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[Add. MS. 21,931, British Museum.]




[By modern dating, this would be 1669. In the old calendar the new year started on March 25]


Jan. 25 John Cookow and Mary Ellier

Feb. 21 Lucas Martin and Susanne Allen

Feb. 21 John Downer and Rebecca Smart

Feb. 28 William Rignall and Priscilla Bryan

Feb. 28 Peter and Esperance, Spanish negroes

Mar. 2 Edward Lenton and Anne Taylour

Mar. 4 George Hammond and Rachel Venner

Mar. 15 William Oakes and Elizabeth Tyler

Mar. 17 Peter Delaclee and Charity Howard

Mar. 28 John Davis and Margaret Lunn


April 8 William Wright and Dorothy Allen (at Guanaboa)

April 13 Henry Small and Elizabeth Crampton

April 18 Tobias Foot and Elizabeth Jones

April 25 William Warren and Mary Maine (of Liganea)

May 16 Henry Rosewoune and Mary Garner

May 17 John Phillips and Jane Clackson

May 18 Farmer Crosse and Mary Long

May 21 Robert Slicer and Deborah Letherland

May 23 John Cavey and Abigail Hamilton

May 31 Henry Page and Martha Boune

June 1 David Martin and Mary Waite

June 7 Robert White and Eleanor Clarke

June 20 Thomas Robert and Elizabeth Gregory

June 20 Richard Jeoffrey and Elizabeth May

June 24 William Hinckstone and Elizabeth Stanley

June 29 John Thomas and Jane Rowland

July 3 John Mitchell and Ann Westwood

July 17 Francis Palmer and Mary Williams

July 18 Stephen Young and Elizabeth Evered

July 22 Thomas Brown and Elizabeth Fair

July 25 Nicholas Stevens and Joan Marks

Aug. 8 John Parsons and Alice Fairfield

Aug. 8 Roger Cotton and Ann Coveny

Aug. 10 Teague Traity and Annekin Badson

Aug. 12 William Galloway and Judith Wallisson

Aug. 19 John Fisher and Dorothy Clarke

Aug. 29 James Hunt and Lettice Wilas

Sept. 5 James Parsons and Margaret Butter (or Butler)

Sept. 7 Gifford Pennant and Elizabeth Allwinkell

Sept. 8 Michael Wicket and Barbara Call

Sept. 29 John Smyth and Catherine Pillin

Oct. 1 John Davis and Mary Neale

Oct. 4 James Elliott and Anne Fielding

Oct. 7 Walter Lane and Margaret Duncome

Oct. 26 Edmund Crosse and Elizabeth Boulton

Nov. 10 John Brooks and Frances Fuller

Nov. 15 Philipp Gill and Mary Grindall

Nov. 24 Joseph Taylour and Margery Freeman

Dec. 22 Robert Franklin and Alice Lloyd

Dec. 27 Thomas Griffin and Elizabeth Proctour

Dec. 27 Richard Guy and Frances Bedle

Dec. 27 John Steel and Elizabeth Johns


[By modern dating, this would be 1670. In the old calendar the new year started March 25]

Jan. 19 William Harker and Mary Davis

Jan. 21 Etienne Marchand and Deborah Bragge

Feb. 8 William Walton and Elizabeth Taylor

Jan. 11 Robert Edey and Sarah Brooks

Jan. 14 Lawrence Aylward and Margaret Kennedy

Mar. 20 John Batton and Mary Bounce

Mar. 22 John Shoven and Margery Gobwine


Mar. 27 Peter and Elizabeth, free negroes

April 6 Edward Sawyer and Elizabeth Wolline

May 5 Stephen Penniston and Dorothy Wright (at Guanaboa)

May 5 William Read and Hannah Tyrrell

May 16 Joachim Hane and Angelina Fant

May 24 IsaakMills and Jane Cooper

June 26 Thomas Punchin and Dorothy Aldridge

July 7 George Pattison and Elizabeth Carter

July 10 Edward Hunt and Joan Claskey

July 13 Gregory Watkins and Dorothy Richardson

July 24 Joseph Morgatride and Rachel Smyth

Aug. 4 Richard Dunklin and Christian Barnes

Aug. 21 Joshua Paske (a Mulatto) and Mary Marna, a Negune* (*What is this word ?)[See Reply]

