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Excerpts from CARIBBEANA, Volume IV



Published in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1796-1799

The oldest magazine known to have been published in Jamaica is " The Columbian Magazine or Monthly Miscellany," the first number of which appeared in June, 1796. It was printed and published by William Smart of Church Street, Kingston. The last number known appeared in June, 1800. The magazine consists of a considerable number of extracts from English publications, local news and local verse. A set, fairly complete, the only copy known to exist, is in the West India Library of the Institute of Jamaica.

From it the following records of Marriages and Deaths are taken. No Births are recorded.



April, 1797.

DIED Kingston, Mr. James Eason, lately from Ireland; Mr. John Kesler, Tailor; Miss Frances Cole; Mr. John Wilson, Cabinetmaker; Mr. Walter Downie; Mrs. Harrison, wife of Mr. George Harrison, merchant; and Mr. I. G. Nicholson.

In Spanish Town, Mrs. Penoyre, relict of Doctor Penoyre, Mrs. Fortune, both old inhabitants and associates; Lieut. Samuel Watson of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

In St. Ann's, John McMillan, Esq., of St. Elizabeth's.

In Liguanea, Mrs. Ann East.

In Port Royal, Lieutenant Wilgress of the Royal Artillery.

In Westmorland, Julines Hering, Esq.

At Montego Bay, Capt. Lambton of the ship "Rebecca"; Lieut. Michael Simon Tramasse of His Majesty's 83rd regiment.

At Savanna la Mar, Mr. John Dow, Merchant.

At Falmouth, Mrs. Rebecca Lake, an old inhabitant.

At the Hotwells, Bristol, I. Gale, Senior, of this island.

In England, George Scott, Esq., of this island.

MAY, 1797

DEATHS: In Kingston, Mr. John Stevenson, lately from England; Mrs. Ashbridge; Mr. John O'Brien, lately arrived; Mr. Alexander Thomson, lately arrived from Scotland; Captain Colin Clunes; Mr. John Cheek, of the General Post Office; Mr. William Barton, lately from Bristol; Mr. Abraham Pinheiro Furtado; (suddenly) Mr. Minot, carpenter.

In St. Andrew's, Humphrey Cole, Esq.

In St. George's, at the Hope, Mrs. Anne Catherine Browne.

In St. Ann's, Mr. James Morrison, carpenter; at Belgrove pen, Thomas Reid Tracy, Esq.

At Martha Brae, Mr. Joseph Slack, merchant.

MARRIED: In Kingston, Major Raimon Chevollean [Chevolleau] to Miss Louise Margreritte de Gourney [Marguerite de Gournay]; Mr. John Burrows, merchant, to Miss Allen ; Mr. Abraham Pereira to Miss Sarah Courusa.

In Hanover, at Cousin's Cove, R. Boucher, Esq., of St. Elizabeth's, to Miss Barbara Samuells, Esq.; at the Recovery, Mr. James Allan to Miss Eliza Finucane Parris.

At Lucea, James Innes, Esq., of Montego Bay, to Miss Binham, danghter of George Binham, Esq.

JUNE, 1797

DIED: In Kingston, Doctor Thomas Barton of ship "Simon Taylor"; Mr. John Bird; Mr. William Barton; Mr. Peter Ross; Mr. Francis Carter; Mr. Richard Hinksman; Mrs. Ann Burn; Doctor Simon Brown of the "Roselle"; Mr. Alexander Morrison; Mr. John Crawford; Mr. Samuel Brown.

In St. James's, Mr. James Warburton, mason.

At Montego Bay, Mrs. Judith Dawes, wife of Mr. Nicholas Dawes, mason; Dr. J. P. Tolson of the ship "Watt "; Mr. Michael Verling.

In Westmoreland, Mr. John Dunbar, Overseer of Grand Vale estate.

In Hanover, Doctor Robert Gibson.

At Falmouth, Mr. Andrew Monteath, carpenter; Capt. Raffles of the ship "Sebastina"; Mr. James Atkins, carpenter.

At Port Antonio, the Reverend George Hicks.

In London, William White, Esq., of the parish of St. Ann's, in this island.

