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John Hayman of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 11 Feb. 1672. My nephew. William Swymmer, merchant, an Executor. My sister Mrs. Swymmer. (77, Pye.)


Sir Thomas Langton, Mayor of Bristol. Will dated 24 May 1672. My dau. Mary. (7, Pye.)

She married (1) William * Swymmer, who died Oct. 1690. (2) Robert Lane, merchant.

*Error for Anthony.


Joseph Langton of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 18 May 1694. My sister Mary Swimmer, widow. (129, Box.)


Lady Elizabeth Langton, widow of Sir Thomas Langton of Bristol. Will dated 24 July 1702. To Mary, wife of Robert Lane, merchant, £300. (166, Ash.) (Brown's " Somersetshire Wills," iv.)


Hon. Anthony Swymer of the parish of St. Thomas in the East, Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 22 Jan. 1729. My dau. Jane Langly Swymer £4000 sterling at 21 or day of marriage, to be educated in Great Britain. All residue to son Anthony Langley Swymer and his h., then to dau. Jane, 2d son of my cousin Henry Swymer of Bristol, 3d son of ditto. My 1000 acres at Orange Bay to be sold. Sir Hans Sloan, said cousin Henry Swymer and friend William Basnett of London, Executors for Great Britain and G. William Hayman, Edward Prater, Samuel Clerk, and Joshua Crosby, all of Kingston, Merchants, and Andrew Arcedeckne Esq., Executors for Jamaica. Witnessed by Joanna Arbuckle, Samuel Page, Jacob Smith.

Codicil. The possessors of the estate whereon Dr. Robert Strachan dwelleth to be sued or ejected. My wife Millbrough to go to England where her children reside and have £150 till her joynture be due. On 3d March 1729 app. Jacob Smith and was sworn. Proved 9 Dec. 1731 by H. S. and W. B., p. r. to Sir H. S., Baronet,(343, Auber.)


Henry Swymmer of Bristol, Esq., one of the Aldermen. Will dated 19 Feb. 1730. Wife Ann, farm at Radford, co. Som., for life, then to son William Swymmer, son Anthony Swymmer, dau. Ann Swymmer, Elizabeth, wife of Carew Reynell, clerk, Chancellor of Bristol, and my dau. Bridget Swymmer as tenants in common. To said wife and s.-in-law Mr Reynell and friends Robert Smith and Lyonel Lyde, Esqr., both Members of the Com. Council, my 2 leasehold Messuages where I dwell in the Coll. Green for wife, then my Messuage where I dwell to son William at 21. My other Messuage for son Anthony at 21, dau. Ann £2000 in full satisfaction for 2 legacies of £200 and £200 bequeathed to her by wills of my late Father William Swymmer and late brother Anthony Swymmer, Esqrs., son-in-law Carew Retnell £500; son William and son Anthony each £2000, dau. Bridget £1500 at 21. My wife to be Guardian. My dau. Kath. great infirmity. Sister Ann £20. All residue of estate, ships to said wife, she and T. to be Executors and £10 each. Proved 3l Oct. 1732 by A. S. (255, Bedford.)


Anthony Swymmer of the City of Bristoll, Esq , late resident in the Island of Jamaica, and now bound thither again. Will dated 11 Oct. 1684. Mother Mrs. Joane Swymmer, widow, £20 and an annuity of £10. Uncle William Hayman, Esq., now Major of B., and in my brother Mr. William Swymmer of Bristol, Merchant, and sister Elizabeth Wasbrow, wife of Richard Wasbrow sopemaker there, and my brother and sister Fulke Rose of St. Jago de La Vega, Esq., and his wife and to my brother and sister Mr. Andrew Langley and his sister Mrs. Martha Langley £10 apiece. Meredith Davies of Bristol, Merchant, who formerly lived with me in Jamaica, £5, covenants in relacon to my wife and children to be performed. All residue to my son Anthony Swymmer and comitt his Guardianship to my said uncle and brothers William Hayman, William Swymmer and F. Rose and make them Executors in Trust, to manage my plantations in Jamaica and convey all to him when 21, and in default to my nephew Anthony Swymmer, 2d son of my brother William Swymmer, nephew William Swymmer, 3d son. of said brother William Swymmer. To my wife £20 for mourning. Witnessed by Thomas Langton, William Jones, William Meredith, William Brayne, John Sellwood. Proved 13 Oct. 1688 by Sir William Hayman, Knight; and William Swymmer, p. r. to F. Rose. (141, Exton.)


