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Contributed by Mr. Noel B. Livingston

1.  Samuell Bernard, Esq., Plaintiff; Nicholas Jones, Defendant.  In respect of £40 debt by "writing obligatory" of the 1st Aprill 1680. Judgment for Plaintiff by default.

2.  John Bonner, Gent., Plaintiff; Robert Greene of St. Catherine's Parish, Defendant. In respect of balance due on account taken 1st December 1678 at Port Royall.  Judgment for Plaintiff by default.

3.  Thomas Boutwell, mariner, Plaintiff; Alice Brooks, a feme sole, Merchant, Defendant. In respect of debt of 16th Dec.1678. Judgment for Plaintiff by default.

4.  Thomas Blackman of St. Jago de la Vega, Plaintiff; Francis Vincent, administrator of Wroth de la Maine, Gent., deceased.  In respect of debt of £4.16s. (rest torn away).

5.  John Fleming of Port Royall, Merchant, Successor of Edmund Stephenson, decd., late factor and Attorney to Richard Roe and Company, Merchants in London, Plaintiff; Thomas Foster, Defendant. In respect of debt agreed on the 12th May 1677 at St. Elizabeth's Parish to be paid to Edward Stephenson, his successors and assigns. Judgment for Plaintiff.  

6.  John Fleming and Rowly Titchbourn, Executors of Edmund Stephenson, decd, Plaintiffs; Thomas Foster, Defendant. Debt due by Foster to Stephenson as factor for Richard Roe and Co. Amount £64. Judgment for Plaintiffs.

7.  Richard Herne, Plaintiff; William Bennett of St. Andrew's, Planter, Defendant. In respect of money due on a Bond for £52 dated 7th Feb. 1679 at Port Royall. Judgment by default.

8.  Edward Halstead, Merchant, Plaintiff; John Price and Isabell his wife, Defendants. Claim for £46 on Bond given by Isabell Price when she was sole on 16th July 1678 at Port Royall. Judgment by default.

9.  Thomas Hodgkins, Administrator of John Cooper, late of this Island, deceased, Plaintiff; John Eayres of Port Morant, Defendant. In respect of rent reserved under a lease of a certain messuage in St. Thomas dated 1st June 1679. Judgment by default.

10.  Henry Standish, Plaintiff; John Jones of Spanish Town, Taylor, Defendant.  Claim for £8 on bond dated 7th Feb. 1679 at Port Royall. Judgment by default.

11.  John Southern of Port Royall, Merchant, Plaintiff; Benjamin Smith of St. Ann's, Esq., Defendant. Claim for £67 11s. under Bond dated 8th April 1679 at Port Royall. Judgment for Plaintiff.

12.  Monsieur Saintament, Plaintiff; Edward Smith, Defendant. Claim for £17. 1s. on bond dated 20th May 1679. Judgment for Plaintiff.

13.  Sedrick Saunders of St. Catherine's Parish Planter, Plaintiff; John Howe of Port Royall , Gent., Defendant. Claim for £5 lent on 19th Oct. 1675 at Port Royall. Judgment for Plaintiff.

14.  Stephen Jackson, Plaintiff; James Higgins of Vere, Defendant.  Claim for money under Bond dated 10th Feb 1679.  Judgment for Plaintiff.  

15.  Richard Guv of the Parish of St. John, Esq , Plaintiff; Thomas Hodgkin of Port Royall, Merchant, Defendant. Claim for £12 18s. on bond dated 20th June 1680. Judgment by default.

16.  Edward Yeamans, Esq., Provost-Marshall General, Plaintiff; Ralph Whitfield, Defendant. Claim for £24.10s. balance due on account taken at Port Royall on 16th August 1679. Judgment by default.


*Compiled by Mr. Erskine E. West.

