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Relating to Jamaica, other West Indian islands,
and South Carolina and Virginia

Excerpts transcribed from the Propinquity Records from the Aberdeen City Archives in Scotland.  They are handwritten books in which the Aberdeen City bailies witnessed Oaths.

1731.  James Laigue couper or mariner died of a fever in Jamaica, whilst ship lay at harbour.

15 April 1732  Alexander Douglas, Mariner aboard the Dove died on a voyage from Jamaica on 13th January.

Died Robert Donaldson Deputy Marshall of the said island of St Christopher. Brother of James Donaldson, doctor in Aberdeen.

3 July 1734 Peter Farquar of the parish of Skene, Aberdeenshire died at the end of December, on board His Majesty's Ship the Phoenix, when she was in the harbour of Port Royal, Jamaica.

1 March 1735  Grigor Grant of the Parish of Auchindoir and Kearn, Aberdeenshire
his son went to Virginia 20 years ago, is now reported to be dead.

19 July 1736  Robert Macgee from Aberdeen, Ships' Surgeon on His Majesty's Ship The Rose, died aboard the ship at South Carolina.

2 October 1735  Alexander Morgan of Echt, Aberdeenshire died on the coast of Guinea in February.

1 December 1735 George White died at Havana whilst on a voyage from Jamaica. He was a chaplain on a Man of War.

1738.  Mr James Spencer, originally of Insch, Aberdeenshire Rector of St Marys' Church in Jamaica died leaving money/property/goods to 4 nieces and nephews.

1738.  John Shand, 2nd son of Alexander Shand, went from Aberdeen as a servant to Robert Cumming, merchant in Boston, New England. Thereafter went to Jamaica to be an overseer of 2 plantations. In 1737 he returned to Boston where he died.

1739.  2 brothers James and William Scot, mariners. Sent a letter to their brother from Havana in 1732, saying that they were both well and that they were going to Jamaica. He had not heard from them since, on enquiries it was found that they were both dead.

21 August 1740  Thomas Shand formerly a Periwig Maker in London, brother of Alexander Shand, Wheelwright [Banff], died. At time of death he was an Overseer of a Plantation in Jamaica.

1740.  John Innes of Culquoich died in London, he was formerly a surgeon in Barbados

30 December 1740  Andrew Arbuthnott, Commander and owner of the ship Concord, sailed from Peterhead to Charleston, South Georgia.  At Charleston they took orders from Messrs Cleland and Wallace to get a cargo of rice from Georgetown. They were warned not to take the cargo to Bristol because of the risk of Spanish Privateers, but to return to Peterhead.

Whilst at Georgetown, Andrew Arbuthnott died of a fever, first mate Mr Forbes took over. Sailing up through the North Sea the Concord was beset by a bad storm and ended up in the Netherlands, the ship eventually got near to Peterhead, where the local Peterhead Pilots took over navigation, the ship sunk before they could get her into harbour. No lives were lost.

1741.  John Molisoy and Charles Stuart both late mariners of Aberdeen. Drowned after being thrown overboard on a voyage from Philadelphia to Aberdeen.

25 May 1741 Alexander Gibb, Mariner, son of John Gibb, Merchant Aberdeen, died on the coast of Guinea, aboard the ship European.

14 July 1741  David Wallace and his son also David had died in Virginia.

22 July 1741  Peter Henderson a Mariner from Aberdeen, died aboard a ship that had sailed from London to Guinea and then on to the West Indies, he died on that leg of the trip.

1741.  George Forbes of New Deer, Aberdeenshire had died 1 and a half years before in Maryland.

20 October 1741 George Stronach died of the bloody flux aboard the Man o War Windsor at Jamaica, it had sailed from Guinea.

14 January 1742  The son of Alexander Skene of Dyce, Aberdeenshire died after spending 40 years in Maryland.

Feb 1742  Neal George Mackie, Mariner aboard the Man o War Burford, suspected dead in Jamaica.

25 February 1742  George Farquarson, Cooper aboard Man O War Sea Force, died at sea bound for Jamaica.

16 December 1742  James Chalmers, Mariner aboard the Man O War Grafton died at Port Royal Jamaica.

8 February 1743 John Leys a sailor, died on his passage home from Jamaica.

15 February 1743  Alexander Moir, sailor died on the Line Hospital ship Cathagena, who was bound for Jamaica.

1745 Alexander McCain of Torry, Mariner died in the West Indies.

20 may 1745  The son of Alexander Scott a Tailor in Barbadoes, Thomas was sent back to be educated in Aberdeen.

1 June 1745 David Wallace Merchant, James River Virginia, died.

1 July 1747  John Fraser, Shipmaster went to St Kitts, traded there and with several other places in America. He died on the voyage from Jamaica.

6 November 1747  Alexander Walker from Torry, Aberdeen died aboard Man O War Rye, that was stationed at Jamaica.

18 December 1747  Alexander Ferguson , sailor died aboard a Man O War at Antigua.

8  February 1748  John Cruden of Nutts Jamaica bequeathed equally his property to all his brothers and sisters.

19 April 1748  William Black, Surgeon died at Grays' Inn near Kingston, Jamaica.

22  June 1748  James Hay, Tailor from Aberdeen died in Jamaica.

27 January 1749  Thomas Kennedy Taylor, formerly of Nigg died on board His Majesty's Ship Burford[?] near St Christopher.

