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This tentative pedigree has been drawn up from entries in a family prayer book (Livingston, 41, 138), Archer's M. I. and other authorities.  The use of the two different coats of arms is peculiar. There are several wills of the family in Jamaica.  A Sergt. John Guy removed to that Island in 1656 from Nevis. (Ante, II., 264.)



[Add. MS. 27,908, fo. 46.]


1669, Dec. 27.  Richard Guy and Frances Bedle.
1673-4, Feb. 12.  Capt. Richard Guy & Mary Davenport.
1679, Mar. 30.  Richard Guy and Alice Groves*
* This entry is from fo. 61.  Roby overlooked it when making the list.
1690, July 24.  Richard Lloyd, Esq. of Port Royal, & Mary Guy of St. Johns
1704, Dec. 26.  Seamewell Guy & Priscilla Long
1724, Dec. 23.  George Guy & Althea Butler
1745, Dec. 19.  John Hudson Guy, Junr., of St. Catherine, & Anna Maria Garbrand of Kingston.
1768, Oct. 4.  The Honorable Charles Price & Elizabeth Hannah Woodcock, widow.


1750*, Feb. 7. John  Hudson Guy.
*The M.I. gives 1749, but the date is 1749-50.
1761, June 5.  John Hudson Guy.


1787, Nov. 26.  John Hudson son of John Hudson & Millicent Fletcher Guy, born Oct. 31, 1787.

1795, May 31.  Sara dau. of John Hudson & Millicent Fletcher Guy, born 19 Feb. 1791.

1795, May 31.  Edward Freeman son of John Hudson & Millicent Fletcher Guy, born 26 Aug. 1793.




1669, Aug. 8.  Dearman O Daly & Dorcas Guy
1673, April 24.  Nathaniel Guy & Dorothy Wood
1695-6, Feb. 19.  William Ivy & Elizabeth Guy
1702, Aug. 25.  John Jennings & Hannah Hudson Guy
1722, Mar. 14.  John Maverly & Martha Guy
1750-1, Feb. 24. John Woodcock to Elizabeth Hannah Guy


1675-6, Mar. 23.  Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel & Dorothy Guy.
1678, Nov. 20.  John Hudson son of Nathaniel & Dorothy Guy
1680, Oct. 30.  Elizabeth dau. of Thomas & Christian Guy
1681, Nov. 16.  Samuel son of Nathaniel & Dorothy Guy.
1682, April 21.  Lawrence son of Thomas & Christian Guy
1684, Nov. 20.  Anne dau. of Thomas & Christian Guy
1699, May ---.  Nathaniel son of John & --- Guy.
1702, ----. --- of John & Hanah Guy
1706, April 16.  John s. of Samuel & Priscilla Guy
1709-10, Feb. 14.  Nathaniel son of Samuel & Priscilla Guy


1668, Nov. 10.  Nathaniel Guy.
1681, Nov. 16.  Nathaniel Guy
1701, Dec. 20.  Hanah Hudson Guy
1702, April 6.  John Hudson Guy
1702, June 15.  George Guy
1710, Sep. 19.  Nathaniel Guy
1725, Dec. 7.  Major Samuel Guy
1748, June 25.  Henry Guy




1731, July 26.  Martin Guy
1735, Dec. 14.  Samuel Guy, Interred at Liguanea
1743-4, Mar. 20.  Philip Guy, buried by Mr. P. Wandalaer.
1745, Sep. 1.  Henry Guy buried by Mr. Lang.



1817, Oct. 8.  James Forsyth of the City & Parish of Kingston & Mary Anne Guy of the parish of St. Thomas in the Vale were married at Hayfield by licence in presence of James Seton Lane & Edward Trueman Guy.



*Contributed by W. P. Haskett Smith.


   On a tablet in the parish church of Savanna-la-Mar:-

   Died 6 Feb. 1836 the Hon. Joseph Stone Williams of Carawina Estate & Anglesea Pen, Custos Rotulorum of this parish, & many years Assistant Judge of Cornwall Assize Court; twice elected to represent his parish in the House of Assembly; aged 58.


   Fifteen tombs in the burial-ground of Carawina Estate in the parish of Westmorland*:-
(*Copied by a friend for W. P. H. S. March 10, 1905.)

   James Williams, died 10 Aug. 1803, aged 51.

   Margaret Stone, 2nd dau. of James Williams of Carawina., died 16 Aug. 1803, aged 20.

   Mary Hale [Hall], wife of James Grant, Esq., died 29 Nov. 1828, aged 42.

   Mr. Joseph Williams, eldest son of Rowland Williams., Esq., deceased, born 28 Sept. 1702, died 5 June 1732, aged 30. Arms : A chevron between three diminutive charges.

   Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Williams of Westmorland parish, Esq., died 12 July 1748, aged 50.

