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Lyne of Barbados and Jamaica.

Christopher Lyne of Barbados, Gent. Will not dated. My brother Edward Lyne £100 if my estate be over £1000. My sister Alice Lyne £100. Kinswoman Sarah Andrews, wife of John Andrews, £50, my dear friend Mrs. Barberye Waldin, dau. of Edmund Waldin, deceased, Executrix, my Father in law Mr. Francis Raynes Overseer. Witnessed by Richard Hawkins, Simon Lynde, Thomas Ellacott, Clem. Starr, 17 Mar. 1650. Sworn by Mr Thomas Ellacott, aged about 23, and Mr Simon Lynde,* aged about 27. Recorded in Barbados.
* His pedigree is given in " N. and Q.," 68, iv., 390, where it is stated that he was born in 1624, and went to Boston in 1650. From the above will he must have gone to America via Barbados. It is not stated what relationship he bore to the testator.


"Will of Colonel Christopher Lyne of Jamaica in the Parish of St Thomas, dated 27 Feb. 1689-90. My son Captain Richard Lyne of Barbados and Parish of St George's, all my estate in England, Barbados, Jamaica, and elsewhere. My dau. Mary, wife of John Batten, £1500 Barbados c., wife Elizabeth Lyne £150 a year and a dwelling house in Barbados, son Richard Lyne Executor. Michael Bond and James Stretch to be trustees in Jamaica until my said son comes or sends from Barbados. Witnesses: Modyford Freeman, Lewis Evans, John Campion, John Clarke. Proved 25 Sept.1690. Recorded in Spanish Town, Jamaica.
Testator in 1679 owned 272 acres, was Col. of a foot regiment, and had a licence to go to Jamaica. (Hotten and "Colon. Cal.")


Elizabeth Lyne of Barbados. Will dated 16 Nov. 1690. My dau. Mary Bratten "one Cabbanett," sister Mary Wale "a new morning gownd and a petticoate and £5," cousin Elizabeth Hasell "my seddan," grandson Christopher Lyne "one silver tankard marked C. L., and two mourning rings, one that was his grandfather's, and another his father's," grandson Richard Lyne £100 at the age of 18, grandson Christopher Lyne "all the rest of my estate, but in case he die before the age of twenty-one years then to my grandson Richard Lyne," "a pair of pearle braseletts to my daughter Mary Bratten, and after her decease to my granddaughter Elizabeth Lyne. provided my daughter have no issue," "my granddaughter Elizabeth Lyne," and "my daughter Anne Lyne," my kinsman Samuel Hasell £5. Proved 2 Nov. 1693. Recorded in Barbados.
There is nothing to shew the relationship between the Christopher Lyne of 1650 and Col. Christopher Lyne who died in 1693. There is no record of the death of Christopher Lyne in 1650, nor of the marriage of Christopher Lyne and his wife Elizabeth in Barbados Registers, nor of the baptisms of any of their children.
Anne Lyne, daughter of the testator above, and of Col. Christopher Lyne, married Capt. John Firebrace of St. Michael's.

Admiral Alan Gardner, 1st Lord Gardner

Admiral Alan Gardner, 1st Lord Gardner, son of Lieut.-Col. Gardner of the llth Dragoon Guards, was born at Uttoxeter in Staffordshire 11 April 1742. He entered the Navy in 1755, became a Captain in 1766, going out to Jamaica in the "Preston" as flag-ship of Rear-Admiral Parry, and stayed on that station until 1771. In 1775-70 he was again there, and fought in the battle of Grenada 6 July 1779, and again under Rodney in 1782. He was sent to Jamaica as Commander-in-Chief in 1786, and returned to England after three years. From 1790-5 he sat at the Board of Admiralty, and was M.P. for Plymouth 1795-6. In 1793, being advanced to flag-rank, he went out to the W.I. with a squadron; fought under Howe 1 June 1794; was created a Baronet, and in 1801 a peer. He died 1 Jan. 1809, and there is a portrait of him at Greenwich. He married at Jamaica in 1769 Susanna Hyde, dau. and heiress of Fra. Gale and widow of Sabine Turner, and by her had several children ("D.N.B."). He appears to have married secondly Maria Eliz. Adderly, whom he divorced in 1804. ("Notes and Queries," 11 S., iv., 473.)

Johnson of Jamaica*

* Contributed by Mr. Erskine E. West.

