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1.  An Inventory and Appraisal was made of the personal property and rights of deceased persons as a part of Probate.

2. The following items summarize Inventories which are on a microfilm prepared by the Archives to show the Inventories of particular deceased persons.  Other items (or parts thereof) may appear at the top or bottom of the same page, or on the facing page.  Partial items are also included here for the value of the names and information they contain. The order in which they appear on the microfilm has been preserved.

3.  Pounds £ are in Jamaican currency of the time, which was worth less than British sterling.

4.  For an example of the full text of the authorizations issued for appraisals and inventories, please see the Inventory of George Huie (which was also taken from this microfilm).

5.  1B/11/3/ is the Index Number for Inventories in the Jamaica Archives.

1B/11/3/78 Folio 57

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  JOHN HENDLY Senior late of the Parish of Clarendon Esquire deceased.

Appraisers appointed:  Jonathan Ludford and George Makenzie
Executor and executrix of estate: John Henly [sic] junior and Elizabeth Hendly
[First part Inventory not microfilmed]
Total Inventory £11,565. 9. 9.
Dated March 22, 1792.

1B/11/3/78 Folio 57-58

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  SUSANNAH McINTOSH late of the Parish of Saint James widow

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: Robert Kenyon and Simon Haughton Clarke and Donald Campbell of the Parish of Saint James Esquires, by Adam Williamson, Lieutenant Governor.  James Jones Secretary.  January 12, 1792.
Appraisers appointed:  John Robert James, Alexander James Findlater, and George McLenan of the Parish of Saint James.
Administratrix of estate:  Elizabeth Anglin Symes


Male slaves
Garrick £110
Cosar £65
Jack £65
Sam £100
Hughie £120
Quashie £5
Quamina £15
Kingston £20
Frederick £100
Essex £40
Shamont £60
Pollydore £50

Female Slaves
Molly £25
Nanny £2. 15.
Mimba 5/-
Cynthia 5/-
Hannah £50
Helen £90
Zara £50
Harriot & her child Sarah (grown up) £30 & £90 , £120
Phillis £5

9 steers/ 0ld £94. 10. 0

Furniture etc.
2 mahogany dining tables, one mahogany  tea table in bad order, 1 mahogany plain table, 1 deal table, 1 ironing table, 6 mahogany elbow chairs bad condition, 7 chair bottom bad condition, 4 bedsteads, 2 feather beds with 2 bolsters and 2 pillows in bad order, 3 counter panes ditto, 1 oval glass ditto, 1 dressing glass ditto, 1 mahogany wardrobe ditto, 1 double chest of drawers ditto, 2 small chests ditto, 1 desk, ½ a book case, 1 mahogany counter in bad order, 1 backgammon box ditto, 1 tea tray and 1 tea chest ditto, 1 marble mortar and 3 trays, 1 iron pot, a rack, a pan, 2 flat irons and 2 trivets, 1 cloathes kettle and stand, 2 candlesticks, 1 puncheon hose, 1 blue china mug, 1 old spyglass, 2  silver tablespoons, 7 silver teaspoons, 1 metal hand bell, 1 fowling piece very bad order, parcel of books in bad order, 1 woman's saddle ditto, 3 sheets, 5 towels, 1 table cloth very old, 2 old saddles, 2 old lamps in very bad order.

Lemon Laurence Laurence (with Int. to 2 July 1792 included £204. 14. 3 ½
Stephen Lawrence supposed about £5
George Lawrence supposed about £12

Total inventory £1502.16. 5.

