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CARIBBEANA Volume 6, part 1


Edward Hawtaine, of the cittie of Westminster, gentleman.  Will dated the last of October 1627.  For the poor of the village of Epwell, in the parish of Swake Cliffe, Oxfordshire, where I was born £100.  My cosen Vallence citizen of London, all my books.  My brother John H. of Oxfordshire and his children £200, and my sister his wife my bible.  To the children of my sister Hall, of Oxfordshire £150.  Probate 9 August 1628 (77, Barrington).


Valentine Hawton or Haughton, of Rickall, Yorkshire, yeoman.  Will probated 1657. (123, Pell).


Richard Peers of Barbados, Esq.  Will dated 18 Dec. 1659.  My grandson Richard Hawton 20,000 lbs., Jonathan Hawtaine and Valentine Hawtaine 10,000 lbs. each. Said Richard H. an overseer.  (70, Laud).


The will of Richard HAUGHTON was proved in Jamaica, 1694-7.


Edward Hawtaine, Doctor of physicke.  Will dated 12 Aug. 1666.  I constitute my wife Elizabeth sole executrix and to enjoy all my estate.  Probate 9 May 1667, by E.H.  (62, Carr).


David DEHANY, of Hanover, Jamaica, planter. Will dated 17 Aug. 1753. Philip HAUGHTON Senior, of Hanover an Executor. (271, Pinfold.)


Philip HAUGHTON of the parish of Hanover, Jamaica, planter. Will dated 1 Feb. 1763. My wife Cath. to reside on any one of my estates of Fat Hog Quarter and Green Island, both in Hanover or Retirement in the parish of St. James, and house negroes and furniture. Plate to my 3 daughters. My brother Jonathan H. £100. Sister Ann THARPE £100. Nephews Robert H. and Richard H. of my bro. Jonathan H., and W. THARPE son of my sister Ann T. £100 ea. My nieces Cath H. and Ann H. and Mary H. daughters of my brother Val. H. each a negro boy and girl at 21. To my dau. Mary JAMES 1/2 of the sugar pl. called Green Island and the land I purchased f. belonging to William JAMES deceased and 1/2 the slaves, 24 mules and 40 working steers. To my grandson Philip H. JAMES the other 1/2 at 21 and £100 a yr. till then. I give her also a piece of land patented by William PUSEY containing 540 acres, a piece patented by Michael CORNEY c. 575 acres, and 2 runs patented by William DORRELL of 600 acres and 1/2 of the negroes and stock belonging to my penns. To my dau. Ann CLARKE my sugar pl. called Fat Hog Quarter with 60 a. I purchased of John HEATH and negroes and 24 mules and 40 steers. Also 200 a. called the Cockoon to the East of the land I purchased of Wm. THARPE and 1/2 of the negroes, etc. belonging to my penns. To my dau. Sarah H. my sugar plantation called Retirement in the p. of St. James, and slaves, 40 mules and 40 steers, the 1/2 a. I purchased of Corbt. LAWRENCE and BAKER whereon my storehouse is built whence I ship sugars, a parcel of land I purchased of William THARPE containing 300 a. and the old Pasture to the W. containing 1300 a. and 1/2 of the negroes belonging to my penns at  21 or Marriage. My 4 grdchn. Cath. H. J., Mary H. J., Eliz. H. J., and Ph. H. CLARKE £2000 each out of sums in the hands of Mr. Michael ATKINS of Bl. at 21. All residue to my said 3 daus. I appoint Montague JAMES, Simon CLARKE, junr., Esqres. and Wm. THARPE of St. James with my wife Executors and wife sole Guardian of my dau. Sarah H. and in default of issue of my 3 daus., est. to Wm. THARPE and Rob. H. and Rd. H. sons of my bro. Jonath. H. In the presence of James ANDERSON, George CUMMING, and George SLACKER. P. 2 Mch. 1767 by Simon CLARKE the yr., p. r. to M. J. Esq., and Cath H. widow the other surviving Executors. (98, Legard.)