THOMAS JOHNSON, a Lieut. R.N. was the first of his family who settled in Jamaica. He married Rachel, dau. of Captain William Ricketts of Bluefield's Fort, Jamaica, by his wife Mary Goodwin (see Ricketts of Combe, Burke's "Landed Gentry"), and had issue:-
1. Thomas, died young.
2. Jacob, who follows.

JACOB JOHNSON of Springfield, Parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, m. 1st, in 1746, Christian, 4th dau. of Samuel Barrett of Jamaica by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Henry and Mary Wisdom of St. James, J., and by her, who b. in 1730-1, d. 1759 (? 1761) in the Parish of Westmoreland, had issue two sons and four daus., viz.:-
1. Thomas, died young.
2. Jacob, died young.
1. Rachel, m. Joseph Williams of Luana, Nigrelia, Jamaica, and had issue: Lewis, Thomas, Richard, Anna, m. her cousin Lewis Williams, and other daus., who m. respectively Skinner, Hylton, Mary, m. Sir William Anglin Scarlett, Chief Justice of J., and Christian, who d. unmarried.
2. Elizabeth Wisdom, m., 27 March 1767, James Robert Tomlinson, who
settled in America, and had issue:-
i. James Robert, m., in 1802, Marianne, dau. of ..... Mackintosh and widow of .... Lindsay, and had issue: James Robert, Barrister-at-law, who d. unm., and Helen, m. A. Rerrie.
3. Christian Barrett, m. John Tomlinson, brother of the first-mentioned James Robert Tomlinson, and had issue :-
i. James Tomlinson.
i. Christian Tomlinson, m., 26 March 1794, Robert Oliver Vassall. He was b. 28 May 1769 and d. 23 March 1827 in J.
ii. Elizabeth Tomlinson, m. her cousin James, son of Anthony Tomlinson (brother of James Robert and John Tomlinson), and had issue. She m. 2ndly a Captain Stuart but had no further issue by him.
4. Mary, m., 4 June 1771, William Hylton, and by him, who d. at Glebe Chateau Pen, St. Andrew's, J., on 20 Feb. 1837, aet. (aged) 88, had issue:-
i. Johnson Hylton.
ii. George Hylton.
iii. William Hylton, m. his 1st cousin, the dau. of Joseph Williams of Luana by his wife Rachel, dau. of Jacob Johnson, and had :-
(a) Rev. William Hylton, educated at Eton, an Army chaplain, and afterwards Rector of St. John's, J. He m. Martha, dau. Of ... Kirkman, and died without issue at a great age in England.
iv. Samuel John Hylton.
v. Jacob Hylton.
vi. Thomas Ricketts Hylton.
vii. Strickland Hylton.
viii. Daniel Hylton.
i. Mehitabel Hylton.
ii. Mary, m. the Marquis de la Motte of La Motte in France, and had a dau. Mary, who m..... Allan, and had an only son.
iii. and iv. Daus., who m. respectively ... Lynch, a descendant of Sir Thomas Lynch, and had issue, and ...Johnson.

JACOB JOHNSON m. 2ndly Susanna Mary Poole, dau. of John Lawrence of Ironshore, J. (by his 2nd wife Mary, dau. of Samuel and Sabina Poole, and relict of Thomas Woollery), and had further issue by her:-
3. John Jones, m. his 1st cousin Sabina, dau. of Joseph Bowen by his wife Sabina Jane, dau. of John Lawrence of Ironshore, but his wife dying soon after their marriage he did not remarry, and died without issue.
4. William Ricketts of Jacob's Hope, Westmoreland, J.. m. Catherine, dau. of .... Williams of .... ., and had issue an only dau. Elizabeth, b. 1800 or 1801; m. Rev. James Rowe, b. 19 Nov. 1795, formerly an officer in the Black Watch, served in the Peninsula, and d. 15 May 1884. He d. at an advanced age Rector of Morchard-Bishop in Devonshire. Mrs. Catherine Johnson nee Williams m. 2ndly William Rowe, father of the Rev. James Rowe, and had one son, William Rowe, Archdeacon of the County of Cornwall, J.
5. Samuel Robert.
6. George Robert, of whom presently.
5. Mary Poole, m. when aged 15 Joseph Brissett of Hanover, J., and d. aged 27, having had issue by him :-
i. Richard Brissett and ii. Johnson Brissett, both died young of yellow fever within a week of each other.
i. Elizabeth Tharp Brissett, m., 26 June 1810, Alexander Erskine of Lima, Jamaica, and Balhall, Forfar, N.B., last heir male of the ancient baronial family of Erskine of Dun, and had issue by him (for which see Kennedy-Erskine of Dun in Burke's "Landed Gentry ").
ii. Anne Wilhelmina Brissett, m., 17 April 1809, James Law Stewart of Shaw Park, J., and had issue (see Stewart family).
iii. Mary Brissett, m., 17 April 1809, Mr. Davis.
iv. Sabina Poole Brissett, m., 24 April 1813, Major Henry Herbert Manners, and had issue.
6. Elizabeth Violetta, m. James Porter of the Co. Waterford family, a cousin of Anna and Jane Porter, the authoresses, and had issue:-
i. James Porter, d. unmarried.
ii. Anna Wilhelmina Porter, b. Jan. 1801; m. her cousin John Robert Tomlinson, and had issue.
Jacob Johnson d. in 1784 at an advanced age, and was succeeded by his son,

