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A Particular List




Generall Venables

Names, Quallities, Companyes

William Amey2 Souldr to Capt Davice.

Thomas Archbould Lt to Capt Davice

Thomas Archer Souldr to Capt Handcock

John Barrell Lt to Capt Handcock

Marke Browne Souldr to Capt Handcock

Thomas Breres Ensigne to Capt Cooke

Randall Birkenhead Sergt to Capt Persons.

John Booker Drummer to Capt Handcock

William Blake Souldr to Capt Carey

Rodolph Byland Souldr to Capt Carey

Georrge Butler3 Captaine

James Burey4 Ensigne to Lt Collo Doylie

John Cooke Captaine

John Church Souldr to Capt Handcock

Johnathan Crossley Souldr to Capt Butler

Henry Davice5 Captaine

Robert Donn Ensigne Capt Handcock.

Edward Doylie6 Lt Collo Venables

Patrick Devon Souldr to Venables

Humphrv Duglas Souldr to Genl Venables

Henry Disney7 Captaine

James Debora8 Souldr to Capt Handcock

Henry Ferriboscoe9 '3 Ensigne to Capt Disney

Edward Freeman Sergant Capt Handcock

Samuell Fierbrace Corporall Capt Davice

Nathanill Flick provost Marshall.

Robert Fellowes Souldr to Capt Butler

John Godwell Corpoll to Capt Handcock


1 Copied from the original in the P.R.O., Col. Papers, Vol. 32, No. 16, by Miss Mabel Nembhard, with notes added by her. See also the W.I. Cal. for 1675-6, Addenda, p. 90. where only the officers' names are given. A later list of 21 March 1654-5 from the Portland MSS. is given in the "Narrative of Venables" (Firth, 116).

The information in the following notes is chiefly derived from "The Narrative of General Venables," edited by C. H. Firth, 1900, and the lists of persons who applied for arrears of pay given in the Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, 1574-1660 (Interregnum, Entry Book, vol. cv., pp. 454-5, 462, and 472).

2 Elizabeth, widow of William Amy, applied for arrears of pay 25 Dec. 1656.

3 Capt. George Butler, killed 26 April 1655 (Venables). Will proved in 1665 (382, Aylett). The arrears of pay due to him were applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

4 Arrears due to James Berry, deceased, were applied for 24 July 1656.

5 Widow of Capt. Henry Davis applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

6 He subsequently became Colonel of the regiment raised in Barbados. In a letter of 12 Sept. 1657, when Commander-in-Chief, he stated he was in his fortieth year (Thurloe, vi., 512). He retired to England in 1662.

7 Capt. Henry Disney died 3 April 1656. Thurloe, iii., 505 (Firth)

8 Joane, widow of James Debora, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

9 Capt. Henry Ferribosco's children applied for arrears 10 June 1658.


Names, Quallities, Companyes

John Gingerl Sergant Majr Mercer

Joseph Hamound Sergant Capt Handcock

Richard Finchley Souldr to Capt Butler

William Hurlstone2 Souldr to Majr Mercer

Thomas Huddlelstone3 Sergant Majr Mercer

Thomas Handcock4 Capt

Henry Howell Souldr to Majr Mercer

Thomas Hutchings Souldr to Majr Mercer

Tate Howell Lt to Capt Cooke

John Jones Souldr to Capt Handcock

John James5 Souldr to Capt Handcock

John Lloyd Lt to Lt Collo Doylie.

William Lott Souldr to Majr Mercer

John Lee Corporall to Capt Handcock

Robert Legard Souldr to Capt Disney

George Moore Drumr to Capt Butler

Francis Mercer6 Major

Chad Mattersey Lt to Genl Venables

John Osborne7 Souldr to Capt Persons

George Persons Capt

John Page Souldr to Lt Collo Doylie

Henry Persons Lt to Capt Persons

Hugh Pearce8 Corporall to Genl Venables

Andrew Peter Lt to Capt Hinde

Richard Paver Souldr to Capt Butler

Henry Persons Souldr to Capt Disney

John Ratliffe Sergant to Lt Collo Doylie

Luke Ramsden Sergant to Capt Davice.

William Simons Ensigne Capt Butler

Augustus Cezar Sinckler Souldr to Lt Collo Doylie

George Taylor Drumr to Capt Handcock

Gabrill Throckmorton Souldr to Capt Persons.

William Wimbal9 Lt to Majr Mercer

William Willoughby Lt to Capt Butler

William White10 Gent at Armes, Cooke.

