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GRANTEES OF ARMS, II, 1687-1898.

(Part II., K. to Z., Harl. Soc. Pub.)

Aberdein to Harvey, for "17." read "(1791]."
Bethell late Codrington, Christopher, ? for "late" read "before; Roy. Lic., 17 Nov. 1797,"
Colyear-Dawkins, add "[Crisp., Fragm. Geneal., XIII, p. 23]."
Drax, (Erle-), after "1828" add "[1829]."
Ellis of Sunning Hill, for"180." read "[1810]."
Grant, Charles, for "182" read "[1830]."

[Note from JFS:  the pages from Part I were missing from the book used to prepare these web pages.]


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[Edward Jervis Ricketts, 2nd Viscount, assumed Roy Lic. in 1823, the Surname of JERVIS only.]

ST. VINCENT to PARKER before JERVIS ..... , of co. Staff., [1861], Vol. LIV, fo. 140; 2 S[urviving] s[on].

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"Notes on, Colonel Henry Vassall (1721-1769), his wife Penelope Royall, his house at Cambridge, and his slaves Tony and Darby." By Samuel Francis Batchelder. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1917. 8vo, pp. 85. Reprinted from the Cambridge Historical Society's Proceedings, Vol. X.

    The subject of this interesting memoir was born in Jamaica on Xmas Day 1721, the fourteenth child of Major Leonard Vassall of that island, grandson of Col. John Vassall who removed there from Virginia in 1672, and great-grandson of William Vassall, Esq., of Stepney, then of Scituate in New Plymouth, but last of. Sion Hill, Barbados, at his death in 1657.

   Henry's wife Penelope was the only daughter of Isaac Royal of Royalls in Popeshead, Antigua, who late in life removed to Charlestown, New England.
Another relative who joined in this migration was Col. Robert Oliver of St. Philip's parish, Willoughby Bay, whose wife was a daughter of Mrs. Royall.

    These West Indians formed a coterie of men of wealth, good education and cultured leisure. They erected superior houses and filled them with fine mahogany furniture, pictures, books, plate and china. They planted ornamental trees and laid out charming gardens.  They kept full stables, and one of them, Col. Oliver, had his pack of hounds.  With the advent of the rebellion, being loyalists, they were forced to quit their elegant homes, which were unjustly seized and confiscated by the rebels. Those who had plantations in the Islands continued to draw ample incomes, but others less .fortunately situated retired to England to live out a miserable existence, dependent on the charity of the Government.

    As an example of colonial life of the period this little book is highly instructive for it contains much original information derived from letters and diaries, being also well illustrated with portraits and views, including a practically
unknown Chippendale armorial book-plate by N. Hurd.  A tabular pedigree of six generations, serves to straighten out the intricate intermarriages.




Edited by Alfred Spencer, 1918.  Vol. II. (1775-1782).

[Pages 13 to 62 relate to a voyage to Jamaica in the ship "New Shoreham,"
Capt. Paul Surman.]

    After calling at Barbados on 18 Oct. 1775 the author landed at Grenada, then a scene of desolation, a fire a fortnight previously having utterly destroyed the town of St. George. The fort was then garrisoned by two regiments of Infantry (one of them Highlanders), and two companies of Artillery. He was entertained by a Mr. Irwin, an old merchant residing in a melancholy, dirty house at the Careenage, a neat little town of some 50 wooden houses. Mr. Young, the Lieut.-Gov., lived a mile up the mountain. Several of the finest sugar plantations were being ruined by the ravages of small red ants*, for whose destruction rewards of £30,000 had been unavailingly offered. The same pest for 3 years had been destroying the canes in Martinique. A week after their arrival his fellow-passenger Mr. Theophilus Byers, a young Scotch clerk, died of fever.  This loss and his uncomfortable surroundings induced Hickey to leave in a small schooner for Antigua, where he spent 10 pleasant days with a family named Mathison. The "New Shoreham" calling for him, they sailed for Jamaica, anchoring on 27 Nov. at Kingston. Here he boarded at a famous lodging-house in the High Street, where at two p.m. 25 of them sat down to a plentiful board, having turtle and madeira. He was surprized to see the windows sashed, glazed, and no larger than at home, the heat and smell being most oppressive. The town abounded with noble public and private buildings, European in style and ill-calculated for such a climate. The most celebrated tavern was kept by Jack Baggs, brother to the sporting and well-known Major Baggs. After in 10 years amassing a fortune of £25,000, Baggs had squandered it in 4 years in England, but had then just returned to Jamaica, where in 3 years he again made £8000 and then died of fever.
   Hickey's friend Mr. Robert Richards** placed rooms in his house at his disposal, and other persons on whom he called included the Chief Justice, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Welch++, Mr. Baker, Mr, Webley, Mr. Coleborne, Messrs. Lyon and Ridge§, eminent attorneys and old friends of Mr. Edmund and Mr. Richard Burke (? of London). He was informed that there was no opening for practice in the Courts, the Judges having limited the number of attorneys. Mr. Richards, who had been at the Bar and filled the office of Attorney-General, and other friends all advised him to return to England. He accompanied this friend in his chariot and four to his other house in Spanish Town, where they called on the Gov. Sir Basil Keith||, who looked dreadfully ill and emaciated.  Next evening they attended a splendid ball, given in compliment to Col. Dalling#, the Lieut.-Gov., on his arrival from Europe. Here he met the only son of Dr. Bonynge, a physician who had amassed considerable wealth, besides inheriting a large property from an elder brother.
    * These ants had first appeared in Antigua in 1771, and were supposed to have been brought from Dominica.
    ** ? Will proved in 1798. [677, Walpole].
    ++ Richard Welsh, Chief Justice in 1779.  See ante, III., 290, and II., 230.
    § Benjamin Lyon of St. Jago Park near the town of St. Jago de la Vega, in his will dated 12 Aug. 1776, names his friend James Ridge* Esq. Sir Simon Clarke, Bart., in his will dated 29 Oct. 1777, bequeathed to Mrs. Mary Willikin Ridge, wife of James Ridge, Esq., £50, and to her husband 20 guineas.
    ||Keith died 15 June 1777, after 3 years and 4 months of office, and a public monument to him was erected in the chancel of St. Catherine's, Spanish Town.
    # Eliz., wife of Lt.-Col. John Dalling, died 6 July 1768, aged 21. (Archer, 247.)    He was appointed Lt.-Gov. in 1771. Genera1 Sir John Dalling, K.B. and Bart., died at Clifton, Jan. 1798.