HAWTAYNE pedigree (l) and (2)

Persons listed in pedigree:
Edward HAWTAYNE of St. Mary's, Jamaica, 1683.
Richard HAUGHTON, born 1691. Married (1) Rebekah, dau. of Thomas JAMES. (2) Elizabeth, daughter of George GOODIN; (3) Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Col. James GUTHRIE; remar. before 1743 Edward CLARKE.
Richard HAUGHTON (son of Richard HAUGHTON above), married Mary, dau. of George RICKETTS of Canaan.
Jonathan HAUGHTON, Philip HAUGHTON and George HAUGHTON (sons of Richard HAUGHTON, Sr. above).
Rebecca HAUGHTON (daughter of Richard HAUGHTON, Sr. above), mar. Col. Thomas REID of St. James.
Mary HAUGHTON (daughter of Richard HAUGHTON, Sr. above), mar. Col. John REID.

Hawtayne Pedigree (3)

Persons in the Pedigree

Samuel Williams HAUGHTON. Married Margaret Bonella, dau. of _______ WILLIAMS
-Sam. HAUGHTON. Sister, -Elizabeth Helen HAUGHTON
Elizabeth Goodin HAUGHTON, mar. John TAYLOR
Jonathan HAWTAYNE [son of Jonathan HAWTAYNE and a dau. of Richard BEERS, all of Barbados] Married Temperance BAKER. Daughter Susanna HAWTAYNE.

Other names: Richard Beers, Tomlinson, John Brissett, Wood, Bowen, Edward Chambers, Terrick, Garbrand Barrett, John Patterson.

Persons in the Pedigree

Samuel Williams HAUGHTON. Married Margaret Bonella, dau. of _______ WILLIAMS
-Sam. HAUGHTON. Sister, -Elizabeth Helen HAUGHTON
Elizabeth Goodin HAUGHTON, mar. John TAYLOR
Jonathan HAWTAYNE [son of Jonathan HAWTAYNE and a dau. of Richard BEERS, all of Barbados] Married Temperance BAKER. Daughter Susanna HAWTAYNE.

Other names: Richard Beers, Tomlinson, John Brissett, Wood, Bowen, Edward Chambers, Terrick, Garbrand Barrett, John Patterson.

Hawtayne Pedigree (4)

Persons in the Pedigree

[Children of Jonathan HAWTAYNE and Mary DEHANY continued]
- Valentine HAUGHTON, Philip HAUGHTON, married Catherine, dau. of John THARP Children:
--Mary HAUGHTON, mar. Col. Montague JAMES.
--Ann HAUGHTON, mar. Sir Simon CLARKE, 7th Bart.
[Note at bottom of page reads:]
It is not known why the HAWTAYNE's of Barbados changed the spelling of their name to HAUGHTON in Jamaica.  Proof is desirable.


Edward CLARKE of Trelawney in Jamaica, Esq. Will dated 23 Aug. 1773. My son in law (stepson) Samuel Williams HAUGHTON.
In the Annals of Swainswick (quoted Ante I., 375) testator is stated to have been b. 1716 and to have m. Elizabeth GUTHRIE, widow of William WILLIAMS and dau. of Philip HAUGHTON, but this is incorrect.


