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Other Original Articles and Documents

Articles on the Morant Bay Rebellion


Published by the Jamaica Committee, an unofficial group in England investigating the Morant Bay Rebellion.

Local conditions and outbreak.


Military reports; description of the "reign of terror" by other writers

George W. Gordon, arrest, death, and letters


Insurrection from the Atlantic Monthly, April 1866.


A letter to Governor Edward John Eyre concerning the Morant Bay rebellion, signed by 94 inhabitants of St. Elizabeth.

4. See also excerpts from the autobiography of Thomas Faughnan, a British soldier stationed in Jamaica, including his opinion on the Morant Bay rebellion. Faughnan

5. See also Jamaican newspaper reports in the "Gleaner" in October 1865.


Articles by F. J. duQuesnay

Frederick J. duQuesnay, a Jamaican author and genealogist, has contributed some original articles on: Museums of Jamaica, the History of Rose Hall Greathouse, Lucea, St. James Parish Church, Success Estate, Cinnamon Hill, Iter Boreale, Brissett, Beckford, Long, Barrett, Hill, Keane, Nedham, Pinnock, and Sir Anthony Musgrave. For links please go to duQuesnay articles.

Ffrench Connections

A collections of family trees, timelines, photographs, wills and newspaper articles on the Ffrench and related familes (Smith, Carvalho, and Glave) researched and presented by Keith and Nancy Atkinson. French Connections and French Connections - 2

Other Articles and Documents

Arranged by subject date


James lists and documents


A copy of Governor Modyford's instructions to Henry Morgan, and his commission to make war on the Spanish, dated 1670. Some of Modyford's servants and their acquaintances who remained in Jamaica after discharge from service.

1674 -

Lucea East River 1674 - ?. A hand drawn map showing the names of property owners who lived in the area.


1682-1700 Deeds in which the Buyer was Bartiboe [Bartibo]. Thomas Bartiboe purchase of land in St. Elizabeth from Vincent in 1682, and from Creamer in St. James in 1688. John Bartiboe purchase of land on the Great River from Hemingway in 1700.


Letter from Jamaica in 1687 from the Reverend Francis Crow to the Reverend Giles Firmin in Essex, England, on the manners and mores at Port Royal and the difficulties of getting people to attend to the word of God.


A history of Kingston, with maps (diagrams) to illustrate the development from its beginning through 1959 . History Kingston, part 1

History of Kingston, part 2

History of Kingston, part 3


A study of the relationship and financial dealings and documents involving Col. John Campbell of Jamaica and Alexander Campbell of Kirnan, 1700 to 1752.Campbell John and Alexander


Jamaicans entering Trinity College, Cambridge, 1701-1800.


Plats of land surveyed for William Rhodes in 1711

1712 - 1790

Items written by Peter Dickson:

1737 Petition to the King by planters and merchants in trade to the Americas - Comments and background.

1720 -

Launce of Jamaica 1720 - 1814. An article which shows relationships to other families in Jamaica.

Campbell snippets. Notes on the descendants of Col. John Campbell of Black River, Jamaica, 1720 - 1793.


A reader has contributed his article on a property in Jamaica named Heavitree. His synthesis of information provides an article that is interesting for its content as well as for the way that it demonstrates how research can be tied together. An updated report on conditions in the area. Heavitree

An update on these reports as of October 2007, including photographs. See Heavitree 2 .


Excerpts from the Propinquity Records of Aberdeen, Scotland, concerning people from Jamaica, and a few from other West Indian islands, South Carolina and Virginia.


A Letter from the Governor concerning the First Maroon War, and steps taken in the aftermath.


Patrick Burke Agreement to Serve as indentured servant.


Letters from John Campbell, Dugald Clerk and John Clerk of Hanover. Campbell & Clerk letters.


Blagrove of Jamaica a curious inheritance

A painting of Cardiff Hall by Hakewill, 1821.
A look at John Williams Blagrove, and others in the Blagrove family, with detailed footnotes.


Six Early Campbell Letters

From the MacTavish of Dunardry Papers, which are held in the Argyll and Bute archives in Scotland, They give some detail about the Campbells of Western Jamaica

1. James Campbell to Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland
2. Duncan Campbell to Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland
3. James Campbell to Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland
4. John Thomson to Dugald MacTavish
5. Colin Campbell to James Campbell
6. John Campbell to James Campbell


Inventories and Appraisals of the personal property and rights of selected deceased persons. These contain the names of the deceased, his administrators or executors, the appraisers, and hundreds of names of slaves and of persons who were indebted to the deceased for goods, services, or loans.


Expenses of Fortifications at Rockfort and Mosquito Point. An accounting for payments to various individuals and purposes.