Aug. 22 Isaac Aderley and Thomasin Jalloppe

Aug. 24 William Butler and Susanne Barker

Sept. 19 Mark Gourd and Mary Willcox

Sept. 20 John Matthews and Ame Hughes

Sept. 21 James Charter and Hannah Taylor

Sept. 29 Richard Taylor and Mary Solomon

Oct. 4 William May and Margaret Rose

Oct. 9 Richard Evans and Elizabeth Cotton

Oct. 10 Henry Willis and Anne Whitten

Oct. 19 Gervase Skorah and Anne Jackson

Oct. 28 Emanuel Attias and Mary Willis

Nov. 8 Bartholomew Row and Katherine Avis

Nov. 17 John Twiner* and Mary Whiting (*Perhaps Turner)

Nov. 22 Thomas Massey and Margaret Hawkins

Nov. 23 Edward Blackman and Margaret Guillingham

Dec. 31 Abel Furkin and Anne Newman


Jan. 19 Thomas Massey and Anne Pool

Jan. 28 Joseph Benton and Margaret Kennedy

Feb. 9 Austin May and Honour Collins

Feb. 19 Richard Theobalds and Mary Coltes

Feb. 27 Thomas Courtis and Mary Vines

Mar. 14 Joshua Vaughan and Sarah Bourden


April 2 Emanuel Angola and Malaia Angola

April 24 Anthony Grant and Helene Hill

May 6 John Jones and Faith Harrington

May 11 Hersey Barrett Senr. and Eleanor Miten

May 12 Thomas Delander and Elizabeth Fitzjarrett

June 1 Humphrey Baskerville and Elizabeth Webb

June 9 Robert Morgan and Mary Talbot

June 20 John Berry and Anne Walker

June 25 William Bennet and Jane Jones

June 30 Richard Morris and Hannah Rowles

July 8 Mathew Clarke and Eleanor Davison

July 18 William Frost and Emet Veale

Aug. 11 Henry Hodges and Elizabeth Goodyard

Aug. 12 John Jackson and Priscilla Rignall

Aug. 29 Howell Evans and Anne Swithin

Sept. 10 William Wilson and Margaret Lloyd

Sept. 24 John Mosely and Anne Kneller

Sept. 28 John Hewes and Anne Thomas

Oct. 6 Edward Smyth and Mary Pargott

Oct. 13 Cary Helyer and Priscilla Houghton

Oct. 17 George Shellard and Susanne Waston

Oct. 18 Edward Coffin and Hesther Bird

Oct. 29 George Baily and Anne Hubbard

Oct. 30 John Sparkes and Katherine Vesey

Oct. 31 George Jackson and Grace Jackson

Nov. 1 Nicholah Newell and Hannah Jesepp

Nov. 2 William Sansbury and Judith Galloway

Nov. 6 William Capell and Margaret Beckford

Nov. 30 Henry Archbold and Joanna Morgan

Dec. 3 Thomas Rowland and Mary Hayes

Dec. 3 Thomas Cooper and Elizabeth Foot


Jan. 1 Clement Orum and Elizabeth Wells

Jan. 9 George Dunkin and Anne Farewell

Jan. 9 Christopher Bullmer and Joan Thomas

Jan. 12 Ralph Butterfield, and Alice Jones

Jan. 22 Charles Burtt and Anne Gunne

Jan. 24 John Brown and Anne Ashmould

Jan. 24 Thomas Cole and Mary Presser

Feb. 17 Thomas Lyon and Eleanor Keyton

Feb. 18 John Betton and Mary Stubbs

Feb. 27 William Cannon and Frances Ashton


Mar. 27 Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Baily

April 1 William Frogge and Mary Garrett

April 8 Hersey Barrett Junr. and Mary Sleigh

April 9 James Teller and Anne Struys (at Ligany)

