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*Compiled by Hugh Alex. Ford, 1908-1913.


   The particulars with reference to Martha and Samuel Delpratt given on this page  are taken from a pedigree of this family compiled by W. J. C. Moens, Esq F.S.A. and printed in "Miscellanea Genealogia et Heraldica," 2nd Series, Vol. III. (1890), pp. 344-346.

   The pedigree in question is a tabular one, and no evidences are printed in proof of its accuracy. It starts the English branch with certainty at the above-named Samuel Delpratt, who is presumed to be the son of Daniel Duprat, born at Nerac (Departement de Lot-et-Garonne, France), and naturalized by Act of Parliament 12 William III. (1700). The pedigree is carried down in part to 1889. Joseph Delpratt, grandson of the above-mentioned Samuel, had a grant of arms on the 17th of December 1867.

   I have not myself attempted to verify this Delpratt pedigree. I note that there is no mention of anybody of this name in the "G.M." prior to 1810, except in the year 1763, p. 620, December Number, where "William Delpratt of Bristol, merchant," appears in the list of bankrupts. There are no Delpratt wills at Bristol prior to 1800.
H. A. F.


   The above sketch pedigree may possibly prove of interest, inasmuch as it shews the descent of John Foord, Merchant of Kingston, Jamaica, who died in 1758, and of the Hon. Edward Foord, Member of Council of the island, who died in 1777, and to whose memory there is a tablet in St. Andrew's Church, Jamaica.

   I have compiled the pedigree in question from my general "Ford Collections," and no special study of this particular family has been made.

   It will be observed that no searches have been made in any of the Parish Registers of Bristol. As this family appears to have resided for several generations in the parish of St. Maryport in that city, a search in the Registers of this parish would doubtless yield much further information.

   I should also recommend any one who is especially interested in this Foord family to search the marriages and deaths recorded in the early Bristol newspapers, "Felix Farley's Bristol Journal," etc., of which there is a very fine series in the Bristol Public Reference-Library.

   This family of Foord does not appear to be connected in any way with that of Gilbert Ford, Attorney-General for Jamaica 1760, Member of the Assembly for St. John's 1761, Member of Council 1764, who was buried at St. Andrew's Jamaica, in October 1767, although this latter family also had several members resident in Bristol during the eighteenth century.  I have compiled a fairly complete pedigree of the family of this Gilbert Ford from 1672 to the present day, comprising eight generations, and giving particulars of some eighty individuals.

I am interested in all Ford pedigrees, either in any part of the United Kingdom or in the West Indies. I have lists of all Ford wills and administrations in the P.C.C. from the earliest to the year 1800, containing some 1,100 references. I now have abstracts of over half of these, and I hope shortly to have the series complete. I also possess numerous pedigrees and sketch pedigrees of many families of this name, as well as thousands of references to individuals, lists of wills in several District Probate Courts, extracts from Parish Registers (intruding all references to Ford in the whole of the existing Registers in Jamaica prior to 1800), and much other genealogical material. I shall be glad to correspond with anybody interested in a Ford family.

            H. A. F.
January, 1913.




   NOTE.-I have abstracts of all Ford wills proved at Bristol from 1689 to 1807. There are four wills prior to 1689. I have also abstracts of all the Ford wills proved, and administrations granted, in the P.C.C. prior to the year 1800, where the locality given in the Calendar is either Bristol or Gloucester. I also possess notes from all the wills of this name proved in Jamaica between 1660 and 1760. The following ten wills and administrations are selected from the above and appear to be all that relate to this particular family.
        H. A.F.
   Will of John Foord of the city of Bristol, Cordwainer, dated 14 April 1747. Now of advanced age. To his son Michael Foord the reversion of a messuage in Maryport Street. To his three grandchildren, Thomas, John, and Elizabeth Foord, sons and dau. of his son Michael Foord, £100 each at 21 or marriage. His sister Elizabeth Daniel and her son Rowland Daniel to have his cottage and messuage in Newport, co. Monmouth. Poor of St. Maryport.  His son Thomas Foord sole executor. Proved at Bristol 6 October 1727 by Thomas Foord.