Richard HAUGHTON late of Venture in the Island of Jamaica, now of Hornchurch, co. Essex, Esq. Will dated 12 June 1762. My negro servants Diego and Nancy £1. 10  each a year and their freedom. To my brother in law John REID, Esq. all sums due from my uncles Jonathan H. and Ph. H. Esquires in respect of the personal estate of my late Father deceased. To my brother in law Thomas REID my Bogue estate which was settled by Norwood WHITTER, Esq. during my minority and while I was in England and was taken possession of by John Moor.  To Benjamin Harding of Hornchurch Esq., John Reid and Thomas Reid my third share of Orange Cove plantation which I purchased of Mrs. Clarke as her dower all my negro servants, sugar works and stocks thereon and when my interest ceases to transfer them to Esher pl., I give to said T. my plantation at Venture, land called Sauls Land, 100 acres called Lewens, and a parcel of 36 acres my late Father purchased of Valentine Haughton, my ¾ Allens Land devised to me and my 3 brothers by my late Father. Linches Land which I purchased ot Thomas Linch [Lynch], my moiety of Friendship Estate I purchased of John Thorp, Esq. (?Tharp), buildings negroes, stock coppers on Trust to manage until the youngest of the children of my sisters Rebecca Reid and Mary Reid by their husbands Thomas Reid and John Reid be 21 for the use of the said children, and ship produce to Mr. William Reynolds, Merchant in London and to sell when youngest child is 21 and divide all proceeds, said Trustees to be Executors, and on the death of Ben Harding, William Reynolds to be an Executor, and when either John or Thomas Reid die, Mr. Charles Heorn (?).  Probate 23 Feb. 1763 by B. Harding, Esq., probate r. to the others.  (66. Caesar).


[Parish Registers of Barbados 1600's to 1700's. Baptisms, marriages, burials and land records of Hawtayne follow].


1680. Richard Hawtaine owner of 30 acres in Christ Church.  (G.H.H.)

From a deed of mortgage dated 27 Sept. 1693 it appears that Sir Thomas LYNCH and Valentine HAUGHTON, Esq., on 2 Nov. 1682, became partners in two plantations of 2020 acres in St. Mary's, 1000 acres of which had been patented to V. H. in 26 Charles II., bounded on Mr. Edward HAUGHTON. On adjustment of accounts V. H. owed £855. See a fuller abstract Ante II., 104, 148, 151. John PEERS, Esq., of Barbados settled a plantation of 1000 acres on the North side of Jamaica in 1672. He probably brought over his cousins the HAWTAYNES and HAWTONS, and may have handed over the land to them.


1793, Aug. 12. In Westmorland, Jamaica, the Hon. Samuel Williams HAUGHTON, speaker of the assembly of that island, and one of the representatives for the parish of Hanover. (G. M., 1051). [G. M. = Gentleman's Magazine].

1798, April. In Falmouth, John ROBERTSON, Esq., of New York, to Miss Eliza HAUGHTON. (Columbian Mag.)

1800, Jan. In Vere, at Milk River, Mr. William HAUGHTON, to Miss Olivia BEAL, of that parish. (Ibid).

Mary, dau. of George RICKETTS of Canaan, m. Richard HAUGHTON of Esher, Jamaica. She died 27 Dec. 1749 aged 19. (Ante I., 384.)

Neill MALCOLM of Poltalloch co. Argyll m. Mary dau. of John BRISSET, Esq., and widow of Philip HOUGHTON of Jamaica, Esq., He died 1 April 1802 and was succeeded by his only son Neill, b. 26 July 1769. (Burke's Landed Gentry)

1919. On the 23rd Jan., at Melrose, Cross Roads, Jamaica, Roger Swire HAUGHTON, J. P., of Kingston, Jamaica. [Note by transcriber: Roger Swire HAUGHTON was born March 15, 1846 in Ballard's Valley, St. Mary, Jamaica. He was the son of William HAUGHTON and Hannah Jane SWIRE.]


 [Will of Samuel BROWNE of Island of Nevis. Will dated 3 Aug. 1712. Mentions "Penelope and Arabella BETTERTON, children of my brother-in-law Edward BETTERTON late of Jamaica, dec., and now living with me £500 at 18 or marriage".]


8 Feb. 1731 will of Henry BERKELEY of Allhallows Barkin, mariner, now master of the ship Milk River lying at anchor in the Downs bound on a voyage to Cork and Jamaica.