William Webb11 Souldr to Majr Mercer

William Wright12 Souldr to Majr Mercer

Benjamine Welcocks Souldr to Majr Mercer

Daniel Walker Souldr to Capt Cooke

Robert Woodward Souldr to Majr Mercer

Thomas Whittaker Souldr to Genl Venables

Lawrance Mullions Souldr to Capt Disney


1 John Ginger's arrears applied for 15 Sept. 1656.

2 Anne, widow of William Hulston, applied for arrears 21 Oct. 1636.

3 Arrears due to Lieut. Thos. Huddlestone applied for 12 Feb. 1657.

4 Capt. Thomas Hancock killed 26 April 1655. Thurloe, iii., 506 (Firth). His children applied for arrears 18 April 1656.

5 Widow of Jos. (John ?) James applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

6 Arrears due to Lieut.-Col. Francis Mercer applied for 12 Feb. 1657.

7 Mary, widow of John Osburne, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

8 Arrears due to Hugh Peirce, serjeant, applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

9 Elizabeth, widow of Capt. William Wimball, applied for arrears 15 Sept, 1656. He was commissioned as "Wingbell" in the W.I. 25 April 1655 (Firth, 125).

10 Anne, widow of William White, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

11 Arrears due to William Webb, soldier, deceased, applied for 25 Dec. 1656. Will P.C.C. 1656 (427, Berkley).

12 Arrears due to William Wright, serjeant, applied for 25 Dec. 1656.


Names, Quallities, Companyes

Obidiah Hinde1 Capt

Edward Stenton Drumr to Mercer

William Willson Souldr to Genl Venables

Will. Armstrong Chirurgeon mate

Rich: Dukenfeild Chirurgeon

Will. Drew Apothecary

John Frampton quarter mr

Will. Fisher Chirurgeon mate

Thomas Gage2 Chapling

Edward Sackfeild3 Lt to Capt Persons

William Harlstone Souldr to Mercer.

Lawrence Muttons

Isack Recroft4 Souldr to Carrey.

Phillip Starkey Sergt to Cooke.


___ Farres Ensigne to Haines.

Henry Archbould Capt

Richard Bamfordd Capt

John Pollord7 Ensigne Capt Bamford

William Burt Drumer to Haines.

Robert Baldwin Souldr to Capt Smith.

John Clarke8 Lt Collo to Haines

John Clarke Ensigne Lt Collo Clarke.

George Dawkins Souldr to Capt Younge

John Everad Corporall to Capt Younge

Richard Gee Souldr to Capt Walters

Sampson George Sergant to Capt Bamford

Andrew Houncell Lt to Haines.

Richard Handcock Sergant to Capt Archbould

William Huntley Lt to Capt Younge

James Haines Major and Genell

William Kinge Lt to Majr Genl Haines

Vallantine Levritt Sergt to Capt Archbould

Marshall Lt to Majr Genl Haines

Thomas Norcott Souldr to Capt Archbould

James Newton Souldr to Walter

William Ord Souldr to Capt Archbould

Mathias Pippiat Souldr to Barry


1 Capt Obadiah Hinde was killed 26 April 1655 (Firth).

2 Mary, widow of Thomas Gage, chaplain, applied for arrears 18 July 1656.

3 Ed. Sackwell was commissioned a captain in the General's Regiment 25 April 1655 (Firth, 125).

4 William, father of Isaac Ricroft, applied for arrears 10 June 1658.

5 Henry Archbold became Lieut.-Col. of Col. Carter's Regiment, and was a Member of the Council of Jamaica after the Restoration (Firth). See also Thurloe, v., 102, 128, 139; vi., 235. He settled in Liguanea, (Bridges, i., 220). On 8 April 1658 £20 was paid to Elizabeth his wife for transport of herself and family to her husband in Jamaica (W.I. Cal., 465).

6 Anne, widow of Capt. Rich. Bamford, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656, and again on 12 Feb. 1667. In the latter petition he is described as "Major." His commission as Major.

7 Arrears due to Ensign John Pollard applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

8 Lieut.-Col. John Clarke died at sea on 9 May 1655, of wounds received on 26 April. Memorials of Sir William Penn, ii., 99, 100 (Firth). There is a petition from his widow Mary in Colonial State Papers (Domestic), 1655, p. 306. She also applied for arrears 13 May 1656.

9 Venables wrote: "Major General Haynes & all our best officers fell in the first action," i.e., on 25 April, at Hispaniola. A pension of £150 was awarded his widow Elizabeth on 3 Oct. 1655, he having been slain (W.I. Cal, 431).


Names, Quallities, Companyes

William Pittifor Souldr to Capt Younge

Randall Pullford Souldr to Capt Smith

George Rivers Ensigne Capt Walters

William Rivers Lt to Capt Archbuld.