Anthony Swymmer of the City of Bristol, Esq. Will dated 29 March 1717. Sister Dame Elizabeth Daines, wife of Sir William Daines of Bristol, Knight, £2000. Brother Henry Swymmer £2000. Sister Anne Swymmer £2000, and my messuage on St. Augustines Back, plate, furniture, coach, and horses. Niece Anne Barrington alias Shute, dau. of said Sir William Daines, £200. Niece Sarah Daines, dau. of said Sir William Daines, £200. Nephews William Swymmer, Anthony Swymmer and Henry Swymmer, sons of my brother William Swymmer, £200 apiece at 21. My 2 nephews William Swymmer and Anthony Swymmer, sons of my brother Henry Swymmer, £200 apiece at 21. Niece Betty Swymmer, dau. of brother William Swymmer, £200. Niece Mary Swymmer, dau. of said brother William Swymmer, £200 at 18. Nieces Anne Elizabeth and Cath., daus. of my brother Henry Swymmer, £200 apiece at 18. Grand-niece Elizabeth dau. of John Barrington* alias Shute, Esq., £100 at 18. Grand-nephew William Wildman Barrington alias Shute, son of said John Barrington* alias Shute, £100 at 21. Aminta, dau. of Elizabeth Jordan, £20, leg. to be adventured at sea. All residue of estate and shipping to said brother William Swymmer and sole Executor. Witnessed by Henry Fane, Thomas Bennett, Ralph Baker. Proved 6 July 1719 by W. S., the brother. (137, Browning.)

*He was later Viscount Barrington.


William Swymmer the Elder of Bristol, Esq. and Alderman. Will dated 17 May 1711. Daughter Dame Elizabeth Daines, wife of Sir William Daines of Bristol, Knight, £1000 sterling. William Swymmer the yr. £1000, son Henry Swymmer £1000, dau. Anne Swymmer £2600, granddaus. Anne and Sarah, daus. of Sir William Daines, £200 apiece, grandchildren Elizabeth, William, Anthony, Henry and Mary, children of my son William Swymmer £200 apiece to be adventured to sea, granddau. Anne, dau. of son Henry Swymmer , £200, £100 to the churchwardens of St. Augustin's, cousin Hannah James £10, Aminta, dau. of my kinswoman Elizabeth Jordan, £10, cousin Elizabeth Alloway £10. Ships and all residue to son Anthony Swymmer and sole Exexutor. Witnessed by John King, Joseph King, Henry Fane. Proved 22 March 1714 by A. S. (57, Fagg.)


William Swymmer of Bristol, merchant. Will dated 10 Nov. 1725. Brother Henry Swymmer , Esq., £50, sister Lady Elizabeth Daines £50, sister Ann Swymmer £50, William Swymmer, son of John Swymmer of Padstow,* co. Corn., £100, dau. Mary Swymmer £2000 at 21, son Anthony Swymmer £2500 at 21, son Henry Swymmer £2500 at 21, over and above legacy from their late grandfather William Swymmer, Esq., and late uncle Anthony Swymmer Esq., dau. Betty, widow of Mr. Sam. Kentish, £50 a year charged on lands at Beake in Marshfield, co. Glouc. All residue to son William Swymmer and sole Executor. Proved 9 May, 1726 by W. S. the son. (108, Plymouth.)

*It is probable that the family moved from Padstow to Bristol, as there are no early wills in the city court, but in the P.C.C. are these two:

1581. John Swinmer, merchant, Padstow, Cornwall. (42, Darcy.)

1587. John Swimer, Padistowe. (12, Rutland.)


John Swymmer of Bristoll , Esq., late one of the Sheriffs. Will dated 23 April 1700. Confirm the articles of marriage with Rebecca my wife. I give her £20 for marriage, half my furniture. To my Father William Swymmer, Esq., and Mother Elizabeth Swymmer £10 apiece. To my grandmother, Mrs. Barbara Merrett, £10. To the Governor and Guardians of the Mint £50 for the poore there. All residue to my brothers Anthony Swymmer, William Swymmer, and Henry Swymmer, and sisters Dame Elizabeth Daines and Anne Swymmer equally, said 3 brothers Executors.

Codicil, 17 May 1700, of Bristol, merchant. Certain furniture and jewels to wife, my house in Small Street, gold coins, and £25. Proved 15 June 1700 by all 3 brothers. (90, Noel.)


Ann Swymmer. Will dated 17 Oct. 1735. To my son William Swymmer, after the decease of my Mother, the mannor of Rowberow and all goods, plate, linen and pictures. My dau. Cath. Swymmer £1000, dau. Ann Clutterbuck my brilliant diamond ring, dau. Elizabeth Reynell diamond ear-rings. My son Anthony Swymmer his father's and my pictures, dau. Bridget Swymmer gold watch. All residue to my son William, son Anthomy, dau. Ann, dau. Elizabeth and dau. Bridget and I leave in T. my son William Swymmer, son Anthony Swymmer, son-in-law Reynell, son-in-law Clutterbuck. Henry Swymmer and Elizabeth Cator, both of Bristol, swore to handwriting of testatrix, a widow. On 27 May 1736, comn. to Carew Reynell, D.D., Chancellor of Bristol, and Stephen Clutterbuck, Esq., to administer (119, Derby.)