Views in Jamaica drawn by T. HEARN and others.

Add. MS 27,968 in the British Museum contains numerous pedigrees, letters and genealogical matter relating to Jamaican families, by Charles Edward LONG, John ROBY and others, and was formerly in the possession of Capt. Lawrence ARCHER. Bound in at the end of the volume are eight sketches, of which five are by the above artist, Nos. 1 and 5 being missing from the original set of seven. They are finely drawn and painted in sepia and white.

No. 2. A rapid river and pool. Signed "T. HEARN." On the back is written: "Engraved by SHARP."

No. 3. A river scene. Signed "T. HEARN." On the mount is written in pencil: "Roaring River" On the back is written: "Engraved by SHARP" fo. 213.

No. 4. A planter's hut in foreground overlooking a small harbour. Signed "T. HEARN" On the back is written: "This is engraved by Mr. SHARP." Supposed to be Galleon Harbour from LONG's (?) Penn." fo. 214.

No. 6. The great-house of an estate. Signed by "T. HEARN." Written on the mount "View of Montpelier (old works) Estate St. James property of Lord SEAFORD" fo. 215.

No. 7. An estate wharf in a bay, a bullock wagon being driven off and chains for lifting hogsheads hanging from a tree, a primitive looking crane being at the end of the jetty. Signed "T. HEARN." fo. 216.

Pen and ink drawing of a hut with one door and three windows, showing construction of the building -- probably early 18th century. fo. 217.

Rough badly executed pencil sketch of hut near cross-roads shut in by woods; in the foreground a lady and gentleman standing near their horses. Nothing distinctive for identification. fo. 218.

A sketch in water-colour. At the bottom is written: "A Prospect of the Upper side of a Bridge form'd by nature over the Rio d'Ora its whole height is near 60 feet height the Arch near 50 feet width at the bottom between 20 and 30 feet its thickness about 15 feet, Dec. 6, 1767." On the back is noted: -- "One of the corresponding Drawings is signed L. R. in Ld. SEAFORD's possession." fo. 219

List of Rectors for Trinity, Palmetto Point, St. Kitt's

Robert Haynes BARROW, 1841 - 1869.
     Of Codrington Coll., Barbados, 1830. Born 5 Oct. 1811; died 30 May 1875. M. I. here.
     1841, July 13. Rev. Rob. Haynes BARROW, rector of Trinity, in St. Christopher, to Fanny-Gordon Williams, dau. of Henry TREW, Collector of Customs in Jamaica & formerly of Chichester. ["G. M.," 423.] She was born 2 Oct. 1818 and died 5 Jan. 1886; buried in churchyard at Chiswick.

Bernal of Jamaica

     "Plan of the House in Maiden Lane the Property of Jacob Israel BERNAL Esquire, of the City of London.
     N. B. The Premises contain one Half of the Lot Numbered in the Plan of the City of Kingston N. 163. (Signed) By Major John B. PECHOM."
     This plan is that of a plot of ground of 48 feet frontage on Maiden Lane by about 78 feet in depth, with a small house consisting of a piazza hall and bedroom, with detached kitchen and 4 negro rooms, these latter being each 8 feet by 10 feet. The plan is not dated, but the paper has the watermark of 1805.

Administrations (P. C. C.) relating to Jamaicans.

A. A. Book. 1659.
(It begins Jan. 1658. English style.)


Jan. 1666/1667.  Edward PINHORNE, last day to Anthony SHEPHEARD, Principal Creditor of Edward PINHORNE, late of Jamaica, bachelor. Folio 2

Dec. 1667.  William HILL. 10, to Cath. HILL alias Tame wife of John Tame, the sister of William. HILL, lately in Jamaica, widower. Folio 180


May. Susa JOHNSON, penult. to Rebecca WADE, mother & Guardian of George Nath. & Chr. WADE, nepotibus by a brother & next of kin of Susa JOHNSON, late of Jamaica, wid. Folio 68


Dec.  Peter Pugh.  22 to Ralph Standish, Principal Creditor of P. P., late of Jamaica.  Folio 160.


