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Brooks of Jamaica

(Ante, II., 49). [continued from Volume 2]

From the Family Bible of Sarah Tharp Petgrave Brooks, now (1918) owned by Miss Mabel Nembhard.

On the fly -leaf : -
"Sarah Brooks. The gift of her Friend, The Revd. Thos. Alston Warren."
"S. Brooks, 1805-1838."
(Seven -verses follow, "To Sarah Tharp Petgrave Wright." Signed, "Thomas Alston Warren, Novbr 22nd 1805.")

Below, in Sarah Brooks's handwriting : - -
"For 30 years my constant study, S.B."

Entries made by Sarah Brooks : -
"May the 22nd 1785, G. B. born.
June the 13th 1784, S. B. born."
"George Brooks and Sarah Wright married June 19th 1807 at Southampton in Jamaica."
"Elizabeth Frances Brooks born July 15th 1808 at Burnt Ground, St. Elizabeth's."
"George Brooks born December 3rd 1809, at Blenheim in Vere."
"Nicola Brooks born May 11th 1815 and died July 12th 1815 at sea."
"London, Great Britain. Sarah Brooks born Sept. 26th 1816, died October 6th 1816."
"No. 41 Dorset Street, Portman Square, Charlotte Augusta Brooks, born December 14th 1817, and named after the lamented Princess Charlotte of Wales who died in Child-Bed November 5th 1817."

"Died at Snowdon, in Manchester (Jamaica) the residence of an esteemed Friend, Mrs Morgan (?) on the 19th of November 1820; my beloved Brother, Robert Bensted Wright, he was the best of Brothers and sincerest of Friends, with fondest affection shall I (obliterated) Life, ever cherish a grateful recollection of his fraternal Love and anxious solicitude for my happiness, the annexed Paragraph* was taken from the papers, and is a just and well deserved Eulogium on the Character of this dear departed Member of our Family, who was affectionately valued by his sorrowing Relatives and Friends. S. B."

"With deep regret I insert another affliction which has befallen us, in the death of James Virgo Dunn, of Montague Sqr London, the beloved and truly Worthy Uncle of my respected dear Husband George Brooks to whom he ever acted the part of an affectionate Father, he was tenderly attached to our Children and to them, as well as to myself, he had shewn many instances of affectionate  Friendship He died Octr 29th 1820. S.B."

"Died at Leamington, in Warwickshire, on the 29th October last, universally lamented and esteemed, James Virgo Dunn, Esq. of Chester estate, in the parish of Trelawny, in this island, in the 63rd† year of his age, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation. He was indeed a truly good man, a most affectionate and tender husband, and a kind and sincere friend. He has left a disconsolate widow, with a numerous circle of relatives and friends, to deplore his loss." (Newspaper cutting.)

"Feby. 20th with melancholy, I note this day, the untimely fate of my beloved Brother William Burt Wright, who was unfortunately drowned in the Bathroom in Kingston. May "He" who has seen fit to afflict, submit us to "his Will," and unite us all, in his Everlasting Kingdom. S. B. - "

"I arrived in England June 12th 1821.    S. B. - "


* No paragraph annexed. - M. N.
† The M.I. records his birth 20 Jan. 1760 and death 29 Oct. 1820.   (Ed.)


1695, April 4. Gov. Sir William B. BEESTON wrote: "I called Capt. BRODRICK from the Assembly and swore him of the Council." (Col. Cal., p. 455.)

1695, Dec. 2. Mr. BRODRICK the Attorney General goes to England in the Ruby. (Ibid., p. 623.)

1695, Dec. 15. His warrant as a Member of Council was signed. (Ibid., p. 631.)
He appears to have acted in 1704 as Attorney General of the Leeward Islands and may have possessed the plantation called Brodricks in Montserrat.  In 1711 he served as Speaker of Jamaica, and his reinstatement as Attorney-Gen. was ordered in 1715 by George I. He retired a few years later to Ireland.

1698, April 8. Mr. WHITFIELD a minister, brother in law of Mr. BRODRICK (Col. Cal., o. 162.)