April 14 Owen Carty and Dorothy Kenniday

April 16 Thomas Boutwell and Christian Elmes

May 2 John Adams and Mary Martin

May 5 John Liney and Anne Harlow

May 6 John Gates and Alice Thomas

May 7 Gregory Watkins and Elizabeth Collenridge

May 12 Henry Williams and Christian Lewis

May 13 George Edge and Elizabeth Styles

May 21 Humphrey Freeman and Mary Noy

May 26 John Morris and Rachel Webb

May 29 Ralph Walker and Mary Valentine

June 6 Benjamin Smith and Dorcas Gatford

June 8 William Floward and Priscilla Robson

June 13 Sylvanus Hether and Sarah Turner

June 13 Robert Rawlinson and Anne Goffe

June 20 Robert Meacham and Hannah Jeseppe

June 25 Samuel Lane and Sarah Ford

July 1 George North and Anne Courtentree

July 25 John Bryan and Jane Lambard

Aug. 8 George Fletcher and Millesent Dorker

Aug. 19 Gabriel Martyn and Katherine Gallemore

Aug. 29 John Pope and Elizabeth Jarrier

Sept. 10 John Moore and Elizabeth Porch

Sept. 24 Thomas Philipps and Anne Cadwal

Oct. 8 Charles Ford and Anne Markham

Oct. 13 Joseph Smallwood and Mary Pitts

Oct. 17 Thomas Taylor and Jane Hanbury

Nov. 28 Richard Pattingall and Anne Eaton

Dec. 8 Nicholas Knight and Elizabeth Watkins

Dec. 28 Stephen Horsely and Mary Lee


Jan. 7 John Holmes and Margarett Miller

Feb. 13 Thomas Clarke and Priscilla Jackson

Feb. 19 Bartholomew Whitehorn and Elizabeth Shelson

Mar. 2 Edward Boys and Elizabeth Watkins

Mar. 12 James Bensey and Anne Henne


April 23 John Frigge and Mary Taylor

April 30 George Winter and Mary Cock

May 20 John Wood and Marv Kilby

May 22 Thomas Andrews and Mary Favell

May 18 (sic) Richard Smith and Allice Russell

May 29 Richard Sandland and Margaret Pickering

June 3 Robert Green and Jane Short

June 5 Coll. Thomas Freeman and Anna Ballthrop (at Port Royall)