1B/11/3/107, Folio 1

Partial Index to Inventories for persons with names starting with "W" and "Y"

Name, Folio


Williams, John, Folio 15
Wilson, Matthew 12
Whittaker, Benjamin, 38
White, Thomas, 45
Wennicot, William, 50
Walker, John, 70
Wright, James Cooper, 115
White, Philip, 120
Welsh, John, 154
Watson, Anna Maria, 161
Webb, Olymphia, 164
Watson, Andrew, 166
Williams, Peter, 168
Wright, Duncan, 172
Wratts, Nean Michael (vide Nean) 176


Young, John, 116

1B/11/3/107, Folios 1 - 10

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  THOMAS COOPER late of the parish of Trelawny coppersmith

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: the Revd. Adrian Reid and Frederick Lamont, by George Nugent Lieut. Governor, June 4, 1802
Appraisers appointed:  David Roderick, Isaac Barr Eggleston and William Cooper or any 2 of them [the first two]
Executors of estate: David Richards John Laing and John Price

Inventory entered July 18, 1806

Negroe men
Fortune £50
Tom £200
Billy £280
John £190
Vulcan £150
Charles £190
Jasper £250
Little Billy £160
Jack £160
Harry £180
Ned £200
Duke £100
Bob £140
James £140
Cuffee £130
Chaner £100
Prince £30

Negroe Women
Fanny 140
Jenny 140
Nanny 130
Suckey and child Rosalind 160
Mary (a Conga) 130
Amey 130
Daphne 140
Kate and child Chloe 150
Jenny little 100
Fanny little 30
Cuba 70
Nancy 20
Bessy 30
Mary 5
Sally 10
Total slaves £3935

Stock in Trade £527. 8. 9. ½
Stock in Trade £301. 17. 0.
Household Furniture £333. 12. 6.