Feb.  Edward Dempster.  5, to Richard D., the brother of E. D., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Folio 25.

June.  Henry Goldsmith.  2, to Izett G., the widow of H. G. at Jamaica.  Fol. 91.

June.  Hugh Golly.  21, to William G., the brother of H. G., at Jamaica.  Fol. 91.


May.  Roah Pippen.  Last day, to Daniel P., the brother of A. P. of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 61.

Sept.  Daniel Roberts.  27, to Thomas R., the brother of P. R., late in West Indies.  Fol. 108.

Sept.  Edward Roberts.  27, to Thomas R., the brother of P. R., late in West Indies, bachelor.  Fol. 108

Dec. Charles Whitfield.  21, to Elizabeth W., widow of C. W., late of the ship the Welcome in Jamaica in the King's Service.  Fol. 148.


Jan.  Mary Modyford.  2, to Charles M., Esq., nepos by a son of M. M. late of Chiswicke, widow.  Sir Thomas M., the eldest son, first renouncing.  Fol. 7

Feb. Ralph Chase.  17, to Stephen C., the father of R. C., late in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 13

Feb.  Theodore Watson.  26, to Edward Palmer, Principal Creditor of T. W., late of Jamaica.  Ruth Petty alias  [nee] W., & Hester Shuxby alias W., the sisters renouncing. Fol. 15.

March.  Joseph West.  11, to W. W. cousin and principal creditor of J. W., late of Jamecoe, bachelor.  Fol. 29

April.  Richard Norman.  17, to Fra. N., the brother of R. N., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 37

June.  George Welch.  18, to Sam Gouldinge, the attorney of W. W., the father of G. W., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 69

June.  John Hacker.  1., to Charles Corsellis, principal creditor of J. H., late of London, but at Jamaica.  Fol. 88.

Aug.  Devereux Davis.  26, to Morgan Taylor, principal creditor of D. D., at Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 115

Aug.  John Clarke.  7, to Alice Blake,, wife of John B., principal creditor of J.C., in the West Indies, bachelor.  Fol. 120.

Oct.  Andrew Copeland.  10, to Margery C., relict [widow] of A.C., late of E. Greenwich, but at Jamaco.  Fol. 152.

Nov.  Richard Playford.  23, to Edward Coleman, principal creditor of R. P., of Jamaica.  Fol. 162.

Nov.  James Purcivall.  25, to Andrew P., the brother of J. P., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 165.


Jan.  Morgan Jones.  21, to Sara J., widow of M. J. in Jamaica.  Fol. 7.

March.  John Coventry.  24, to Fra. C., father of J. C., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 35.

July.  William Dickons.  10, to Elizabeth Harvey, the mother of W.D., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 82.

July.  Sir James Modyford, Knight and Baronet.  26, to Dame Elizabeth M., widow and relict of Sir J. M., late of Chiswicke., but at Jamaica, deceased.  Fol. 89

Oct.  Timothy Stampe.  24, to Martin S., the brother of T. S., late in West Indies., widower.  Fol. 127

Nov. John Holman.  27, to Richard Cannon, principal creditor of J. H., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 152.

Dec.  Ambrose Bennett.  3, to William Marriott, administrator of Goods of A. B., late of Gray's Inn, but at Jamaco, Esq.  Rebebba B. the reli. Ren.  Fol. 171


April.  Francis Lister.  8, to Thomas Hewse, the attorney of Nath. Lister., the brother of F. L., at Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 48.

July.  Walter Turner.  18, to Hellen Ridley alias Downes alias T., the sister of W. T., late of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 114

Aug.  John Fosdicke.  12, to Robert Vogg, the h. of J. F., late in the West Indies., in the ship the Portland in the King's service, bachelor.  Fol. 120.

