1765 between Pinnock and Grace his wife and Da Costa and Henriques she released her dower and Da Costa was dead and certain portions had been sold so that there remained only 177 acres and there was due on the mortgage £8916 c. which Wm Gray has paid and the Penn is hereby confirmed to him. Reciting also that Gray had advanced divers large sums to Pinnock so that £120,000 c. was now due, all the above estates with equity of redemption are now conveyed to him together with all furniture, plate, &c.
Mr Gray is about to raise £30,000 sterling by the sale of annuities and purposes granting Richmond and Blackheath Penn with all the negros to trustees, and proposes his own bond with Messrs. Tho. and Clayton Case of Liverpool for better security. Counsel's opinion, that his title is good, signed by Mat. Duane, Lincoln's Inn, 27 Nov. 1775.
By Ind're trip, of 5 Sept. 1775 between John Morse and Tho. Smith of London Merchts of the lst part, Wm Gray of the 2d and Hugh Lewis of the 3d, it was recited that Wm Gray on 8 July 1774 became bound in £60,000 to Morse and Smith conditioned for the payment of £30,000 on 8 July 1778 and assigned his estates to them and Gray had paid the £30,000 and the estates are now conveyed to Lewis in Trust.



An Agreement made 25 Jan. 25 Geo. III. 1785 Between Jacob Israel Bernal of Kingston J. Esq., of the 1st part, the Rt. Hon. Humphry Morice now or late of Dover Street Piccadilly, Watkin Jenkins now or 1ate of Delahoy Street Westminster Esq. James Weldon n. or l.. of the City of Bath Esq. Thomas King n. or l. of Great Queen Street Lincolns Inn Fields Esq. Richard Gurney n. or l. of the City of Norwich Merchant Robert Lowndes n. or l. of Chesterfield co. Derby Esq. The Rev. William Woodward n. or l. of Uckfield co Sussex clerk Sir John Miller of Bath Easton co. Som. Baronet Assignee of Beni. Sam. Charlwood late of Windlesham co. Surrey Esq. deceased Isaac Walker n. or l., of Cornhill Esq. Thomas Cox n. or l. of Charles Street St. James's Square Esq. Daniel Keel n. or l. of Salisbury co. Wilts gent. James Crabb of London Merchant Assignee of Sam. Mockett n. or l. of the Poultry gent. Charles Lander n. or l. of Bishopsgate Str master mariner William Test n. or l. of Greenwich co. Kent gent. William Little n. or l. of Salisbury getn. Thomas Morrill n. or l. of North End Hampstead co. Middlesex gent. Henry Ibbetson n. or l. of Leeds co. York Esq. Wm Walker of Leeds Esq. John Marlar l. of King Street L. Mercht but now of Brentwood co. Sussex gent. Geo. Pollard of Hallifax co. York Mercht. and John Pollard of L; Mercht, which John Marlar, Geo. Pollard and John Pollard are the Ex'ors and Trustees in the will of Wm Whittaker formerly of Margaret Str. Cavendish Sq. Esq. but since of London decd being severally annuitants whose annuities are charged on an est. late of Wm. Gray Esq. in the Island of J. called Richmond Plantation now styled Richmond Old and New Works by Indres of Lease and Release dated 19 and 20 March 1776 of the 2d part, Isaac Walker and Joseph Waugh of Turnwheel Lane L. Mercht. of the 3d part, and Ralph Vas da Silva and Isaac Bernal Junr both of Crutched Friars L. Merchts and Copartners of the 4th part, WHEREAS Richmond Old Works was purchased of Wm. Gray by or on behalf of Emanuel Baruh Lousada of J. Esq. and was subjected to the payment of the said annuities to the persons of the 2d part from 20 July 1781 to which time they were paid and Jacob Israel Bernal purchased Richmond New Works from Wm Gray also subject to said annuities which being unpaid the annuitants in Trinity Term 1783 filed their Bill in the High Court of Chancery in Eng. against E. B. Lousada and Jacob Israel Bernal who was then in Eng. and E. B. L. answered the Bill and in a Schedule set forth his accounts they by an Agreement dated 13 Oct. 1784 reciting that there was a balance of £1625 in the hands of E. B. L. and Isaac Baruh L. agreed the bill was to be dismissed and Raphael (he is also styled Ralph) Vas Da Silva and Isaac Bernal Junr the Agents in London have a balance of £435 due to them and the Lousadas have further paid in £430 and the agents have advanced £764 making together £2820 which will pay 1 year's annuity to 20 July 1782 and Jacob Israel Bernal was to be receiver in J. to ship the produce and the £1200 shall be repaid the Agents out of the crop of 1786 with Interest at 5 per cent. Schedule of Account annexed. Signed by all the annuitants.

A copy only on 6 large sheets of paper.



