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Data taken from Long's Manuscripts which were presented by C. E. Long, Esq. to the British Museum in March 1842

A General Return of the Militia of the Island of Jamaica

the 31st day of October 1778

Names of Counties and Parishes By Colour Total Maroons
Including Officers and Privates      
Eastern Division of Horse   389  
Kingston Regiment of Foot 704 Whites    
  315 Colour 1119  
Port Royal 126 Whites    
   39 Colour 165  
Saint Andrew 120 Whites    
   45 Colour 165  
Saint David and      
Saint Thomas in the East 379 Whites    
   71 Colour 450  
Portland 123 Whites    
   20 Colour 143  
                        Moore Town     39
Saint George     1 Barrack Master   1  
                        Charles Town     50
Middlesex Division of Horse   333  
Saint Catherine's Regiment of Foot      
Saint Thomas in the Vale   -  Light Horse   illegible  
Saint John's    -    Foot      
Saint Dorothy 514 Whites    
  294 Colour 808  
Vere 116 Whites    
   59 Colour 175  
Clarendon 214 Whites    
  152 Colour 366  
Saint Ann's    - Light Horse   32  
                       Foot 313 Whites    
   50 Colour 363  
Saint Mary's  - Light Horse   50  
                      Foot 401 Whites    
   86 Colour 487  
                    Scott's Hall     13
Western Division of Horse   illegible  
Saint Elizabeth's Regiment of Foot 243 Whites    
  118 Colour 361  
                    Accompong Town     22
Westmoreland Regiment of Foot 408 Whites    
   91 Colour 499  
Hanover 309 Whites    
   44 Colour 353  
Saint James 474 Whites    
   57 Colour 531  
Trelawny 168 Whites    
   37 Colour 205  
                     Trelawny Town     100
   Superintendants, Deputy Superintendants      
       of Maroons, and Assistants   illegible  
Addition to the Strength of the St. James and   
   Trelawny Regiments of Foot and Troops of Horse  
   by Major General Cookes return of the 21st  
   and 23d of October 1778  
     St. James's Regiment of Foot 70  
     Trelawny Regiment of Foot 162  
     St. James's Troop of Horse 6  
     Trelawny Troop of Horse 32  
Addition to the Maroons by ___ Fergusons Returns  
     of Moore Town & Scott's Hall 60  
Strength as below 8030  
            Total 8360  
(signed) J. Macdonald  
               Adjutant General  
Generals 12  
Staff 54  
Horse 1243  
Foot 6063  
Maroons of 3 Towns only - Charles Town, Accompong  
     and Trelawny 175  
Artillery 104  
Engineers and Artificers 43  
Commanders of Forts, Gunners & Matrosses[?] Etc. 105  
Reformades Brevets, Invalids & Superannuated 231  
    Total Strength of the Island 8030  
(signed) J. Macdonald  
               Adjutant General      

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