Sept. James Towne.  9, to John T., patruus [uncle] of James T., of Jamaco, bachelor.  Fol. 133.


Feb.  James Gosselin.  9, to George G., the brother of J. G., late of Morant in Jamaica., widower.  Fol. 8.

March.  Joseph Applyn.  29, to Edith a., the relict of J. A., in Jamaica.  Fol. 26

Aug. John Williams.  16, to Roger W., the brother of J. W., of Port Royal, Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol.  94

Dec.  Robert Thorneton.  6, to Sara Barron, wife of Thomas B., the mother of R. T., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 146

Dec.  Edward Raymond.  13, to Richard White & John Taylor, principal creditor of E. R., of Port Royall in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 150.


Jan.  Robert Mellish.  8, to Robert Saunderson, Esq., cousin of R. M., at Jamaica, widower.  Fol. 1.

May.  Thomas Pitts.  1, to Elizabeth Thorne alias P. (wife of Thomas T.), nepos (niece) by a brother of T. P., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 53.

June.  Sam. Hopkins.  16., to John H., brother of S. H., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 69.

Sept.  Richard Hewish.  6., to George Sherman (?), principal creditor of R.H., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 125.

Sept.   Richard Crandley.  27, to John Robinson, principal creditor of R.C., of the West Indies.  Fol. 150.


Nov.  George Allsopp.  8, to Mary Pakes alias A. (wife of Abraham P.), relict of G.A., at Jamaica.  Fol. 138.


Jan., 1677-8.  Benjamin Ford.  17, to Robert F., the brother of B. F., of Port Royall, Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 1.

March.  John Williamson.  22, to Elizabeth W., relict of J.W., in Jamaica.  Fol. 31

April.  William Watkinson.  26, to Ann W., relict of W. W., late of St. James, Clarkenwell, but in Jamaica.  Fol. 36.

May.  Edward Wimpen.  18, to William W., brother of E. W., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 50

May.  John Walker.  8, to Robert W., the father of J. W., in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 55

June.  James Furley.  28, to John F., the father of J. F., at Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 65.

September.  Richard Palmer.  12, to Arthur Mayne, creditor of R. P., late of P*era [sic] juxta Port Morant, in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 102.


June.  Nicholas Kuhnen.  24, to Ely K., the brother of N. K., at Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 80.

Oct.  Cha. Rycaut.  22, to Grace Mortimere, widow, sister of C. R., at Port Royall, widower.  Fol. 138.


Jan.  Sir Thomas Modyford, Baronet.  17, to Sir Charles M., Baronet, the son of Sir. T. M., in Jamaica, Baronet.  Fol. 12

Aug. Henry Timewell.  6, to Benjamin T., the brother of Sara Collins (wife of Robert C.), sister of H. C., late of the city of London, but in Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 134.

Oct.  Wroth Delamaine.  27, to Elizabeth Jelly alias D. (wife of Richard H.), friend of G. of James D. & Charles D., children of W. D., of Jamaica.  Fol. 153.

Oct. John Wright.  6, to John Dodsworth, principal creditor of J. W., of Jamaica.  Fol. 157.

Nov. Thomas Booth.  8, to Eman. Dudson, principal creditor of T. B., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 168.


Jan.  Henry Palmer.  21, to John P., the brother of H. P., late of Woolwich, but at Jamaica.  Fol. 3.

Aug. John Smart.  26, to John Belwood, principal creditor of J.S., of Jamaica.  Fol. 106.

Sept.  Joseph Sansum.  17, to Mary S., relict of J.S., late of Stepney, but in Jamaica.  Fol. 109.

Sept.  Thomas Banford.  6, to Joyce B., relict of T. B., in Jamaica.  Fol. 111.

Oct.  Timothy Gawthorne.  6, to Nath. G., the brother of T. H., of Jamaica, bachelor.  Fol. 129.

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