June 25 Edward Green and Martha Joy

July 3 Nathaniel Hilton and Anne Turner

July 18 William Frith and Alice Walker

July 24 John Hunt and Alice Basset

July 24 Jonathan Cock and Mary Nedham

Sept. 28 Edward Shammon and Elizabeth Popeham

Sept. 28 Edward Hitchcock and Elizabeth Fingall

Oct. 1 Richard Green and Elizabeth Hare

Oct. 2 Ralph Rippon and Anne Ramme

Oct. 8 John Jeoffries and Anne Evans

Oct. 13 Jasper Hill and Margaret Benton

Nov. 6 Henry Flemming and Sarah Wilson

Nov. 8 Anthony Fish and Sarah Archer

Nov. 26 Richard Cannon and Rebecca Preece

Nov. 30 Jeoffrey Ashworth and Sarah Harvey

Dec. 6 John Collett and Frances Wooley

Dec. 20 Ludowick Harrison and Elizabeth Olive

Dec. 25 Henry Smith and Mary Long


Jan. 6 Richard Hail and Mary Smart

Jan. 13 John Pain and Katherine Pain

Jan. 19 Richard Brown and Deborah Wilson

Jan. 20 Edward Caverley and Mary Going

Feb. 4 Edward Say and Katherine Hunderton

Feb. 10 William Eaton and Elizabeth Bromely

Feb. 10 George Smith and Elizabeth Offield

Feb. 10 Robert Salmon and Mary Fisher

Feb. 12 Capt. Richard Guy and Mary Davenport

Feb. 26 Francis Alexander and Mary Wicksted

Mar. 17 John Gore and Mary Wallington

Mar. 24 Samuel Lewis and Mary Bannister


Mar. 25 John Moore and Mary Fairfield

Mar. 30 John Skelling and Sarah Bowett

April 13 William Mawle and Margaret Pritchard

April 14 George Osborne and Mary Noy

April 20 William Taylor and Jane Wells

April 23 Francis White and Elizabeth Hunter

April 23 Christopher Cleator and Anne Chapman

May 11 Miles Smith and Anne Hargus

May 11 Richard Youlden and Margaret Deliney

May 12 William Gibbon and Rachael Keisar

May 17 John Stevens and Margery Hill

May 21 Abel Meacham and Grace Downing

June 2 William Fancourt and Anne Walker

June 2 Simon Hewes and Martha Mattocks

June 2 Thomas Smyth and Margery Gore

June 4 John Clarke and Editha Downing

June 4 John Benskin and Mary Martingall

June 9 Edward Reeve and Elizabeth Furlow

June 24 Robert Weasly and Joan Peckstone

June 24 Richard Pierce and Elizabeth Cradle

June 29 William Flood and Mabel Bishop

July 9 Richard Frotheringham and Mary Coussons

July 17 Thomas Pollard and Ann Starkey

July 20 John Evans and Eleanor Went

July 27 Richard Johnson and Dorothy Brown

Aug. 1 Jacob Thoroughgood and Joyce Garret

Sept. 4 Evan Williams and Mary Parsons

Sept. 7 George Meakins and Anne Neale

Sept. 17 Sylvanus Hether and Jane Mills

Sept. 24 Robert Langford and Mabel Harbert

Sept. 28 William Glover and Catherine Philippson

Oct. 8 John Channon and Sarah Wilgrasse

Oct. 10 Richard Salter and Elizabeth Travis

Oct. 17 Thomas Hadley and Dorothy Archer

Oct. 28 Matthew Pitts and Alice Parsons

Nov. 8 John Souter and Frances Bell

Nov. 15 Griffith Williams and Elizabeth Baker

Nov. 18 John Lee and Anne Boures

Nov. 26 John Mohun and Emitt Frost

Nov. 27 Edward Tattersell and Grace Street

Dec. 8 Robert Newman and Joan Wallington

Dec. 11 James Lemoque and Mary Jearon (of Port Royall)

Dec. 11 William Clifton and Margaret Grindall (of Port Royall)


Jan. 1 Thomas Nesfield and Anne Dawkin

Jan. 7 William Frisell and Mary Gardiner

Jan. 15 Edward Ridgeway and Mabel Flood

Feb. 7 Dennis McSwainey and Elizabeth Moore

Feb. 13 Thomas Read and Joan Roberts

Feb. 22 James Mills and Katherine Paine

Feb. 27 George Badworth and Elizabeth Pickett


Mar. 29 Abel Meacham and Elizabeth Goffe

April 4 Lawrence Oliver and Mary Frasier

April 6 Thomas Cornwell and Jane Hether

April 7 William Bennett and Alice White

April 20 John Mundy and Anne Carre

May 3 Thomas Read and Anne Cox

May 4 William Dawkins and Sarah Milliner

May 10 Edward Stanton and Priscilla Helyar

May 23 Richard Egmear and Mary Portrea

May 25 Thomas Hillyard and Naomi Russell (at Port Royal])

June 2 William Newman and Elizabeth Horselett (at Morant)

June 2 Edward Cook and Anne Palmer (at Morant)

June 2 Richard Pye and Katherine Hales (at Morant)

June 2 Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Tew (at Morant)

June 3 Richard Bleve and Joan Cradle (at Yallah)

June 14 John Lloyd and Mary Swaine

June 17 Hugh Gilbert and Alice Smith

July 13 William Sears and Elizabeth Hoggins

July 21 William Wilkinson and Faith Jones

July 26 Arthur Roome and Mary Porter

Aug. 1 Hugh Joe and Anne Lambert

Aug. 22 John Basse and Grace Hewes

Sept. 9 Simon Ferdinando and Eleanor Ames

Sept. 16 John Lemming and Elizabeth Broomhall (at Guanaboa)

Sept. 22 John Jelly and Martha Jenkins

Sept. 23 Coll. John Cope and Hester Ballthrop (at Porte Royall)