   25 October 1742. Administration of the goods, etc., of Thomas Foord, late of
Bristol, bachelor, deceased, was granted to Michael Foord, the brother. (Administration Act Book, P.C.C.)


   Will of Michael Foord, glover, of Bristol, dated 8 September 1750. His wife Martha to be executrix. Settlement on eldest son Thomas Foord of messuage, etc., in Henbury, co. Gloucester, purchased by father John Foord, and settled on testator's brother Thomas Foord, whose heir-at-law he - the testator - now is; failing heirs of Thomas, on testator's son John Foord and his heirs, on son Edward and heirs of his body, on daughters Elizabeth, Mary, and Martha and their heirs. A messuage in Milk Street, purchased of David Rose, to his wife Martha, also a messuage in Mary Port Street, together with another messuage leased from the Corporation. Legacies to daughters already named. His wife appointed residuary legatee. Henry Hillman, currier, and Christopher Raymond, upholder, both of Bristol, to be overseers. Proved 11 December 1750 by the executrix named. (386, Greenly.)


   20 January 1754. Administration of the goods, etc., of Thomas of the city of Bristol, deceased, left unadministered by Michael Foord, deceased, whilst living the brother and only next of kin, was granted to Martha Foord, widow, the relict and sole executrix named in the will of the said Michael Foord, deceased. First grant in October 1742. (Administration Act Book, P.C.C.)

   John Foord, late of the city of Bristol, but now of the pariah of Kingston in the Island of Jamaica, Merchant. Will dated 1 Oct. 1758. My many and great losses. My funeral to be at Greenwich Park. Unto my friend Thomas Harris, Esq., one of my Executors, the mourning diamond ring I wear inscribed on the outside "Thos. Harris ob. 20 Decr 1748 AE 70." To my Nephew Edward Foord my gold headed cane.  My Sister Elizabeth Foord my gold sleeve buttons and the Wedding ring of my late Beloved wife. My Friend Zachary Bayly, Esq., my silver mounted Sword. To a Mulatto Boy in the parish of Saint James's named John Cohall, son of Honora Cohall, a free Mulatto woman, my negro boy Ben and £20. My Kinswoman Isabella Lewis a Gold mourning Ring. My Friend Peter King All my wearing Apparel and my negro Boy Charles. Unto my Executors each a mourning ring. My brother Edward Foord five shillings. All the residue of my Estate unto my three Sisters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Martha Foord. My friends, Thomas Harris, Esq, and Mr. Morris Ceely, Merchant, both of Bristol, Zachary Bayly, Esq., Nathaniel Bayly, Esqr, and Peter King, Merchant, all of the parish of Kingston, Executors.
   Witnessed by Forts. Dwarris, Richard Curtin, Hugh Halero. Sworn 2 Nov. 1758 by Richard Curtin before H. Moore.
   [Lib. 31 of Wills, fol. 165 (Transcript folio 195), entered 2 November 1758.]


   Martha Foord of Bristol, widow. Will dated 27 February 1753. Devises to her eldest dau. Elizabeth Foord a messuage in Mary Port Street, Bristol, leased on the lives of testatrix, of said dau. Elizabeth, and of testatrix' other daughter Mary Foord. A messuage in Milk Street bequeathed to her by her late husband by will, dated 8 September 1750, to her daughter Mary Foord. To her youngest daughter Martha Foord another messuage in Mary Port Street, held of the Corporation for the lives of her sons John and Edward Foord and of said daughter Martha. To her sons, Thomas, John and Edward Foord, mourning. Thirty pounds to the use of her sister Anne Smith, and Five guineas for herself and her husband William Smith for mourning. Her daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Martha, to be co-executrices.
Proved 27 March 1760 by the executrices named. (101, Lynch.)


   27 September 1775. Administration of the goods, etc., of Ann Foord, late of Bristol, widow, deceased, was granted to Edward Foord the son. (Ad'mon Act Book, P.C.C.)


