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Hayes P.O.,


The following inscriptions may interest you. Leaning against a wall at the Vere Estates Co.'s wharf at Salt River, still awaiting erection over the mortal remains of the late S. B. Lamont, M.D., stands a marble gravestone bearing the following inscription, a queer mixture of English and Latin:


To the Memory of

S. B. Lamont M.D.

Obiit 23rd December 1828

Apud Whitney

in Clarendone

AEtatis suae 25

This tomb is erected

by his disconsolate parent.

Someone seems to have failed in carrying out the intentions of the "disconsolate parent," perhaps the conveyance of a marble tombstone up the mountain tracks to Whitney was placed against the credit of the memory of the deceased and shewed a debit balance.

Another interesting relic lies on its side in the cellar under the old disused Customs House at Salt River, now rapidly falling to pieces, and takes the form of a marble tombstone, adorned at the. top with an urn half shrouded with the usual pall. The inscription is a lengthy one, and runs as follows:

Sacred to the memory of

R. J. Langrishe Esq.

Lieutenant of the Royal Navy

and for nearly two years a

Special justice in and over this

Island. He departed this life

on the 14th day of January 1836

aged 32 years. As a magistrate

he was zealous and impartial, as a man

just and honorable as a husband

and father tender and affectionate.

His widow and two children are

left to mourn their irreparable loss.

This stone is placed over the remains

of the deceased by his sorrowing

friends in Clarendon as a proof

of their regard for his inflexible integrity.

There again history is silent; was it a case of nonpayment of import duty by the sorrow-stricken friends that has made the stone a silent witness to the frailty of human regard?




This Indenture made the 21 June 1671, 23 Charles II, Betweene Robert Shorten of Horsey=downe in Southwarke co. Surrey Mariner of the one part and John Heith of London gentleman of the other Whereas his said Majestie by letters patent dated the 20 June hath granted to Robert Shorten all that parcel of land containing 1000 acres situate at Cabreto in the parish of St. Elizabeth bounding N. on Cabreto River and Richard Kilby, N. W. on Robert Shorten and Richard Kilby, S. and E,. on land unsurveyed at the yearly rent of 1d per acre for every acre planted and yielding at the feast of St. Michael 1/20 of the profits of all mines and whereas his Majestie by another letter patent hath granted to Robert Shorten that parcel of land containing 1000 acres in Cabareto bounding N. on Capt. William James, S. W. on land unsurveyed, S. E. on himself and Richard Kilby and W. on Cabareto River and land unsurveyed at the like rent, now Robert Shorten for a competent sum hath sold to John Heith 1/4 of the said lands.

Signed by "Robt. Shorten" in the presence of John Moyor, Thomas Woodward senior and his Nath. Emderby his servant.

Endorsed "21th June 1671 The Conveyance from Capt. Robert Shorten to Mr. John Heith of Land in Jamaica." (On one skin in the Editor's possession.)


This is Add. MS. 12,436, British Museum, presented by C. E. Long 8th March 1842. It is in ancient copy of 143 folios. After each name is given the acreage in each parish, with totals at the end. I have abstracted the names of all the owners of 5000 acres and upwards.


(Name lost), 5,453

Thomas Allison 5,876

Andrew Arcedeckne 12,712

Joseph Foster Barham 6,496

Francis Beckford 2,616

Richard. Beckford 9,242

Julines Beckford 8,198

William Beckford 22,022

Ballard Beckford 6,087

Charles Bowles 5,204

George Brookes 6,015

Hon. Colin Campbell deceased 11,294

Mary & John Carver 7,787

James Dawkins 14,294

William Dawkins Esq. deceased 4,874

Henry Dawkins 5,761

Ezekiel & Caleb Dickinson 7,055

John Douce estate 6,020

Robert Duckinfield 5,038

Thomas Dunbar deceased 7,557

Richard Ellettson estate 5,495

George Ellis estate deceased 9,636

Thomas Fearon, Junior 8,941

Heirs of Thomas Fish 6,313

Thomas Foster 6,752

Jeoffry French Esq. 5,686

Thomas Fuller 6,293

John Gale Esq. deceased 6,001

Henry Gale a minor 10,065

Isaac Gale Esq. 11,838

Henry Gale Esq. decd 16,510

William Hall Esq. 5,580

Thomas Hall Esq. 5,705

Francis Sadler Hals 18,883

John Hanson deceased 5,028

Alexander Henderson 5,821

Countess Hume 5,287

John Hynes estate 8,453

John Innes deceased 8,021

John Lawrence 5,620

Benjamin Lawrence 4,800

Hon. Samuel Long 6,755

Lowe & Moore deceased 6,356

Alexander McFarlane 5,605

Hon. Edward Manning 6,010

Ann Modyford & Charles Bowles 6,574

John Morant estate 8,159

John Morse Esq. 8,526

Hampson Nedham 9,247

John Olyphant Esq. 5,880

Edward Pennant 8,365

Col. Robert Phillips 5,539

Prater & Anderson 5,562

Hon. Charles Price 13,651

John Pusey 5,376

John Scott 5,821

Hon. John Stewart 5,860

Anthony Langly Swymner 7,272

Florentius Vassall 8,357

B. & Andrew Woodstock & John Hodges 7,676


This lady was niece to Mrs. Robert Scarlett (nee Elizabeth Anglin) of Duckett's Spring. It was at the estate of her brother-in-law, General Grizell (he had married her eldest sister Mary Anglin), that she was staying when her first

husband was murdered by the negroes.

Mary Lawrence (whose portrait, see ante, III., 131) was mother to Elizabeth (Anglin) Scarlett and grandmother to Mary Lawrence (Grizell) Bowen, hence her name. In the above portrait she holds in her hand a flower, which is a white one with shiny dark green pointed leaves looking like a teaplant. This plant is the "Frezia theoides, a Jamaican shrub or small tree, inhabiting the higher mountains of that island, and remarkable for its very near resemblance both in leaves and flowers to the black tea of China." No doubt she was painted with a sprig of it to show the locality of the place to which she belonged --viz., the parish of St. James or Hanover. (Mrs.) B. F. SCARLETT.


(Chetham Society, vol. iii., pt. 2.)

1778 Jan. 17. Matthew & William, sons of Jarvis Gallimore, Merchant, of Jamaica.

1782 Ralph son of Moses Benson of Jamaica, (merchant of Liverpool). B. 1773.

1784 Jarvis son of Henry Gallimore, merchant, of Jamaica.

1785 John son of Henry Gallimore, merchant, of Jamaica.


* Contributed by Mrs. B. F. Scarlett

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