Sept. 28 Griffin Jones and Mary Cox

Oct. 3 John Plisson and Margaret Rothan

Oct. 5 Peter Chamblet and Anne Butler

Oct. 5 Benjamin Newson and Elizabeth Williams

Oct. 10 John Clarke and Elizabeth Hodges

Oct. 11 George Bishop and Elizabeth Consett

Oct. 12 Edward Coffin and Sybilla Hall

Dec. 2 Henry Vezey and Mary Harker

Dec. 14 William Forward and Mary Courtis


Jan. 20 George Risbrook and Christian Williams

Jan. 24 Coll. Thomas Ballard and Anne Washington

Jan. 31 Luke Risdall and Joan Knight

Feb. 3 Thomas Fairfield and Martha Vincent

Mar. 9 Thomas Daw and Mary Vincent

Mar. 9 Francis Hopkins and Eleanor Boyce

April 10 Nicholas Lyssons Junior and Susanna Goffe

April 15 Lazarus Ashley and Elizabeth Licorish

April 16 Anthony Sledge and Catherine Smyth

May 15 James Whitsey and Elizabeth Jones

May 23 Robert Newberry and Katherine Patison

June 6 James Tudor and Ruth Covill

June 7 Thomas Barnett and Elizabeth Wiggins

June 8 William Wortin and Margaret Hill

June 8 George Maskall and Susanna Campion

June 15 Coll. Theodore Cary and Dorothy Wale

June 29 William Gravestock and Mary Benskin

June 29 Henry Marshall and Mary Smyth

July 17 Henry Ward and Anne Barret (at Porte Royall)

July 20 Stephen Ayliff and Margaret Denby

Aug. 15 Lewis Lewis and Susanne Tapin

Sept. 5 William Eaton and Jane Doughty

Sept. 14 John Collet and Susanne Finch

Sept. 17 William Rudroff and Mary Walker

Sept. 25 John Allen and Elizabeth Parnell

Oct. 15 Cornelius Wyatt and Margery Smyth

Oct. 19 John Shaw and Alice Gale

Oct. 23 Henry Beek and Phillis Wotton

Nov. 30 Jeremiah Walters and Rebecca Mollins

Dec. 14 Thomas Burnell and Christian Goodyear

Dec. 24 Edward Bradley and Elizabeth Collins

Dec. 25 Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Barrey and Elizabeth Modyford


Jan. 15 Michael Bullock and Margaret Scollthrop

Mar. 12 Humphrey Boskervaile and Mary Hull


Mar. 26 William Dainty and Mary Goulter

Mar. 31 William Barline and Anne Hoskins

April 8 Andrew Angola and Anna Maria

April 9 William Wright and Susanne Wheterall

May 10 John Mason and Mary Cope

May 13 Thomas Goffidge and Elizabeth Samson

May 15 Joseph Peters and Mary Walrond

May 27 John Elsely and Joanna Bivile

June 5 James Lespines and Margaret Nedham

June 16 Balthasor Delorier and Maria Chequeite (a Mulatto man and Negro woman)

June 26 Robert James and Mary Rawlingson

July 1 Robert Chapman and Mary Weston

July 28 John O'Neal and Elizabeth Lee

July 29 Francisco Maneses and Maria Candelaria (free negroes)

Aug. 11 Richard Brown and Margaret Pierce

Aug. 22 John Lombard and Mary Moore

Aug. 23 John Eager and Thomasin Saul

Aug. 26 Michael Lafleure and Katherine Russell

Sept. 17 Henry Read and Elizabeth Roan

Sept. 22 William Bish and Joan Hart

Oct. 2 Lewis Anderson and Anne Robinson

Oct. 8 Thomas Gibbon and Anne Macqueen

Oct. 9 Robert Hart and Anne Wildrish

Oct. 15 Abraham. Loadman and Anne Powell

Nov. 7 Thomas Cammock and Elizabeth Pickering

Nov. 8 Peter Moore and Black Betty (free negroes)