   Edward Foord of Bristol, gent. Will dated 11 December 1775. Bequeaths all his freehold messuage to his aunts Elizabeth How and Mary Foord, spinster, and the survivor of them; then to his aunt Martha, wife of Samuel Delpratt of Bristol, and her children. To his cousin Martha, daughter of Martha Delpratt, "my late honoured mother's gold watch." To his cousins Samuel Delpratt and Edward. Delpratt, similar legacies. To Mary Foord, spinster, "reputed daughter of my uncle Edward Foord of Jamaica, merchant," £100. To John Page, friend, £100.
Samuel Delpratt and John Page made executors.
Codicil mentions Mary Foord, aunt.
Proved 19 April 1776 by the executors named. (178, Bellas.)


   Hon. Edward Foord of the parish of Kingston in the County of Surry in the Island of Jamaica, Esqr. Unto John Fowler, Sr, John Powell, Sr, and Robert Lovel, all of Bristol, Esqrs., £4000 sterling upon trust that they do place the same in the hands of my Brother in Law, Samuel Delpratt of Bristol, Esqr., and permit him to have the full use thereof for his life, and after his death pay £1000 thereof unto my Sister Martha, the now wife of the said Samuel Delpratt, and £3000 upon trust to apply the interest annually unto my said Sister Martha, and after her death upon trust to pay £3000 unto such persons as my said Sister Martha shall by her last Will direct.  Unto my Sisters, Elizabeth Howe, Widow, and Mary Foord, Spinster, £3000 st. each.  Unto Mr. William Delpratt, Sr, of Bristol, £300.  Mr. William Delpratt, Jr, of Bristol, £100 st.  Mr. Joseph Delpratt of Bristol, one other Son of the said Wm Delpratt, Sr, £100.  My Clerk Richard Miles £300 currency.  Mr. Henry Bayley Ludlow £300 c.  Mr. Richard Milburn of Montego Bay £300 c. My Clerk Mr. Aaron Salome £300.  My said Brother in Law, Samuel Delpratt, £500 sterling in trust for my natural Daughter Mary Foord, now in England, and unto each of my Nephews and Nieces that shall be alive at the time of my death, £100 sterling with a suit of mourning.  To each of my temporary Executors and to each of my Clerks a suit of mourning.  My Executor Samuel Delpratt to dispose of 30 mourning rings, of 30s. each, amongst my friends in England and Jamaica.  Unto Joicey, now living with me and whom I have made free, £200 c., and during her life my negro slaves Amelia Diana and her son John.  And after her death unto Ann Foord, the daughter of the said Joicey, if she shall be living at the time of the death of her Mother, but in case of her death before then, unto Jenny Price and Sally Price, two other Daughters of the said Joicey.  Unto Edward Foord, an Infant, the son of the said Joicey, the sum of £200 c. and my negro slaves, Oxford Fanny and her two sons Adam and Young Oxford, for his life.  Unto each of them, Jenny and Sally, £100 c.  Unto Ann Foord £200 c. and two negro slaves named Charlotte and Eve.  I manumize my two negro slaves named Jack and Molly and I give to each of them £10 c. per annum.  All the residue of my estate unto my Brother in Law Samuel Delpratt. If I die in Jamaica, to be buried in the Chancel of Half Way Tree Church near my late friend Zachary Bayley, Esqr., deceased.  I appoint my Brother in Law Samuel Delpratt sole Executor, except that until his arrival in this Island, or until Power of Attorney from him as my Executor to some person to act for him here shall arrive, I appoint Joseph Fitch and Eliphalet Fitch of Kingston, Merchants, and Henry Bayley Ludlow of the same place, Executors so far as relates to the affairs of the House of Foord and Delpratt, and the said Joseph Fitch and Eliphalet Fitch, John Palmer, Jnr., of St. James, and Richard Milbnrn, of the same parish, Merchants, Executors so far as relates to the affairs of the House late of Foord, Clarke and Delpratt, but that upon the arrival of Samuel Delpratt, or a power of Attorney from him, the said several Executorships to J. and E. Fitch, Hy. B. Ludlow, John Palmer, Jr., and Richard Milburne.
Witnesses: James Ridge, Joseph Jackson, James Carter. Oath of Attesting Witness by James Ridge, Esqr., 7th April 1777.
(Liber of Wills 44, folio 60; entered 7 April 1777.)