Arnott, Henry
Allen, Captain
Arthurs, William, Friendship
Arcadia Estate
Arthurs, Peter
Azavado, Jacob
Armstrong, William
Arnold, Solomon
Brown, Peter
Blackburn, Adam
Buchannan, Andrew F.
Bennett, William
Birmingham & Robertson
Barnett, William R.
Brown, John
Barwire, Thomas
Burwood, Edward
Bell, Robert, Surveyor
Bolton, Captain 83rd
Bell, Robert, Doctor
Burnett, John William
Barnby, John
Boyd, ---, Doctor
Boyd, William
Buchannan, Thomas
Blagrove, Charles
Bernie, William
Barnstaple family
Buchannan, Andrew F.
Bell, Edward
Brown, J. S.
Butler, William
Benrie, John
Beveridge, Malcolm
Bacchus, Captain.
Brown, George H.
Blake, James
Blackwin, Joseph
Brown & Frazer
Bacchus, J. J.
Bruns, Jacob
Black, James
Bullock, William H.
Baillie, John
Blair, James
Brown, Jonathan
Barwise, John
Colt, Mary
Carr, Captain 83rd
Campbell, Ms. Spotfield
Case, Joseph
Campbell, Colin
Curtis, John
Campbell, James junior
Clark, Richard
Cheyne, Gideon
Campbell, William, bookkeeper
Christie, William
Carrol, Jeremiah
Campbell, Angus
Cales, William
Christopher, Robert
Cross, John
Clarke, George H.
Clarke, S. W.
Clarke, James
Champante, Robert
Campbell, James
Campbell, A. & J.
Clarke, John
Cooper & Page
Cooper, Thomas, carpenter
Clarke, Andrew
Cunningham, John
Case, Rebecca
Clark, Richard
Cadenhead, Robert
Coward, G. T.
Cuthill, Alexander
Codner, J. & W.
Cohen, Joseph
Cotter, Sylvester
Cooper, David
Campbell, Charles
Clark, William, Captain
Campbell, John junior
Cooper, William
Cruikshank, James
Dixon, Robert
Duffus & Robb
Dockery, Thomas
Dry, Robert
Dale, John
Davidson, Castle Weymys
Dodd, Humphry
Dixon, George deceased
Dale, Adam
Dixon, John
Dunn, Richard
Dawney, William
Davis, Henry
Davie, Robert
Doman, Webb
Dalmahoy, James
Dunn, Thomas junior
Davis & Jones
Dunn, Thomas senior
Dixon, Robert Barnstaple
Evans, Thomas
Edgar, Alexander
Elder, J. G.
Easson, John
Easson, William
Earnshaw, Samuel
Frazer, Simon
Fletcher, Jacob
Fosbrook, William
Forshaw, James
Fisher, William Ashley
Franklin, Captain
Flash & Cohen
Finlayson, Alexander
Flash, Solomon
Foss, Mall deceased
Graves, Ann
Gallimore, J. R.
Green, William
Grant, Colin
Grant, Lewis
Gallimore, Henry
Grant, James
Graham, John
George, William
Gallimore, George
Grounds, Thomas
Gallimore, William
Gordon, Mrs? Georgia
Georgia Estate
Gibraltar Estate
Gibb, Robert
Gillespie, Urquhart
Greenside Estate
Graham, Jasper
Grant, John
Grant, John & Co.
Gardner, F.
Goguey?, William
Galley, George
Gadelia, Samuel
Gregory, George
Hine, Nathaniel junior
Hawthorn, John
Hodges, Ann
Henderson, Benjamin
Hawthorn, Robert
Howison, George
Harrison, Marley
Hine, Benjamin
Hawkins, George junior
Hyde Hall
Hardy, Joseph
Hawthorn, Alexander
Highatt, Henry
Holmes, Robert
Hine, Charles
Henderson, Doctor
Hawthorn and Cruikshank
Hine, William
Hine, Christopher
Hine, Daniel
Hyde Hall
Hanson, J. S.
Johnson, George
James, Edward
Johnston, John
Inglis, William
Innes, George
James (at Stevensons)
Johnston, Spencer
Johnston, John
Johnston, Robert
Jones, John
Irving, James
Ingram, Colin
Jones, James
Kitchen, Captain
Kilgour, William
Kelly, James K.
Knowles, Humphrey
Lee, James
Lysaght, John
Lawrence (at Mr. Stevensons)
Lothian, John, estate of
Lamont, Robert
Lewis, Charles
Linton, Robert
Lumley, Matthew
Lawrence, Benjamin, estate of
Lyon, John, estate of
Lightbody, James
Lashley, James
Laing, Robert
Linton, F. L.
Littlejohn, William
Libert & Gordon
Linton, R. W.
Lawson, James
Little, William
Laing, John
Lamont & Summers
Lothian, Captain
Lamont, Frederick
McNeal, Robert
McGibbon, James
McMurdoch, Genl.
Morris, Thomas James
McCarthy, John
Moulton, Robert
Minto, Walter
Moody, George
McLachlan, D., estate of
McBean, John
McIntosh, Alexander
Munro, James
Maguire, P. H.
McLachlan, Patrick
McKenzie, M.
Mussenden, W. A.
McKane, William
McPherson, H. W.
McInnes, Alexander
McGibbon, Joseph, estate of
McDonald, Alexander, estate of
McAlpin, John
Martin, John
Maxwell, William
McAdam, John, estate of
McCornish, George
Morris, P. A.
Mason, Abraham
Miller (Hyde Hall)
Main, Archibald
Munro, Thomas
McConnell, David
Morison, Archibald
Main & Troop
McClelland, James
Miller, George
Morrie, Alexander
Nash, John
Nott, William
Nightingale Grove
Nicholson, John
Newell, Thomas
Osborne, John
Orange Hill Penn
Pritchard, William
Perry, William
Petty, Edmund
Porter, William
Park, John
Patton, George
Potosi Estate
Pope, Edward say Richard
Pryce, Richard
Robertson, John
Ruthven, D. M.
Reid, T., Bunkers hill
Reid, Revd. Adrian
Rigby, Joseph
Rose, John
Russel, John
Rosswise, Henry
Riley and Reid, John
Reid, George H.
Raphel, John
Robertson, John
Rippon, Eleanor
Rose, John
Sylvester, Edward
Salt, Thomas
Stevenson, William James
Schruter, J. H.
Sylvester, Elizabeth
Scarlett, William
Sorrell, William
Stewart, John
Smith, Charley
Steele & Wright
Smart, John, estate of
Shallow, Sarah
Sandys, Samuel
Scarlett, Peter
Stevenson, Alexander, surveyor
Stone Henge
Scarlett, Peter junior
Scarlett, Charles
Smith, George
Stoney, Elizabeth
Summers, Miles
Ship Princess of Wales
Steele, Adam
Stoney, Robert
Steelfield Estate
Sportsmans Hall
Spencer, Edward
Simpson, T. McK.
Stewart, Doctor, estate of
Swift, Richard B.
Tharp, John, Honorable
Tharp, F. P.
Thompson, Joseph
Tindle, Peter
Tummings, James
Tattersall, George
Tucker, James
Teasdale, William
Tenison, J. T.
Thompson, Captain
Thompson, Captain
Taylor, John
Underhill, Bashua
Utton, Tobert
Vernon, Doctor
Vaughan, Samuel
Virgo, Montague
Wughs, John
Walsh, Michael
Wright, George
Wilson, Thomas
Watson & Dixon
Watson, George
Walker, James
Winn, J. L.
Ward, Robert
Wood, Joseph
Walton, John
Wood, John
Watson, J & A.
Weighman, Benjamin
Wright, Henry
Watson, James
Watt, Sarah
Whitelock, Richard
Walker, William
White, Richard
Walker, James (Tryal)
Whittaker, Joseph
Wright, Robert
Wilton, George
Workhouse Falmouth
Wright, Thomas
Wilton, Robert
Wingate & Watson
Whisson, James
Walert, Mrs.
Wilton, R. W.
Webb, Richard
Watson, John
Yateman, Thomas
Young, James