See ante III., 122, dated 16 Feb. 1744, as to sale of land to A. L. Swymmer. To this transaction belong three letters+ from Peter Delande, London, 9, 12, and 15 Feb. 1741, to Mr. Henry Swymmer, merchant at Bristol, relating to the purchase of a parcel of land in Jamaica from Lady Cotton's agent, Mr. Crosby, for £40 c. and £650 sterling. The writer was of the firm of solicitors of Mr. Solln. Penny and Co., otherwise Messrs. Penny, Duroure and Delande.

Their bill of costs is headed Messrs Swymmer, Drs., to Penny and partners, relating to the purchase of some lands at Jamaica for Mr. Anthony Langley Swymmer. Drawing Conveyance from Lady Cotton, Mr. Swymmer and his brother. Paid 9 Nov. 1745.

+ In the possession of the Editor.


Indenture made 10 Nov. 1750 between Anthony Langley Swymmer of Longwood co. Southampton Esq. of the one part and Rowney Noel Esq. of All Souls College Oxford of the other Witnesseth that for £600 A. L. Swymmer grants an annuity of £75 charged on Nutts River plantation in the parish of St. Thomas in the East of 2036 acres, Clarks River Land of 1120 acres, land at Milk River in the parish of Vere called Swymmers Land or Milk River Land of 4000 acres formerly the estate of Andrew Langley Esq. deceased, land in the parish of St. George of 1100 acres which last was granted by King Charles II to John Lewis formerly the estate of Andrew Langley deceased, and land in Spanish Town during the life of Thomas Rowney of Oxford Esq. Signed by A. L. Swymmer. Armorial seal. Arms: Gules, three bells. Crest: a demi-lion rampant, the paws holding a bell.


1672, Jan. 8. Port Royal. Anthony Swymmer, Esq., one of the two Members of Assembly. (W. I. Calendar, p. 314.)

1672; June 11. Signs petition of Merchants of Port Royal against Jews retailing. (p. 367.)

1672, July 2., Peter Hayman of Barbados had consigned 16 negroes to him. (pp. 383 and 409.)

1673, Aug. 30. Re the 16 negros in Capt. A. S. hands. (p. 519.)

1674, Feb. 1819. Elected again Member of Assembly as Capt. A. S. (p. 554.)

1674, July 2. His complaint to the Council. (p. 595.)

1730, June 28. William Hayman, Esq; appointed one of his Majesty's Council in the Island of Jamaica in the Room of Anthony Swimmer, Esq; deceased. (Hist. Regr., 48.)

1732, Sept. 20. Henry Swymmer Esq; one of the Aldermen of Bristol. ("G.M.," 979.)

1760, Feb. 26. Anthony Langley Swymmer, Esq; member for Southampton, at Jamaica. (Ibid., 154.)

1774, July 30. At Bristol, Henry Swymmer, Esq; brother to the Countess Dowager of Westmorland, and great uncle to the present Earl. (Ibid., 446.)

BRISTOL MARRIAGE BONDS. ("Glouc. Notes & Queries," x., 110.)

1684, July 7. Anthony Swimer, Bristol & Mary Langton of St. Nicholas.



1700, Sept. 5. Richard Aldworth, of Warminster, gentleman, and Rebecca Swimier of Bristow, Somerset, license.


On a floor slab:

Here lyeth the body

of the Honble


who departed this life

the 23rd of January

Anno Domini 1729.


ST. ANDREWS, JAMAICA. (Archer, 249.)

Mural tablet of coloured marble, with these arms Gules, three bells Or; impaling: Azure, a cinquefoil Argent.


ANTONIUS LANGLEY SWYMMER, armr., vir si quis alius ad amicorum utilitatem atque commoda promovenda, alacer, et fidelis ad patriae jura atque priviligia tuenda et vindicanda, vigil. Acer strenuus, hisce accedebat optima indoles mira morum elegantia comitas suavissima. Uxorem duxit Arabellam filiam nata quintam Dni. Joans. ASTLEY Barti. de Patshull in agro Stafford. Obiit prid. non. mensis Januarii, ann. Dom. MD.CCXL aetat xxxiv, amicis patriae viduar desideratissimus.


STEPNEY CHURCHYARD. (Lysons' "Env. of L.," iii, 437.)

Milborough, wife of Alexander Smith, gentleman, and relict of the Hon. Anthony Swymmer of Jamaica who died 1730.

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