GEORGE ROBERT JOHNSON of Springfield, J., b. 1770; m. Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Alexander Campbell of J. by his wife Rebecca, dau. of Joseph Tharp of J., and by her, who d. May 1824, aet.(aged) 50, had issue. He d. 10 Sept. 1853, aet. 83.
1. George Robert Johnson, M.D., m., 23 March 1818, his cousin Elizabeth Oliver (b. 20 July 1796, d. 27 Sept. 1880), dau. of Robert Oliver Vassall by his wife Christian Barrett, dau. of John Tomlinson by his wife Christian, dau. of Jacob Johnson of Springfield, and had issue : -
i. George Vassall, m., 3 Aug. 1853, Emma Evans, dau. of .... Page, and had issue :-
(a) Elizabeth, m. George Maxwell.
(b)Georgiana, m. William Maxwell.
(c) Anna, m. Henry Maxwell.
(d} Mary Anne, m. Henry Walcott.
ii. William Clarke, b. 21 June 1824; d. unm. 8 Nov. 1854.
iii. John Vassall Campbell, b. 19 May 1828 ; d. unm. 28 Oct. 1851
i. Elizabeth Campbell, m. Francis Maxwell, and had issue : -
(a) Francis Salmon Maxwell.
(b) George Maxwell, m. Elizabeth Johnson.
(c) Henry Maxwell, m. Anna Johnson.
(d) William Maxwell, m. Georgiana Johnson.

(a) Mary Maxwell.
(b) Elizabeth Maxwell.
(c) Sarah Maxwell.
ii. Georgiana Elmina, b. 28 Jan. 1827 ; m., 27 Jan. 1842, John Calder (born in Edinburghshire), and has issue:-
(a) John Vassall Calder of Ewarton, J., M.L.C., m. Emily, dau. of ... Simms, and has issue:-
i. John Travers Calder.
ii. Oliver Vassall Calder.
iii. Noel Travers Calder
iv. Kenneth William Calder.
v. Colin Campbell Calder.
i. Elsie Vassall Calder.
ii. Mary Calder.
(b) William Johnson Calder, M.B., C.M. Edin., m. Emily Sinclair and has issue.
(c) James Arthur Lawrence Calder, M.B., C.M. Edin., m. Marion Smith and has issue :-
i Clarence Calder.
ii Norman Calder.
i Jean Calder.
ii. Margaret Calder.
iii. Marion Calder.
(d) Charles McLear Calder, Resident Magistrate at Savanna-la-Mar, J.,m. Blanche Lind, and has issue a dau. Claire.
(a) Mary Elmina Calder, m. John W. Earle and has issue.
(b) Georgiana Roberta Caldor, d. unm.
(c) Henrietta Emma Calder, m. George Cooke, F.R.C.S.I, late R.N., of Mandeville, J., and had issue.
(d) Margaret Isabella Calder.
2. Alexander Campbell Johnson, d. unm. 1871.
3. Robert Johnson, d. unm.
1. Elizabeth Campbell, d. unm.
2. Wilhelmina Margaret, m., Nov. 1826, Ezekiel Charles Petgrave, and d. at Bath 1888, leaving by her husband, who predeceased her on Aug. 1827, an only (posthumous) son:-
i. Ezekiel Charles Thomas Johnson Petgravo of Circus House, Bath, b. 22 Sept. 1827; m., June 1854, Susan H ....., dau. of .... Wallis, and has issue :-
(a) Charles Yeatman Petgrave, b. Aug. 1857.
(a) Susan Wilhelmina Petgrave, d. June 1855; m., 1878, Capt. Lewis Forbes Heath of the Indian Army, who d. leaving issue.