Arnott, James
Alves, Alexander
Angus, Robert
Anderson, John
Alves, Thomas
Burke, Thomas
Betterton, Francis
Bradley, James
Buck, James
Brett, John
Brodber, Mrs.
Butler, Thomas
Brig Abigail
Baker, Captain
Brennard, Robert
Bonny, Thomas
Balfour, Samuel
Cox, Joseph
Campbell -- Hampshire
Cropland, John
Cohall, Edward
Ellis, William
Emmy, Isaac
Fitzgibbon, James
Fleming, Edward
Frazer, James, Captain
Gallimore, William
Gardiner, James
Gere, Captain
Gouily, Captain
Gar -- Georgia
Gibbs, Sarah
Green, Alexander
Gordon, Charles
Gaubauden, Stephen
Grant, Gregory
Gallimore, Thomas Gray
Hewitt, John
Hutton, Captain
Jones, James
Kervin, Thomas
Kerr, Francis
Lamont, David
Lane, James
Ledie, James
Levy, Moses
McLeod, Alexander
McDonald, Mrs.
Maporebanks, John
Matthison, Duncan
Miller, William J.
Mathison, William
Moore Samuel
McLaughlin, Peter
Munro, John
Michioner, Thomas
Munro, Andrew
McDonald, Adam
McKean, James
McDougald, Alexander
McKay, William
McGhie, John
Phillips, James
Pitter & Wright
Rose (Arcadia)
Robertson, Charles
Sinclair, Mrs.
Solomon, Laz
Sefton, John
Ship Emily
Scarlett, John
Salisbury, James
Smith, James
Smith, John
Taylor, Mrs. [or William?]
Trod, Thomas
Thicket, James
Thompson, Robert
Thain, William
Thoms, Thomas
Underhill, J. G.
Vale Royal Estate
White, John
Woolery, W. J.
Ward, George
Wood (Dundee)
Watson, Joseph
Williams, Samuel
Wilson, James
Wright, Thomas
Wilson, Robert
Yates, James
Total £4276. 3. 3 ½

Two lots of land in that part of the town of Falmouth called Barrett Town and numbered in the plan thereof --- with a Dwelling House out houses and other buildings thereon.

A riding mule, a grey mule, a sorrel horse, a grey horse, a  sulkey and harness, a black horse = £148. 10. 0.