MARRIED: In Kingston, Dr. Nathaniel Midwinter to Miss Elizabeth Shackerly; Mr. David Henry Borth to Miss Mary Ann Lescarmota; Mr. J. T. W. Bennett to Miss Halyburton.

In Spanish Town, George Elliot Taylor, Esq., to Mrs. Bundy; Mr. Peter Watson to Miss Neale.

In Trelawny, W. S. Woolery, Esq., of Westmorland, to Miss Elizabeth Virgo, daughter of James Virgo, Esq., deceased; at Falmouth, Mr. John Brown, ship carpenter, to Miss Mary Clemetson.

JULY 1797

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Emanuel Levy to Miss Rebecea DaCosta; Mr. Edward Evans to Miss Jane Denton; Francis Eriene Garrell, Esq., to Mademoiselle Marie Josef Camoizin; Mr. William Marsden to Miss Nancy Reeder.

In, Port Royal, Doctor Charles Steedman of His Majesty's ship "Jamaica" to Miss Rosetta Campbell.

In St. James's, at Hendon, Mr. John Morris to Miss Allen, eldest daughter of Mr. John Allen, deceased; at Egmont, Alexander Edgar, Esq., to Miss Ann Gordon.

In Scotland, William Dallas, Esq., Writer to the Signet, to Miss Elizabeth Kerr, youngest daughter of the late James Kerr, Esq., of this island.

DIED: In Kingston, Mrs. Sarah Bonitto; Mr. Benjamin Lyons; Mr. Stephen P. Walcott; Miss Lucy Marshall; Mrs. Rebecca Glass; Mr. William Burke; Mr. Sampson Lebat; Mrs. Mercado; Mr. William Fulton; Mr. David James; Mr. David Isaac Alexander; Mr. William Rowdan Evans.

In Spanish Town. Mrs. Dickson, wife of Dr. David Dickson; David Henriques, Esq., generally and justly esteemed and lamented for his urbanity and benevolence; Mr. Edmund Pusey March.

At Lucea, Mr. Spens, nephew of Mr. Alexander Spens; Mrs. Hoyte, wife of Mr. James Hoyte; Mr. Daniel McIntire.

At Falmouth, Mr. James Sympson, carpenter.

In Vere, at the Alley, Mr. William Hay, merchant tailor; at Paradise estate, Mr. Jacob Room.

In Westmorland, James Wedderburn, Esq., Representative in Assembly for that parish.

In St. Mary's, at Markham Place, John Cosens, Esq.

Drowned on his passage to England, Major Drinkwater, of the 62nd regiment.

AUGUST, 1797

MARRIED: In Kingston, Robert William Sutherland, Esq., to Miss Jane Jackson; Mr. Henry Bond, attorney, to Miss Gardiner; Rickard Philbin, Esq., to Miss Gardner.

In Spanish Town, Thomas Prince, Esq., to Miss Stevens; William Maxwell, Esq., to Mrs. Leslie, relict of Robert Leslie, Esq.; Dr. P. Gallagher to Miss Halsted.

In Liguanea, Mr. William Hall to Miss Jackson, daughter of Robert Jackson, Esq.

In Hanover, Dr. George James Binham, to Miss Mary Lawrence Anglin, daughter of William Anglin, Esq.

At Falmouth, Charles Campbell, Esq., to Miss Ellis, daughter of Dr. William Ellis's.

In Great Britain, at Clippingham Park, Cambridgeshire, the Rev. Mr. Phillipson to Miss Tharp, daughter of John Tharp, Esq., late Custos of Trelawney; in London, William Fielden, Esq., to Miss Jackson, daughter of the late Edmund Jackson, Esq., of Trelawney.

DIED: In Kingston, Miss Anna Claypoole; Mr. Charles Potts; Miss Mary Stone; Mr. Isaac Rodriques Pereira; Mr. Solomon Rodriques De Costa [DaCosta]; Mr. Solomon Gabay, senior; Mrs. Mary Williamson, an old inhabitant; Mr. Attwell Smith, Supervisor of the Workhouse; Mr. George Cleland.

In Spanish Town, Mr. Richard Kempson; Master Ralph Franco and Miss Hannah Franco, children of Mr. Moses Franco.

