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   "1655.  Appearances of Persons coming from foraigne parts.  F." on front of cover.  "Vol. II.  List of suspected foreigners in London and Westminster 1656-1057" on back of cover.

   The heading of first page has "The names of all such persons as have made their appearance at this Office to give notice of their coming from forraigne parts." The first date is 13 Feb. 1655-6.

1655-6. 1 March. Fra. Frost Merchant has traded at Barbadoes lodgeth at the house of Mr. Thomas Woodlye in Bishopsgate str. (p. 2.)

1655-6 "15th of March. James Watson of Dalkeith in ye Countie of Lowdane in Scotland one of the Planters in the Barbadoes, being bound thither in ye Elizabeth of Southton the shipp was cast away himselfe and an other only escapeing were taken aboard the Green Olive of Ipswitch Capt. Jackson comander whoe set them on Shoar at Ipswitch, from thence he came to London on ye 13th p'sent and lodgeth at ye grave Morris on St. Mary Hill London, and intendeth bv the first Shipp bound for ye West Indies to transport himselfe into those pts." (p. 2.)

1656. " 15th of May. Thomas Carter late of ye Citie of Norwch. Planter at ye Island Neavis landed at. Deale ye 9th p'sent out of ye Norwch. ffriggot Capt. Hutton Comander from ye Texell in Holland and came to London on ye 14th and lodgeth at a Cooke shopp in East Smithfeild and saith that he was taken prisoner by ye Spanish plate fleet about 21 Monthes since and brought from the West Indies into Spaine from whence he made his escape in a Dutch Ship and intendeth to returne to ye West Indies soe soone as he shall finde opportunitie." (p. 9.)

William Clarke, late of Exeter in ye Countie of Devon, Weaver (also taken prisoner in the. W.I. as his companion above).

1656. 2nd June. George Gadye of Stepney, Marriner, out of the Hopewell of London, Edward Barton, Master. "from ye Barbadoes." (p. 12.)

5 June. John Tomlinson of London Mt. re his 3 ships in France, (p. 13.)

17 June. Thomas Knapton of Salisbury in the Countie of Wilts, gent. . . .has been 2 yeares at ye Barbadoes and Venice. (p. 19.)

18 June. John Ladd, Marryner, has been 2 1/2 yeares at ye Barbadoes and Venice, (p. 19.)

1656. "20th of June. William Pullen of Leeds in ye Countie of Yorke Merchant, landed at Deale the 16th p'sent out of the Edward and John of London Capt John Totte Comander from the Barbadoes and came to London the 18th and lodgeth at ye house of ffrancis Brakes at ye Mayens head in Grayes Inne lane in the pish of Andrew Holborn and saith that haveing lived at ye Barbadoes about 7 yeares, he is come into England and haveing goods aboard the aforesaid shipp his buisness is to make sale of the said goods and fit himselfe for his returne to ye Barbadoes." (p. 22.)

"20th of June. Anthony Havyland of London, landed at Margarets* the 17th p'sent out of the Edward and John of London Capt John Tottey Comander from ye Barbadoes and came to London the 18th and lodgeth at ye house of George Echell Haberdasher of Hatts at ye 3 Trumpeters in the Myneryes in the pish of Botolph Allgate, and saith his buisness is to put of such Comodities as he brought over from the Barbadoes." (p. 23.)
*Margate in Thanet.

2d of Sept. David Kerwan 1ate of Galloway in Ireland, Merchant, had a ship bound from Barbadoes to Ginney taken by the French. . . has lived in Holland 5 yeares. (p. 55.)

10 Dec. **Peter de la Roche french Chyrurgion from ''Deipe" went to France to attend to a suite and to see friends lodgeth at his house near Fleete bridge in p'sh of Bride, (p. 85.)

The last entry is on 10 Aug. 1657. (p. 154.)
There is an Index at the end.


   Add. MSS. 17,751-4 comprise four volumes entitled "Abstracts of Accounts of his Majesty's Revenues Taxes & Moneys Borrowed under the Government of the Rt. Hon. the Lords Comrs. of the Treasury." Under the heading of "Bounties" occur the names of several clergy, who received a gift of £20 towards the cost of their passage to the Plantations.  These names do not appear in Mr. Fothergill's "List of Emigrant Ministers to America, 1690-1811."  The following note from the Colonial Calendar for the W.I., p. 79, explains the custom:-

   1698, Jan. 3. Memorial of the Bishop of London to the Lords of the Treasury. By the King's command I lay this memorial before you. The late King Charles II out of great compassion to his Plantations in the West Indies, which till then had been almost destitute of a ministry, granted a bounty of £20 to each chaplain that should go over . . . . This was bestowed all the time during his reign and that of James II. & till last year . . . .Prays for its renewal.