William Simons Drumr to Majr Barry

Thomas Martin Corpll to Capt Walter

Danill Smith Capt to Haines

Robert Taylor Capt to Archbould

George Toms1 Capt to Haines

Edward Willitt Capt to Haines

Thomaa Walter2 Capt to Haines

Edmond Willett Corpll to Haines

William Wandall Lt to Haines

Richard Younge3 Capt to Haines

George Faulkner4 Lt to Capt Willitt

William Reves Souldr to Capt Willitt

William Baily Souldr to Capt Willitt

Jackson. . . . intant Genll

Samuell Barrey5 Major to Haines

William Kinge Lt to Barrey

William Hopkins Ensigne

Moko Mordo Sergt

Phillip Feard Sergt

John Southead Corporall

John Brind Corporall

George Turner Corporall

Rich. Clearke Gent at Armes

William Burt Drumr

Robert Creade Souldr

John Newbery Souldr

Will. Puckett Souldr

Rich. Webber Souldr

Theophilus Kinge Souldr

Henry Gale Souldr

John Delley. Souldr

Richard Salway Souldr

John Hodgson Ditto

Rignall Knight Ditto

Martin Leakey Ditto

John Feacey Ditto

John Gume6 Ditto

Nichollas Vellies Ditto

John Wilkes Ditto

Danill Clarke Ditto

Jo: Hare Ditto


1 Gregory Tom was Member of Assembly for Northside in 1664 (Feurtado). He arrived in 1663 with his wife Amy, and died in 1665.

2 Capt. Thomas Walter. Possibly this was Adjutant-General Walters, killed on 18 April. See Thurloe, iii., 506 (Firth)

3 Widow of Capt. Rich. Young, Adjutant-General, applied for arrears 21 Oct. 1656.

4 Elizabeth, widow of Major Geo. Faulkner, applied for arrears 5 Feb. 1657.

5 Samuel Barry, subsequently Colonel of Heane's Regiment, survived all the hardships of the first colonists, and became, after the Restoration, a Member of the Council of Jamaica and Governor of Surinam (Firth). He settled in Liguanea (Bridges). In 1683 Col. Sam. Barry, ":son of Col. Barry of the old army," was made a Member of the Council. He had £2000 a year in Jamaica and £200 or £300 a year in Kent (W.I. Cal., 491).

6 Perhaps Gunne.


Names, Quallities, Companyes

Clemant Welch Souldr

Allex. Buttrill Ditto

Will: Sherick Ditto

Edward Barley Ditto

Thomas Browne Ditto

Thomas Morgan Ditto

Rich. Edwards Ditto

Edward Sollis Ditto

George Hood Ditto

Robert Herman Ditto

John Clentch Ditto

John Leach Ditto

David Minor Ditto

Nicholas Grace Ditto

John Gater Ditto

Rich. Chapman Ditto

Rich. Thompson Ditto

William Fudge1 Gunn Smith

John Frankling Chirurgeon mate

Bartho. Jackson quarter master

Roger Manners Chapling

Jesse Wharton Chirurgeon mate

Thomas Hodgelkins Sergt to Capt Younge

Thomas K

Roger Manners Chapling to Haines

George Simpson Ensigne to Capt Younge.

Collo Fortescue Regiment

Thomas Alcock Souldr to Capt Wells

Robert Allin Souldr to Capt White

Stephen Arrow Smith Souldr to Capt Keene

Christopher Barron Souldr to Capt White

Edward Bradshaw Souldr to Capt White

George Bailie Sergt to Majr Hill.

Robert Bauman Souldr to Capt Davies

Henry Bartlitt2 Captaine

James Bates Ensigne Capt Edwards

John Bradshaw Souldr to Major Hill

George Blake Souldr to Capt Leverington

Will. Clea Sergt to Capt Weles

Will. Carman Ensigne Capt White

William Collings Souldr to Collo Fortescue

John Clinch Souldr to Capt Edwards

William Cooke Souldr to Capt White

John Bray Lt to Capt Levering

Thomas Dowing3 Ensigne Capt Keene

William Denis Ensigne Capt Bartlitt

Bartho. Davies4 Captaine


1 Rebecca, widow of William Fudge, gunsmith, applied for arrears 25 Dee. 1656

2 Joane, widow of Lieut.-Col. Henry Bartlett, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656. He signed the Minutes of a Council of War 7 June 1655, and had been commissioned in the W.I. 15 May 1655.

3 Arrears due to Lieut. Thomas Downing applied for 8 June 1658. Will P.C.C. 1658

(484, Wootton).

4 Arrears due to Capt. Bartholomew Davis, deceased, applied for 5 Sept. 1656.


Names, Quallities, Companyes

Peter Dunbar Souldr to Capt White

John Egarl Souldyer to Capt Keene

Obidiah Edwards Captaine to Collo Fortescue

John Ellis Souldyer to Capt Davies

Nathanill Fletcher Souldyer to Capt Keene

Will. Ferris2 Souldyer to Capt Davies

Thomas Freeman Sergant to Collo Fortescue

Thomas French Lt to Captaine Wells

Richard Fortescue3 Collo

Thomas Fuller4 Sergant to Lt Collo Holdyck.