1698, April 11. Mr. BABER the patentee has appointed Mr. Allan BRODRICK, to be his Dep. Sec. whose uncle (sic) is the Atty. Gen. (Ibid., p. 167.)

1698, June 5. Allen BRODRICK is sworn Clerk of the Council. (Ibid., p. 264)

1698, July 5. Gov. BEESTON writes of W. B. [BRODRICK] styling the Dep. Sec. Mr. BRODRICK as cousin of William.

See Notes and Queries for Wilts, v., 482, for illustration of monument to Sir Thomas BRODRICK and "Misc. Gen. et Her.," II., 360, 364 for pedigree.

In the Island Record Office, Jamaica*
(Liber of Wills 11, fo. 52)

1706, Nov. 11. Alan BRODRICK of the Parish of St. Katharine's on the Island aforesaid Esqr. I give to my loving Kinsman William BRODRICK Esqr. my young horse called Strawberry.

   Unto Mrs. Ursula HUNT of Jamaica in whose house I resided in Jamaica in gratitude of her services during fitts of Sickness, furniture etc.

   I ratifye and confirme all gifts of my late Wife's wearing apparell be the same . . . . p'sons or persons whatsoever.

   I give unto my beloved and only Sonn Thomas BRODRICK Gentleman all the rest residue and remainder of my Estate both reall and personall in this Island upon the Seas or in England to him his heirs and assignes for ever And doe hereby retify and confirm unto him all gifts and bequests formerly made.

   I appoint my said Sonn Thomas BRODRICK my sole Executor of this my Will if he arrive in this Island in Six months after my decease and in his absence I appoint my loving friends William CARELESS and Arnold BROWN both in the parish of St. Catharine's Esqr. my Executors in trust for my said Sonn.

   In case my Sonn should depart this life before his arrivall in this Island or in Six months after my decease then I give all my said Estate to me beloved Cozen St. John BRODRICK of the Middle Temple, London, Esqr. to him his heirs or assigns for ever in acknowledgment of the many and great favours he has from time to time conferred on me. Lastly I revoke all Wills at any time heretofore made by me and declare this my last Will. In Witness etc.

Dated 11th November 1706.
(Signed) A. BRODRICK
Witnesses: Harvey NICHOLLS, Samuel BARRITT, John BYLES, Charles HIGGINS.
Proved 30th November 1706. Thomas HANDASYD.




1683 July 19 Thomas BALLARD, Junior, and Hannah TOLDERVAY.
1693 Sept. 17 William BRODRICK, Esq., and Hannah BALLARD.
1707 May 5 William BRODERICK and Sarah IVEY.


1706 Dec. 17 Singiohn son of William and Ann BRODRICK.


1690 June 8 Coll. William IVY, in the Church.
1692-3 Jan. 16 Thomas BALLARD, Major.
1703 Nov. 23 Mrs. Ann BRODERICK.
1705 Nov. 28 Rebekah BRODRICK.
1706 Nov. 24 Allin BRODRICK.
1706-7 Jan. 3 Ann BRODRICK.
1707 Aug. 12 Singiohn BRODRICK.
1709 Mar. 31 Sarah BRODRICK.


* Forwarded by Mr. G. T. SHERWOOD
† Add. MS. 27,968, fos. 45, 156.

Appeals to the Privy Council

Add. MSS. 36,216 - 36,220 British Museum, contain printed statements of cases on appeal from the plantations to H. M. in Council. The cases were first heard before the Committee of the Privy Council, and many of them include voluminous legal notes written by Yorke the Attorney General. (See Guide to MS. materials for the history of the U. S. A. by Andrews and Davenport, p. 164.)


John HUMPHREY, gentleman, administrator of Elizabeth his late wife, one of the daughters of Rowland WILLIAMS, late of the said Island, deceased, Appellant. Sam SMITH, Esq., and Mary, his wife, the only surviving daughter of the said Rowland WILLIAMS and sister to the above Elizabeth, Respondents.

The Appellant's Case.