   Add. MS. 17,751, Michaelmas 1692 to Michaelmas 1693, does not contain any names of clergy, and the Bounties are very few.

Add. MS 17,752.

Royal Bounties at the Receipt of Exchequer.
To Severall Persons as of their Mattics. Bounty to them viz:-

1693, 16 December.  4 Ministers going to the Plantacons £80.

Add. MS. 17,753.

1694,  8 Dec. Charles Foster going Chaplaine to Jamaica £20.

1694-5 14 Jan. Simon Smith going Chaplain to Jamica £20


   In answer to your Request concerning the Hurricane, I can say little of its effects more than what concerns our Particular Damage & Terrour.

   It happened upon ye 18 of August last, 16 hours after ye new moon, in ye 14th Degree of North Latitude, about 90 leagues from Barbados, It Succeeded a Storm of 48 hours continuance, at North East, an unusual Way of its appearing for it commonly follows a Calm. Its presage being a Shifting of ye Wind about ye Compass with the appearance of a Troubled Sky, the only Advantage we have to prepare for its Reception. The Fury of it began at 10 at night & continued till 12 ye next day, Its observed that the Hurricanes of ye New Moon begin at night, & those at ye full in ye day, as was Noted 2 years since when ye Ld Willoughby* Perish'd wth 8 ships & near a 1000 persons. During its 14 hours fury with us it Shifted 14 points, from ye N.E to ye S.S.West, keeping a Method of Changing one point an hour, & then Shifted backward, & in its retreat still abated untill it returned to ye Original point where it wholly ceased.

   In the height of it, wee had some hail, ye Stones whereof were very great, which Seemed to be thrown upon us for the 20th part of a Minute, & then an Intermission of 5 or 6 Minutes before any more came, ye Sea in ye Night Seemed as a real Fire, & I believe we might Have Distinctly perceived any object at a great Distance. In ye Day Time we Seemed rather to Sayle rather in ye air than water, ye Wind forcing the Sea So high yt wee could scarce make a distinction of either Elements.

   The Terrour of it was such yt I thought it ye Emblem of Hell & ye last dissolution of all things, Especially ye first 2 hours yt was attended with so much Thunder & Lightning, Soec astonishing, as if it had been wrapt up into ye Clouds & ye whole air Set on Fire. The strength of ye wind was such, yt it blew a boat of 15 foot long fastned to 4 ring bolts, & each bolt through a ring of ye Ship clear off ye deck, It blew away a Piece of Timber of great Substance & Weight, called ye Cross piece of which  we fasten our Cables, It tore of ye Sails from ye Yards though fast furled; ye yards from ye Masts, & ye Upper Masts from ye lower; It blew away 4 Men who were upon ye Foreyard three of which By a Strange Providence were thrown in again & Saved. The last Remains of its Fury was a Weighty Grinding Stone which it left fastned between 2 Timber heads, but it blew away ye Trough from under it, I had several Accounts from Particular Friends how Terrible it was in other Places but to me it Seem'd beyond all Expression.

   These Hurricanes arc most frequent between ye Equinoxtial & ye Tropique of Cancer, They more rarely happen between the line & ye Tropique of Capricorn but yt which is ye greatest Wonder to me is yt they should be so Terrible among the Carribbee Island that in some of them they have not left house, Tree, nor plant in ye ground; Beginning at St. John de Porto Kico, & So running Eastward but ye Islands of Hispaniola, Cuba & Jamaica are never Troubled with 'em tho' within few leagues of the rest.

   There are some old Indians yt have given notice of 'em 3 or 4 dayes before their coming by what rules I was never Curious to Understand; It being enough for us to Studdy how to defend ourselves & Ships from them, rather then by any nice Enquiries to Search into their Cause, only thus much I observed that they have an Influence upon the. Sea, as well as the Moon, both upon them & it, for I found by observation of the Sun & Starrs, that there was a current tending so violently Northwards that in 24 hours it would force us as many leagues from our Easterly Course, which did so confound us, having neither Card nor Compass left to Steer by (which with Several other goods were Swept away in a breach which the Sea made into our Ship) that I think it was as great a difficulty for me to find out Barbados (this place being nearest for our relief) as Colombas, who first discover'd those Countreys.  Sir I have been as modest as I could in giving you this relation, Because I know many who are unacquainted with ye violence of these Tempests will be Incredulous, but I should be Sorry yt all who will not believe this Account, Should have ye same Confirmation which I had, If there be anything in it worth your Notice, It may Engage me hereafter to recollect some more Particulars, In all things I shall Endeavour to assure you that I am &c.