Depositions concerning the removal of the capital from St. Jago de la Vega (Spanish Town) to Kingston.


A Bill of Exchange for Philip Philip Livingston dated 1764.


Letter to Haughton James from his acting attorney William Gale


Containing several items:
      Campbell Power of Attorney 1765
      Extracts from Duncan Campbell Letter Books 1766-1771
      Judgments in Chancery: Campbell vs Campbell, Miles vs Brissett et al, Webster vs Brown et al.
     See 1765 - 1788 documents


Excerpts from Letters from Duncan Campbell 1766-1797, sent to Brissett, Brown, Campbell, Crooks, Dickson, Fleming, Newell, Oliver, Rankin and Simpson, and 1781 to 1782 to Blagrove and Campbell.

Letters from Duncan Campbell 1766 sent to John Campbells at Orange Bay, with explanatory footnotes.

Letter from Duncan Campbell 1766, and two letters from a John Campbell in Jamaica. Will of Janet McDuffie 1799. See Campbell letters 1766-1799

Two letters in 1767 from Duncan Campbell to John Campbell of Salt Spring. See Duncan Campbell 1767.

Letter from Duncan Campbell 1768, and letter from John Campbell 1769. See Campbell letters 1768-9

Letters from Duncan Campbell 1782 and 1794 sent to John Campbell and Dugald Campbell.



Indentures in which Bernard was a party

Indentures 1768-1781 in which Clark, Clarke, Broadbelt, Malcolm, Virgo, Minto, or Downer were parties.

Conveyances 1781-1845 in which Clarke, Minto, Brissett, Isaac, Carr, Virgo, Lawrence or Hislop were parties.

Indentures 1769 and 1793 in which Clarke or Cresse were parties.

Conveyance 1841 Lawrence to Hislop.


An article by G.S. Yates on The Rose Hall Legend.


Portrait and text concerning Nathaniel Neilson (1760-1834)


A Patent to James Giscome for land in St. James.


Decreet. William Dickson vs John Dickson, accounting for 1770-1777 .

Data concerning the strength and composition of the Jamaica Militia in 1778, prepared by J. Macdonald, Adjutant General (from Long Manuscripts)


Biography of George Kirlew (1779-1854), who resided in Jamaica for a part of his life. This page includes a portrait of George Kirlew, and photographs of a Kirlew tombstone, his house in England, and a salver presented to him in Westmoreland. See Kirlew.


Petitions of help from victims of the 1780 Hurricane, and lists of victims from the Gazette.


The business Diary of Philip Philip Livingston for 1782-1783.


Excerpts from Letters from William Samuells, and from an Indenture of Mortgage between William Samuells and William Miles.


Memorandum Book of Joseph McQuistin, including names of persons indebted to him and the nature of the debt, and the names of his slaves.


The Marriage Contract between Joseph Thomas Patrice DuBourg and Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brusle widow de Mauleon (translated from the French). The contract lists the names of 95 slaves.


A Return of the Number of White Inhabitants, Free People of Colour and Slaves in Jamaica in 1788, by Parish. This list is from CO 137/87. It consists of total number of persons in each category in each parish, and it contains no names. It also shows the number of Maroons in each area. It is typical of the kind of "census" that was sent to England from Jamaica in the early days. See 1788 Return.


Letters written by John Fowler from Martha Brae, Trelawny, 1788-1790.
An extensive list of debtors from the Inventory of John Fowler, 1793
See Fowler.

Letter from John Fowler, Jamaica, dated 1789, to James Stothert, referring to purchase of slaves.
An analysis of data for the ship "Crescent," and crew and slaves on board.
See Fowler 1789

Letter from J. Fowler, Jamaica, dated September 1790, concerning a recent delivery of slaves on the slave ship Sarah.
An analysis of data for the ship Sarah, trips made, and slaves on board.
A Bill of Sale for provisions purchased by John Fowler for the ship Sarah dated August 30, 1790.
See Fowler 1790

The ship Daniel left Africa in 1792 with slaves to be delivered to John Fowler in Martha Brae/ Falmouth, Trelawny. An analysis of the mortality rate of the slaves and crew.
See Voyage of the Daniel 1792.


New Canaan Estate, St. James, Jamaica. Marriage settlement, November 2, 1791, between George William Ricketts and Letitia Mildmay. It includes a schedule of the names of about 200 slaves.