William Fletewood Souldyer to Capt White

Elias Gingon Souldyer

William Hambleyn Capt Lt to Collo Fortescue

Thomas Hill Lt to Major Hill

William Hill5 Major to Collo Fortescue

John Honey Souldyer to Captaine Edwards

Thomas Howell Ensigne to Captaine Davice

Ralph Hardwick6 quarter mr to Collo Fortescue

Henry Hurst Lt to Captaine Edwards

David Houston Sergant to Fortescue

Richard Holdick7 Lt Collo to Collo Fortescue

Renolds Hayward Souldyer to Captaine Bartlitt

James Inskyck8 Souldyer to Major Hill

Johna. Judkins9 Souldyer to Capt Bartlitt

John Keene Captaine to Collo Fortescue

Thomas Kent Sould to Capt Leverington

Thomas Kinge

John Lushe Souldyer to Capt Bartlitt.

Samuell Leverington10 Capt to Collo Fortescue

Rich. Lawrance Ensigne to Capt Wells.

John Marshall11 Souldyer to Capt Keene

Will. Moore Souldyer to Capt Keene

Edmond Lt to Mallinson Lt to Capt White

Tho. May Gent. at armes

Augustin May Souldyer to Capt White


1 Ellen, widow of John Agar alias Eager, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

2 Anne, widow of Wm. Feris, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

3 Mary, widow of Major-Gen. Rich. Fortescue, applied for arrears 21 Oct. 1656. Will of Col. Rich. Fortescue, P.C.C., 1657 (276, Ruthen). Arrears due to Major (Major-General?) Fortescue applied for 3 Dec. 1656. He died about 1 Nov. 1655, being then Commander-in-Chief and Governor.

[Editorial Note from Additions and Corrections: Mr. F. Cundall points out that Fortescue was not strictly speaking Governor].

4 M.I. at St. Dorothy's to Col. Thomas Fuller, "one or the first takers of this Island," who died 6 June 1690 (Archer, 307).

5 Major William Hill's daughter applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656. William Hill apparently succeeded Holdip as Lieut.-Col. See Clarke Papers, iii., 56. Hill died, seemingly, before arriving at Jamaica. Cal. State Papers, Col., 1574-1660, 454 (Firth).

6 Arrears due to Lieut. Ralph Hardwick applied for on 2 April, and again on 15 May 1656. He was promoted in the W.I. from Lieut. to Capt. 10. May 1655.

7 Arrears due to Col. Richard Holdip applied for 20 April 1658. At the end of March 1654 he became Colonel of the regiment raised at the Leeward Islands (Firth). He became an active planter (Bridges, i., 220). 1652, July 14, Draft of a commission to him for government of a plantation between the Amazon and Orinoco, but revoked on 22 Nov. and notice sent to him at Barbados (W.I. Cal., 379, 386, and 472).

8 Abigail, widow of James Inskip, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

9 Abigail, widow of Jonat. Judkin, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

10 Samuel Leverington, "A gallant man, wounded on 17 April 1655, was taken back to a ship, and, being left on deck without food or water, or having his wounds dressed, he succombed." (Narrative by Venables, quoted by Mrs. Leopold Scarlett.)

11 Eliza, widow of John Marshall, soldier, applied for arrears 26 Dec. 1656.


Names, Quallities, Companyes

Richard Nicholson Sergant to Capt White

John Poulton Gent. at armes Capt Davice

Thomas Padsell1 Souldyer to Collo Fortescue

James Peake2 Ensigne to Lt Collo Holdyck

Thomas Rowland Souldyer to Collo Fortescue

Rich. Rippon Souldyer to Capt Wells.

Steph. Rose3 Lt to Collo Holdyck.

James Spinkernild4 Corpoll to Capt Davies

Edmond Sickes Sergant to Capt Leverington

John Skillin Sergant to Capt Bartlitt.

Nicholas Smithsend Souldyer to Collo Fortescue

Roger Shipherd Sergant to Capt Leverington.

Johnathan Starr Souldyer to Capt White

Thomas Smale Souldyer to Capt White

Thomas Stranyhon Souldyer to Capt White

Danill Thrift Drumer Capt White

David Williams Souldyer

Henry White Souldyer to Capt White

Richard Weles5 Captaine to Collo Fortescue

Rich. Welleford Souldyer to Capt Weles.

Will. Wheeler Sergant to Lt Collo Holdyck

John Yorke Corpoll to Capt White

Thomas Pethon Lt to Capt Davies

Peter Quanby Sergant to Capt Davies

John Durant6 Souldyer to Capt Keene.