This young man having lost his mother when he was only 10, had spent 4 years at a school in Paris, and 3 at the College of Geneva.  He kept a phaeton, a stylish "Tim Whiskey*," and half a dozen blood horses.  With him Hickey went to the theatre to see the performance of a company of actors recently arrived from New York, which they left owing to the impending hostilities.
    On 7 Dec. a large party started for a tour of the island, including a French Colonel, Mr. Richards, Mr. Jasper Hall++ and Mr. Harrison in Mr. Richards' coach and four; the Colonel's A.D.C. and Secretary with Major Butter in Mr. Harrison's coach and four; young Mr. Bonynge and Hickey in his phaeton. In the rear was Mr. Richards' phaeton, two whiskeys and saddle horses, etc. Proceeding along the coast on the S. side, they dined upon an estate of the great Beckford**, an Alderman of London.
    In the afternoon they passed on their left, within 10 miles of Bushy Park, the residence of Dr. Bonynge§, and that night slept at the house of Alderman Kirkman, whose nephew entertained them and next day shewed them the works, which were the finest on the island. The third day they reached Savanna La Mar, visiting 2 noble estates, one belonging to the Forrest family, the other to Mr. Thellasso. There being scarcely an inn in 100 miles it was customary to stop at gentlemen's plantations. The French Colonel being suddenly recalled the .party broke up, and Hickey then visited Bushy Park, an estate abounding with immense timber, the house having a noble portico at the head of a large flight of stone steps. A neighbour, Mr. Armstrong||, a strong, hale man of 60, dined with them. He had been at a school in the North of Ireland, was badly educated and indolent. At the age of  20 was sent for by his father to Jamaica, who dying in 5 years left him an estate of £1500-£2000 a year. Dr. Bonynge was also nearly 60, thin and plain, likewise from Ireland, and nearly related to the noble family of Belvidere. He possessed 3 estates, which together yielded full £12,000 a year, but should have cleared £16,000. On 30 Dec. the writer returned to town, and on New Year's Day 1776 set off with Mr. Richards and party to Mr. Tho. Wallings at Cold Spring, a few miles from Kingston. They ascended Grand Legance Mountain full 4 miles, when they came upon a romantic spot where stood a house of 15 spacious rooms, with magnificent views over the town and harbour. Owing to the height above the sea the nights were cold, and 2 blankets and a coal fire were necessary.
     Mr. Richards about 14 years previously had married a widow of large property, but she dying after 2 years bequeathed all to him, part of which was a noble estate in the parish of St. Ann, on the N. side of the island, yielding upwards of £3000 a year. In 18 months he married another wealthy widow, and she dying after 10 years left him a plantation in St. Mary's, at the E. end of the island, worth at least £6000 a year. Thus, with his own private fortune, he possessed between 11 and £12,000 a year.
  On 3 Feb. Hickey set out with Mr. Richards to visit the latter's estate in St. Mary's and travelling in a phaeton for 18 miles dined at a gentlemen's house, completing their journey of as many more miles on horseback. Two miles from the mansion they were met by the slaves who danced and shouted for joy.  Mr. Richards treated them with such kindness that they worked better, and the birth-rate was so high that he had not bought 20 the last 10 years. An opportunity was afforded of seeing the effect of the trade wind and current for they watched the "Augustus Caesar,***" commanded by Capt. Duffell, take 8 days before she


    * Luffman writing from Antigua in 1787 mentions persons "riding in wiskys" (sic).
    ++Jasper Hall, Receiver-Gen., 1760; M. of A. for Kingston, 1764-70; Speaker at his death, Nov. 1778.  He built in 1756 Constantine House, a famous mansion.   His eldest son was also named Jasper.
   ** Lord Mayor William Beckford had died in 1770.
    § George Bonynge of St. Dorothy, Esq., party to Deed of 1783. (Ante, II., 127.)
    || A will of John Armstrong was proved in 1752.  [82, Bettesworth.]
     ***Sir Wm. Young in his Tour described a similar scene.