   Sarah, wife of William Williams, Esq., died 21 Jan. 173(6), aged 32.

   William Williams, born and died 1710.

   Philip H. Williams, born and died 1712.

   Wilmott Williams, born and died 1714.

   Elizabeth Lewis, eldest dau. of the late James Williams, Esq., of Carawina, died 11 Sept. 1833, aged 57.

   John Williams, son of Mr. Rowland and Mrs. Mary Williams, bom Sept. 1706, died May 1734.

   Mary, wife of Mr. Rowland Williams, died 20 Nov. 1716, aged 39.

   Mary, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Williams, … 27 July 1729, aged 19.

   Joseph Stone Williams, died 6 Feb. 1836, aged 58.

   Jane, widow of Hon. Sam. Whitehorne, barrister-at-law, etc., who died 18 Dec. 1796, erects a stone to his memory.

   Died at Anglesea Pen in the parish of Westmoreland on Thursday 11th inst. after a short illness of 40 hours, James Williams, Esq. sincerely regretted, etc.
   On Sunday the 14th inst. Miss Frances Bonella Williams dau. of the above James Williams, & on Tuesday the 16th in the bloom of health & beauty. Miss Margaret Williams, aged 19. (" Daily Advertizer," Kingston," 27 Aug. 1803.)

   At Anglesea Pen is a tombstone with a pathetic inscription:-
Samuel Haughton, s. of Sam. Williams & Margaret Bonella Haughton, b. 10 April 1776, d. (9) Dec. 1778, having lived 2 years 8 months & 12 days. His parents lost child after child during seven years & had him inoculated for smallpox, but he alone died.

   By the roadside at Struie in the parish of Westmoreland is a stone to Obed Belchambers, private in an Infantry Regiment, who fell into an ambush of negroes in 1832 and was cruelly butchered.


The following notes are added by the Editor. They relate to several different families.

   Joseph Hodges, Esq. My son-in-law Rowland Williams. Will proved 1719 (29, Browning).


   Sam. Williams of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Midd., Esq. Will dated, 12 March 1749. My note of hand to Mrs. Elizabeth Scott for £400 to be paid. To Thomas Orby Hunter of Crowland in Lincolnshire, Esq., £500. The Hon. Sir Simon Clarke of Jamaica, Baronet, the Hon. Hampson Nedham, Robert Penny, and William Lindsey of Jamaica, Esq., and George Barclay of London, Merchant, each 20 guineas for rings. All residue to my brother Edward Williams, Esq., if dead before me to his children Thomas and Caroline Williams. My said brother sole Executor. Proved 13 June 175l by Edward Williams, Esq., the brother (195, Busby).


   Hon. William Williams of the parish of St. Andrew, Island of Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 15 July 1748. All my estate unto a free negro woman Mimbo and my natural children by her, viz., Thomas Williams, Cath. Williams, Ann Williams, and William Williams, and my natural son Fra. Williams by my negroe woman Cloe. I appoint my mother Sarah Williams, my brother John Williams, Esq., and friends Edward Garthwaite, late of Jamaica, now of Great Britain, Esq., William Peate, and Peter Furnel, both of Kingston, Esquires, William Pullen of Kingston, Merchant, and Thomas Trengrouse of St. Andrew, gent., Executors and G.
   Witnessed by William Austin, John Sherman, Joseph Stretton. On 11 Sept. 1751 administration to Roger Drake and Beeston Long, Esqr., attorneys of the 6 Executors, Edward Garthwaite renouncing (271, Busby.)


   In margin: Entered 5 March 1761, Lib. 34, fo. 105. A. William Williams of the parish of St. Anne, co. Middlesex, late of Jamaica, Esq. I give my sugar work, called Flatt Point plantation and mansion house and works, also my plantation heretofore a sugar work called Woodstock, both in St. Anne's, also my penn and pimento Walk with mansion house in the parish of St. James, co. Cornwall, with all slaves to my friends Robert Arcedeckne of St. Kath., Zachary Bayly of Kingston, Esquires, Mr. Michael Atkins of Bristol, Merchant, on Trust, to sell and to convey the proceeds to the Governors of the Hospital for deserted young children in Lambs Conduit Fields, London. To my nephew George Williams and niece Mary Gallimore, wife of Mr. Jarvis Gallimore, £500 curency apiece. To that vile rogue and impostor Gershom Williams, pretending to be a son of mine, 1 shilling, to buy him a halter wherewith to hang himself. I manumit my negro Harry and his sister Katey, and give them £20 currency apiece per annum. All residue to said Trustees to be sold for the said Society, Trustees to be Executors, and 100 guineas apiece 11 Dec. 1759. Witness by Charles Blackstock, William Midlemost, William Thomas. B. Codicil, Jamaica. To my nephew James Williams of St. James, planter, brother to Mr. George Williams, £500. To Mr. George Lawrence, Mr. James Lawrence, Mrs. Jean Gabaudan, wife of M.r Fra. Gabaudan, Mrs. Sarah Treacey, wife of Mr. John Treacy, and Mrs. Sarah Morgan Sinclair, wife of Mr. Sinclair, all of St. Anns, £200 apiece. 20 Feb. 1760. Witness by William Thomas, Thomas Watkins. True copy, F. Hay, Secretary. On 21 Oct. 1768, administration to John Edwards the, attorney of Z. Bayly, Esq., one of the surviving Executors now residing in Jamaica, and of Robert Arcedeckne the other surviving Executor now residing in N. America (399, Seeker).