At Bath, Robert Jameson, Esq., M.D., of Kingston.

In Liguanea, John Hall, sen., Esq.

At Montego Bay, Philip Anglin Morris, Esq. ; Mr. James Duterreau, watchmaker.

In St. James's, Mr. Leonard Pakinson, Overseer on Eden estate.

In Westmorland, Mr. James Stewart.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Aaron Melhado to Miss Rebecca Brandon; Mr. Moses Cohen to Miss Rebecca Ishewron; Mr. Joseph Garnett, merchant, to Miss Stewart, daughter of James Stewart, Esq.

In Liguanea, Samuel Barnett, jun. Esquire, of Mount Hybla, to Miss Eleonar Gordon Woolery, youngest daughter of Edward Woolery, Esq.

At Martha Brae, Mr. Alexander Finlayson to Mrs. Murroe of Montego Bay; Frederick Lamont, Esq., of Falmouth, to Miss Crew.

At Montego Bay, Mr. Sheppard, mason. to Mrs. Reaburn.

DIED: In Kingston, Miss Anne Maria Grier; Mr. Charles Michie, formerly in the mercantile line; Mr. Alexander Henderson, merchant; Dr. Alexander Dallas of the "Mercury"; Captain Freeborn of the "Hope", Emanuel Baruch Lousada, Esq.; Edward Woolery, Esq.; Mr. Francis White ; the Rev. Joshuah Hezekiah De Cordova, Principal Rabbi of all the Synagogues in this island for near half a century, and a man of. the most extensive acquirements and profound conceptions.

In Spanish Town, Mr. David Dickson, Printer; Mr. William Sutherland; Doctor Hugh Munro.

In Portland, Mr. Leonard Whitehead.

In St. George's, at Wakefield, Robert Loosely, Esq.

In St. Dorothy's, Miss Anna Maria Rogers.

In Clarendon, Mr. Daniel Kerr; Mrs. Rodon, wife of George Rodon, Esq.

At Montego Bay, Mr. Benjamin Thomas Lynch.

At St. James's, Mrs. Rebecca Hine, wife of Mr. Nathaniel Hine, jun., of Falmouth; Mrs. Sarah Jane Samuells; Mr. Joseph Whitehead.

In Hanover, William Anglin, Esquire.

In St. Elizabeth's, Lewis Jones Pight, Esq.

In Trelawney, Mr. William Grant, late overseer of Content.

At Falmouth, Mr. William Sinclair, shopkeeper; Mr. William Winter, mason.

At Edinburgh, at the age of 77 years, 40 of which he had resided in this island, John McLaren, Esq.

At Bristol, Charles Bernard, Esq., formerly a Representative in Assembly for St. James's.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. David Nunes, Merchant, to Miss Sarah Feurtado, daughter of David Feurtado, Esq.; Mr. John Bartindale to Miss Isabella Mylchris ; Mr. William Greenwood to Miss Anne Ramage, widow.

In Spanish Town, Andrew Cox, Esq., of St. Mary's, to Mrs. Elizabeth Alves, widow of Alexander Alves, Esq., deceased.

At Montego Bay, Mr. George Jackson, carpenter, to Miss Ann Harvey, youngest daughter of Mr. William Harvey, deceased.

In St. Elizabeth's, the Hon. Major Browne, of the 13th Regiment or Light Dragoons, to Miss White, daughter of John White, Esq., of that parish.

DIED: In Kingston, Mr. George Ashbridge; Finlay McEachorn, Esq., Deputy Marshal for the Windward district; Mrs. Martha Wansbrough; Miss Mary Salt Steele, infant daughter of Daniel Steele, Esq., Mr. Alexander McIntire of Clarendon; Mr. Robert H. Elder; Mr. James Murray.

At Falmouth, Mr. Duncan McKellar, tailor.

In St. James's, at Lilliput estate, Mr. Henry Neale.

At Gosport, in England, Mr. Peter Jamieson of this town.


DIED In Kingston, Mr. Samuel Eagon; Mr. Alexander Simms; Aaron Silvera, Esq., of the Hebrew nation; Capt. James Watt of the ship "Mount Pleasant"; Thomas Dance, Esq.; Mr. Robert Clark, Cutler; Mr. Robertson; Mr. James Templar Cammack; Charles Dalrymple, Esq., and Mr. Eli Conn; Mrs. Sutherland, widow.