Dec. 2 Robert Cave and Susanne Martyn

Dec. 6 Thomas Ferryman and Elizabeth Francis

Dec. 8 John Bandwell and Elizabeth Marlow

Dec. 27 John Yates and Anne Hunsdone

Dec. 27 David True and Elizabeth South


Jan. 17 James Forster and Rebecca Peterson

Feb. 4 John Spencer and Phillis Barrett

Feb. 24 Henley Guillford and Mabel Langford

Mar. 10 Timothy Scott and Joanna Scott

Mar. 13 Thomas Wallis and Catherine Wood

Mar. 19 Francis Richardson and Sarah Grimstone

Mar. 25 Edward Hunt and Ursula Blake

Mar. 28 John Howell and Rachel Jordan

April 6 Thomas Screetch and Marv Burroughs

April 13 Richard Payton and Judith Gibbons

May 14 Edward Hornsby and Sarah Lane

May 19 John Auger and Margarett Cowdell

May 20 George Lewis and Rebecca Marshall

May 29 Richard Friend and Anne Munfield

June 6 John Leake and Hannah Taylor

July 7 Richard Taylor and Rebecca Horner

July 8 Edward Worrell and Anne Wheatly

July 11 Fulke Rose and Elizabeth Langley (at Porte Royal])

July 20 Thomas Farbeck and Mary Neale

July 28 Peter Haddard and Sarah Bowen

July 29 Thomas Best and Susanne Crane

Aug. 11 Mingo Delacruce and Alice Collins

Oct. 1 John Wethersby and Margaret Yates

Oct. 31 Garret Murffley and Elizabeth Mackaw

Nov. 10 Thomas Churches and Elizabeth Goodall

Nov. 11 Robert Edwards and Jane Haynes

Nov. 15 Edward Harding and Marv Bourden

Nov. 29 Tobias Foot and Elizabeth Williams

Dec. 13 Joseph Pochin and Catherine Warren

Dec. 16 Thomas Ketten and Elizabeth Low

Dec. 17 John Legatt and Anne Morgan

Dec. 22 Sir Francis Watson and Elizabeth Collier

Dec. 30 Thomas Barlow and Anne Bousey


Jan. 6 George Williams and Mary Collenridge

Jan. 16 Dennis Macswaine and Frances Deane

Feb. 18 Nicholas Elston and Anne Nesfield

Feb. 22 John Jones and Jane Grymes

Feb. 23 John Dennis and Anne Prosser

Feb. 25 William Moore and Rebecca Lightfoot

Mar. 4 John Cavey and Elizabeth Barker

Mar. 4 George Ashby and Eleanor Scarlett

Mar. 12 John Baily and Mary Mighty

Mar. 16 Thomas South and Deborah Watson


Mar. 27 Thomas Elvard and Penelope Cary

Mar. 30 Edward Usedone and Anne Piper

Mar. 30 Richard Guy and Alice Groves

April 3 Jacob Howard and Katherine Wells

April 21 George Sheller and Martha Sawyer

April 23 Edward Price and Isabelle Burges

May 13 Abraham Webb and Isabelle Miller

May 25 John Lambe and Ursula Probey

June 20 Richard Davis and Isabelle Hollifield

July 19 Isaak Allen and Mary Walker

July 28 Edward Turner and Sarah Fitzwilliams

July 29 George Richardson and Jane Goodson

Aug. 5 Edward Drake and Grace Modyford

Aug. 9 Adam Atkins and Helene Ferdinando

Aug. 21 William Coward and Mary Rymes (in Clarendon)

Aug. 27 Edward Godward and Elizabeth Plumley

Sept. 1 Abraham Harris and Anne Harris

Sept. 4 William Fleetwood and Elizabeth Ewer

Sept. 17 John Jones and Martha Stubbs

Sept. 30 Abraham Mills and Elizabeth Harrison

Oct. 2 John Wake and Jean Matterson

Oct. 2 Andrew Read and Susanne Green

Oct. 20 William Gibson and Mary Powell

Oct. 27 George Crosse and Sarah Stone

Nov. 1 Thomas Bishop and Joan Binham

Nov. 4 John Sanders and Elizabeth Peace

Nov. 28 John Heath and Elizabeth Edwards

Dec. 11 Thomas Ball and Mary Horner

Dec. 28 Joseph Tyner and Elizabeth Greenwood

Dec. 28 John Frank and Joanne Craddock

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