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John Dickson

At Edinburgh the 24th day of June 1778 years Anent the summons raised and pursued before the Lords of Council and Session At the instance of William Dickson Brewer in Lasswade Against John Dickson of Salem Esquire in the Island of Jamaica Mentioning that the said John Dickson the pursuer's brother german having in the year 1770 sent over from Jamaica some of his children to the pursuer's care to be boarded educated and clothed he accordingly did so according to the most easy and reasonable rate As also did as factor for the said John Dickson disburse certain sums of money Anno 1770 in building a House for him at Hillhead in the parish of Cockpen and Shire of Edinburgh upon his property there by his special orders and did expend sundry other Sums upon his Accompt and in repairing the Brewery and other houses in and about the village of Lasswade belonging to the said John Dickson possessed by the pursuer in the year 1774 and 1777 that were absolutely necessary all of which is stated to the debit of the Accompt for the whole sums of money remitted by the said John Dickson to the pursuer and rents of Mr. Dickson's property possessed and received by the pursuer as mentioned in the said Accompt Current from year 1770 to 1777 both inclusive by which Accompt Current there arises a balance of £688/8s. Sterling due to the pursuer upon the 23rd day of August 1777 years. . .

To Board, Education clothing of your sons John, James, William and Archibald from 1st July 1770 to 1st July 1773 by three at Twenty five pounds each per Annum £375.

To Do. of your son Alexander from 1st July to the 5th December when he died at said date £12/10s.

To Do. of your sons John and James from 1st July to 1st November 1773 at said rate £16/13s/4d.

To Do. your Sons William Richard and Archibald from 1st July 1773 to 1st July 1777 at said rate £300.

To your daughter's board from 1st July 1770 to 1st November 1770 being four months at £12 per Annum £4.

Paid Glass for Do. to your daughter from 1st November 1770 to 1st August 1772 being twenty one months at £32 per Annum £61/6s/8d.

To board for your daughter from 1st August 1772 to 1st February 1773 at £12 per Annum £6.

Paid Arthur Mason and others Schoolmasters for teaching your daughter to read English from 1st November 1770 to 1st August 1772 at 12 Guineas per Annum £22/1s.

Paid a Musick Master for teaching your daughter the Spinet from 1st November 1770 to 1st August 1772 at same rate £22/1s.

Paid the hire of a Spinet said time at £2/8s. per Annum £3/4s.

Paid a Dancing Master for your daughter from 1st November 1770 to 1st November 1771 £6/12s.

To paid your son Alexander's funeral charges per Accompt Discharged £6.

To Mr. Simpson Surgeon for attending him and upon your other children during the smallpox and Accompt discharged £8/4s/11d.

To Do. for attending your children during a fever and a fee to Dr. Munro for your daughter £9/2s/6d.

Sum for the children £854/15s/5d.

To cash advanced to two Indentured Servants sent out to Jamaica to you by your orders in December 1770 and their Bills £10

To a superfine cloth coat sent you at said time £2/17s/10d.

To a fine hat sent you £1/1s.

To the expence of building your House at Hillhead and Measurement and Accompt of the same Anno 1770 £358/8s/2d.

To an Accompt of Repairs of your Brewery and other subjects at Lasswade Accompt and Measurements 3rd November 1775  £213/12s.

To an Accompt of Repairs for ditto from 1st October 1776 to 23rd August 1777 £25. 2d.

To painting and preparing two rooms and white washing other parts of the house at Hillhead per Accompt £2/18s.

Total £1,468/13s.

Contra Creditor

1770 By cash received by you on my Accompt at different times £200

1771 By Do. £100

By Do. from Mr. Scott at Greenock £75

1773 By ditto received from Mr. Duncan Campbell £60

By Do. £80

1774  11th November By Do. £60

1775  13th November By 6 puncheons Rum at £12  £60

By Rent of the Brewery possessed by you for two years from 10th December 1775 to 10th December 1777 at £16/10.s per Annum per valuation £33.

Bt Rent of nine acres one rood thirteen falls at £1/15s. per acre from Cropt 1776 and 1777 at £14/6s/8d. this being yearly £32/13s/4d.

Rent of a House at Hillhead three months in Summer 1776 £3

Rent of Do. with a coal house near ditto a year to Whitsunday 1778 possessed by Mr. Wright £14/16s/8d.

Rent of half an acre near Mr. Fisher's property at £1/15s. possessed by Mr. Fisher 1776 and 1777 £1/15s.

Rent of a cellar from Whitsunday 1773 to Whitsunday 1778 at £2 per Annum £10

By cash received for building your house December 1769 £50

Sum £780/5s. Balance £688/8s.

The Lords of Council and Session aforesaid Decreed and Ordained and hereby Decree and Ordain the said John Dickson Defender to make payment to the said pursuer of the said sum of £688/8. Sterling with Interest thereof from the said 23rd August 1777.
[The £50 costs claimed were also awarded]



  1Salem, Hanover was once the property of James Campbell of Kaims who retired to the island of Bute, Scotland where he died  in 1758. His Jamaica property was managed after 1765 by John Campbell of Salt Spring, Hanover, his cousin.
  2Children of John Dickson and Ann Crooks [d.1769] daughter of James Crooks [d.1740] all born in Hanover between 1757 and 1768. All except Archibald returned to Jamaica; Elizabeth died in Hanover in 1779, John Dickson senior died there in 1782, John junior became a lawyer in Kingston and died at Davis' Cove in 1801, James died there in 1802, William in 1807; Richard Dickson became a merchant at Davis' Cove in 1781 [aged 18] and later acquired the Crooks Cove and Samuels Cove plantations which together became Cousins Cove estate [1812]. He was elected to the Assembly in 1820 and died at Davis' Cove in 1821.
  3Simpson was a distant relative of David Simpson, of Dalkeith in Scotland, merchant in Jamaica then in London who had died in 1756. David's brother William was another merchant abroad.
  4[Alexander?] Scott, Jamaica merchant at Greenock, nr. Glasgow.
  5Duncan Campbell, Jamaica merchant and ship owner in London, cousin and brother-in-law to John Campbell of Salt Spring, Hanover [d.1782]. Duncan had married in Hanover [1753] Rebecca Campbell, daughter of Dugald Campbell of Salt Spring [d.1740]. By 1787 Duncan had taken over Salt Spring [there was over £11,000 mortgage money owing to Duncan when John Campbell died] where his son Dugald Campbell [d.1813] at first managed the estate for his father and then inherited it in 1805.
Apart form his Campbell relatives, Duncan Campbell corresponded with other Jamaicans, including: William Brown, John Dickson, Donald Malcolm (brother of Neill and George), James Millar and Abraham Lopez and Son. His letter books, which detail trade and personal affairs about Jamaica, are held at the Mitchell Library, Sydney, Australia, (also on microfilm). Microfilm copies are also available in England from Adam Matthews Publications Ltd.
  6John Dickson never paid his brother as he had put his capital to the purchase of Davis' Cove wharf and its land in 1777. It had previously belonged to Edmund Parkinson, merchant in Montego Bay.


from National Archives of Scotland:  Court of Session CSi8/438.  Transcription and Notes by Pieter Dickson.

Decreet. [Cf. Decree.] (Scots Law)
   The final judgment of the Court of Session, or of an inferior
   court, by which the question at issue is decided.

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