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Letter from William Gale acting attorney for Haughton James #26 who had inherited Haughton Tower in Hanover from his father and Hyde in St Thomas in the Vale through his mother.This is one of 24 letters dating from August 1763 to February 1767 which appear to be an almost complete interchangebetween them. This letter is particularly revealing as it links to the Hyde, Halstead, Emily, Baillie material already on this site. See /Members/HydeHalsteadEmily.htm. Haughton James never returned to Jamaica, never married, and finally left Haughton Tower to his cousinís grandson, William Rhodes James.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Parnassus Decemr. 24th 1765

Dear Sir

††† I had the Pleasure to write to you Last on the 30th August and am lately favoured with your Letter of May 30th and July 30th the Delay of which in their Progress to me is a little unaccountable, unless they are retarded at Home -

††† The chief Subject of the first has been the late Object of my Attention & it is with particular Satisfaction that I assure you the Bond to De Stapleton can never affect you, but before I give you that History, permit me to touch on other Matters -

††† The Accounts arrived with you, show fully the State of your Affairs here, as Mr Venn left them, and your Circumstances are clear and independent now from the Application to that Purpose, of part of the last Crop which for the future may all go to you except some of the Rum for annual Contingencies which may be sold more advantageously here than shiped to you, & this should be a Standing Rule -

†† The Account with Mr Bourke charged to Mr Arcedeckne will have Weight to draw the Commission Business to a happy Crisis, which I wish accomplished between you at Home, and Mr Dunkley's Reconveyance being recorded, & a Receipt come lately to hand from Mr Launce (tho' not the usual Release) sufficiently discharge your Estate from the One, & will protect it effectually from any Ill Use than can be attempted to be made of the other Mortgage on Record -

††† Mr Dawes writes me every thing goes on well at Haughton Tower, where I wish to have your Permission to put on a few Young Negroes, and from whence I have not yet been able to get the bespoke Survey of the Lands and Cane Pieces, which shall be forwarded to you as soon as it reaches my hands.

††† I was a few Days ago at Hyde where every thing fourishes [sic] with the Appearance of a Good Crop, the Negroes and Stock in Health & good Order, the Plant. 50 odd Acres finished, and all the Estate clean - Nothing surely but the distressed State of Affairs here, and the bankrupt Conditions of publick Credit prevent the Sale of this Property, offered now at Market under every Sutable [sic] Recommendation to a Purcher [sic] without a Single Offer at it. The House in Town too, for the same Reason, is on hand - and as this Cause will not Speedily be removed, the Effects will probably continue to opperate so as to put it out of my Power to sell for you either of these Propertys while I stay here, and I am quite at a Loss who to intrust with them at my Departure, fixed for May or June next -

†† Inclosed is a List of some Old Papers, the Property of Mrs Baillie, which are now I suppose of little Value, however I took them from Mr Venns with an Old Silver Box, containing a Gold Snuff Box, some mourning Rings and Locket, which are left with Mr Sampson Facey, the Factor to Hyde Estate, to be forwarded to you by the first Conveyance, who has also Directions to prepare and send to you, the Pine Plants you desire


†† I now proceed to the Business you are most Anxious about at present, and am happy in Sending you so clear & favourable an Account of it, as the following - Richard James (your Grandfather) by Bond dated the 22nd of July 1724 became bound unto Leopold De Stapleton in the Penal Sum of 2000£ with Conditions (as Supposed from what is after mentioned) for Payment of 1000£ with Interest -

†† Leopold De Stapleton died in the Year 1728 - and by his Will appointed Andrew Arcedeckne, Alger Pestell, Edwin Sandys, Davey Kelly & Haughton James Executors - Arcedeckne, Pestell and Kelly proved the Will, and in Novemr Grand Court 1733 a Judgment was obtained on said Bond in the name of Andrew Arcedeckne as Surviving acting Executor of Leopold De Stapleton against said Richard James - This Judgment rested without any Writ of Execution being issued or other Proceeding had thereon untill August Court 1747 when on a Scire Facias brought on said Judgment in the Name of Andrew Arcedeckne, the Judgment was revived, & an Execution issued thereon returnable Feb. G. Court 1747 -

††† On the 7th of Decemr. 1747. Rich. James filed his Bill in the Court of Chancery here against said And. Arcedeckne & also against William Beckford & Mary James, the Executors with said And. Arcedeckne of Haugh. James (the Obligee's Eldest Son) praying an Injunction to restrain Mr. Arcedeckne from proceeding further at Law & that the Bond might be delivered up to be cancelled & Satisfaction acknowledged on the Record of the Judgment - And the Bill stated, that in the Year 1724. Haugh. James arrived in this Island from Great Britain, & brought with him a Cargo of 12. or 14 thousand Pounds that Rich. James entered into Treaty with Leopold De Stapleton for taking his Son Haughton into Partnership, & that Mr De Stapleton insisted that Rich. James shou'd execute a Bond, or give him some other Security for Haugh. James' good Behaviour during the Partnership, & in Case it should be necessary, during the Partnership, Rich. James shou'd advance 1000£ and in the mesne time the Bond shou'd be a Security, as far as 1000£ for such Sums as Haugh. James shou'd expend of the Partnership Stock more than his Proportion; the Bill also stated that Rich. James accordingly in July 1724 executed a Bond to Mr. De Stapleton in the Penalty of 2000£ conditioned for Payment of 1000£ with Interest, but that it was expressly agreed the Bond shou'd be on the Terms & for the Purposes aforesaid; that the Partnership between De Stapleton & James were conveyed into Partnership, & Rich. James the better to inable his Son to carry on the Partnership, & for his Advancement in Life settled Haughton Tower Plantation on him; that Mr. De Stapleton drew large Sums out of the Partnership Stock but never Demanded Payment of the Bond & declared that Haugh. James was dilatory for not taking up his Fathers Bond which lay in his hands on Haugh. James's Account; that Nothing was due on the Bond a special Condition, & if it should appear to be a Common Bond for the Payment of Money, that then the Injunction shou'd be dissolved of Course

†† No Proceedings have been since had at Law or in Equity on said Bond and Judgment -

†† A Claim is made on Mr. Arcedeckne for a Legacy left by Mr De Stapleton to a Natural Daughter of his, now Mrs Wiley, and it is alleged Mr. Arcedeckne has no Fund to Satisfy the Same but this Bond and Judgment, which cannot affect your Property, but if payable at all, must come out of the Estates of Richard James in the Hands of his Son Montague -

††† Thus, my Dear Sir, tho' I have fatiqued both you and myself, with this long Search and Account, the Issue is, I trust, equally Satisfactory to you, as I assure you it is to

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Your affectionate Friend

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† and most huml. Servt.

†††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††W. Gale


[To] Haughton James Esqr.


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