"William Ricketts Johnson m. his cousin Catherine Williams, who survived him, and married again William Rowe. She had one child by her 1st marriage, Elizabeth Johnson, and one by the 2nd marriage, William Rowe.
"Mr. Rowe was a widower when she married him, and his son James Rowe married her dau. Elizabeth Johnson. This James Rowe was then in the Army, in the 'Black Watch,' and served in the Peninsula War, and also, I think, at Waterloo.
"He then gave up the Army, and married and went to Oxford, where he took his degree (some of his children were born while he was an Undergraduate). He died a very old man at Morchard-Bishop, Devon, where he had been Rector for many years. His wife had died there some years previously. She was an exceedingly pretty woman, quite lovely in her youth.
"All her sons died unmarried, except the sole surviving one, Colonel Valentine Rowe. One of her daughters m. the late William Shore, and d. leaving two , children, Arabella and William. He m. again Frances Rowe, a cousin of his first wife. She was dau. of William Rowe, Archdeacon of Jamaica, with whose family we were extremely intimate in Jamaica. They lived at the old family place 'Belle-Vue' in the Santa-Cruz Mountains, and we lived near.
"Very few days passed in which we did not meet. Emily Rowe and I were like sisters.
"I can just remember old Mrs. Rowe, Catherine Williams that was. She was
an immense age and quite childish when she died. She lived with her son the Archdeacon.
"Another dau. of Elizabeth Rowe nee Johnson married her cousin Canon James Simpson. His mother was a Skinner. They lived at Littlecommon, Bex-hill, where she died. They had several children.
"Julia, the youngest dau. of Elizabeth R. nee J., is still alive (1909), but is a great invalid and above 80 now."

The above is from MS. notes lent me in 1909 by Mrs. Paget Thurston nee Reid, a descendant of Tomlinson, Porter, Woolery, Johnson, and Barrett families.

Scarlett of Jamaica.

The accompanying portraits are of Robert Scarlett [See Scarlett portraits] of Duckett's Spring Estate, St. James's, Jamaica, and two of his sons, William [see portrait ] and another, to which is no name, but is supposed to be his eldest son Philip Anglin Scarlett of Cambridge and Success Estates, of whom no descendants remain. William was afterwards Sir William Anglin Scarlett, Chief Justice of Jamaica, who died in 1831, whence descend the younger branch of this name in England, now Scarlett of Gigha, N.B.
The Scarletts were connected with many of the families in the. parish of St. James in Jamaica, and some in St. Andrew's, where they were first settled, such as Hine, Gordon, Le Comte, Gallimore, Le Bert, Bowen, Campbell (of Fish River, Jamaica, and Kilmory, N.B.), Williams, Lawrence, Anglin, Grignon, and many others.
The first in Jamaica was Captain Francis Scarlett, who was at the taking of the Island, and for his services given a large grant of land in the parish of St. Andrew. He was member for this parish in 1680 and Captain of the Regiment. He left the estate to his nephew William Scarlett, and died in England, where he had property at Eastbourne, in 1685, a bachelor. His nephew William was of the Middle Temple and of Eastbourne, and married the daughter of Major Thomas Smallman of Wilderhope, Shropshire, and both she and her husband were related to the Leightons of that county, whose name appears in the early records of the Island.
Robert Scarlett of Duckett's Spring was great-grandson of this William (who died the year after coming to Jamaica), and was the father of James Scarlett, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, created Baron Abinger [See portrait ], who settled in England, and was the great-grandfather of the present peer, who owns these pictures. Mrs. Robert Scarlett was the daughter of Philip Anglin of Paradise Estate by Mary [See portrait ], dau. of John Lawrence of Fairfield Estate, a great-granddau. of Henry Lawrence, President of Cromwell's Council. The fourth portrait is that of Mary Lawrence, and her cousins were extremely numerous, so that the many connections were too many to keep an accurate note of. From James, the second son (after Lord Abinger), descends the present elder line of the Scarletts, formerly of Parkhurst, co. Surrey, now in England; of the third son Robert Scarlett, M.D., all issue is extinct; and the youngest son, as mentioned before, is represented by the Scarletts of Gigha.
The Scarletts of Eastbourne held much property in Sussex in the seventeenth century, and the name occurs in that county as early as 1309.