Will. Hill Souldyer

Thomas Escott Souldyer

John Layhorne Souldyer

Edward Ellis Souldyer

Thomas Dobson Souldyer

Robert Emense Sergant to Capt White

Thomas Christopher Corpoll to Capt White

Whigift Allimore Souldyer to Capt White

Thomas Bullingham Souldyer to Capt White

Rich. Crawley Souldyer to Capt Edwards

Rich. Bossick7 Drumer to Capt Davies

John Mason Sergant to Capt Bartlitt

Edward Cleave8 Souldyer to Capt Bartlitt

Francis Bellimy9 Souldyer to Capt Bartlitt

Edward Stapelton Chirurgeon mate

Nathanill Lane Chapling

Roger Gates Gunn Smith

John Henry Hillsman Chirurgeon

Thomas Edwards10 Gent. at Armes

Bernard Hicks Souldyer to Capt Bartlitt

John Griffon Drumer to Fortescue

John Gettings sould. to Leverington

Henry Kent Ensigne to Leverington

Jo. Moorehead Souldyer to Capt White

Edward Pinder Souldyer to Capt White

Peter Quanby Sergant to Capt Davies


1 Arrears due to Thomas Patsill, corporal, applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

2 The three families of Peake, Fuller, and Byndlosse all came from Lewes in Sussex.

3 Stephen Rosse was commissioned Capt. in the W.I. on 14 April 1655.

4 Arrears due to Serj. Jas. Pinkernell applied for 15 Sept. 1656.

5 Arrears due to Richard Wells applied for 15 Sept. 1656. At the same date he became Major and commanded Fortescue's regiment. He died about Jan. 1657 (Firth).

6 Jane, widow of John Durant, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

7 Arrears due to Edward Beswich, drummer (Rich. Bossick ?), applied for 18 July 1656.

8 Phoebe, widow of Edw. Cleave, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

9 Martha, widow of Fran. Bellamy, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

10 Mary, mother of Thos. Edwards, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.


Collo Buller

Names, Quallities, Companyes

Anthony Buller2 Collo

Thomas Allin Lt to Collo Buller

Francis Barrington3 Lt Collo

Joseph Broome Sergt to Collo Buller

Michell Bland4 Major to Collo Buller

William Buck Souldyer to Collo Buller

James Bland5 Gent. at Armes

John, Broome6 Souldyer to Collo Buller

Adam Baynard7 Capt to Buller

Stroud Bingham8 Capt

Robert Baynard Souldyer to Capt Baynard

Isack Birkenhead9 quarter mr

George Brian Souldyer to Capt Bingham

Johnathan Bowell10 Drumr to Buller

William Bentley Sergt to Capt Minn

Rich. Bennett Drumr to Capt Minn

John Chadwald Souldyer to Buller


2 He returned to England with Venables. Arrears due to Col. Anthony Buller applied for 12 Feb. 1657.

3 Francis Barrington, once of Henry Cromwell's regiment of horse in the Irish Army, author of an excellent account of the Jamaica expedition printed in 7th Report Hist. MSS. Comm., pp. 571-5. Letters of his are also printed in the Thurloe State Papers, iii., 646, vi., 376, 390, 512. He was accidentally shot about January 1660. Cal. State Papers, Col., Addenda, 1574-1674, p. 132 (Firth). His brother John was one of the lords of the bedchamber to Cromwell (Thurlow, vi., 390).

4 Michael Bland, captain in Col. Phayre's regiment in Ireland in 1649, became Lieut.-Col. of Col. Holdip's regiment, and seems to have died in Jamaica (Firth). 1655, Aug. 9. Petition of Mariana Bland, wife of Lt.-Col B., employed in the W.I. Expedition, to the Lord Protector, asking for the admission of two vessels of sugar sent to her from Barbados by her husband, free of customs and excise, being straightened for means and having five small children to support (W.I. Cal. for 1685-8, p. 629). Granted (Ib. for 1655, p. 427, Editor). Arrears due to Lieut.-Col. Bland were applied for 9 Oct. 1657.

5 James Bland, son of the above, was ensign to his father. See Commissions delivered at Hispaniola and Jamaica (Firth).

6 Mary, widow of John Broome, applied for arrears 18 April 1656.

7 Katherine, widow of Capt. Edw. (Adam ?) Baynard, applied for arrears 5 Sept. 1656.

8 Strode Bingham, 7th son of Richard Bingham of Bingham's Melcombe, co. Dorset, and brother of Col. John Bingham, M.P. He was baptized 24 Feb. 1621, and his commission as Captain of Foot was signed on 20 Nov. 1654 by Oliver Cromwell (Hutchins, iv., 374). [EDITOR.]

9 He was commissioned in the W.I. as Scoutmaster-Gen. 16 April 1655. [EDITOR.]

10 Bridget, mother of Jonathan Bowell, applied for arrears 10 June 1658.


Names, Quallity, Company

John Chapman Drumr to Collo Buller

Christopher Cooper1 Capt

John Clunn2 Sergant to Capt Minn.