   Rowland WILLIAMS being seized of a plantation called Mears in the parish of Clarendon, as tenant in common with Sam. ASHURST, gentleman, by his will dated 10 Dec. 1716 gave: "To my daughter Elizabeth Williams £300, a riding horse, and slave at 18. To my daus., Mary and Frances, the like. My sons, John and Thomas, £300 at 21. All residue to my son Rowland W. at 21 and sole Ex'or. My brother Edward PENNANT, Esq., Thomas PETERS, gent., and my wife Frances W., Trustees and Guardians."

   Testator died in Aug. 1718, leaving Eliz., Rowland, Thomas, John, Mary, & Frances, his only children. Thomas PETERS d. in 1719. Rowland W. died a minor. Thomas, John and Frances, d. under 15, so that Eliz. and Mary are the only two surviving legatees. Appellant married Eliz. W. 2 Aug. 1722. She died Nov. following over 21, and he is administrator of her estate. He exhibited his Bill in Chancery 22 Feb. 1722 for payment of legacies £798.

   Answer of Edward PENNANT, etc., Frances W. married John NAIRN, Esq., Mary W. married Sam. SMITH since 1732. To be heard 27 March, 1734. (Add. MS. 36,216, fo. 81.)



John LEWIS, brother and heir at law of William Lewis, Late of Jamaica, Esq., and Sam. COLLET Rich. FENTON and John BARKER, assignees of the estate of the said John LEWIS, under a commission of bankruptcy, Appellants. Sam. SMITH and Anna, his wife, and John VASSALL, Esq., Respondents.

   John VASSALL, of the said island, by his will dated 15 Dec. 1700, gave the Respondent, Anna, his daughter, £1000 c., £500 at 18 or marriage, and £500 at the birth of her first child, but if she did not marry the second £500 at 21, and devised the residue to the Respondent John V. his son and heir.

   In 1716 Wm. LEWIS, brother of the Appellant John being about to marry Anna, Mrs. Anna VASSALL, Anna's grandmother and guardian, insisted he should give bond for bequeathing Anna £2000 is she survived him, and on 25 Feb. 1716 he executed it with William HAY as his surety. Bond for £4000 recited. William LEWIS married Anna 26 Feb. 1716.

   On 28 Dec. 1717, William LEWIS died intestate leaving her encient. The child was born alive but is since dead. On 22 July 1718, Anna m. Sam. SMITH, and the Appellant paid SMITH £2800 since which John VASSALL had paid SMITH the legacy of £1000 but it should have been paid to William LEWIS, and SMITH hath returned it and also taken 12 slaves.

   On 20 April 1723 John LEWIS exhibited his Bill in the Court of Chancery against SMITH and John VASSALL. 19 Nov. 1723, answer of SMITH who alleges the £2000 was not in bar of dower but a gift, that the 12 slaves were given him by William LEWIS on 24 Dec. 1717; the next day William LEWIS was sick, and on 28th gave directions for his will and the paper was read after his death. 12 Aug. 1734 the Chancellor of Jamaica decreed that the bond for £2000 was not bar to dower. John LEWIS appealed to H. M. in Council, but a commission of bankruptcy issued against him 5 June 1735. To be heard 2 Nov. 1736. Endorsed in writing: "Decree revers'd ye £1000 por'con and Int. to be considd as part of ye Intestates p'sonal estate and the negroes to be accounted for."

Respondents Case.

   John LEWIS, formerly of Kingston, in Jamaica, afterwards of Blackheath, in Kent, merchant.

   John VASSALL made his wife and mother executrices, but in case of his wife's death or marriage, his four brothers were to be his Executors, and soon after died. In 1716 William LEWIS made his addresses which were disapproved of by the mother, but after the mother's death he renewed them and entered into the bond. Wm. LEWIS was first cousin to Sam SMITH then beginning to settle a plantation. Several sheets of legal notes appended. (Add. MS. 36,216, fo. 90.)



Joseph WILLIAMS, Esq., eldest son and heir of Joseph Williams, Esq., who was one of the four sons and a devisee of a part of the real estate of Rowland W., Esq., deceased,  Appellant. Hannah BEECHER, Respondent.

Appellant's Case.