Mrs. B. F. Scarlett. Penenden House, Maidstone.

Anglin, Lawrence, and Mackintosh of Jamaica


Married May 21, 1702.**
John Lawrence Born November 18, 1704.
Benjamin Lawrence Born March 20, 1706.
Susanna Lawrence Born February 6, 1708.
James Lawrence Born September 9, 1709.
Rachel Lawrence Born May 20, 1711.
George Lawrence Born April 7, 1713.
Mary Lawrence Born May 11, 1716 (sic).
Richard Lawrence Born July 13, 1715 (sic~)***
Sarah Lawrence Born June 19, 1720.
Ezekiel Lawrence Born March 6, 1723.


William Anglin And Mary Dehany Married July 30, 1710.
Philip Anglin Born June 25,1711.
Mary Anglin Born January 24, 1714.
Elizabeth Anglin Born December 13, 1714.
William Auglin Born June 15, 1719.
Elizabeth Anglin Born August 29, 1721.
David Anglin Born January 9, 1724.
Martha Anglin Born March 24, 1726.


Alexander Mackintosh & Isabell Duff Married April 16, 1706.
William Mackintosh Born January 30, 1707.
John Mackintosh Born May 9, 1708.
Jean Mackintosh Born July 4, 1709.
* From a paper copy received from the Petgrave family in the possession of Mr. W. F. Lawrence of Cowesfield House, Salisbury. A note states that two samplers were given to Mr. E. C. J. T. Petgrave by his second-cousin Miss Domett.
** The parents, whose names have been unaccountably omitted from the above, were John
Lawrence and Susanna Petgrave his wife.
*** Probably error for 1718.
Hellen Mackintosh Born May 29, 1710.
Alexander Mackintosh Born June 19, 1711.
Catherine Mackintosh Born July 25, 1712.
James Mackintosh Born November [blank], 1713.
Mary Mackintosh Born January 1, 1715.
Elizabeth Mackintosh Born January 9, 1716.
Lauchlan Mackintosh Born February 16, 1717.
Magdalen Mackintosh Born March 22, 1718.
Lodovick Mackintosh Born April 27, 1719.
Jannett Mackintosh Born July 22, 1720.
Ann Mackintosh Born October 8, 1721.
Alexander Mackintosh Born January 29, 1723.
John Mackintosh Born May 14, 1724.
Isabell Mackintosh Born September 28, 1725.
Rachel Mackintosh Born October 16, 1726.
George Mackintosh Born December 18, 1726 (sic}.
Charles Mackintosh Born May 8, 1729.
Christina Mackintosh Born August 8, 1730.
Mary Mackintosh Born May 23, 1733.
(Signed)    SUSANNA MACKINTOSH.* Finished This May 31, 1771.
* A note states that she was a child of 7.


Jamaica, St James' Parish, Novr 25th, 1757, Charles McIntosh, lawful son to Alexander M.cIntosh of Blirvie in the Kingdom of Scotland by Isabell Duff, sister to the Earl of Fife, was married to Susanna Lawrence, lawful daughter to George Lawrence, Esqre, and Elizabeth Anglin, in the Island and Parish aforesaid.
The Revd PETER TORRIANO, B.D., Rector.
October 13th, 1759. Was born to them a son named George.
January 30th, 1761. Was born to them a daughter named Elizabeth.
Sepr 27th, 1762. Was born to them a daughter named Isabella.
June 4th, 1764. Was born to them a daughter named Susanna** and married T. H. Petgrave.
Feby. 25th, 1766. Was born to them a son named John.
Sepr 4th, 1769. Was born to them a son named George Lawrence.
May 23ra, 1772. Was born to them a daur at Elgin named Mary-Jean.
August 26th, 1773. Was born to them at Elgin a Daur named Mary Duff.
(Signed by) CHAS. MCINTOSH.
July 30th, 1776. Was born to them a daur named Dehany Petgrave.