Vincett Corbitt3 Capt to Buller

John Collington Souldr to Buller

Anthony Clarke Souldr to Collo Buller

Robert Collier Souldyer to Capt Baynard.

Tobias Dedo Souldr to Collo Buller

John Eyton Ensigne Capt Minn.

Thomas Florey4 Souldr to Capt Cooper.

Robert Gurry Souldr to Capt Mynn.

Charles Glapthorne5 Lt to Capt Corbitt.

Theop. Gibson Souldr to Collo Buller

John Hooke6 Ensigne to Bland

Henry Hunt7 Sergt to Lt Collo Barington.

John Hobby Sergt to Capt Corbitt.

Thomas Knot8 Souldr to Capt Cooper.

Randall Kettell Lt to Capt Baynard.

Benjamine Larkin9 Lt to Capt Mynn.

John Mountage Souldr to Callo Barrington.

John Minn Capt to Collo Buller

John Merrick 10 Souldr to Capt Throckmorton."

Mathew Martin Corpoll to Capt Cooper.

Mathew Owin Corpoll to Arundall.

Joseph Ovie12 Souldr to Bland.

Robert Peppiat Corpoll to Capt Cooper.

Peter Parry Lt to Capt Cooper.

Abra. Pegg13 Lt to Capt Bingham.

Thomas Pakington Sergt to Capt Cooper

Johna: Penkevill Ensigne Arundall

John Pey14 Souldr to Capt Cooper.

John Rose Souldr to Capt Baynard.

James Staniford15 Souldr to Capt Cooper.

Tho. Sutton16 Sergt to Baynard

Edward Sprey17 Lt to Buller

Tho. Smith18 Souldr to Mercer

Rich. Welde Ensigne to Baynard


1 Capt. Christopher Cooper died in Jamaica. Cal. State Papers, Col., 1574-1660, p.436 (Firth).

2 Arrears due to John Chum, serjeant, applied for 18 April 1656.

3 He was commissioned in the W.I. as Major on 30 April 1655. Elizabeth his widow applied for arrears on 16 May and 18 July 1656, and 6 Feb. 1657.

4 Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Florey, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

5 Arrears due to Capt. Chas. Glapthorne applied for 18 July 1656.

6 Arrears due to John Hooke applied for 10 June 1658.

7 Arrears due to Edward (Henry ?) Hunt, serjeant, applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

8 Barbara, widow of Thomas Knott, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

9 Arrears due to Benjamin Larkin applied for 18 April 1656.

10 Eleanor, mother of John Merick, applied for arrears 10 June 1658.

11 Throgmorton, subsequently Major, executed for mutiny about 1656. See Thurloe, v., 152 ,

Cal. State papers, Col., Addenda, p. 124 (Firth).

12 Jane, widow of Jos. Ovey, applied for arrears 21 Oct. 1656.

13 As "Capt. Pegg" he was in the ship "Mathias" 8 June 1665. [EDITOR.]

14 Jane, widow of John Pye (Pey ?), applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

15 Joane, widow of Jas. Stanniford, soldier, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

16 Amy, widow of Thos. Sutton, serjeant, applied for arrears 21 Oct. 1656.

17 Mary, widow of Capt. Edw. Spry, applied for arrears 18 April 1656.

18 Anne, widow of Thos. Smith, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.


Names, Quallity, Company

Will. Wosley Gent. at armes

Robert Watts Souldyer to Buller

James Winter Chirurgeon to Buller

Elias Hickman Souldr to Capt Cooper.

Ralph Garth1 Lt to Capt Throckmorton.

George Varley Gunn Smith

John Watts Souldr to Buller.

James Welch Souldr to D Capt Minn

Rich. Warberton Souldr

William Webb Souldr to Buller.

Collo Carter

Andrew Carter2 Collo

Henry Aldred Souldr to Carter.

William Blanch Ensigne to Halford.

Nathanill Bowers3 Captaine

Rich. Baker Lt to Capt Filkins

John Brucke4 Drumr to Bowers.

Winkfeild Blunt Capt

Thomas Bushell5 Lt Collo

Lancelott Cole Sergant to Fergeson.

Thomas Clayton Lt to Capt Bowers.

John Fergeson6 Major to Carter.

John Frith Corpoll to Bowers.

Abra. Fincher7 Capt

John Groome Souldr to Capt How8

Jame Herbert Ensigne to Filkins.

Will. Hastings Corpoll to Carter.

Nicholas Halford9 Captaine

Tho. Hutchingson Sergt to Fergeson.

Gabrill Huntley Ensigne to Bowers.

Robert Hanny10 Lt to Major Fergeson.

Francis How Souldr to Capt Hincker.

William Johnson Gentleman at armes

Mathew Jones Sergt to Collo Carter.

Thomas Knox Souldr to Fergeson.