   Will of the Hon. Edward Foord, 1777. 1777, before Ben Lyon of St. Catherine. Dedimus to Benjamin Lyon of St. Catherine, Esqr., and others. Dated at St. Jago de la Vega the 3rd of April, 1777. By H.E. Sir Basil Keith, Knight, Capt. Genl. and Govr. in Chief of our said Island.


   Mary Foord of Bristol, spinster. Will dated 18 April 1780. Her one-third of a messuage, etc., at Hallen in Henbury, co. Gloucester, to go to her sister Elizabeth Howe of Bristol, widow, with reversion on the death of Elizabeth to Samuel Delpratt, nephew of testatrix. To Henry Hillman of Doynton, co. Gloucester, James Michell of Kingston, Jamaica, and David Michell of St. John Street, Bloomsbury, £800 in trust for sister Elizabeth Howe, for nephews Samuel Delpratt and Edward Delpratt, and for nieces Elizabeth Delpratt and Martha, wife of the above James Michell. To Mary, daughter of the Honble. Edward Foord, late of Jamaica, and brother of the testatrix, £200; to Ann and Edward Foord, his other children, £50 each. To each of the above-named trustees ten guineas. Under the will of the Honble. Edward Foord, dated 5 March 1777, she inherited the sum of £3000 which has not yet been paid. She bequeaths this sum of £3000 to Samuel and Edward Delpratt and, in trust, for Martha Michell and Elizabeth Delpratt, in four equal shares. Elizabeth Howe appointed executrix. Proved 10 December 1788 by the executrix named. (589, Calvert.)


   Eliz. How* of Bristol, widow. Will dated 18 April 1787. I give my 1/3 of that mess. and closes at Hallen in the p. of Henbury, co. Glouc., to my sister Mary Ffoord of Bristol, spinster, for life, then to my nephew Dan. Delpratt. To Henry Hillman of Doynton, co. Glouc., Esq., James Mitchell of Kingston, Jamaica, Esq., and David Mitchell of St. John Str., Bloomsbury-Sq., Esq., bro. of said James M., my loasehold mess. in St. Mary Port Street, Bristol, and shop adj. on Trust for my said sister for life, then to my niece Eliz. Delpratt. I give also £2000 to said Trust to pay the int. to my said sister, and at her death to my neph. Sam. D., niece Eliz. D., neph. Edw. D., and niece Martha Mitchell, wife of said James M. To Mary F. of St. Geo., co. Glouc., spinster, natural daughter of my 1ate brother the Hon. Edw. Foord, 1ate of Kingston, Jamaica, £200. To Ann F. of St. Jas., Bristol, spinster, another natural daughter, £50. To Edw. P.; now in Jamaica, natural son, £50. Anna Maria Prowit, wife of P. of Oxford, 10 guineas. To Trustees, 10 guineas each. £20 a year to Mary How of Bristol, spinster, sister of my late husband Robert How, deceased. Will of 1ate brother Hon. Edw. F. dated 5 March 1777 gave me then Eliz. How, widow, £3000 sterling. I have not received it. I give 1/4 of it to nephew Sam. D., 1/4 to neph. Edw. D., 1/4 in Trust for niece Martha, wife of Jas. Mitchell, and 1/4 in T. for niece Eliz. D. Sister Mary F. sole Executrix.
   Codicil.-Revoke appointment of Trustee 17 Jan. 1798. Proved 14 Jan. 1804 by Sam. D., neph. (32, Heseltine.)
   *Abstracted by the Editor.



   The following very brief notes were taken from the volume of "Abstracts of Wills proved in Jamaica between 1625* and 1792," Add. MS. 34,181, British Museum.
*This date is of course wrong.  ? 1655.

   Will of Samuel Johnston alias Johnson, of St. Andrew's, Jamaica, dated 12 July 1763. . . . to Edward Foord of Kingston, co. Surrey, Jamaica, esq., £20 a year in trust . . . to friend Edward Foord £500 as a token of gratitude for the many great and signal services done to the Testator and his family, and all residue in trust for . . . whom failing to Edward Foord.. . . Edward Foord appointed guardian of testator's daughter.
   Codicil dated 15 July 1775. To Mrs. Mary Ford Five guineas. Proved 18 July 1776, power reserved to E. Foord.


