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Accounts relating to Aliens' property in Nevis, confiscated in 1651-1654

Persons leaving Nevis for Jamaica, 1656

Nevis Islande October 21th, 1656. A Liste of thoses people that are goinge for Jamecoe: Beinge Indebted to his Highness uppon the Accoumpt of the Strangers goods seast uppon for his Highnesses use: there names And what they owe hear set Downe.

[In the following list "t" represents "lbs. Tobaccoes," and "s" represents "lbs. Sugers". One lb. of either was worth 2d. JFS]

Robart Bonnor 145 t

Alixsander Woode 119 t

Thomas Jacksonn of Gengerland 9 s

Myls Johns 159 t

Mathewe Roose 30 t

Will Barnes 127 t

Walter Sturgus 67 t

Thomas Gurley 134 t

Nicholles Marvelley 14 t

Markus Hill 310 s

Thomas Jeffersonn 192 s

John Panton 125 s

Sargt Bondon uppon the Accoumpt of Mrs Mullenaxe 1000 s

Nichollas Crocker 255 s

Thomas Maninge securitie for Will Mantle 247 s

Will Gaskin surgon 93 s

Sargt Mathew Davis 66 s

Charles Taylor 296 s

Rodger Towersonn. 6 s

George Grene 46 s

Thomas Willshire 195 s

A.rnold Van Winsborroe 1194 s

Lt Williams Carrorgon 1128 t, 349 s

Thomas Workeman 73 s

Lt Thomas Orchord 81 t, 75 s

John O'Borne 75 t

Robart Kinge 42 t

Richard Strachley 154 1/2 t, 10 s

Andrue Shelle 154 1/2 t

Thomas Dobs 40 s

George Thomas Junner 62 s

Thomas Collings 180 t

John Griffin 62 s

William Perrey for bread 44 s

Mrs Goodderrom 679 s

Will Hoskins 377 1/2 t

Thomas Calfe 123 s

Sargt John Guy 432 t, 391 s

Sargt James Browne 80 s

Abram Tuter 62 s

Nathanyell Shearewoode 80 t

Thomas Hughes 52 t

Nicholas Druge 242 t

Mr Will Try 684 s

Christopher Lyne 9 s

Robart Chesson or Robart the fowler 120 s

Hendry Yettman 106 t

Edward Eavins 374 t, 251 s

John Stevens 37 s

Will Pane 18 t

John Prewer 346 t

Will. Grene 234 t

John Stodder 200 t

Robart Plowman Marshall 970 1/2 s

Capt Potter Seamor 1769 s

Richard Allin . . . .* Keper [blank]

Mr Harne to paye 261 1/2 s

.........................2461 1/2 t, 10126 s

Will Davenson for A pare of Bellus Anvelle and

Vise Cared with him at present for Jammecoe 500 s

Total.................2461 1/2 t, 10626 s

By me John Hilton.

Arrears of the Charibee Islands to Jamaica, for the estates confiscated & aplicable to the benefitt of yt Island (fo. 468).

In the tyme of ye late Warr wth Holland, such Dutch-men as resided or traded in ye English Plantations in ye West India had their Estates confiscated to ye use of ye usurped Power then in England.

These Estates were since ordered by yt power to bee applyed to ye use and releefe of Jamaica. In pursuance whereof, the Prize-Commissioners for ye respective Islands remitted ye Accompts (yt are herewith tendred) unto Lt Genll Brayne then comanding in chieffe in Jamaica.

The sd Accompts containe ye particulers & totalls of ye seized Goods, what disburst upon severall occassions, & what remaining in ye handes of ye Comissioners & other p'sons in those Islands, wch though often demanded by ye sd Brayne & his Successor yet had noe other complyance but excuses & delayes.. . .

Lieut.-General W. Brayne, Governor of Jamaica, wrote, 18 April 1657, to the Protector:

"The dets oweing to your highnes in the Caribe Islands wold have bin a very great assistance to us; but I had noe order to demand them; and I feare a great parte of them will be loste, the debtors dyeing, and theire estates imbezled." ("Thurloe's State Papers," vi., 212.)




A family of Webb from the Hundreds of Keynsham and Chew Magna, co. Somerset, held estates in Jamaica during the latter part of the eighteenth century. (See query by John R. Webb, 2 Vernon Place, Birkenhead, in "Som. and Dorset Notes and Queries," i., 112.)