# Married Thomas Harding Petgrave, Esqre, of the Parish of St James, 1791. Children: A daughter Susanna L. Petgrave [born] 1793 [died 1847].**
A daughter Elizabeth Mary Petgrave [born] 1795 [died 1870].**
A Son Thomas Carr Petgrave, died in 1824, aged 27 years.
A Son Ezekiel Charles Petgrave,*+* died in 1827, aged 26 years.
A Son Charles Edward Petgrave, died in 1S20, aged 16 years.
*+* Ezekiel Charles Petgrave married in the year 1826 Wilhelmina M. Johnson of the Parish of Westmorland, and, one month after the death of the above-named E. C. Petgrave, a Son was born on the 22nd September 1827 named Ezekiel Charles T. J. Petgrave.
* Received 26 July 1913 from Miss M. Nembhard, with letter from Mrs. Heath of Failand, Paignton..

** The words within brackets in a later hand.
8 June 1854. Ezekiel Charles Petgrave married Susan Hawthorn Wallis, daughter of George Wallis of Bristol, M.D., by whom he had issue:-
Susan Wilhelmina born 24 June 1855
Charles Yeatman born 24 August 1857
2 December 1878. Susan Wilhelmina married Lewis Forbes Heath, son of Genl J. C. Heath, by whom she had issue:-
Maud Margaret Heath, married Charles Benson
Percy Charles Petgrave Heath.
Lewis Macclesfield Heath
Gerald Crossmaker


 (Endorsed) Family Births, etc., McIntosh and Petgrave. And in another hand : Copied from a very old paper, a record begun by Charles Mclntosh and in his writing as far as where his name comes, and the birth of his last child is added below his signature and by him.
The entries relating to the Petgrave marriage and children are in another hand.

Brooks of Jamaica.*

George Brooks the elder of the parish of St Elizabeth and Island of Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 3 March 1748. To my wife Eliz. £200 currency per annum, 18 slaves, chaise, and six horses and her riding horse during her life, also 128 acres which I bought of Col. Norwood Witter, Esq., the use of my dwelling house and 80 acres which I bought of Thomas Wharton, furniture, provisions, and 20 heifers. My dau. Anne Williams, wife of Lewis Williams, Esq., £500 c. to be paid out of Fra. Smyth, Esq., his bond to Richard Crutcher dated 12 Oct. 1745. My dau. Cath. Smyth, wife of Fra. Smyth, Esq., £200 c. My dau. Eliz. Brooks the moiety of Lucock Griffen his bond for £1400 c. dated 26 Sept. 1748 at marriage or 21, and 3 negro girls. My dau. Bonella Brooks the other moiety and 3 negro girls at marriage or 21. All my children to be maintained till they receive their portions. My son George Brooks 100 acres. I purchased of George Baxstead, Esq., and wife in Santa Cruz, also a parcel of 505 acres and one of 60 acres in Santa Cruz I bought of John and William Turner and wives, also the lands I bought of John Vaughan and wife in Santa Cruz, also 40 acres in Santa Cruz I bought of Benjamin Rushton, also 100 acres out of the Run I escheated in the name of Thomas Edwards, also a moiety of my lands in Mannattree Valley on the W. side of Carpenter Mountains called Cedar Valley, also 100 acres part of 300 acres in Santa Cruz patented by Sam. Brooks butting on Sam. Brooks, Sam. Rushton, Thomas Edwards, James Powell, Short Hills, Thomas Rushton, and Benjamin Rushton.
My son Sam. Brooks my dwelling house on Burnt Savanna Mountains patented in the name of John Brooks, also the land there I bought of John Tho. Picton (?), also 180 acres there patented in the name of George Brooks, also the moiety of 300 acres patented by George Jackson, also the moiety of 300 a, patented in the name of George Brooks, also the moiety of my lands in Well Savannah called Cubitaire (?) I purchased of Norwood Witter, Esq.
My son John Brooks 5 acres on which his house stands which I bought of George Wharton and is patented in the name of Hugh Davis at Turney Hog Hole, also 300 a. adjoining patented in the name of Chr. Brooks, also 200 a. purchased by Benjamin Rushton butting one side on Sam. Brooks and the other side on John Brooks, Walker Burke, Thomas Edwards, and John Parris, also 200 a. out of the two runs patented by John Brooks and Sam. Brooks, also the moiety of a run of land patented by Robert Sadler, which I purchased of sundry persons, lying between Essex Valley and Manatree Valley.
My s. Chr. Brooks two parcels of land, one of which I bought of John and Wm. Turner and wives, patented by Thomas Davis for 300 a., but by a recent survey of Fra. Walters 436 a., at Grassy River butting on Black River, the other piece of 330 a. patented by Thorp which I bought of. Joseph Croomer (?) adjoining the other parcel, also the remaining moiety of the lands at Mannattree Valley and Cedar Valley, the other part I having bequeathed to my s. Geo. B., also 100 a. I escheated in the name of Thomas Edwards, also 100 a., part of 300 a., in Santa Cruz patented by Sam. Brooks, and of which I have bequeathed 100 a. to my s. Geo. B.
My s. Tho. Brooks the remaining moiety of 300 a. patented by Geo. Jackson, the other moiety I having bequeathed to my s. Sam B.. also the remaining moiety of 300 a. in the name of Geo. B., the other moiety being bequeathed to my s. Sam. B., also 300 a. patented by Geo. B., Jr, butting on the said two runs, also 105 a. patented in the name of James Powell, two sides of which are adjoining to Geo. B., Jr. part of a run I bought of James Powell, also the remaining moiety I bought of Norwood Witter in Well Savannah called Cubitaire.
My s. Francis Brooks the remaining part of the two runs, one of which is patented in the name of Sam. B., at the Seven Corners, and the other patented .in the name of John B., also 265 a. patented by James Powell, part of a parcel I bought of James P., also 100 a. at Santa Cruz, being the remaining part of the 300 a.
* Copies of these wills were made for Miss M. Nembhard by Mr. F. Judah.   I have made the following abstracts, but the handwriting being difficult to read some names are doubtful.
patented by Sam. B., and of which I have bequeathed 100 acres apiece to my sons George and Chr., also 72 acres on Burnt Savannah butting on Rocky Mountains, James Powell, Richard Fitzhugh, and unsurveyed, also the remaining moiety of the land between Mannattree Valley and Essex Valley patented by Robert Sadler (?). A house to be erected on each allotment when my youngest son Francis is 18. Stock leased of George Wharton and in co-partnership with Elizabeth Sadler, widow. All residue to my six sons. My wife Eliz. Executrix, and my sons when 20 executors. In the presence of Archibald Doig, Francis Noke, Charles Sheldon Cole.
Codicil:- 10 March 1749. Daus. Elizabeth Brooks and Bonella Brooks to have their portions made up to £1000 currency apiece. In the presence of William Bennett, Francis Noke, Charles Sheldon Cole.
Sworn by Fra. Noke and C. S. Cole,: 31 Nov.1750, before William Yates (?) and Fra. Smith. Recorded in Libro 28, fo. 18. Entered 21 Nov. 1750.