At Fort Augusta, Capt. Nicholson of the 6th West India Regiment.

In Spanish Town, Dr. Lachlan Shawe; Mr. James Oliver, Planter; Mr. John Sheppard; Mr. William White, Tailor.

In St. Catherine's, Miss Jones youngest daughter of the Hon. Henry James Jones, Esq.

At Montego Bay, Mr. John Harstead, carpenter; Capt. James. Smart.

In St. James's, Mr. Edward Sprunt, bookkeeper on that property ; Mr. John Frederick; at Montpelier New Works, Mr. William Wigley Price.

In St. Ann's, Dr. John Frederick Nembhard; Mr. Douglas Rankin.

At Martha Brae, Mr. John Thomas, coppersmith.

In Trelawny, at Golden Grove estate, Mr. Robert Maitland, Millwright; at York estate, Doctor William Patterson.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Louis T. C. Deslande to Miss Marianne Le Feyre De Luce, Mr. John J. Clark to Mrs. Jane F. Gouty; J. Dismore Pinnock, Esq., of St. Thomas in the East, to Mrs. E. Truxion Roberts; Mr. Richard Higginson to Mrs. E. Willan, widow.

In St. Ann's, at Tarentum, John Taylor, Esq., to Mrs. Lawrence, widow of Benjamin Lawrence, Esq., late of St. James's.

In London, John Bridgman, Esq., to Miss Hall.

DIED: In Kingston, Mr. Francis Carter; Miss Phillips of the Hebrew nation; Lieutenant Clowes, of His Majesty's ship "Maidstone"; Captain Daniel Cutts and Mr. Etheridge, both lately arrived from America; Mr. John Perry, Cabinetmaker; Mr. Wickersham; Mr. William Smith, Watchmaker; Mrs. Eleanor Hunter; Mrs. Esther Reynolds; Captain John Lethany Galloway, an honest and industrious man and old inhabitant; Miss Mary Ann Pitt; Mr. John Ritchie, Coachmaker; Mr. Thomas Mills; William Walker, Esq., a gentleman whose purity of heart, amiable manners and acknowledged abilities had obtained him the most important public and private trusts, and endeared him to a wide and respectable circle; Mons. Christopher Joseph Chasal.

In Spanish Town, Mr. John Lindsay, Keeper of St. Catherine's Pound; Theophilus Lyons, Esq., of St. Mary's; Mr. David Taylor.

At Green Pond, Mr. Richard Sill, aged 60 years.

In St. James's, at Montpelier New Works, Mr. William Wigley Price, Overseer.

At Montego Bay, Mr. John Roberts.

In St. George's Robert Cuming, Esq.

In St. Ann s, Mr. Joseph Vaughan, Overseer of Winnfield Pen; Robert Hawthorn, Esq.

In Westmorland, Mr. Andrew Herbert.

In Trelawney, Edward Eccleston, Esq.

In St. Mary's, Doctor Bean.

In London, William Jamieson, Esq., of this island; David Erskine, Esq., youngest son of the late John Erskine, Esq., of Lime in the parish of St. James's.

JANUARY, 1798.

The present month is distinguished for two most extraordinary instances of longevity; in the demise at Montego Bay of Mrs. Mary Anglin, aged 84; and Mr. Abraham Depass, in St. Mary's, aged 105 years, 8 months, and 13 days.

There died lately at the pen of Fulten Blechynden, Esq., in St. Andrew's, a negro woman who had attained her 110th year.

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Jacob Bassan to Miss Judith Reitta, both of the Hebrew nation.

In Spanish Town, Robert Anderson, Esq., Captain in the 20th Light Dragoons, to Miss Mary Bourke Rickets, eldest daughter of the Hon. George Crawford Rickets, Esq., His Majesty's Attorney General.

In. the same town, Mr. Thomas Allee, Wheelwright, to Mrs. Elizabeth Brinklow.

At Montego Bay, Mr. William Frederick to Miss Elizabeth Bryan.

