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1782 Whitehall Evening Post, London, 3 January


The Humble address and petition of the planters and merchants whose names are hereunto subscribed, on behalf of themselves, and others interested in the British West India Islands.


Your petitioners, alarmed by the inefficacy of their former applications to Your Majesty’s Ministers, humbly implore Your Majesty to enforce and extend the present assurances they have given us, and to direct, that without delay, reinforcements, naval and military adequate to the permanent defence of Your Majesty’s West India Islands, may be sent out, so that by the blessing of Providence, those most valuable possessions may still be preserved for the British Empire.


Natahniel Bayly, Chairman

Stephen Fuller, Agent for Jamaica

Samuel Estwick, Agent for Barbados



Beeston Long

Richard Neave

Henry Dawkins

John Nesbitt

Richard Beckford

Chaloner Arcedeckne

Edward Morant

Richard Pennant

Thomas C. Dunbury

William Gale

William Woodley

Chris. Molineux

Thomas Lucas

Jacob Wilkinson


Daniel Lascelles

John Taylor

Edward Payne

J. Blois

Henry Rawlinson

William  Manning

Philip Dehany

Thomas Storer

Benjamin Boddington

Samuel Vaughan

Thomas Hibbert

John Purrier

Duncan Davidson

Edward Fuhr

Richard J. Lawrence

Samuel Long

John Crookshanks

Alexander Abrahams

Thomas Gataker

Timothy Earle

Justinian Casamajor

J. Trecothick

John Brathwake

William Crichton

Thomas Boddington

Richard Welch

William Innes

John Lucie Blackman

Dominic Duany

Michael Teigh

John Thomas

John Willett

John Williams

Richard Vassall

Neill Malcolm

Dugald Malcolm

John Serocold

Richard Drake

Beeston Long jun.

George Rigby

Joseph Price

James Stothert

Donald Malcolm

James Lindsay

James Bogle French

William Feuilliceau

Jonathan Blundell jun.

William Vaughan

William Chisolme

Dugald McLachlan

Alexander McLachlan

James Mitchell

Peter Clarke

E .H. Wynter

Samuel Gardiner jun.

James Baillie

John Rawlins

William Bond

Edmund Green

Richard Atkinson

Henry Jackson

Thomas Hunt

Rowland Hunt

Benjamin Vaughan

Thomas Wagstaffe

John Peatt

William Snell & Co.

J. Wright for Thomas Palmer sen.

Ed. Beeston Long

William Tooke

Samuel Scott

John Terrick Waller

Samuel Warren F*iter

Charles Pym Burt

Michael Lovel

Rose Beckford

H. M. Bird

Joseph Hiscox

Thomas Watkinson

John Palmer jun.

Thomas McGhie

John Rae

John Wilson

Andrew Fenn

Robert Robertson

William Whitley

John Lane

Thomas Feaser

Charles Fuller

Henry Wildman

William Ewer

Alexander Douglas

William Hart

John Abbot

John Bourke

John Pogson

Richard Dickson

Ben Butler

W. P. Perrin

John Dawes

Edward Long

Joseph King

Robert Cooper Lee

Neave, Darnton & Dobson

Haughton James

William Brsicoe

John Trent

John Spooner

Archibald Cochran

George Ogilvie

Lewis Cuthbert

Samuel Turner

John Barton

E. Barich Lousada jun.

Peeke Fuller

James Dawkins

George Hay Dawkins

William Innes

James William

George Tarbutt

Alexander Willock

Ed. Montague

James Athell

James Kerr

Alexander Warrand

Duncan Campbell

John Platt

Robert Houston

James Elford

Alexander Grant

Rose Fuller

Benjamin Cowell

Joseph Pickering

David Samuda

Daniel McGilchrist

William Bishop

James Holder

Thomas Whitfoot

James Duff

Alexander Gordon

John Allen

Thomas Gowland

John Lyon

Charles Graham

Thomas Oliver

John Roebuck

T. Perkins

John Beach

Thomas Plummer

John Kennion

John Parker

William Ewbank

John Collins

John Ewer

J. B. Lousada

T. W. Milner

Thomas Rawson

John Deffel

Henry Martin

Henry Swinburne

Thomas Storie

Willaim Withers

William Stanton

George Taylor

William Ottley

Thomas William Jolly

Joseph Paice

Rice James

Drewery Ottley

John Jackson

Thomas Maxwell Adam

Richard Barrett

Arthur Peatt

George Ramsey

J. Fletcher

Robert Milligan







Hen. Rawlinson, Agent for the Chamber of Commerce of Liverpool



J. Herring for the following Planters and Merchants of Bristol, by virtue of a Special Power, authorising me to sign the above address and petition for them, and on their behalf, viz.


William Miles

J. Herring

John Maxie

John Vassall

Lowbridge Bright

William Gordon

John Gordon jun.

Hugh Barnett

Richard Bright

Samuel Munckley

Thomas Daniel

Robert Gordon jun.

James Butler Harris

Robert McGhie

Philip Miles

John Muden

Ames Hellicar

Richard Daubney

Richard Hall

Thomas Winwood

Joseph Coates

John Stephens

Frederick Yeamans

Robert Gordon

Samuel Osborne

Richard Mahon

Richard Meyler

Jeremiah Meyler

Samuel Henderson

Rowland Williams

Joseph Smith

George Bush

William Denham

Abraham Clibborn

George Clibborn

Thomas Hellicar

George Gibbs

William Battersby

J. Scan. Herford

Joseph Harford

James Harvey

William Elton

William Chambers

E. Baillie

Charles Granger

Thomas Harris

John Estridge

Samuel Span

John Fisher Weare

Thomas Price

William Peter Lunell

Ph. Prothero

William Blake

Peter Priest

Richard Hyatt

Thomas Keene

Mag. Miller

Thomas Jones

William Overend

Lancelot Cowper

John Lean

Alexander Sinclair

Robert Hunter

James Lockier

Henry Bush

James Rogers

Walter Adams

Henry Bicknell

Thomas Harris





Some of these men were permanently resident in Great Britain, some were frequent visitors, others less so. Those named would have been in Britain when the signatures were collected in the previous month.


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