Bonds, notes, judgments, assignments, and interest due £2105. 16. 2 ¼

Negroes.......................... £3935.  0. 0.
Stock in trade....................    829.  5. 9 ½
Household furniture............    333.12. 6
Book debts.......................  4276.  3. 3 ½
Bonds notes etc..................   2105.16. 2 ¼
Two lots of land etc............    0
Horses, mules, etc..............      148.10. 0
  Total                                     £11628.  7. 9 ¼

1B/11/3/107, Folio 10

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  JOHN SANDILANDS late of the Parish of St. Elizabeth Esquire deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: Alexander Rose
Appraisers appointed:  Archibald Thompson and Robert  Tait
Administrator of estate: George Sandilands
[Inventory not microfilmed]

1B/11/3/107, Folio 222

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  JOHN MOWATT late of the Parish of Clarendon planter deceased.

Appraisers appointed:  Peter Pattie and William Little
Entered December 19, 1806

Inventory: (supposed values)

2 old bedsteads and bedding £20
2 old tables and chairs £5
Crockery and glass wares £5
Knives and forks and kitchen utensils £5
Total £35

At his place of abode where he died but thereupon or shortly afterwards made away with by the Slaves in his possession at the time of his death to the best information that can be obtained on the subject.

1B/11/3/107, Folio 223

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  GEORGE COOPER late of the Parish of Clarendon planter deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: T. P. Howell and John Williams Esquires, by Lieut. General Sir Eyre Coote, Lieut. Governor.  Secretary H. Cathcart. June 18, 1806
Appraisers appointed:  William Adam and Cornelius C. Townshend
Administrator of estate: William Bryant
Entered December 24, 1806


Pamilla a woman slave £70
Jessee a woman slave £40
Chloe a small girl slave £30
George a small boy slave £60

An old chaise and harness £15
Total £215

1B/11/3/107, Folio 223

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  SAMUEL DENNETT late of the Parish of Saint Thomas in the East planter deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: Cassillis Shaw
Appraisers appointed:  George Leonald of the parish of Vere wharfinger, and George Clough of the Parish of Saint Thomas in the East planter.
Administrator of estate: William Hissery of the parish of Vere gentleman
[Inventory not microfilmed]

1B/11/3/127, Folio 102

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  THOMAS WILLIAMS deceased.

Appraisers appointed:  Alexander McGregor and John Satchell
Administrator of estate: George Brown of the parish of St. David gentleman
Dated March 9, 1816
[First part Inventory not microfilmed]


Book debts £2819. 1. 9
60 gallons rum @ 4/6 = £13. 10
Remaining lease of the wharf 4 ½ years £450
Total appraisal: £5591. 5. 11.

1B/11/3/127, Folio 102

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  WILLIAM COOPER late of the Parish of Trelawny coppersmith deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: William B. Utten and Henry Wright, by William Duke of Manchester, Governor.  G. Clayton, Secretary.  November 22, 1815.
Appraisers appointed:  James Thompson and Frederick Lamont
Executors of estate: Edward Sutton, Mark Turnbull and Wilkin Cooper
Returned March 18, 1816


Sundry articles at the Blacksmith's shop at Duncans £818. 7. 9.
Negroes attached to the Duncans shop:
John £200
Sam £200
Ned £200
Hector £200
Jasper £180
Will £180
Tom £170
James £180
Frank £165
Dick £100
Vuleau £150
Robert £140
Daphne £140
Alick £140
   Total Negroes £2405
       Total $3223. 7. 9.

Sundry Articles at the Blacksmith's shop at Riobueno £818. 9. 2.
Negroes attached to the Rio Bueno shop viz.
Cambridge £300
Douglass £210
John £200
Joe £250
Cohon £190
Charles £170
Oxford £170
Shandy £170
Frank £140
  Total Rio Bueno Negroes£1800

    Total £5,850. 15. 10 ¼

William Cooper's Moiety £2925. 7. 11.

The following is the private property of William Cooper deceased
Sterne £250
Porto £100
Jane £160
Frances a child £30
  Total Negroes £540

A Bay Horse £40
A chaise £35
A grey mule £25
A fowling piece £5
Household furniture £150
  Total £255

Total inventory £3720. 7. 11.