23 February 1750  Thomas Cutsten died in Jamaica in 1749  

24 July 1752  David  Ronald late of Jamaica foreman/storeman to William Bedford at Old Harloik[?] Two signed to attest to his being who he says he is.

6 may 1753  Deceased William Weir, Merchant late of the Parish of Guinea and the Island of Jamaica.

4 June 1755  William Murray originally of Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire went aged 17 to Jamaica in 1732. Brother Alexander was informed of his death in a letter dated 30 December 1754.

6 August 1755  James Wilson of Black River [Capital of the parish St Elizabeth in SW Jamaica, once a thriving sugar port] Jamaica died.

1 October 1756  William Menzies, sometime goldsmith in Aberdeen, thereafter goldsmith and Plumber in Barbados died.

24 December 1757  George Gile, shoemaker died in Jamaica.

28 March 1759  James Donald, Merchant in Kingston Jamaica died.

Oct 1759  David Allan died after 10 years in Antigua.

25 October 1759  James Christie died Kingston Jamaica.

5 November 1759  Jean Brown went aged 16 to Philadelphia, then she went to Barbados, where she ran a public house/ punch house. She then went to St Croix, where she married a carpenter, Daniel Aspinall. On enquires it seems they have both died.

7 December 1759  Robert Chaplin went abroad to Jamaica in 1723 and remained there until he died in 1747.

14 August 1760  Alexander Willox, Surveyor died in Jamaica.

20 May 1762  James Lily of Mains of Hallhead, Sailor Royal Navy died on the Island of Guadalope.

1763 James Cromar of Auchintoul, Aberdeenshire died in South America.

6 December 1763 John Bruce Gardener, from Fyvie, Aberdeenshire left aged 15 for London, after that spent 10 years in Barbados, latterly moved to Jamaica where he died.
15 July Andrew Wilson originally from Auchintoul, Aberdeenshire died in North America.

13 December 1763  John Gilchrist of Kirkton of Kemnay, Aberdeenshire went abroad worked as a merchant, he settled in Virginia where he died in 1762.

29 June 1764  James Douglas originally of White riggs, Fordoun, Kincardineshire practitioner in Physics and Surgeon, died in the Parish of St Mary's, Jamaica. He left property to his daughter Jean Douglas. Power of Attorney to William Elphinstone, Surgeon of Kingston Jamaica, [educated Aberdeen].

26 December 1764  John Gray Taylor died many years ago in Jamaica.

3 April 1765  Dr Andrew Elinnier[?] died in the Parish of St Anns in Jamaica.

13 August 1765  Alexander Garvie, Shipmaster of the Charming Nelly of Aberdeen, died at Cape Land in North Carolina, in 1762.  Another entry in 1766 state that properties, chest whole papers goods and effects belonging to him were still in the possession  of a Charles Ross in Cape Land.

5 May 1766 George Forbes, Merchant of Aberdeen died in the Parish of St Thomas, Jamaica. He was a Planter. His wife was Elizabeth Gordon.

12 May 1766  Robert Moor of Aberdeen, late of Barbados, last of Antigua. Had property in Barbados. Died about 6/7 years before. Left a wife and daughter in Aberdeen, daughter was Elizabeth Farquar.

May 1766  James Marshall from Dunnottar, Kincardineshire dealer or Innkeeper in South Carolina died.

25 July 1766  Alexander Mackay originally of New Machar, Aberdeenshire Minister of the Gospel in the Parish of St David, Jamaica, died.

November 1767 Charles Sinclair, Carpenter originally of Mannofield, Aberdeenshire [now incorporated into the City of Aberdeen], left Aberdeen 7 years ago, died on the Island of Antigua.

5 May 1766  George Forbes Planter originally of Aberdeen died in the  Parish of St Thomas in Jamaica. He left to his son, Thomas a silver watch, a silver shoe tree, stock  buckles. To his wife Elizabeth Gordon, her gold ring, gold and silver sleeve buttons, together with his serfs and residue of his provincial estate. His Power of Attorneys were Dr Charles Irvine and Dr George Alexander, both  of them Practitioners of medicine and Surgery in the Parish of St Thomas, and Cosmo Gordon, his brother in law.

12 May 1766  Robert Moore of Aberdeen Landlord in Barbados died in Antigua seven years ago. In Aberdeen wife Elizabeth Farquar, daughter Jean, son Robert died seven years before.

5 May 1766  James Marshall, originally a Merchant in Stone haven, Kincardineshire, he was a Innkeeper/Dealer in Charleston Southern Carolina, died. His wife in Aberdeen was Jean Rhind, his brother John Marshall Mason, Aberdeen.  Power of Attorney, David Rhind Teacher, Keeper of an Academy, Charleston.

25 July 1766  Alexander Mackay Minister of the Gospel, originally of New Machar, died in the Parish of St David, Jamaica. Still in New Machar, Mother Marjory Moir, brother Andrew Mackay, Sister Margaret Mackay. Living in Jamaica; two  brothers, James and John a Wright.