A list of French Families receiving aid from the Government, showing Names, Number of Persons, and Sums Received per Month. See French Families List 1

Names of French taken into Jamaica in 1793-1795, whether as Prisoners or Emigrants, Ships on which captured, or place from which sailed, Military or personal status, Weekly subsistence and financial aid. See French Families List 2

Letter to the Earl of Balcarres from Marquis Caduch concerning the situation of the French in Jamaica in 1795. A proclamation. See Balcarres and French

1797-1800 and c1831

Diary of Ann and James Taylor 1797-1800 and c1831. Pedigree of Richard Taylor who was stationed in Jamaica c1783 with the British Army.

Indenture of David and Ann Grant to A. Richie, R. Donaldson, and R. Hibbert, c 1799.


Dingwall Letters Letters from Dingwalls in Jamaica to Scotland .


Family of George Bowley Medley

Portraits, certificates, and biographical notes provide information on the parentage and descendants of George Bowley Medley, who married Hester Webb (see Webb for more information on her parentage and family). This information is contained in three pages: George Bowley Medley, Hester Medley nee Webb, and Children of Medley and Webb.

1805, 1807, 1821, 1822

Mortgages and deeds of Henry Cerf. These deeds transfer ownership of property and slaves in the early 1800s, at a time when slave "ownership" was legal. See Mortgage deed, slave sale, land and slaves, and mortgage.

Alexander McCallum to Richard Dickson, land in Hanover called Cousins or Crooks Cove, 1807
Rhodes Edward Evans to Edward Evans, land in Westmoreland, 1821


Letters from the Revd.William Fraser, 1806 to 1843, report on his Inquest, and letter from his widow Elizabeth Lucy (nee James) 1844. Portraits of them both. See Fraser Letters.


Excerpts from Letters from Dugald Campbell


The early history of the Presbyterian Church in Jamaica 1814-1832, and the historical background. See Presbyterian .

A History of the Church of England in Jamaica, with special reference to St. Thomas in the Vale from 1816 to 1832, by Mary Mill.


Letter from Caroline Bryson to Sophia Hibbert 1817.


Two letters from Hanover from John Grant and James Colqn. Grant concerning Three Mile River estate in Westmoreland


A very interesting journal kept by Alexander Innes while in Jamaica. He detailed the estates and penns he visited, people he met, and his impressions of life in Jamaica at the time.Journal of Alexander Innes


Henry Shergold renounces his executorship in the estate of Elizabeth Anderson.


Memoir of Grace Elizabeth Pinnock concerning her childhood years in Westmoreland.

Memoir of George Pinnock, brother of Grace Elizabeth Pinnock concerning his childhood years in Westmoreland, followed by life in England, and move to Australia.


Letters from the Letter Book of Herbert Jarrett James, concerning an annuity on the estates of Rose Hall and Palmyra payable to the widow of John Palmer, Mrs Rebecca Weeks (HJJ is individual #130 in the Descendants of Richard James 2.)


The Inventory of the estate of George Huie of Trelawny contains the names of over 50 slaves.


The Diary of William Rhodes James (b. 1817, son of Herbert Jarrett James), while on a trip to Jamaica 1836-1837 to take his father off the island. See James Diary .

In 1836-1837 Philip Galindo and his father journeyed to Jamaica. Philip's journal gives his personal view of life in Kingston at the time. Go to Galindo 1, Galindo 2, and Galindo 3 .

1836, 1874, 1916

Photograph and letter from Thomas Addison Holmes.


A Conveyance from Anthony Wilkinson to John Clark in 1838 included the names of 112 slaves.


Report on Immigration 1840-1841, containing names of over 1,400 immigrants to Jamaica.


Letter to Lewis Bowerbank from prominent citizens of Kingston upon his departure in 1876, including image of their signatures.


Letter from the Colonial Secretary concerning Cedar Grove pen in St. Catherine .


Letter from Nicholas Tarr concerning the death of his son.


Surveyor's Map of Little Park in St. Elizabeth, 1919, requested by the heirs of Robert Blair, and surveyed by Sangster.


Families and people of Little London, Westmoreland, 1924-1948, written by Ralph Ottey. A view of village life in Jamaica. See Little London.

Book of Burke/Bourke Pedigrees, 1748

In the Museum in Dublin there is an original manuscript dated 1748, called "The Pedigrees of the Right Honourable Smith Burke Earl of Clanrickard, Viscount of Clanmorris and Baron of Dunkellin, and John Bourke Lord Viscount Mayo." The manuscript actually gives pedigrees of families named Burke, Bourke, DeBurgo, DeBurgh, and Burgh, mostly in Ireland, for over 1000 years. A few of these persons went to Jamaica, or had descendants or connections there. These pedigrees have how been placed on the Members' pages. For more about the book, and an Index to the pages, you may go to the Introduction to Burke Pedigrees.

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