   Will of Samuel Delpratt, late of Bristol, but now of Kingston, Jamaica, Merchant, dated 17 June 1783. To Elizabeth How and Mary Foord, sisters of testator, of Great Britain, each £200 sterling.
   Codicil dated l7 June 1783.  Whereas Edward Ford, Esq., deceased, devised £4000 sterling among such daughters of testator's late wife, etc. Proved 3 March 1784.


Notes from abstracts of Deeds by persons of the name of John Ford only, recorded in Jamaica between 1707 and 1760. (Additional particulars relating to this family could doubtless be obtained upon examination of all the Ford Deeds registered in Jamaica from the earliest to 1800.)

   John Ford or Foord and Zachary Bayley of Kingston, Merchants, surviving Copartners of John Powell, to Philip Prideau, dated 1 February 1750-1. Assignment of Bonds for £4000. Entered 8 February 1750-1. (Lib. 142, fo. 62.)

   John Foord of Kingston, Merchant, to Zachary Bayley of the same place, dated 30 June 1753. Assignment of Co-partnership debts and goods. Entered 26 July 1753. (Lib. 151, fo. 203.)

   John Ford and Edward Ford of Kingston, merchants, to Alexander Duncan of Kingston, Carpenter, dated 30 August 1753. Sale of slave. Entered 4 September 1753. (Lib. 152, fo. 116.)




Ann Foord and Mary Foord, Daughters of Joyce Hemmings, a free Mulatto Woman, by Edward Foord. Born …. Baptd. 13th July 1769. (Register I., p. 208.)

Elizabeth Foord, Daughter of Joyce Hemmings, a free Mulatto Woman, by
Edward Foord.  Born 9th March, Bapt. 20th Decr. 1770.  (Register I.,
p. 217.)

Edward Foord, Son of Joyce Hemmings, a free Mulatto Woman, by Edward
Foord.  Born Bapt. 14th March 1777.  (Register I., p. 263.)


*John Foord, Merchant, St. Andrew.  Buried 8 Octr. 1758. (Register I., p. 353.)



Michael Foord, Son of Jessy Yeomans [sic], by Edwd. Foord. Born 9th Jany. 1764. Bapt. 1768 [sic'].  (Register I., p. 83.)


*John Foord Buried 8th Octr. 1758. (Register I., p. 294.)

Michael Foord, a Quadroon Infant, Buried 12th Deer. 1708.  (Register I., p. 302.)

Elizabeth Foord, a Quadroon Infant, Daughter of Edward Foord, Esq., Buried
24th Decr. 1771.  (Register I., p. 304.)

Hon. Edward Foord, Esqr., of the Council, in the Chancel, buried 29th March
1777.  (Register I., p. 308.)

[NOTE.-I have copies of all entries in the existing Parish Registers of Jamaica relating to the name of Ford from the earliest to the year 1800. The total number of references for this period is 167. Of those the above appear to be all that relate to this particular family.-H. A. F.]
* It will be noted that the burial of John Foord 1758 is registered both at Kingston and at St. Andrew's. In his will he desired to be buried at Greenwich Park.



   This copy was kindly furnished by the Rev. E. J. Wortley, Rector.of the above Parish, on 8th January 1909.  In his covering letter he stated that the inscription was then very indistinct and needed re-lettering.-H. A. F

This Marble is erected
To the Memory of the Honble. EDWARD FOORD, Enquire,
A distinguished citizen, and one of the
Honble. the Council of this Island.
He was also a Merchant of the first eminence.
(Sixteen lines omitted.)
He departed this life the 13th March 1777
And was buried near this place.



1 Aug. 1653  John Ford, Tanner, is admitted into the liberties of this City for that he was apprentice to Richard Brooke.  (Burgess Book No. 3.)

7 Dec. 1708  Thomas ffoord, Cordwainer, admitted, etc., apprentice to John ffoord.  (Burgess Book No. 5.)

27 Nov. 1710  Michael Foord, Glover, admitted, etc., for that he was apprentice to John Sandford and afterwards to Francis Battman. (Burgess Book No. 5.)

4 Dec. 1735  Thomas Foord, son of Michael Foord of Bristol, Glover, apprenticed to Henry Hillman.  (Apprentice Book 1724-1740, fol. 210.)

