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Cornwall Chronicle & General Advertiser

[Printed by James Fannin, Montego Bay]

1776, December 14

Last Wednesday s'ennight, died at the Rev. Mr. Croxeter's, near Kingston, The Rev. John Lloyd, Rector of St. David's.


Wednesday morning died, at Martha Brae Point, John Kelly Esquire, many years Clerk of the Peace for this parish; an honest, well meaning Gentleman, justly lamented by all his acquaintances.


Thursday... was finally determined by the House of Assembly, the contested election of a Representative for the Parish of St. George when John Mead Esquire was duly declared elected.


The same day, William Harvie and Lewis Burrell Martin, Esquires...presented the address to the Governor.


Messrs. Thompson & Campbell, For Sale at their store in Montego Bay, Dry Goods from Glasgow.


William Brown, 325 slaves from Calabar...at Lucea


For sale at Lucea, house where lately lived Mr. John Priest; apply Philip Crouch or Peter Priest at Lucea.


Parkinson & Hill, 423 slaves from Bonny...at Montego Bay.


Hibberts, Bernards & Montague, 288 Gold Coast slaves...at Montego Bay

1776, December 21

In Chancery: Bernard v Lousada, Bernard v Woolley, Bernard v Dunn.


Colin & Alexander Campbell, For Sale, Dry Goods from Glasgow at their stores in Montego Bay and Martha Brae.


John & James Palmer, Montego Bay, For Sale, Dry Goods.

1777, February 15

Tuesday last...the following Gentlemen were chose:
Churchwardens - Ralph Montague and Charles Bernard Jun., Esquires.
Vestry-men -  David Allen, George Lawson, Walter Murray, John L. Dunbar, Adam Scott, William Coates, James Palmer, George McFarquhar, Richard Samuels and William Mowat.


Lately arrived at Montego Bay, with the convoy: Montague James Esq. & Family, Mr. Vaughan, Richard James Lawrence Esq. & Mrs. Lawrence, William Hall Esq. & Mrs. Hall, Samuel Torrent James & Dominic Farrell Esquires.


Richard Philips, Executor for the estate of Captain Charles Ratcliffe of Green Island.

1777, February 22

John Barton at 'Spring Estate', Executor for the estate of James Bradley, deceased.


Quick & Brewer, For Sale at their store in Montego Bay, Dry Goods imported form Bristol


Longlands & Rennald, For sale at their store in Montego Bay, Dry Goods imported from London


James Dickson, lately appointed master, Mannings Free School, Savanna-la-Mar.

1777, March 1

Thomas Thistlewood & W.H. Ricketts, executors for William Pammals, surveyor in Westmoreland.


Evans, Crozier & C., For sale at Lucea, Dry Goods imported from Liverpool and Waterford.

1777, March 8

Westmoreland, To be sold, lands of Theodore Stone, deceased, executors Richard Stone Esq., Spanish Town, Thomas King, and Mrs. Stone in Westmoreland.


Samuel Mottershead, William Rhodes Bernard, executors for William Evans of Trelawny, deceased.


Died suddenly at Rivers Mouth, whither he had taken a ride for recreation, Mr. Archibald Sanders, Silversmith; an inhabitant of this town [Montego Bay] for several years.


Charles Holdsworth, For Sale Dry Goods at Montego Bay.

1777, March 15

Lately died in London: aged 70, Edmund Duany Esq., an eminent merchant and planter of this island and Edward Tyng, 50th Foot, from this Island.


Died at Montego Bay, Thomas Leany Esq., deservedly lamented by all his acquaintances.

1777, March 22

Lately was married in St. Anne's: John Gray Esq. to Miss. Burtt, Josiah Gabadon to Miss. Gallimore, and Mr. John Nevin to Miss. Clayton. Also, in Trelawny, Mr. Lawrence to Miss. Hilton.


George Binham executor for William Crouch deceased.


Joseph Ismay, executor for Moses Longman.


Caveats entered at the Secretary's Office

On whose estate       By whom

George Williams         Thomas Ankers
Robert Nicholson        Thomas Hobson
John McDowall          Adolphus Smithouse
Thomas Haynes          Henry Levy
Edward Egerton         Thomas Paxton
Thomas Hunt              Joseph Hunt
John Edwards             James Powell
Charles Seymour         James Cockburn
Duncan Campbell        Mary Campbell
John Osborne              James Melvin
George Farquharson     William McKenzie
Hector McNeil           Alexander McNeil
George McCulloch       Manasseh and Isaac Pereira
William Betts             John Welsh
Richard Nicholson       Richard Miles
John McLeod            Eundem [Same]
Priscilla Prince           James Prance
John Edwards           Robert Dillon
Eleanor Phelps           B. Nunes-Henriques
Mary Campbell          Peter Ramsey

1777, March 29

Montego Bay: Tuesday last was married Captain William Smith, of the Mary from Bristol, to Miss. Boyd of this place.


Lately died in Spanish Town, Mrs. Douglas, wife of James Sholto Douglas.

1777, April 19

Rock Spring, To Be Sold, a Mill House and Mill, complete; apply William Dawes Quarell Esq. or to James Miller on the above estate.


Jean Traill acquaints he Public has she has opened School, at her home in Barnet Town, for boarding and educating young ladies.

1777, May 3

Last Monday se'nnight died in Spanish Town, Mrs. Douglas, wife of David Douglas Esq., having arrived to an advanced age.


The 19th ultimo, died in Kingston, Mrs. Francken, wife of Henry Andrew Francken Esq.


The co-partnership of Quick & Brewer dissolved by mutual consent.

1777, May 10

Mr. & Mrs. Tetley...opened a school in Montego Bay for young Gentlemen and Ladies.


The co-partnership of Frizewell & Priest, at Lucea, dissolved; For Sale, a house and yard fit for a person in the mercantile way.


Edmund Parkinson, late of Davis's Cove, begs inform that he still keeps Shallots to carry freight; apply at the house of Messrs. Parkinson & Hill, Montego Bay.

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