Thomas Webb of the parish of Saint Elizabeth in the county of Cornwall, and Island of Jamaica (by his will, proved 3rd September 1845), was possessed of "Keyneshem" in the parish of Manchester, and "Chew Magna" in the adjoining parish of St. Elizabeth. He resided at "Chew Magna" up to the time of his death. His will is dated 19th April 1844. He married Frances Faith, and had a son William, who resided with him at "Chew Magna" up to the time of his decease. Thomas Webb was the son of John Rackam Webb of the parish of Manchester, whose will is dated 15th August 1829, and was proved 1st April 1830. Besides his son Thomas he had two daughters--Mrs. Mary Clark, wife of Robert Padmore Clark of the city of Bristol in Great Britain, and Mrs. Hester Medley, the wife of George Bondley Medley, at that time resident in Jamaica. John R. Webb mentions in his will William Morrish of Keynshem in the county of Somerset in England, also a nephew John Morrish.

John Rackam Webb was the brother and residuary devisee and sole executor of William Webb of Saint Elizabeth, whose will is dated 24th September 1801, and was proved 21st December 1802. William Webb in his will mentions his sisters Elizabeth Hitchman, Mary Rackam Charleton, and Hester Morrish, all of the kingdom of Great Britain.

St. Jago de la Vega, Jamaica.



(*From a dealer's catalogue)

1772. A marriage settlement between William Tucker of City of London and Elizabeth Plumer and John Scott, etc. The property settled consisted of negro slaves in the Isle of Jamaica, male and female, all named. This deed. was not signed.

1832. Mount George Estate. A release and assignment beween Marv Betty of Killemitten, co. Fermanagh, and Thomas Hynes of Tuam (both Ireland), etc. On three skins. Signed by Haynes.

1822. Lysworthy Estate. Deed between Elizabeth Hankey of Bedford Square, London, and William Alers Hankey of Fenchurch Street, banker, and others, and Frederick Lamont of Trelawny, co. Cornwall, Jamaica: Thomas Todd and William Crookes of City of London, and Thomas Hankey and Richard Todd of Sunbury, co. Middlesex. On five skins of parchment.


This work, now in the British Museum (Sloan MS. 3918), consists of 140 small folio pages. The contents did not appear to me to contain much original matter. On the first page is the following heading:-

"A most Correct, and particular Account of th ....*

Island, of Jamaica, From the Time of th .... *

Spaniards first discovering and settling....*

it. Together with a full and succinct Account of the present

Government of it; as Also, of all the Generals,

and Governours in Chief that have been appoin-

ted to preside over the said Island, and all the other

Territories thereon depending, in America, &c.

Wrote by Hen. Barham. Senr. F.R.S."

The history is carried down to the year 1722. Dr. Barham died soon after in 1726.


*The right hand corner of these three lines is missing.


This volume, now in the British Museum (Add. MS. 27,968), contains various letters, pedigrees. and extracts from parish registers and wills relating to Jamaican families. The correspondence was mostly addressed to Charles Edward Long, a well-known West-Indian genealogist. The collection then apparently passed into the hands of Captain J. H. Lawrence Archer, author of "W.I. Monumental Inscriptions," and the Museum Trustees purchased it from him on 13 Feb. 1869.

Most of the numerous extracts from parish registers were made about 1830-35 by the late John Roby, author of the rare Histories of the parishes of St. Catherine and St. James, and were sent to C. E Long, then in London. Among the families noted are the following:-


































This Samuell was the son of Bryan Firebrace, Merchant Tailor, of the City of London. His father went to Constantinople about 1640, leaving his wife with two children, Samuel and John, in London in poor circumstances. He died there intestate, administration being granted in London in May 1643 to Robert Cheeringe, a creditor. Her son Samuel was baptized 9 March 1634-5 at St. Margaret's, Westminster. He died in Jamaica, unmarried, and administration of his effects was granted to his mother Jane Arpe (who appears to have married again) 10 June 1657. He is therein described as "late at Jamaica in the States Service beyond sea, Batchelor."

I have been trying for many years to ascertain how and when my ancestor John Firebrace, uncle of the above Samuel, reached Barbados. It is possible he went out in the same expedition. He became a merchant and died in 1693. His will is in the Barbados Record Office.


Danehurst, Uckfield, Sussex.

COGHLAN, Deceased. Wanted the issue or the representatives of the issue living on 24 Nov. 1892 of the marriage of Roger Coghlan, Officer in the Army, and Eliz. Harvey, which took place at Spanish Town, Jamaica, in 1785. Mrs. C. was the widow of William Harvey of New River, Jamaica, and dau. of Lewis Williams, of the parish of St. Elizabeth, co. Cornwall, Jamaica. Mrs. C. died in London 1799, etc.

Wanted the Will or proof that such Will was made of Henry Thomas Coghlan, who died at 14 Hyde Park Gardens, London, on 24 Nov. 1892. Mr. Coghlan's estate was about £700,000.

Irish newspaper cutting from Mr. Erskine E. West of Dublin.

1799, Jan. 16. Mrs. Coghlan, wife of Lieut.-Col. C. of the 82d reg. ("G.M.," 85.)

The above Henry Thomas Coghlan was son of Gen. Roger Coghlan.

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