1B/11/3/127, Folio 102

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of ANDREW BLACKBUN late of the Parish of St. Catherine esquire deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: Francis Smith and William Hewitt Esquires, by William Duke of Manchester, Governor
Appraisers appointed:  A. McLeod and James Tulloh
Executor of estate: Francis Graham of St. Catherine esquire
[Inventory not microfilmed]

1B/11/3/106 Folios 52- 54

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of JAMES McINTOSH late of the Parish of Saint Catherine Esquire deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: Honorable Andrew Johnstone and John March Esquires, by George Nugent esquire, Lieut. Governor, August 9, 1805. A Cathcart Secretary.
Appraisers appointed:  William McRobbie and Charles Gordon of the Parish of Saint Catherine Esquires
Acting Executor of estate: James McIntosh

Inventory February 8, 1806.

Polly £100
George £180
Jonney £110
Jack (a boy) £80
Ratchell £140
Margaret £160
Dido £160
Lavina (a blind child )
Kitty £110
Linnon £50
Frankey £140
Dolly £160
Sarah £140
Hercules £130
Charlie (formerly hd. Grass seller) £200
Allic (carpenter) £160
Bob (old) £60
Jeffery (Flatt man) £100
Britain (Flatt man) £100
William £180
Celia £60
Amba £30
Willie / Runaway
Cloe £90
Dick £100
Princess £120
Joanna £160
Phobe £140
Deborah (old not seen)
Juba £160
John (carpenter) £200
Cuffee (Head Grass seller) £250
Peter (Flatt man) £180
Bob (carpenter) £180
George £180
Casar £200
Frank £10
Robert £180
Eve £160
Countess £160
Allic £180
Cato £170
Smart (Flatt man) £180
Jack £170
Ned (Runaway)
Ireland £120
Joe £130
England £140
Sam (head boat man) £300
Othello £200
Fortune £100
James Walker £180
Dick £50
Charles Brown (cattle man) £200
Tom £180
John Grant £150
Liddy £140
Phobe £160
Tartness £50
Fanny £150
Catin £30
Monday £15
Kitty £160
Crishie £15
Quashie £140
August £70
Dolly £160
Grace £160
Mary Ann £160
Eliza £140
Juba £120
Nancy £140
Peter £15
Liddy (old) £100
Dido £160
Helena £160
Penny £160
Tong £10
Hector (carpenter old) £60
Quashiba £25
Bob (child) £20
Hinass £10
Mary £160
Sarah £140
Quaw £20
Cuba £50
Rosyanna £160
Jupiter £10
Cuffee £20
Sue £25
Edward £50
Charlie (Flatt man) £180
Francis £35
Lewis £20
Quashiba £5
Margaret £80
Jamaica £40
Barbara £60
Bessy £160
Johnston £25
Aimy £15
Celia £35
Total Slaves ...... £11,190

Household furniture etc. £606. 13. 5 ½

Bonds £8416. 13. 9

James McIntosh's moiety of Stock joint property of Forbes & McIntosh £4892. 14. 0 ½

Total ............ £25.044. 1. 2 ¾

1B/11/3/106 Folios 52- 54

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  CHARLES HAY late of the Parish of Saint Catherine Esquire deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: John March and William Cruickshank Esquires
Appraisers appointed:  James Dalhouse and William MacRobbie
Executrix  and executor of estate: Jean Hay and Alexander Campbell
[Inventory not microfilmed]

1B/11/3/106 Folio 177

Inventory and appraisal of the goods chattels and rights and credits of  LACHLAN McINTOSH late of the Parish of Saint Andrew planter deceased.

Appointed to issue oaths to appraisers: John Hinde, by George Nugent Esquire, Lieut. Governor.  March 19, 1805. H. Cathcart, Secretary
Appraisers appointed:  William Peacan and John Nicolson
Administrator of estate: Archibald McDonald

Inventory March 12, 1806

Two slaves £130. 15. 0
Horse £15
Saddle and bridle £7. 10. 0
Some goats £8
Cloaths £5
Ducks £2
Powder horn and shot bag £1. 12. 6
A watch £14
Portmanteau sadle [sic] and bridle £1. 5. 0
A coat £1. 12. 6.
Salary due him £45. 47. 5. [sic]
[Ending not microfilmed]

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