   Hon. James Stewart of Trelawney, born circa 1762; mar. before 1786 Dorothy, dau. of Robert Law of St. Andrew's, Jamaica, by his wife Dorothy, dau, of .... Cross of Brackney, N.B. Mr. James Stewart claimed descent from the "Stewarts of Appin." He was Custos Rotulorum of the Parish of Trelawney, a Justice of the Court of Assize an Assistant Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature in Jamaica, Colonel of the Trelawney Regt. of Militia 29 Nov. 1806, and a Major-General of Militia in Jamaica 3 Jan. 1812. He was a member of Assembly for Trelawney from 18 Nov. 1794 to 18 Oct. 1822, and again from 10 Oct. 1826 till his death 4 Aug. 1828. There is a monumental inscription to his memory in Falmouth Church, Trelawney. (See Lawrence-Archer, whose account of Hon. James Stewart's descendants and their intermarriages is somewhat inaccurate.)
   He had issue: -
    1.  James Law, of whom presently.
    2.  Robert, born ----; mar. Mary Headlam of Byton Grove, Salop, and died s.p.
    1. Mary Anne, mar .... Simpson.
    2.  Margaret, died unmar.
    3.  Elizabeth, died unmar.
   The eldest son, James Law Stewart of Shaw Park, Jamaica, born 25 Sept. 1786, mar. at Bath, 17 April 1809, Anne Wilhelmina (born 19 Jan. 1792), second dau. of Joseph Brissett of Hanover, Jamaica (by his first wife Mary Poole, dau. of Jacob Johnson of Springfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica, by his second wife Susannah Mary Poole, dau. of John Lawrence of Ironshore), and by her, who died 18 March 1875 and is buried at Tenby, left issue at his decease on 10 May 1869:-
     1.  James, of whom presently.
     2.  Alexander Stewart, R.N., died unmar.
     1.  Elmina, mar. 1st Henry Spooner, by whom she had an only son Henry Stewart Spooner, who died unmar. She mar. 2ndly, 1851, Colonel Eyre John Crabbe, K.H., of (Glen-Eyre, Hants, and by him, who died Mar. 1859, she had issue an only child:-
       (1) Eyre MacDonnell Stewart Crabbe, born 15 Mar. 1852, C.B., Colonel Grenadier Guards, and Brigadier General at Aldershot, where he died suddenly 8 Mar. 1906. He mar. June 1876 Emily Constance, dau. of William Jameson of Dublin, by whom he had issue:-
          i.  Colville Cornwallis Albert Eyre Crabbe, Lieut. 4th Royal Warwick Regt., born 1878; mar. 1902 Mary, dau. of ... Butler.
         ii.  Lewis Gonne Eyre Crabbe, born 19 Jan. 1882.
        iii. Ivan Stewart Eyre Crabbe, born 31 Aug. 1883; mar.18 Jan.1911 Ruth, dau. of William Barrett of Brighton.
        iv. Campbell Tempest Eyre Crabbe, born 2 Feb. 1897.
         i.  Violet Daisy Eyre Crabbe.
        ii.  Constance Maud Eyre Crabbe, mar. 30 April 1906 John Ronald Moreton-MacDonald, J.P., D.I., of Largie, Argyll, and has issue:-
          (a)   John, born 6 Jan, 1908.
          (a)   Elizabeth, born 21 Sept. 1909.
       iii.  Selina Gladys Eyre Crabbe, mar. 30 Dec. 1907 Hew Francis Blair of Gortinanane, Argyll, now Blair-Imrie of Lunan, Forfar, and has issue:-
          (a)  Francis William, born 29 Oct. 1910.
          (a)  Elizabeth Bride, born 28 Feb. 1909.
      iv. Bertha Iris Eyre Crabbe, mar. 25 Feb.1908 William Matthew Trevor Lawrence, eldest son of Sir James John Trevor Lawrence, 2nd Baronet, and has issue:-
          (a)  Mary Barbara, born 28 Feb.1909.
          (b)  Elizabeth Anne, born 9 June 1910.
  2.   Margaret Anne, mar. 2 Nov. 1848 Rev. Edward Henry Niblett, Rector of Red-Marley, co. Worcester (see Niblett of Haresfield Court, "B.L.G."), and by him, who died 20 Oct. 1878, had issue:-
     (1)  Arthur Edward Niblett, late of Haresfield Court, Gloucestershire, and Tibberton Court, Gloucestershire, now of Ecclesfield, Ashford, Middlesex, B.A.Oxon., J.P., born 24 Mar. 1852; mar.5 May 1883 Grace Ursula Cotgrave, dau. of Major-General ... Farmer, and has issue:-
       i.  Aline Mildred Niblett.
      ii.  Dora Niblett.
     iii.  Winifred Niblett.
     iv.  Gladys Niblett,
     (2)  Henry Morton Niblett (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Red-Marley, born 11 July 1854.
     (1)  Eleanor Mary Niblett.
     (2)  Jessie Beatrice Niblett.       
   3.  Roberta, mar. Rev.....Elwell, and died leaving issue a son:-
      (1) Clement Elwell, Barrister-at-Law.
   4.  Josephine, mar. 1st George Bobbins of Lechlade, Gloucester, who died
. . . She mar. 2ndly Rev. Alfred Clementson, Fellow of Emmanuel College,
Cambridge.  She died s.p.