Rowland WILLIAMS having 4 infant sons and a dau. living by will dated 19 June, 1722, devised his estate to his 4 sons gave £2,000 sterling or £3,000currency to his dau., and appointed William W., Jonathan GALE and Thomas WOLLERY, Esquires, Executors and G., and by a codicil gave to his friend Mary SHARP £300 c. and £100 st. a year, and died 6 June, 1723, leaving a great estate. All the Ex'ors died within 10 years. Lewis W., one of the sons, on 7 July, 1732, obtained administration. About 1742 some deed was made between the said Mary SHARP and her dau., the Respondent Hannah BEECHER (wife of Edward BEECHER), whereby she assigned to Hannah all sums due. Edward BEECHER d. 16 Oct., 1751, and Hannah obtained administration of his estate. Mary SHARP was still living. Twenty-nine years after testator's death Hannah BEECHER filed her Bill 24 Oct., 1751, and claimed payment of the £300 with interest at 10 per cent. amounting to £9,955 currency. Mary SHARP d. 5 July, 1752.

   Answer of the Appellant, Joseph WILLIAMS, 29 Aug., 1753, that his grandfather gave the said legacy to plaintiff's mother not charged on the real estate. Testator's sons, Joseph, Lewis, John and Wm., Joseph, the eldest son, Appellant's late father. App. is in possession of Carawona. [Carawina?]

   1 Aug., 1754, the Gov. ordered that an account should be taken. App. appealed to H. M. in Council. The Master found £10,450 was due and on 1 Aug., 1755, the Gov. ordered payment and on 3 May, 1756, pending the appeal issued a sequestration and Appellant's whole estate has been seized to the amount of £30,000. To be heard 22 March, 1757. Endorsed in writing "Decree reversed and Restitution awarded."

Respondent's Case

   Rowland WILLIAMS, by his will, gave to his dau. and to 3 of his sons, Lewis, John and William, £8,500 in legacies, and to his 3 sons severally his real estate, and to John also 30 negroes, and to his eldest son, Joseph, until 27, £500 a year.  £100 to his brother Wm., and all residue to his son Joseph, and, by a Codicil, gave to Mary SHARPE, widow, £300 c. payable out of the first crop, and £100 sterling a year and died 6 Dec., 1722. Mary SHARP only received £164. (Add. MS. 36, 217, fo. 123.)



James BARCLAY of Jamaica, Esq., Executor of John KNIGHT, Esq., deceased, who was Ex'or of James KNIGHT, Esq., his father deceased. Appellants.
Daniel MUNRO, Esq., Respondent.

Appellant's Case

   Respondent exhibited his Bill in Chancery against James BARCLAY setting forth that in 1732 James KNIGHT, late of Jamaica, merchant, had exhibited his Bill against Daniel MUNRO, Respondent's father, and Richard HARRIS, Jr., merchants, to bring them to account for a co-partnership, firstly between James KNIGHT, MUNRO the father, and TRYON, and afterwards between James KNIGHT and MUNRO the father, and lastly between James KNIGHT, MUNRO the father, and HARRIS, and Respondent's father dying, James KNIGHT, during Respondent's minority, in 1735 exhibited his Bill against Edward PRATTER and Mathis PHILP, his administrators, with will annexed, and against Respondent, and against Richard HARRIS. Dispute as to accounts between the partners.

Respondent's Case.

   Respondent conveyed in 1742, 2,030 acres, part of 120 acres, all of John MOORE's land, Crescent plantation, with 510 acres all in St. Mary's; 1,000 acres and 1,000 acres in St. Ann and St. George; and a pen of 494 acres in St. Andrew's to trustees. James KNIGHT was dead, having made John KNIGHT, late of Kingston, Esq., his Executor, who was also dead, having appointed James BARCLAY his Ex'or in Jamaica, and Anna KNIGHT and Sarah WILLIAMS, of London, his Executrices. Appeal to be heard 25 March 1757. (Add. MS. 36,217, fo. 132.)