Rich. Lloyd Sergt to Capt Blunt, B.S.

William Longeskirts Drumer to Collo Carter

John Marble Sergt to Collo Carter

George Markes Souldr to Fergeson

William Nicholason Corpoll to Fergeson


1 Mary, widow of Lieut. Ralph Garth who died in Jamaica, applied for arrears 18 April 1656.

2 Andrew Carter, Col. of the 5th Reg., had been Lt.-Col. of Lambert's Foot Reg. when Cromwell invaded Scotland, but left the army in disgrace about July 1651. He died about the same time as Fortescue (Firth, xxi.). [EDITOR.]

3 Arrears due to Capt. Nath. Bowers, deceased, applied for 24 Sept. 1657.

4 Anne, widow of John Brooke, drummer, applied for arrears 25 Dec. 1656.

5 Lieut.-Col. Thomas Bushell. In May and June 1655 was "sick in bed," and died soon after (Firth). On 15 Sept. 1656 the widow of Lieut. (Lieut.-Col. ?) Thos. Bushell applied for arrears.

6 Arrears due to Major Ferguson, deceased, were applied for 24 July 1656. He was killed 26 April 1655. Thurloe, iii., 506, 510 (Firth).

7 Capt. Abraham Fincher died in Jamaica about August 1656 (Firth).

8 Daniel How (ED.).

9 Capt. Nicholas Halford, one of the few officers who survived. Cal. State Papers, Col., 1661-8, p. 117 (Firth).

10 Capt. Robert Hannah. See ante, p. 54, for will of Chr. Carter, apothecary to the army, 13 Dec, 1656, naming him. [EDITOR.]


Names, Quallity. Company.

Francis Palmer Sergt to Halford.

Owin Powell Lt to Capt Halford.

John Perryman1 Souldr to Capt Bowers

Will. Rookes Souldr to Capt Fincber.

George Riland Sergant to Capt Blunt.

Thomas Salkeild2 Captaine

Robert Stannynot Souldr to Capt How

Thomas Totty3 Lt to Lt Collo Bushell.

Rich. Wilbraham Lt to Collo Carter.

Henry Walker Sergant to Bushell.

George White Lt under Collo Carter.

George Watts4 Ensigne to Capt Blunt.

Walter Barefoote Chirurgeon to Carter.

William Chidley Chapling to Carter.

Lasen Jenkins Gunsmith to Carter.

Will. Blewfeild quarter mr

Thomas Dale Souldr to Capt How

John Palmer5 Gunn Smith mate


Henry Potter Reformado

Peter Blenen Ditto

James Baker Ditto

John Dolaners Ditto

Thomas Fisher Ditto

Francis Farfax Ditto

Benja. Franci ... Ditto

John Hill Ditto

George Howard Ditto

George Herbert Ditto

Edward Hayd Ditto

William Kidwell Ditto

Peter Murford Ditto

William Owin Ditto

Edward Powell Ditto

Henry Rudyard6 Ditto

Stanley Stephenson Ditto

John Sharpe Ditto

Roger Sheere Ditto

Robert Terrill Ditto

Thomas Walded Ditto

Samuell Sutton Ditto

John Wilson7 Ditto

Robert Warde Ditto

Richard Cutts Ditto

William Mord ... nt Ditto

Rich. Blake Ditto


1 Widow of John Perryman applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

2 Arrears due to Capt. Thos. Salkeild applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

3 Arrears due to Lieut. Thos. Totty applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

4 Arrears due to Ensign George Watts, deceased, applied for 25 Dec. 1656.

5 Dorothy, widow of John Palmer, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.

6 1658 June 15 Pay ordered to the wife of Henry Rudyerd, "Capt. Lieut." (W.I. Cal., p. 468). [EDITOR.]

7 Sarah, widow of John Wilson, applied for arrears 15 Sept. 1656.


Capt Jones Troope

Names. Quallity. Company.

Henry Jones1 Captaine of Horse

Samuell Bedl.... Cornitt to Capt Jones

Thomas Blunter Trooper to Capt Jones

Christopher Bra...g (?) Trooper to Capt Jones

Francis Cobb Trooper to Capt Jones

Thomas Crop... r Trooper to Capt Jones

William Cor.... nan Trooper to Capt Jones

Thomas Pibes Trooper to Capt Jones

John Josse Lt to Capt Jones

Thomas Lugg Chirurgeon to Capt Jones

Francis Lon.... Trooper to Capt Jones

John Moore Trooper to Capt Jones

Robert Nels....2 Trooper to Capt Jones

John Otter Lt to Capt Jones

John Parr Trooper to Capt Jones

Thomas Pre.... Trooper to Capt Jones

Thomas Pagd.... Trooper to Capt Jones

Holland Sutton Corpoll to Capt Jones

John Shattoe Trooper to Capt Jones

Andrew Shelfor... Trooper to Capt Jones

William Thedford Trumpetr to Capt Jones

Martin Venn3 Olphim Trooper to Capt Jones

Sampson Jenkins Trooper to Capt Jones

William Brigham Clarke to ye Comissary.