At SavannalaMar, Mr. Clement Court to Mrs. Sarah Boynton, widow of the late R. Boynton, Esq., of the 20th Light Dragoons.

In London, Mr. Joseph Dewdney, of this island, to Mrs. Kaylet, widow of Thomas Kaylet, Esq.

DIED In Kingston, Mr. James Silburn of Port Royal Mountains; Mr. Charles Godfrey; Capt. Taylor of the ship "Matty''; Dr. William David Reid, Surgeon to the Asylum; Mrs. Elizabeth Hodson, widow of the late Col. Hodson; Capt. ,Thomas Pinard of the "Polly" of Boston; Mr. Anthony McCaa; Mr. Berkley Sidney Knox; Mr. David Moreno; Mr. Penelope Shilling; William Daggers, Esq.; Mr. John Lamond; Mrs. Elizabeth Norris ; William Waterhouse, Esq.; Captain Scobio of schooner " Two Friends."

In Spanish Town, Mr. I. Watson; Peeke Fuller, Esq.

At Salt Ponds, Mr. Jonathan Curtin; Miss Janet Graham, daughter of Charles Graham, Esq.

In St. Andrew's, James Rochead, Esq.

At Old Harbour, Dr. Thomas Bradford.

In Clarendon, Thomas Frederick Campbell, son of Sir James Campbell of Kilbride in Scotland, late Capt. of the privateer brig "Balcarres".

In St. Ann's, Capt. William Adams of the ship "Landovery"; Mr. Yates, chief mate of the same vessel.

At Great River, William Chaplin Mowat, Esq.

In St. James's, at Newman Hall estate, Mr. George Taylor, overseer thereof; at Crawl estate, Mr. John Gibbes; at Montego Bay, Mr. Thomas Bryan Bird, watchmaker.

In Trelawney, at Peru estate, James Scarlett, jun., Esq.; at Falmouth, Mrs. Bush; Mr. James Bradley.

At Green Island, Mr. Patrick Grant.

In St. Thomas in the East, at Holland Estate, Mr. Johnstone, Bookkeeper.


MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. W. Frederick to Miss Elizabeth Bryan; Mr. George Maynard to Miss Hill; Mr. John James Ellison to Miss Mary Collins.

In St. James's at Schaw Castle, Lieut. Hugh McHugh of, the 83rd regiment to Miss Susannah Schaw.

DIED In Kingston, Capt. James McLellan of the ship "Hope"; Alexander Mackeand, Esq., attorney at law; Mons. Francois Buzelay; Miss Leah Riz of the Hebrew nation; Mr. William Biven; Captain George Aitchinson; Mr. Foster; Mrs. Eleanor Wood.

In Spanish Town, Mr. W. Calnan of St. Ann's; Mr. Henry Kelsall; Mr. Richard G. Williams; William Witter, Esq.

At Port Royal, Mr. Thomas Mitchell, carpenter, of Grove Estate.

In Vere, Mrs. Eeve, in the 78th year of her Age.

In St. Thomas in the East, Mr. Thomas King.

In St. Mary's, William Ross, Esq., one of the Representatives in Assembly for that Parish.

At Little River, Higginson, merchant of Kingston.

In England, Mrs. Shirley, wife of the Hon. H. Shirley, Esq., of this island; and Mrs. Rankin, relict of John Rankin, Esq.

At Lisle in France, G. R. Hamilton, Esq., of Success, Trelawny.

MARCH, 1798

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. Alexander Menzies Don, attorney-at-law, to Miss Mary Margaret Pitchare; Capt: Peter Aiken to Mrs. Catherine Mackay; Stephen Hill, Esq., to Miss Margaret Orr of Portland; Mr. Isaac Gomes Musquito to Miss Esther Prado.

In Clarendon, at Four Paths estate, Robert Davis, Esq., to Mrs. Redwar, relict of the late Henry Redwar, Esq., of Spanish Town.

In Trelawny at Colchis estate, Mr. John Walford to Mrs. Mary Josselyn.

DIED In Kingston, Miss James; Mr. Rice Powell; Mr. Samuel Wynne; Miss Elizabeth A. Shroetert; Mr. Aaron Nunes Dacosta; Capt. N. Anderson; Mr. James Reilly; Mr. P. Brien.