   The eldest son, James Stewart of Shaw Park, Jamaica, and the 22nd Foot,
born      ; mar.     Dorcas, 4th dau. of James Norcott of Springfield, co. Cork, and 4th R.I. Dragoon Guards, by his wife Dorcas, 4th dau. of Arthur Gethin Creagh of Laurentinum. co. Cork (see "B.L.G."), and died      , having had issue:-
James, died iu infancy.
     1.  James, died in infancy.
     2.  William Norcott Law, of whom presently.
     3.  James Robert, born       ; died unmar. circa 1895.
     1.  Dorcas Mary Jane, mar. 1st        Oswald, son of Capt. J. H. Washington Hibbert, and half brother of the late 17th Earl of Shrewsbury, who died s.p. 19 Aug.1881, aged 30. She mar. 2ndly Major-General Richard Crundel Brook, late South Lancashire Regt., who died Oct. 1904.
     2.  Wilhelmina Ann, who mar. 1st Alexander Morrison Lang, M.B. and 2ndly                  John Lyell Middleton of Woolpit, Suffolk, and the Old Palace, Richmond-on-Thames, and died s.p. 9 July 1904, aged 49.

   The eldest surviving son, William Norcott Law Stewart of Shaw Park, Jamaica, born         ; mar.       Agnes, dau. of ... Alexander of Grenada, W.I., and by her (who remar. with William Adam Conran of Edinborough Castle. St. Anne's, Jamaica, vide Burke's "Colonial Gentry," vol. i.) left issue at his decease, circa 1880:-

   James Denham Douglas Stewart, Commander, R.N., born      mar. Grace, dau. of Colonel James Peters, Commanding Military District No.11, British Columbia.

   ARMS as used.- Or, a fesse chequy Azure and Argent, a double tressure flory
counter-flory Gules.  CREST as used-A unicorn's head erased Argent, but on Hon. James Stewart's monumental tablet in Falmouth Church, Trelawney, Jamaica, the arms, etc., are given as follows:-
   ARMS.- Or, a fesse chequy Argent and Azure, surmounted of a bend Sable,
within a tressure flory counter-flory Gules
.  CREST.-A pelican in her nest feeding
her young.
 MOTTO.-virescit vulnere virtus.
   These are the arms, crest, and motto of the Stewarts, Earls of Galloway, except that they use the bend engrailed Gules.



[Brit. Museum, Add. MS. 15,556, fo. 120.]

1694, March 1.  By Indenture of sale recorded 21 June 1697 between John Scott Esq. and William Fry+ gent. of the said Island, the attornies of Joseph Collins of the Island of Jamaica gent. of the one part and Edward Parson* of M. Esq. of the other, reciting that Scott rand Fry had entered on a plantation for Collins in an action of ejectment for £425 sterling sold to Parson all that plantation in the parish of St. Anthonies late in the occupation of Thomas Lee bounded S.E. with Capt. Thomas Nugent an David Kelly, S. W. and N.W. with the said Thomas Nugent, N.E. with Roger Wyke deceased and the Old Road River containing 100 acres with all buildings etc.