At a High Court of Chancery at St Jago de la Vega this 19 April 1786. Case of Gray and others. The petition of J. I. Bernal Esq. the Receiver was read and the affidavit of Emanuel Baruh Lousada and Donald McDonald opposing, after counsel were heard the Chancellor granted the prayer and allowed the hiring of 35 able field negroes for Richmond Old Works. John Edward Shackleford, Regr C.C.
Jamaica. In Chancery. Gray and Others. Geo. Cuthbert and James Dickson
Esquires the Receivers appointed by this Court have accounted for the crop of 1786 and there is due to them £2729 c. also £357 c. the balance due to J. I. Bernal the late Receiver. Dated the 20 May 17S7. Edward Marriott.
Geo. Cuthbert and Jas. Dickson Esquires the Receivers have accounted for the crop of 1787 and there is due to them £2675 c. Dated this 12 March 1788. Edward Marriott, M.C.C.
Jacob I. Bernal writes on 2 Nov. 1787 from Queen Square, Holborn, referring to an intended bill against Lousada in Chancery. He states that Old Works estate is insufficient to pay the annuitants, and the arrears on 20 July next will be £13,000 st.
1788. In Chancery. Case vs Gray and others. Geo. Cuthbert Esq. the Receiver appointed by this Court has owing to him £1846 c. on the working of Richmond Old Works in the Parish of St Ann including £338 c. his commission at 6 per cent, on all the rents and produce. There were 134 slaves and 62 stock, over £800 was paid for negro hire. The total expenses were £3122 and deducting £1276 for rum sold there was an adverse balance of £1846.
168 hhds. (hogsheads) of sugar were shipped valued at £26 per hhd.=£4368.
Geo. Cuthbert Esq. the Receiver has accounted for the crop of 1789 up to 16 June 1789 "being the time of his decease," and there is due to him £513 c. Dated this 14 May 1790. E. Bowes, M.C.C.
Francis Grant and Lewis Cuthbert Esquires the Receivers have accounted for the crop of 1790 and there is due to them £456 c. Dated this 22 March 1791. E. Bowes, M.C.C.
"Richmond" in the parish of St Ann on the N. coast, near the Llandovery falls, comprising 1800 a. of which 360 were in cane, was sold in London on 6 Oct. 1910 for £8050.



Jamaica. This Indre made the 18 May 22 Geo. III. 1782 Between Wm Gray of the parish of St Andrew co. Surrey Esq. of the one part, and Jacob Israel Bernal of the parish of Kingston in said co. Esq. of the other. WHEREAS by an Indre dated 21 Nov. 1781 made between Wm Gray and Dorothy his wife and J. I. Bernal they conveyed to him all those 88 negroe slaves then belonging to the Sugar work called Richmond New Works the names of the slaves not having yet been ascertained the deed was entered without the schedule but the list has been since procured and is as follows. (All names given.)
Signed and sealed (plain seal) by Wm Gray, J. I. Bernal, in the presence of Tho Myers. Sworn 22 May 1782 before Alger. Warren. Enrolled 6 June 17S2, Lib. 308, fo. 205. T. Mure, Secretary.
On 1 1/2 sheets of paper.



Jamaica. I do certify that Geo. Cuthbert and James Dickson the attornies of J. I. Bernal late of Kingston but now of London Esq. the Proprietor of that portion of Richmond Plantation in the parish of St Ann called "New Works" have produced their accounts from 17 Feb. to 31 Dec. 1786 and find there is due to Bernal £1832 c. Dated this 12 May 1787. Edward Marriott, M.C.C.
Accounts of Geo. Cuthbert Esq. the Attorney of Jacob Israel Bernal late of London but now of the Parish of Kingston J. Esq. and Proprietor of that part of Richmond Plantation in the Parish of St Ann called "New Works" for the year 1788 and there is owing to Mr. Bernal £882 c. Certified by Edward Marriott, M.C.C.
There were 101 slaves and 39 stock. The overseer was paid £140 and the book keeper £40 per annum. The contingent expenses were £1858 and rum and 11 hhds. sold realised £976 the adverse balance being £882. 82 hhds. of sugar were shipped to London valued at £26 per hhd.=£2132, but this sum does not appear in the account.
I certify that Francis Grant and Lewis Cuthbert the attornies, &c., have produced the accounts for 1789 and there is due to Bernal £1895 c. Dated this 14 May 1790. E. Bowes, M.C.C.
"Jamaica. Accounts of Jacob Israel Bernal Esq. Proprietor of Richmond Plantation New-Works for the Year 1792."
Taken on oath. The contingent expences paid and supplies furnished by him amount to £2318 c. and the sales of a. small part of the  produce to £167 c. the whole of the sugar and the greatest part of the rum having been shipped for London to Messrs. Da Silva and Bernal Merchants. Certified by James Smith, M.C.C., 2 April 1793. Hire of 36 extra negros at £14 per annum each cost £504. A new water wheel 36 feet in diameter with shaft and cogwheel of 16 feet in diameter and various fittings cost £518.
The produce shipped consisted of 159,690 lbs of sugar valued at 40/- per cwt. And 91 hhds. at £15 = £3262. Rum 3382 gals. at 4/6 per gal. and 30 puncheon's at 30/- each = £806. Total £4068.

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