In Spanish Town, Moses Adolphus, Jun., Esq.; Mr. Jacob Corea, at the advanced age of 70 years; Mrs. Harrison, wife of George Harrison, Esq., attorney at law.

In St. Mary's at Whitehall, Dr. Maxwell.

In St. James's, Robert Scarlett, Esq.; David Schaw, Esq.

In Trelawny, at Biddeford estate, Mrs. Stevenson, wife of Mr. Emanuel Stevenson; at Dromilly, Mr. James Burke; at Greenside estate, Mr. James Brown, overseer thereof; at Dumfries estate, John Mowat, jun, Esq.; at Woodlands, Edward Chambers, Esq., collecting constable.

At SavannalaMar, Mr. I. Brydson; Samuel Delprat, Esq.

In Hanover, at FatHog-Quarter estate, Mr. Archibald McNab, overseer thereof.

At Sea, Alexander Jopp, Esq., Merchant of Kingston; and Mr. John Gilzean of Montego Bay.

In England, at Clifton, near Bristol, in January last, General Sir John Dalling, K.B.; at his house in London, James Kingston, Esq., late of this town, merchant.

APRIL, 1798

MARRIED: In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Henry Waite Mummer, Esq., to Miss Eliza Williams, second daughter of the late Martin Williams, Esq.,

In Falmouth, John Robertson, Esq., of New York, to Miss Eliza Haughton.

In Edinburgh, Major John Skinner, of the 16th Regiment of Foot, to Miss Ann McLean, daughter of the late John McLean of Arrislan in this island.

DIED: In Kingston, Mr. Duncan McLachlan; Mrs. Bailey, wife of William Bailey, Esq.; Mr. Patrick St. Lawrence; Mrs. M. Calder, wife of Mr. George Calder; Mr. Frederick Cherry; Mrs. Mary Lawrence, in the 82nd year of her age; Lachlan McNeal, Esq.

In Spanish Town, Mr. George Cook; Mr. Hunt; Mr. William Poole, a gentleman whose integrity and industry wore only equalled by the most pleasing and polished manners, which caused his society to be courted and acceptable by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance; John Spencer, Esq.; Mr. Welsh, mason

In St. Dorothy's, suddenly, Mr. William Alexander.

In Vere, Mrs. Sarahl Garbrand Lorain, wife of the late Dr. John Lorain.

At Falmouth, Mr. Henry Heron ; Mr. William Edwards; Mr. Robert Richard Woulse.

In London, Wisdom Barrett, Esq., of Spot Valley in the parish of St. James's.

MAY 1798

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. David Keil, carpenter, to Mrs Sarah Platt, widow.

At Martha Brae, Mr. Robert Cadenhead to Mrs. Nelson, widow of John Nelson, Esq.

In Trelawny, Robert Linton, Esq., of Parnassus, to Miss Jane Watt; at Salt Marsh, Simon Fraser, Esq., attorney at law, to Miss Kentish, daughter of the late John M. Kentish, Esq.

In London, Alexander Erskine, Esq., of Lima, in St. James's parish, Jamaica, to Miss Jackson, daughter of Robert Jackson, Esq., of Hampton, in the same parish.

DIED: In Kingston, Doctor William Codrington; Capt. James Stobo; Mrs. Eleanor Dickson; Mr. Edmund H. Ironside; Mr. Thomas Bath; Capt. Vicary of the ship "Phaeton"; Mr. John Shea.

In St. Catherine's, at Tamarind Grove, near Spanish Town, Alexander Rose, Esq., of St. Thomas in the East.

In Spanish Town, Mr. Brodie, who arrived in the last fleet; Lieutenant Standish of the 63rd regiment; and Mr. John Townsend, an honest and industrious man.

At Port Royal, Elizabeth Brown, a black woman, at the very advanced age of 124; Lieutenant William Venables of the Royal Artillery.

In Vere at HillSide, Mr. Daniel McDonald, overseer thereof.