   Martin Williams, late residing at Westmoreland in the Island of Jamaica, now of London, Esq. Furniture, etc., to my wife Elizabeth Barrett Williams. To my friends George Godwin Barrett of Trelawney, Esq., Edward Barrett of St. James, Esq., William Fowle of St. James, Esq., and Richard Barrett Waite of Trelawney, Merchant, all my plantations, slaves, and real estate upon Trust to sell and invest all sums to maintain my children by my said wife, and to them equally at 21, if all die then to my wife, T. with my wife Executor, 27 March 1786. Proved at London 3 April 1786 by R. B. Waite, Esq., pr. to the others (251, Norfolk).


   Alexander Williams, late of Kingston in the Island of Jamaica, now of Park Place, Lambeth, Esq. To my wife Susanna W., all my estate real and personal, and Executors, 7 Jan. 1795. Proved at London 24 Sept. 1796 by Susanna Williams. (482, Harris).


James Williams of Bedford Square, Esq. Will dated 4 June 1802. My plantation called Unity in the parish of Portland, Jamaica, to my daus. Emma, Martha and Ann. My eldest son James my plantation called Watermount in the parishes of St. John and St. Dorothy. My son William (515, Heseltine).


Martha Williams, spinster, of London. Will proved in 1806. My brothers James and William, sisters Ann and Emma, now entitled to the Unity plantation in Jamaica (179, Pitt).

Sarah, dau. of James Knight of Kingston, m. John Williams, Esq., before 1743, and was a widow in 1753.

See ante, I., 381, for article on Williams by Mr. Judah, and Archer, 111, 277.

Martin Williams, son of Martin Williams of St. James's, late of Jamaica, esq. Magd. College matriculated 21 Oct. 1799, aged l6.  See Eton School Lists. (Foster.)

James Rowland Williams, only son of James Lawson Williams of Kew Park, late of Jamaica, esq. Trinity College matriculated 11 Oct.l879, aged 19, scholar 1879- 84, B.A. 1883. M.A. 1888. (Ibid.)



1739, Dec. 6. Henry* Williams, Esq; of a large Estate in Jamaica, to a Daughter of James Knight, Esq; of Stoke Newington. (p. 660).
* Error for John.

1744, Dec. 5. John Williams Esq; possess'd of a large estate in Jamaica, from whence he lately arrived, (p. 676.)

1749, Jan. 27. William Williams Esq; of Jamaica. (p. 92.)

1751, May. Samuel Williams, Esq; secretary of Jamaica., worth above £100,000, the whole of which he has left to his brother, Edw. Williams, of Burlington Gardens, (p. 284.)

1762, Jan. 17. Thomas Williams, Esq; at Jamaica. (p. 145.)

1796, Dec. At Carrawina, in the island of Jamaica, the Hon. Samuel Whitehorne &c. (1797, p. 350.)

1803, Lately. In the W.I. James Williams esq. & his two eldest daus.  (p. 1254.)

1820, June 24. Thomas B. Williams of Jamaica to Maria Sophia, dau. of 1ate Hon. John Forbes, of New Providence, (p. 636.)

1839, Aug. 17. At St. George Bloomsbury, Henry Nichols, of the Middle Temple to Mary Francklyn, eldest dau. of Thomas B. Williams formerly of Gower-street, & now of Jamaica. (p. 534.)

1840, Nov. 24. At Orange Grove, Jamaica, aged 52, Thomas Bull Williams 1ate of Gower-street. (1841, p. 558)

1843, June 23. At Brompton, aged 32, Mary Francklyn, wife of Henry Nichols, of the Middle Temple, Barrister, & eldest dau. of the late Thomas Bull Williams of Gower-street & Orange Grove, Jamaica. (p. 216.)

1843, Dec. 28. At St. Pancras, Edwin Fennell, of Wimbledon Surrey, to Sophia-Jane, dau. of the 1ate T. B. Williams of Gower-street & Orange-grove Jamaica. (1844, p. 195.)

1845, Feb. 21. At Holly Lodge, Hammersmith, aged 29, Thomas Robert eldest son of the 1ate Thomas Bull Williams of Gower-street & Orange-grove Rio Bueno Jamaica. (p. 448.)

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