November 1767  Charles Sinclair Carpenter, died in Antigua. Survived by father, Alexander Sinclair of the Parish of Fintray, Aberdeenshire.

21 March 1769  James Mitchell formerly of Alford, Aberdeenshire, died at Morant Town or Bay, East Jamaica, died in May 1767.

24 June 1769  John Grant Merchant and Planter in the Island Grenada died, he left his Estate to his nephew Charles Grant of Glenbegg, second son of his brother William Grant.

20 May 1770  John Lumsden of the Parish of Kingston in the county of Surrey in the Island of Jamaica, formally  of Old Aberdeen, died. Brother to Alexander Lumsden formally of Jamaica, Practitioner of Physic and Surgeon who resides in Old Aberdeen.

4 September 1770  James Stephen late of Charleston, South Carolina, died, formally of Drumoak, Aberdeenshire.

21 September 1770  James Dawson died in the Parish of St Thomas's, Jamaica.

26 March 1771  James Gray died in 1769 In the Island of Grenada. He first went to Jamaica, then to North America, then Grenada where he died.

17 Feb 1772  John Lamb, originally of the Parish of Kinnellar, Aberdeenshire, late of the Island of Jamaica, died in Bath. He left property to his sister Christian Lamb who was the spouse of John Kemp Merchant/ Medic of Aberdeen.

10 November 1772  Gilbert Menzies of the Parish of St Michaels Barbados died in September 1764. Property to be divided equally between his 8 children, including:
George Menzies, the Parish of Echt, Aberdeenshire, The family of John Menzies [deceased] Merchant of Aberdeen, and the family of James Menzies [deceased] Mariner of Aberdeen.

21 March 1774  James Milner went to North Carolina 18 years before died there. Survived by brothers and sisters: At the Mains of Carse Parish of Leochel [ Mains= home farm of an estate, Carse = a stretch of flat fertile land near a river.] Aberdeenshire: John, Barbara and Margaret. Sister Jean Milner spouse of William Dun, Braeside of Fowlis. They were left land, tenements, hereditaments and plantations.

1775 William Munro went to the West Indies 10 years ago, died in the Island of Grenada some months ago.

September 1775  James Thomson, son of Patrick Thomson, Minister of the Gospel, Tough, near Alford, Aberdeenshire, settled as a Land Surveyor in St Vincent. He left real estate, negroes, goods and chattels to his brother John Thomson of Aberdeen. He died in September 1774.

25 October 1775  William Munro died in Grenada.   Father also William from Marywell, Parish of Birss, Aberdeenshire

21 December 1775  William or George Jack formally Blacksmith in the Parish of Rayne, Aberdeenshire went to London, then on to Jamaica, where he became a Blacksmith in the Parish of Trelawny Jamaica. Died without a wife, 2 years previously.

3 December 1776  Elizabeth Farquarson late of Aberdeen died in the Parish of Kingston, County of Surrey, Jamaica

3 December 1776  Charles Farquarson, son of Harry Farquarson, late of Shields near Aberdeen, is one of the Devisees in the will of his Great Aunt Elizabeth Farquarson of Kingston in the Parish of Surrey in Jamaica. There is a Suit in Chancery against the executors of Elizabeth Farquarson in Jamaica. Wishing to have the time of death of Francis Farquarson also son to Harry Farquarson. Subsequent entry from a man who was at his funeral, he had drowned in the river Dee in July 1770.

15 June 1779  Robert Nicoll son of Francis Nicoll, Maltster, laterly Town Officer of Aberdeen, settled in the Parish of Westmoreland, County of Cornwall, Jamaica. Died at sea on the voyage to London. Nearest surviving kin; mother Jean Calder.

19 September 1782   George Forbes, Planter late of the Parish of St Anns, County of Middlesex, Jamaica died in Charleston, Southern Carolina, June 1781. Survived by sister Jean Forbes spouse of Ludovich Grant of Culnakyle, Moray.

11 March 1784  John Inkstor eldest son of John Inksor, Bridgetown, Parish of Alford, Aberdeenshire, went to the island of Dominca under indentures, as a House Carpenter, about 9 years ago. He died intestate May 1783, having gone to sea for his health, died aboard ship on his return from Barbados to Dominica.

7 November 1787  Alexander Horn of Coulandmill in the Parish of Forque, Aberdeenshire went to South Carolina 24 years before died there 10 years ago. Survived by 4 brothers and sisters: James, John, Elspet and Christian Horn.

28 September 1792  James Byres late of Rome now of Forgue, Aberdeenshire, son of Patrick Byres.  He has the right to certain pieces or parcels of land in the Island of St Vincent in the West Indies, contained in Grants to his said father on his behalf under the Great Seal appointed for the said island that he intended to sell.

Undated... Patrick Coutts went to Virginia 50 years before, came home once or twice for visits. Settled at Richmond Falls at the St James River, until 1776 when he died. Youngest brother James went as a Preacher at a Parish 30 miles from Richmond Falls, he died in 1787, both were batchelors.

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