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The following list of testators has been gradually made during a search extending over many years, through the volumes of wills at Somerset House. I do not think many names have been omitted, though some references are sure to have been overlooked.

In 1656 a list was drawn up of officers and soldiers engaged in the American Expedition who applied for arrears of pay, or on whose account claims were made by their widows, etc. (185 names,"Colonial Cal."). On 18 April 1656 Susanna, relict of Edward Winslowe, Esq., and Josiah, his son and executor, represented that her husband was appointed on 12 December 1654 one of the commissioners in the Expedition to the W.I., with a salary of £L000 per annum, but died on the voyage 8 May 1655 (Ibid., p. 439). Capt. George Butler, and Mary, widow of Major-General Richard Fortescue, are also among those named. See also her Petition of August 1661 (Ibid., p. 52). Considering that the death roll, at the abortive attack at Hispaniola alone, amounted to 1700, there are surprisingly few wills on record--less than 2 per cent. During the first six or seven years these relate mostly to soldiers and sailors, are very short, and of little interest, except when the ship is named, so I have not given a complete list of them. Instead of the familiar "H.M.S." the letters "S.S." for "States Ship" were used during the Cromwellian usurpation.

1655 AYLETT.

Edward Winslowe, Esq. bound in a viage to sea. Col. Venables overseer. 377.

Hercules Mills, Corporal of the ship Sorrington in the W.I. 381.

Thomas Newman of the ship Mathias bound from the W.I. 381

Thomas Lawes of New Sarum, merchant, on the Swiftsure off St. Domingo. This Expedition to America, 381.

Edward Edger, minister of the Marston Moore. 381.

Capt. George Butler, bound in the Expedition under General Venables. 382.

James Henker on a voyage to the W.I. under Gen. Penn, n. at Gosport. 451.

George Brookes at the Barbadoes 2 March 1654. We goe for Hispaniola aboard the Matthias. 466.


William Webb a souldier at Jamaica, Dec. 1654. 427.

1657 RUTHEN.

John Bexwick, a soldier at Jamaica Dec. 1654. 104.

George Cop armorer of the Welcombe at Jamaica 5 March 1655. 104.

David Jones commander of the Hunter bregenteen in the port of Jamaica. My sugar and tobacco. No date. 104.

Andrew Smith, cook of the ship , Welcome in the States Service n. at Jamaica. 1 Ap. 1656. 110

Chr. Carter, apothecary to the English Army in Jamaica 13 Dec. 1656. Friends Col. Hon Munfrey and Capt. Robert Hanna . 110.

William Hood n. of Barking "lately from Jameco [Jamaica]," carpenter. 121.

Col. Rich. Fortescue. 276.

John Barrell, bound to Jamaica Dec. 1654. 498.

Gilbert Bury, late soldier in Capt. Sedgwick's Co. in Col. Humphries Regiment of Foot at Jamaica. n. in London. 28 Sep. 1657. 519.


Francis Fairfax Esq. late a Capt. at Jamaica but in London. decd 15 Feb. 1657. 114.

Thomas Downing late Lieut. to Capt. Barnard Evanes foot Co. in Col. Francis Barrington's Regiment in the Island of Jammeca [Jamaica] 22 May 1658. 484.

Richard Collins late armorer in the S.S. Indian at Jemaca [Jamaica] decd. 7 June 1657. 484.

[I found no further. wills until 1662, when those of the planters, merchants, etc., commence. EDITOR.]

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