succeeded in beating up 3 leagues to Port Morant*. On leaving after an 18 days stay they drove the longer half or 21 miles to a pretty penn for breakfast, where they partook of Johnny (? Journey) cakes, and then rode to Kingston.
    Capt. Surman having invited Hickey to Old Harbour (about 35 miles from Kingston) where the New Shoreham lay, for the 17th March, St. Patrick's Day, they proceeded on the 15th to Dr. Bonynge's at Bushy Park, which was in the road to Old Harbour and only 6 miles from it.  On his return he went with Mr. Richards to Spanish Town and they then set out on a visit to his estate in St. Ann's.  After riding 8 miles they reached sixteen-mile-walk, the road passing through grand rocky scenery and past several waterfalls. Beyond they ascended and crossed the central mountain range. In all his travels the writer stated that he never beheld any scenes equal to those in this altogether beautiful Island. On descending the other side they rested for the night at ann Inn, the only country one he saw. Next morning they got into the phaeton and reached the house to a late breakfast. This mansion of the best masonry and of 2 stories situated at the very edge of the surf had been erected by Mr. R's first lady.
    Inland the view extended over a delightful plain several miles in extent, containing many fine sugar estates. 500 slaves joyfully greeted them on their arrival. There were no other residents within a dozen miles. Next day they rode 9 miles to the estate belonging to Mr. Fitzherbert Richards, brother of his host. The annual produce of this until the last 5 y ears having been 500 hhds. of sugar and 400 puncheons of rum. The overseer here being guilty of great cruelty to the slaves, Mr. Richards signed a warrant and sent him under military escort to Kingston prison, but attempting escape on the roadway he was shot. On inquiry it was discovered that the slaves were addicted to dirt eating, of which practice 200 had thus destroyed themselves.
    On the 7 April, Hickey sailed for England, from Old Harbour in the "New Shoreham," the only other passengers being Capt. Dobbins of the 36th regiment, who had served 16 years in the W. I., and a little boy of 9, son of a wealthy gentleman, who was going to England to be educated.
    Hickey left the island with regret for it was the finest country he ever beheld, and from its inhabitants he had experienced extraordinary civilities and acts of kindness. During a residence of 5 months he had lived extremely free in point of wine, kept late hours, exposed himself to heats and damps, but never had the slightest fever. After returning to England Hickey went twice to India and while waiting for a ship at Falmouth in Feb. 1782 "a packet arrived from the W. I., in which came young Georges.++ a smart boy, at that time a midshipman belonging to the Admiral's ship on the Jamaica station, he having been obliged to return to Europe from bad health. His father was brother-in-law to Sir Ralph Payne and his family were upon the most intimate terms with mine."
    This journal of Hickey is very interesting and entertaining, giving a vivid picture of the social life of the period, as entered into by a gay young man fond of pleasure and amusement. The editor possesses a MS. journal, written in 1774, one year previously, by Miss Schaw, describing her visit to Antigua and St. Kitts from which he hopes to quote in a future issue.

    *Morant Bay, 31 miles from Kingston
    ++ See Ante III., 305.  Mrs. Anne Georges was probably Anne Payne, born 28 Nov. 1748, half-sister to Sir Ralph Payne, later Lord Lavington. {Ante II., 98.)
    The midshipman may have been Henry Theodore Georges, her younger son.


Mr. F. Cattle has recently discovered the following plates:-

    804.  "James Scarlett, Esqr."  Arm.
    Arms.-Cheeky Or and Gules, a lion rampant Ermine, a canton Azure [Scarlett]; impaling, Gyronny of eight Or and Sable [Campbell],
    Crest.-A Tuscan column supported on either side by a lions jamb erased Ermine.

    Second son of Robert Scarlett of Duckett's Spring, Jamaica; born 1769; Attorney-Genl.; knighted 30 April 1827; created Lord Abinger 12 Jan. 1835; married, 22 Aug. 1792, Louisa Henrietta dau. of Peter Campbell of Kilmory, co. Argyll, and of Jamaica. She died 8 March 1829.


   805.    "Henry Vassall.  N:  Hurd fep:"  Chip. arm.
   Arms (without tinctures) and Crest of Vassall.

   A very scarce plate, almost unknown to collectors; discovered in a rare book, printed in 1748, in the Library of Christ Church, Boston.  Illustrated in "Notes on Col. H. V.," by Sam. F. Batchelder of Cambridge, Mass., 1917.
    He was 14th child of Leonard Vassall of Jamaica and Boston, Mass.; born Xmas Day, 1721, in the West Indies; removed about 1741 to Cambridge, Mass.; married, 28 Jan. 1742, Penelope only dau. of Isaac Royall of Antigua and Medford, Mass. (W.I. Plate, No. 111) ;  Lt.-Col. of Militia,1763; and died at Camb. 17 March 1769, in his 48th year.

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