George Brooks* of the parish of St Eliz., county of Cornwall, Island of Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 10 April 1779. To my mother Eliz. B. an annuity of £50 c. To a free mulatto woman called Mary Powell who lives with me an annuity of £20 c. and provisions, furniture, plate, china, &c., 7 slaves, and at her death to Jane Coles, dau. of Mary Powell. To Ann Sherman, widow of Nicholas Sherman, and to Jane Coles, Mary Brooks, Martha Brooks, Priscilla Brooks, Ruth Brooks, daus. of Mary Powell, each a negro woman, and if any die under 21 to survivors. To Jane Coles £700 c. within 2 years. To Ann Sherman, Mary B., Martha B., Priscilla B., and Ruth B. £700 c. each on 7 July 1791 with interest or at marriage. To James Brooks, Richard B., Joseph B., Edward B., John B., sons of Mary Powell, each a negro man at 21. To James and Richard B. each £100 c. yearly until 7 July 1791. Joseph B., now under the care of Mr Thomas Gowland, merchant in London, to be educated and £100 c. a year on leaving school until 7 July 1791. Similar provision for Edward and John B. until 7 July 1791, when John will be 21, and £300 each for apprenticeship. To my nephew John B., s. of my brother John B., and my nephew George B. and Chr. B., sons of my bro. Chr. B., all my interest in those lands my father left to my brothers Sam. B. and Thomas B., and who died without issue and slaves. To Jane Coles those 2 parcels of land in Santa Cruz which I purchased of Mrs. Eliz. Brooks. To my friends Thomas Chambers and John Harriott, both of the parish of St Eliz., Esqrcs, Dr. John Fairbairn, and Richard Huggins Read of the p. of Vere, Esq., all my lands and slaves and all personal estate on trust as to those 2 pieces of land at Santa Cruz left me by my father, one piece whereof was patented by Ben. Rushton for 40 acres, and the other of 60 acres patented in the name of Tho. Davis, whereon my dwelling house stands, to permit Mary Powell to occupy it for her life and to manage the rest and pay annuities and legacies and on 7 July 1791 convey to my said 3 nephews all those lands left me by my father, and convey to my 2 nephews Geo. and Chr. B. those two parcels of land I purchased of Fra. Gale, Esq., and Geo. French of 1000 acres called the Cod Pen, afterwards known as the Hounslow estate, to manumit my slave Harry, and pay all residue to the 5 sons of Mary Powell, and I empower my trustees to sell that piece of land I purchased of Geo. French called Ridge Penn. Trustees to be Executors and Guardians.
Witnessed by Thomas Myers, E. M. ...., Alexander Ricketts.
Sworn by Alex. Ricketts 20 Sept. 1777 before William Mitchell. Recorded in Libro 44, fo. 162.
* Miss Nembhard has finely-painted miniatures of testator and his nephew Chr. B.