1695-6, Jan 1. Release of all claims from Dame Ann Stapleton, widow and
relict of Sir William S. Baronet, and from Sir William S. Baronet, his son, both of the said Island.
1695-6, Jan. 1. Letter from Sir William Stapleton to Major Thomas Lee directing him to deliver possession to Scott and Fry, the attornies of Collins.
1696, Aug. 25.  Receipt from Gilbert and John Heathcote for £425 received for Joseph Collins.
1697, May 6. By deed poll Edward Parson for £425 sold the plantation to Wm. Fry.
1698, Nov. 2 and 3.  By Indenture of lease and release Joseph Collins and Joanna his wife for £425 sold and confirmed to Wm. Frye; inrolled at Jamaica 9 Nov. 1698.
* Pedigree in "Antigua," i., 285.
+ Speaker of the Assembly in 1693, 4, and 5.  Losses in 1712, £4406.


   The following are amongst the estates owned by Orgills in Jamaica: Nonsuch,
Iter Boreale,Unity, Trinity, Comfort Valley, Rockfield, Stanton Harcourt, Paradise, Boston, Newington, German's Hill.
   The direct descendant of the Downers (vide William Anderson, mar., 1778); was the Rev. George Downer, late Rector of Kingston, Jamaica, who died a few weeks ago. His son is Lindsay Downer of the Colonial Bank, Jamaica. There is, however, an elder daughter living, who married E. Lucie-Smith, at present manager of the Colonial Bank, Kingston, Jamaica.
   The coat of arms was engraved on the tombstone of Samuel Orgill, who was buried in Kingston Parish Church in 1741. This, however, was completely destroyed in the ruins of the Church on the occasion of the earthquake of January 1907.
R. v. T. Orgill.
15 April 1912.



   1669, Jan. 31.  First patent of land in Jamaica.

   1670, Nov. 9  Petition of merchants and freeholders of Jamaica residing in London, signed by Andrew Orgill. (Col. Cal. 129.)

   1671, June 6. Andrew Orgill to the Cl. for Foreign Plantations. Having spent great part of his time in Barbadoes advises that people from North England should remove to Jamaica (Col. Cal. for 1675-6, Addenda, p. 521.)

   1795, Sept. 26. Letter from Dr. John Nembhard's wife (nee Hamilton) to her granddau. Anna Hibbert: "Your cousin Lettice Orgill (who I make no doubt you recollect seeing at your Papa's house in England) is now living with me, she arrived in the last Fleet from England. She has lost her Grandmamma (Mrs. Cleland) who she was to have lived with."

See ante, II., 159, for wills of John Orgill 1730, Thomas and Samuel 1737, Andrew 1738, Sam. 1741.


SALISBURY CATHEDRAL (Phillimore, vii., 90.)

   1800 Nov. 8. George Richard Orgill, Esq., of Jamaica, & Harriet Davies, married by license.

   1800, Nov. 8. At Salisbury, Charles Richard Orgill, esq., of Portland, Jamaica, to Miss Harriet Davies. ("G.M.," 1284.)

   1800, Oct. 27. On Thursday was married here [Southampton] John Anthony Orgill Esq. of St. George's Jamaica, to Miss Caroline Davies, dau. of the late Rev. John Davies, Rector of Padworth, Berks. ("Salisbury and Winchester Journal," per Canon Mayo.)

   George Richard Orgill, son William of Island of Jamaica, esq., University College, matriculated 31 Jan. 1798, aged 19.

   Van Tromp Tyrrell Orgill, 1 son of Thomas Tromp Tyrrel Orgill of Port Anthony, Island of Jamaica, cler., St. Alban Hall, matriculated 17 Oct. 1859, age 19; B.A. 1862, M.A. 1872; R. of Cold Weston Salop, 1870-75 and 1875 -85, V. of Ludford, etc.,1885. (Foster.)  Of 14 Burlington st., Bath, d. '64, p. '66. ("Clergy List," 1909.)

   Capt. Usher Tyrrell (4th son of Sir John T. of Oakley, co. Bucks) mar. a dau. of Admiral van Tromp; M. for St. James 1693, 5, 8, St. Mary and St. James 1702, St. George 1709. Expelled 1699. Private Act of 1698. (Feurtado.)

   See " Notes and Queries," ii. series, v., 295, for account of the wives and children of Admiral Tromp, but there is no clue to the above match

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