   James KNIGHT of Jamaica, Esq., now residing at Stoke Newington. Will dated 22 May 1743, son in law John WILLIAMS, Esq., husband of dau. Sarah £2,000, dau. Ann K. £6,000, my plantation called Molynes, penns in St. Andrew, and estate in Kingston, sums due from Daniel MONRO. All residue to son John. Probate 6 May 1747 [129 Potter]. See Archer 104 for M. I. to testator's wife. John KNIGHT of Kingston, Jamaica., Esq., Will dated 12 May 1753. My grandfather's vault in K., all estate to sisters Sarah WILLIAMS, widow, and Ann K., both of Westminster. Testator died at Philadelphia, bachelor. Probate 13 Feb. 1754 [47 Pinfold].


Thomas POWELL of Jamaica, gentleman, and Alesha, his wife (lately deceased), who was the widow and an Executrix of Matthew HUGHES, late of Jamaica, shipwright deceased. Appellant.
Elizabeth HUGHES (widow and Ex'trix of Walter H., dec'd., who was elder brother and heir at law of said Matthew H.);
Walter HUGHES the Younger. (only son. and heir at law of said Walter H. dec'd.);
Catherine HUGHES (widow and surviving Ex'trix of Stephen H. another of the brothers of said Matthew H.);
Jennett, Cath., Joan and Mary HUGHES (only children and coheirs at law of said Stephen H.), Infants by their next Friend;
Sarah HUGHES (Widow and Administratrix of Charles H. dec'd., another brother of Matthew H. and one of the Ex'ors of Stephen H.). Respondents.

Appellant's Case.

   Matthew HUGHES, by his will dated 22 June, 1744, bequeathed to the said Alesha his penn in the parish of St. Andrew, and 9 negroes, sheep and goats, furniture, plate, chaise and riding horse for her life, and after her death to his brothers Walter, Charles and Stephen, and gave Appellant, his cousin, Thomas POWELL, £25, and appointed his wife, William WILLIAMS, Esq., and Lucock GRIFFIN, Ex'ors., and died soon after.

   Alesha married the Appellant and became entitled to dower, and she held the estate until Christmas, 1746, when Walter HUGHES the Elder arrived in Jamaica, and took 2/3 of the real estate until his death in 1747 when Stephen H., his brother, then arrived and obtained Administration and possessed the estate until his death, the end of 1747. The Appellant took out adm'on de bonis non and hoped to settle accounts but all the Respondents (except Sarah H.) with Charles H. (who afterwards died) exhibited their Bill against Appellant and his wife, Benjamin HUME and others, Ex'ors of Lucock GRIFFIN, and against John WILLIAMS and others, Ex'ors of William WILLIAMS, and claimed £7,182 c. and rent of £600 c. a year.

   Walter HUGHES, brother of Matthew, made his will 14 April, 1746, and devised his real estate to the Respondent, Eliz. H. and Walter H. the Younger, his son, and appointed her Ex'trix. Stephen HUGHES, by his will dated 18 Feb., 1745, devised his estate to the Respondents Jennett, Catherine, Joan and Mary H. equally and appointed Cath. and Charles H. and John POWELL (appellant's brother) Ex'ors.

   Dispute as to the dower of Alesha. Charles HUGHES dying, Sarah H., his widow and administratrix, 9 Sept., 1754, brought her Bill in Chancery. 2 May, 1755, the Master reported that Appellant and his wife had received out of the personal estate £3,792, and from the real estate £1,248. Numerous accounts given.

Respondents' Case.

   Testator died s. p. 4 July, 1744, and was also seised of a mountain provision plantation of 1,200 acres in St. Andrew's and houses in Kingston and 49 valuable slaves. William WILLIAMS died and made his will 5 July, 1748. Appellant's brother, Gabriel POWELL, in England. 2 May, 1755, Master's report. 17 June, 1755, Alesha d. Final decree 15 Aug., 1755. Appeal to H. M. in Council. To be heard 1 April, 1757. (Add. MS. 36,217, fo. 139.)



Margaret BLANCAN, widow, of Bordeaux, and another, Appellants. Rob. FOSTER, James SPAGG and Martha his wife Executors of William FOSTER late of Jamaica, merchant, deceased, Respondent, as to a prize vessel captured in 1742, and disputed acct. in 1754. William F. dead since 16 Oct., 1754; very long case. To be heard 22 June 1758. (Add. MS. 36,217, fo. 210.)

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