John Cudworth4 Judge Advocate.

John Danill5 Sect. to ye Judge Advocate.

John Dean6 Marshall Generall.

Marke Fowler provost marshall.

Rich. Fletewood Comissary Admonicon.

Thomas Goodfellowe provost marshall.

Robert Wadeson7 Treasurer.

PhillipWarde8 Adjutant Generall.

John Rudyard9 quarter mr. Generall.

Thomas Hughes Controler of Ordinance.

Edward James Clerke to ye Comissary.

Rich. Povey Comissary of Stores provicon


1 Capt. Jones and most of his troop were in a ship which was driven back by a storm In Barbados two troops were raised and placed under the command of Capt. Haines (son of the Major-General) and Capt. Philip Carpenter. The horses were eaten at Hispaniola before embarking for Jamaica. [EDITOR.]

2 William, father of Robert Nelson, applied for arrears 10 June 1658.

3 Probably "Van."

4 Arrears due to Thos. (John ?) Cudworth, deceased, Judge Advocate, applied for 21 Oct.


5 He became Auditor General. A letter of his to his brother Col. William Daniel, Governor of

St. Johnston's, N.B., is in Thurloe, iii., 504 (Firth 46).

6 Jane, "wife or widow" of John Dean, provost marshall, applied for arrears 12 Feb. 1657.

7 1655, June 1. "Mr. Wadeson, our cheife tresurer, goes with the hides to New England" (Firth, 139).

8 Ward was commissioned in the WI. as Lieut.-Col. to the General's Regiment on 5 May 1655. [EDITOR]

9 He was present at a Council of War 16 June 1655. Col. Robert Venables had married Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Rudyard of Rudyard, and in the pedigree of the latter, entered in the visitation of Stafford in 1664, is given her nephew James. "now in Jamaica." Mrs. Venables had a half- brother John, perhaps identical with the above. [EDITOR.]


Names. Quallity. Company.

William Dean Deputy belonging to ye provost marshall

Luke Hill Deputy belonging to ye provost marshall

Thomas Bossey Deputy belonging to ye provost marshall

Edward Rich Deputy belonging to ye provost marshall

Rich. Scott Deputy muster master.

Peter Ludby marshall.

George Varlee mr Gunn Smith.

John Barnam ye Wheele Righte.

Jo: Laughton Deputy to ye provost marshall


To the above interesting article by Miss Nembhard the Editor adds the following supplementary notes:

The said five English Regiments were subsequently raised in the W.I.. to about 1000 men each. A sixth regiment of Barbadians was commanded by Col. Edward Doyley, a seventh of Leeward Islands men by Col. Richard Holdip, and an eighth under Col. John Humfrey arrived from England the end of 1655 as a reinforcement. The seventh regiment was soon after disbanded.

In a petition of 1660 Capt. Gregory Butler, one of the Commissioners under Venables, stated that he lost his brother the Adjutant-General and six servants, and disbursed £1200 (Thurloe, vii., 912).

Col. John Humfrey's Regiment.

1655 Sept 6. Major-General Robert Sedgwick writes from Barbados that be sailed from Plymouth on 11 July with a regiment of 800 men drawn out of the old regiments in England, with eight ships of war, and arrived at Barbados on 27 Aug. Capt. H. Maddison on board the Gift was sent on 7 Sept. to St. Christopher to get recruits with Joshua Wilson on board the Marmaduke (W.I. Cal., 96, 97).

On 14 Nov. he wrote that he arrived on 1 Oct. at Jamaica. Thirty men died of the flux, including Capt. Fenn of the Wildeman and Capt. Maddison of the Gift, who died at Barbados. Major- General Fortescue died about 20 Oct. and many officers are dead. There had been 700 deaths, also 50 of the new soldiers. Encloses list of men, women, and children in the Generals, Major-Generals, Col. Carters, Col. Bullers, Col. Doyles, Col. Holdippes, and Col. Humpheres regiments, 2194 well, 2316 sick, 172 women and children (Ib., p. 105). Col. Fortescue's regiment is not referred to. Doyley had reduced each regiment by two companies and disbanded the Leeward Islands one (Bridge, i., 217). "With Sedgewick went Col. Humfreys, the Son of him who carry'd the Sword before President Bradshaw at the King's Trial." He returned to England (Oldmixon's "British Empire in America," ii., 271, 273). Col. H. was named 11 May 1658 (W.I. Cal., p. 472). He returned to England and fought in Flanders (Thurloe). See ante, p. 54, for the will of Gilbert Bury, soldier in Capt. Sedgwick's company in the above regiment.

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