16 Apr. 1743  Thomas Foord, Currier, admitted, etc., ;apprentice to Henry Hillman.  (Burgess Book No. 9, fol. 136.)

20 Feb. 1754  John ffoord, Merchant, admitted, etc., for that he is the son of Michael ffoord, deceased.  (Burgess Book No. 11, fol. 70.)

24 Oct. 1774  Edward Foord, Skinner, admitted, etc., for that he is the son of Thomas Foord, Currier, deceased.  (Burgess Book No. 15, fol. 190.)

NOTE.-The above particulars are taken from my notes of entries relating to the name of Ford in the Bristol Burgess Books from 1651 to 1812, during which period there were forty-three admissions of persons of the name; and in the Apprentice Books from 1711 [? the earliest extant] to 1810. The latter contain references to thirty-seven Apprentices and nineteen Masters of the name in question.-H. A. F.



   Extract from "Sketchley's Bristol Directory," 1775.
Ford, Edward, leather dresser and breeches maker, 25 Maryport street.

   Extracts from the Bristol Poll Books for the Elections of 1722, 1734, 1739, 1754, 1774, 1781, and 1784. (Penes Bristol Reference Library.)

1722. Ford, Thomas, Cordwainer, St. Mary-Port.
          Ford, John, Shoemaker, St. Mary-Port.
          Ford, Michael, Glover, St. Mary-Port.

1734, Ford, Thomas, Cordwainer, St. Mary-Port.
          Ford, Michael, Glover, St. Mary-Port.

1739, Ford, Michael, Glover, St. Mary-Port.
          Ford, Thomas, Cordwainer, St. Mary-Port.

1754, Ford, Thomas, Glover, St. Peter from St. Mary-port

1774, Foord, Edward, Skinner, St. Peter.

1781 and 1784,  No reference to members of this family.


                 "Montego Bay, 18 April 1777.
   All persons who have any concerns depending with the late house of Messrs. Foord Clark & Co. are requested to settle them with Joseph and Eliphabet [sic] Fitch of Kingston, or Richard Milburn of Montego-Bay: And all persons indebted to said copartnership are entreated to make the most early payments; as in failure thereof, there will be an absolute necessity to use the most urgent measures for obtaining a speedy and effectual settlement."-"The Cornwall Chronicle and Jamaica General Advertiser," Montego Bay, Jamaica. (Penes Bristol Reference Library.)

   1777, June. The Hon. Edward Foord, Esq., one of his Majesty's Council at Kingston in Jamaica. ("G.M.," 295.)

   1777, June. The hon. Edward Foord, Esq.; one of his majesty's council, and a merchant of the first distinction, at Kingston, in Jamaica ("Town and Country Mag.," 391.)

   Tuesday, May 7th, 1776. At a Meeting of His Majesty's Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. Ordered, that Draughts of Representations to His Majesty be prepared, recommending that Edward Foord Esqr. may be appointed of the Council for the Island of Jamaica. (B.T. papers in P.R.O.)

   Tuesday, June 3d, 1777. Read a letter from Mr. Knox to Mr. Cumberland dated May 31st, 1777, transmitting Copy and Extract of two Letters from Sir Basil Keith to Lord George Germain, dated Jamaica March the 30th and April the 13th, 1777, acquainting his Lordship with the death of Mr. Foord, one of the Members of His Majesty's Council for that Island, and recommending Mr. Beckford to be a Councillor in the room of Mr. Foord.

   Extract from "Acts of the Privy Council of England. Colonial Series." Vol. 5, 1766-1783, p. 567. Appendix II. "Appointments to Colonial Councils."
   Jamaica.  1776-(14 May  [Date of Board of Trade Representations]),
17 May.    Edward Foord, vice B. Edwards, resigned.

   Bristol Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1660 (to 7 April 1668).
[No. 99]   1663   Dec. 31,  fford, Michael, Newport, Momouth;
                                           Bradford, Jane, St. Mary Port.
                                                ("Glouc. N. and Q.," x.)
   Extract from a "List of Deeds in the possession of Henry Bengough at his death 9 April 1818."  (MS. penes Bristol Reference library.)
(Among others) The honble. Edward Foord's Will.

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