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The "Gleaner"

The "Gleaner" commenced publication in 1834. It is still published daily, and it is the leading newspaper on the island. This site contains excerpts from the years 1866 through 1869, 1872 through 1878, 1880 to 1883, 1886 to 1887, and January and February 1894. There are also excerpts from October 1865 relating to the Morant Bay rebellion, the full reports from January 1907 concerning the Kingston earthquake, a report on the Calabar Institution from 1920, and a list of recruits who enlisted in December 1916 to fight in World War I.

There is a lead page to all the links to the Gleaner at Gleaner.

The "Royal Gazette"

Excerpts have been transcribed from the weekly issues of the "Royal Gazette" from January 5, 1793 through June 29, 1793, July 5 through December 31, 1794, and August 1881, an April 1795 issue, April 23, 1891, and 1917 Notices of grants of or applications for Probate or Letters of Administration in 1916.

A full list of links can be found at Gazettes.

"The Trelawny and Public Advertiser"

Published in Falmouth, Jamaica

Price 24 shillings per annum

This newspaper was originally published on Mondays and Thursdays. In September 1877, after the death of the editor of the "Falmouth Post," that business was bought out by the "Trelawny." In 1877 the "Trelawny" changed to three days a week, adding a Saturday publication. It consisted of four pages (1 folded sheet of paper). The front and back pages consisted of advertisements and Notices. The inside pages contained news and editorials. The news covered not only Trelawny, but also the rest of the island. The news generally included birth, marriage and death announcements, reports on the movement of ships in Falmouth harbor, the results of court trials, unusual weather, diseases, appointments to office, and other items of note.

Extracts on this site begin with 1874 (Volume 28). Please use the following links:

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, January to May 1874.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, June to December 1874.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1875.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1876, January to May.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1876, June to December.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1877.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1878, February to July.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1878, August to December.

Trelawny and Public Advertiser, 1879.

The "Falmouth Post and Jamaica General Advertizer"

Printed and Published by John Castello, Falmouth, Jamaica

Price £2 per annum

This newspaper was published on Tuesdays and Fridays. The news covered not only Falmouth, but also the rest of the island.

The news from Falmouth reflects the fact that there were many Jews living in that town. Many were merchants, and they participated in committees and other local bodies.

Extracts on this site cover the years 1873 to 1877. Please use the following links:

Falmouth Post, January to February 1873

Falmouth Post, March to June 1873

Falmouth Post, synopsis of advertisements January to June 1873

Falmouth Post, July 1 to August 8, 1873

Falmouth Post, August 15 to September 30, 1873, and shipping information and advertisements.

Falmouth Post, October to December 1873

Falmouth Post, January to March 1874

Falmouth Post, April to June 1874

Falmouth Post, July to December 1874

Falmouth Post, January to July 1875

Falmouth Post, August to December 1875

Falmouth Post 1876

Falmouth Post 1877

The "Jamaica Witness"

Copies of "The Jamaica Witness" were loaned for transcription, dedicated to the memory of Raymond Allan Brandon, son of Allan Courtney and Violet Kate Steinmetz Brandon, June 26, 1944 to May 20, 2002, Jamaica.

The first copy of this newspaper which I have seen is dated January, 1877, and is identified as "No. 1, Volume II." This would seem to indicate that it was first introduced in 1876. The first editor was the Rev. William Murray, who was then the minister of the Presbyterian Church in Falmouth. He was replaced by Dr. Rob, Presbyterian minister in Kingston. Excerpts on this site cover the years 1877 to 1879, and 1883 to 1887.

The subscription to the "The Jamaica Witness" was 2s. 6d per year. It was published once each month, and it consisted of 8 pages, of which no more than 2 pages were advertising. There were notices of births, marriages, and deaths, many of which seemed to have occurred within the congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, but notices from anyone were included for the payment of a fee. There were articles or editorials concerning current events in Jamaica, including news about the Presbyterian churches throughout the island. There were also items from overseas, and editorials on political, moral and religious issues.

Please use the following links:

Excerpts from 1877-1879

Excerpts from 1883

Excerpts from 1884

Experiences in Jamaica, from an issue in 1884.

Excerpts from 1885-1887

The "Cornwall Chronicle & General Advertiser"

Excerpts from the Cornwall Chronicle for December 1776 through May 1777.

Excerpts from the Cornwall Chronicle for February 7, 1789.

Excerpts from the Cornwall Chronicle for February 21 to March 14, 1789.

Excerpts from the Cornwall Chronicle for May 16, 1789.

"The Morning Journal"

Excerpts from the Morning Journal 1840-1847, the Kingston Chronicle 1837, and other Jamaican newspapers or journals 1792-1877. See Journals

The "Jamaica Courant and Public Advertiser"

Excerpts from the Courant for June 22 to 29, 1754, contain the names of some runaway slaves or indentured servants, property owners, some deceased persons, trustees, merchants, etc., and information about them. See Courant 1754.

In 1830 the Courant published a list of persons in Kingston who had not reported their taxable property for March 1830. The advantage to this list is the fact that the Jamaica Almanacs omitted the list of property owners in Kingston, as the list was too long. At least we have here the property owners who should have reported, but did not. See Courant 1.

The "Jamaica Creole"

Kingston Fire Dec. 11, 1882

The Jamaica Creole of December 13, 1882 reported the fire that had destroyed much of Kingston two days earlier. It contained a list of all the buildings that had burned. It was later quoted by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. The report is at Kingston Fire.

"Galls Newsletter"

The inauguration of Isaac Levy, Custos of St. Catherine 1878, including list of some attendees.

British newspapers and Magazines

The "Times" of London

Excerpts from the Times of London 1787-1831

Excerpts from the Times of London Times various dates


The "London Gazette"

Excerpts pertaining to Jamaica, transcribed from the London Gazettes for 1914 through 1920.

Excerpts from the London Gazette for 1939-1943

and 1944-1947.


The "Royal Cornwall Gazette"

An 1808 excerpt concerning the attack of a French privateer on the Royal Mail packet sailing from England to Jamaica.


Edinburgh newspapers

Excerpts from Edinburgh relating to Jamaicans 1772-1827, 1867-1869


Fisher's Colonial Magazine & Commercial Maritime Journal

Births, Marriages and Deaths in Jamaica in 1842, as reported by Fisher's. (The magazine only reported some of the births on the island).


"Gentleman's Magazine" and "Blackwood's"

Excerpts from the "Gentleman's Magazine" 1744, and "Blackwood's" 1848. See Gentleman's

Excerpts from the "Gentleman's Magazine" 1828-1853, concerning Jamaicans.


"Trewman's Exeter Flying Post"

Excerpts from the "Trewman's Exeter Flying Post" 1819-1822, containing news about Jamaica. See Trewman's near the bottom of the page.


"Whitehall Evening Post"

A petition, signed by about 350 people, appeared in the January 3rd 1782 edition, requesting more military and naval protection for the British West Indies. See 1782 Petition


American and Canadian Newspapers

From a New Brunswick newspaper, more details on the 1907 earthquake in Kingston. Earthquake 4.


From a New York newspaper, brief accounts of the 1832 slave rebellion.

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