Christopher Brooks of the parish of St Eliz., co. of Cornwall, I. of Jamaica, planter. Will dated 17 March 1769. To my wife Deborah B. 20 acres which I bought of my mother Eliz. B. just above the house which did belong to Mr Joseph Cramer, and a house to be erected thereon agreeable to the plan I delivered to Mr John Goodfellow, carpenter, also my dwelling house at Grass River, household furniture, 6 horses, my kittareen, 10 negroes and 5 children, £200 c. a year. To my four daus., Eliz., Mary, Ann, and Cath. B., each £1500 c. at 21 or marriage, and a negro girl, and if any marry contrary to the approbation of my wife 1 shilling. only. To my s. George B. all residue. If all my children die without issue then those negroes which did belong to Thomas Hay, Esq., deceased, may be appropriated agreeable to his will, and the residue of my est. to be 1/3 to my brother Geo. B., 1/3 to my brother Fra. B., and 1/3 to my brother John B.'s two sons, Geo. and John B. My friend John Harriott, Esq., my brother George B., Esq., and my wife Deborah Executors and Guardians. Wit. by Thomas Alison, Thomas Wood Dod, Sally Audley. Sworn 5 Feb. 1771 by T. W. Dod, planter, before John Ramsay.
Codicil.-21 March 1769. If my wife die my daus. to have the house and £100 paid to a good woman to live with them. Produce to be consigned to Messrs. Morse and Smith Meickle in London. Witness by Tho. Chambers, Tho. Powell, Tho. Alison. Sworn 5 Feb. 1771 by T. Chambers. Recorded in Libro 39, fo. 161. (Transcript, fo. 310.)


John Brooks of the parish of St Eliz., co. Cornwall, I. of Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 9 May 1797. To my wife Eliz. £200 c. per annum exclusive of our marriage settlement, mv dwelling house at Burnt Ground, plate, furniture, carriages and horses, and 8 slaves. My son Geo. B. £2000. My daus. Ann Virgo Brooks, Elizabeth Raby Brooks, and Frances Brooks, £1000 each at 21 or marriage. All residue to my s. Geo. B. My wife and friends Philip Pinnock of the p. of Westmoreland, and William Killatt Hewitt of St Eliz., Esq., Executors. Wit, by A. Smith, James Dick, Robert Muschett. Sworn by Robert Muschett 5 Jan. 1802, before Joseph James Swaby. Recorded in Libro 67, fo. 236.


George Brooks of the parish of Manchester, co. Middlesex, I. of J. Will dated 10 June 1831. My debts heavy and W.I. property much depreciated. 1/2 estate to my wife Sarah Tharpe Petgrave Brooks for life, then equally among my chn, Geo. B., Eliz. Nembhard, Charlotte Augusta B., and Burnella Morgan B. The other 1/2 to my said chn. To my wife and chn my dwelling house and 30 to 40 acres around it at Blenheim, 8 slaves. My wife, my friend Edmund Fra. Green, Esq., of L., and my s. George, Executors and Guardians. The half of Chester estate in Trelawny which my uncle F. V. Dunn gave me after the decease of Mrs. Dunn I give to my s. according to his will. Witnessed by F. Kingston, George Vezey, John Kingston. Sworn by J. K. 19 Nov. 1832, before William Nembhard. Recorded in Libro 113, fo. 76. Entered 26 Nov. 1832.


24 Ap. 1660. Petition for a new Governor of Jamaica of merchants, seamen, etc., trading unto the W.I. Signed by "Kit Brooke." Egerton MS. 2395, fo. 171.

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