   This Happened in ye yeare 1670.  (Harl. MS. 6922, p. 34.
*The hurricane which destroyed Lord Willoughby's expedition commenced about 6 p.m. on 4 Aug. 1636.  It blew from the N. for 6 hours, and after 15 minutes lull veered to E.S.E.


   1661, Aug.  In this month many prisoners that was saved from the gallow tree, was, by his Majesty, rather than hanged, soald to a merchant to be transplanted over to Jamaica, three score and twelve men and twenty-five women; but the men being in a barge towards Gravesend to take shipping, finding themselves strong enough to overcome the watermen, took away the oares, and conducted themselves on shore, but by the care of the sheriff and other his Majesty's officers, 62 was taken and clapt on shipboard.  ("G.M.," 1852, pt. ii, p. 49).



   Since the Fifth had by that period suffered heavily in the West Indies and General Hamilton compared the mortality of the two regions (Flushing and the W. Indies) it will be useful to give the following return of the deaths of the Leeward Islands, part of the W. Indies, from March 1st 1796 to the end of the year 1799: -

Brigadier-Generals 2
Lieut.-Colonels  19
Majors 12
Captains 72
Lieutenants 109
Ensigns 60
Adjutants 11
Quarter Masters 9
Surgeons 14
Asst. Surgeons 19
N.C.O's. and Privates 14,327

   About 187 men belonging to drafted regiments who were left in different general hospitals in July died in the subsequent months of 1796, and are not included in the above return.

   The mortality in that year was most prevalent in St. Lucia and Grenada.

   The 31st Regt. landed at St. Lucia 775 strong in May, by the latter end of October it had only 16 fit for duty, and by March 1797 bad scarcely an officer or man left.

   The 27th Regt. lost at Grenada from June 1796 to Feb. 1797 20 officers and 516 men.

   The 57th lost at Grenada in the same period 13 officers and 605 men." ("British Regiments in War and Peace.")
* Communicated by Mr. Oliver Nugent of Antigua.


   Jamaica. The first battalion of first or Royal regiment, l0th, 13th, 49th, and 62d regiments, Gardiner's new corps of light dragoons, and three companies of the royal artillery.

   Barbadoes.  The 4th battalion of the 60th regiment.

   St. Vincent's. The 60th regiment.

   Grenada. The 45th and 67th regiments, and the corps of black cavalry and pioneers, being the remains of the negroes who joined Lord Dunmore in the beginning of the American war in Virginia.

   Dominica. The 15th regiment.

   Antigua. Eight companies of the 48th regiment, and the same number of the 3d battalion of the 60th reg.

   Montserrat. Two companies of the 48th regiment.

   St. Christopher's. Nine companies of the 9th regiment.

Nevis. One company of the 9th regiment.

Tortola.  Two companies 3d bat. of the 60th reg.

In all these islands are detachments of the royal artillery, amounting to five companies. ("Bath Chronicle" for June 28.)


[To Caribbeana, about 1912. JFS]

Allen, E. and Sons (3 copies).
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Barbados, The Bishop of, Bishop's Court, Barbados.
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Bosanquet, N. E. T., Cowley, Uxbridge, Middlesex.
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Bromley, Mrs. John, 28 Savile Row, W.
Calder, J. V., Worthy Park, Ewarton, Jamaica.
Cattle, F., Ravenswood, Heanor, Derbyshire.
Chadwick, Mrs. C. M., Findhorn House, Forres, N.B.
Chambers, Capt. Bertram, R.N., Naval Office, Melbourne.
Colepeper, E. B. de, Fairhaven, Frinton, R.S.O. Essex.
Cornish, J. E., 16 St. Ann's Square, Manchester.
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Ford, H. A., H.B.M.'s Consulate, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
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Grant, Duncan, Naval Office, Melbourne.
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Hay, Miss G. C., 49 Stanley Gardens, Hampstead, N.W.
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Pook, Lieut.-Col. H. W., 121 Hither Green Lane, Lewisham.
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Withington, Lothrop, 30 Little Russell Street, London, W.C.
Yearwood, Mrs. Graham, Friendly Hall, St. Michael's, Barbados.


Barbados-Free Public Library.
Cambridge-University Library.
Dominica-Free Public Library.
Dublin-Trinity College Library.
Edinburgh-Advocates' Library.
Jamaica-The Institute, Kingston.
London-British Museum.
Royal College of Arms.
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South Carolina Historical Society, Charleton, U.S.A.
West India Committee, 15 Seething Lane, E.C

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