In St. James, at Springfield, Thomas Linton Esq.;. at Belfield, Mr. John Collinson; at Montego Bay, Captain Stupart of the "Lady Mackworth"; Mr. John Seebeck; Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. John Smith, tailor; Dr. Mullarkay, passenger in the "Watt."

In Westmorland, at Content, Mr. Samuel Grandell.

In Trelawny, at Mahogany Hall pen, Mr. James Troup; at HydeHall estate, Mr. Henry Davison, carpenter; Mr. Kew, welldigger; at Falmouth, Mr. Henry Heron; Mr. William Edwards; Mr. Robert Richard. Woulse; Mr. Charles Stimpson, son of Capt. P. Stimpson, late of the "Phoenix"; Mr. Thomas Denham; Capt. Benjamin Manlove of Liverpool.

In Hanover, at Great River, Capt. John Peal.

At Lucea, Mrs. Chambers, wife of Jacob Chambers.

At Berne, in Switzerland, Lady Keith, relict of Sir Basil Keith, formerly Governor of the island. of Jamaica.

JUNE 1798

MARRIED: In Kingston, Mr. John Christian Weppler, of St. David's, to Mrs. Eliza Boyle Davidson, widow of the late Dr. Walter Davidson; Mr. Samuel Pinto to Miss Esther Rebeiro.

In St. Dorothy's, near Old Harbour, Mr. Thowas Conroy to Miss Mary Ann McManus, daughter of Mr. Hugh McManus, carpenter.

In St. James's, at Reading, Rodolphus Buchanan, Esq., Lieut. 13th Light Dragoons, to Miss Ann Scott.

In Trelawny, at Parnassus, Mr. Jasper Graham to Miss Reid, daughter of John Reid, Esq.

DIED: In Kingston, Mr. George McCormack; Dr. John Todd; Mrs. Carr, wife of Capt. Carr of the "Jupiter"; Mr. Benja. Bruce; Mr. Thomas Goodwin; Mr. Benjamin Reynolds; Mr. Joseph Harris; Mr. David Freebairn; Capt. Richard Marge; Mrs. Mary Weaver, midwife; Mr. Allen; Capt. John Richards; Lieutenant Seymore of the 60th Reg.; Mr. James Hegner; Mr. William Peat; Mr. Charles McKell.

In St. Andrew, at Stony Hill, Masters Curwen and John Heslop, aged 8 and 11 years, sons of Lieut. Heslop, 60th Regiment.

In St. Catherine's, at Port Henderson, Miss E. Craskell, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Craskell, Esq.; at his mountain, near Spanish Town, William Shields, Esq., at the very advanced age of 98 years, seventy-one of which he resided in this island; in Spanish Town, Mr. James Holmes; at Maxwell's pen, Dr. Millner Nailor, aged 74 years; in Spanish Town, Miss Martha Jones, eldest daughter of the Hon. James Jones, Esq.

In St. Dorothy's, Miss Ann Williams King, daughter of Mr. James King.

In St. Mary's, Benjamin Bennett Tharp, Esq.

In Hanover, Philip Anglin, Esq.

In Trelawny, at Falmouth, Mr. Odiarne C. Walter; Mr. George Clepham of the "Roselle"; Capt. Gourley; Mr. Andrew Ruff; Master Thomas Mussendon, son of Mr. William A. Mussendon; Lieut. Thomas Williams of 83rd Regiment at Mt. Hermon; Mrs. Grace Hyne, wife of Daniel Hyne, sen., Esq.; Mr. Richard Perkins; Mr. Burman Wells, of the "Flora" of London; killed by lightning at Iron Shore Wharf, Mr. William Irving, son of James Irving, Esq., of Rio Bueno; And Mr. Henry Binham, son of Dr. Binham of Hanover.

In St. James's, at Montego Bay, Lieut. A. Richardson of the 83rd Regiment; Mr. William Jewell, lately from England; Mr. Henry Platt, blacksmith; at Bethlehem, Mr. John McDonald, Mr. Thomas Thorn, Mr. Moses Mitchell.

In St. Domingo, at Jeremie, Mr. James Macaskie.

In London, Mrs. Margery Lawrence, relict of George Whitehorne Lawrence, Esq., of Running Gut, in the parish of St. James; Hugh Ingram, Esq., merchant.

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