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Tuesday, January 1, 1884

Sir Henry Wylie Norman, K. C. B., C. I. E., etc., arrived by the last mail to take on him the Government of Jamaica and its Dependencies. He acquired his administrative experience in India, where he served and worked with men like the Lawrences.


We were present at a very interesting occasion on the 12th December. It was the dedication of a new place of worship built for the Presbyterian Congregation of Riverside, under the pastoral care of the Rev. John Macdonald. The site of the building is by the side of the road from Lucea to Morgan's Bridge, six miles from there, from Green Island and from Lucea. The Rev. Henry Highland Garnet, a black gentleman of considerable ability and oratorical power, who had made his escape from American slavery, was sent by the Foreign Mission Board of the United Presbyterian Church in 1852, to occupy their station of Stirling in Westmoreland. It was he who began the station of Riverside, and a building was erected on land given by Mr. Whitson, a Scotch gentleman, who desired to further the spiritual interests of people among the hills, who were unable from age, and from the then bad roads, to attend the church at Stirling to which they were attached.. . . One friend after another gave the stones of old and disused buildings--Mr. Kenny, Miss Anderson, and Mr. Cridland. Others gave timbers, which had to be dragged over precipices and with great toil to the site. The stone and timber now form a neat substantial edifice.. . . Mr. Casley the architect gave his very efficient aid freely.


Subscriptions received:

William Bramwell, J. W. Miller, R. W. Summerbell, R. F. Roxburgh, Miss Roxburgh, Miss Mamby James S. Gunter, James Grant, Robert McAdam, Edward Forbes, George Malcolm, Rev. A. P. Thomas, Samuel W. Jarrett, Rev. W. R. Thomson, S. S. Gooden, Rev. J. McDonald, Mrs. Battley, Rev. W. T. Turner, M.D., Rev. R. Johnstone, Louis Grant, H. G. Heniry, P. R. Miller, Charles P. Grant, Rev. W. Gillies, Messrs. A. B. Brown and Bros.

Friday, February 1, 1884

Many of our readers will be sorry to hear that the Rev. William Martin, Missionary of the United Presbyterian Church, at Nusseerabad, Rajpootana [India], died of fever on the 25th of last October; and they will sympathize with his brother, the Rev. James Martin of Carron Hall Presbyterian Church, and other friends. We copy the following from the "Scotsman" of 24th November: "Mr. Martin, says a correspondent, was a native of Strathaven, and belonged to a missionary family, one brother being at present a missionary in Jamaica, while another brother died in the mission field in India nine years ago. Mr. William Martin went to India in the end of 1860, and has been for 23 years a most devoted missionary.


A meeting was held in Kingston, at which certain gentlemen were appointed to wait upon the Governor and present a paper [relative to the proposed change in the mode of appointing the unofficial members of the Legislative Council. Those gentlemen were: G. Stiebel, J. C. Phillipo, M.D., Louis Verley, Charles Robinson, George Henderson, W. B. Gray, W. Bourke, George Levy, Charles Campbell.


The following gentlemen have been appointed by the Governor "to be Members of a Royal Commission to Report on the Franchise to be adopted in the Election of Unofficial Members of the Legislative Council," viz: The Hons. W. H. Coke, W. Vickers, M. Solomon, A. W. Taylor, R. L. Harvey, S. C. Burke, Esq., J. C. Phillippo, Esq., M.D., and George Stiebel, Esq.


The Jamaica School Commission have, after due examination, elected 5 boys as Drax Foundationers, and 4 as General Foundationers in the Jamaica High School. There were over 40 applicants, and those who had a claim were made to compete by written examination at various convenient centers. The general foundationers, from the whole of the island, except St. Ann, are A. A. C. Findlay, F. E. Jackson, O. G. Gauntlett, and W. O. R. Lofthouse. The Drax foundationers from St. Ann, are C. H. B. Harty, H. C. Jackson, D. F. Wight, Charles H. F. Royes, and D. R. W. Arscott.


The members of the Presbyterian Church in Falmouth are taking steps to provide a residence for their minister. The Rev. William Y. Turner, M.D. arrived in November last, and was inducted as minister of the Church and congregation. He is a young man, son of Dr. Turner, for many years a well-known Missionary of the London Missionary Society in the Samoan Islands of the Pacific.


We are pleased to see that the High School in connection with the Calabar College, Kingston, is resumed. It will give at a moderate cost a course of instruction in English, Modern Languages, the Classics, Mathematics, Science, etc. The Rev. T. Balfour, M.A. of the Edinburgh University. . . is associated with Messrs. East and Roberts, and will take a large part in the work of the High School. Boarders will have special advantages.


Subscriptions received:

J. Bryant, A. Anderson, A. Benloss, Rev. G. S. Turner, L. Young, Mr. Cook, W. A. Sullivan, The Hon. Alan Ker, Dr. Millar, John Cameron, William Gentles, Mr. Ogilvie, Mr. Johnstone, James Leaje, H. H. Hamilton, W. T. COles, F. Ratigan, F. Alexander, Simon Thomson, R. S. Goodrich, J. H. Levy, Hon. R. Nunes, Mrs. A. Grant, D. C. Grant, Mr. McAdam, Rev. E. B. Heighington, Miss Leonora Fraser, Robert Fletcher, Mr. J. A. Richards, A. J. Sisk, E. B. Wolfe, Dr. Deleon, John Coote, Alexander Dundas, John Allwood, Robert H. Walker, William Taylor, William Work, Henry E. Reuben, A. B. Dignum, A. Wood, J. Baillie Jnr., A. M. Solomon, Eubert Lopez, Hon. G. Henderson, Rev. T. Griffiths, Martin Harris, Mrs. Laing, William Burton.

Saturday, March 1, 1884


At Southfield, Trelawny, on the 31st January, by Rev. Dr. Turner, assisted by Rev. William Gillies, the Rev. H. Logan McMillan to Theodosia Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. H. C. MacDermott.


The gross amount of money for work done on the Railway extension to Ewarton, is £166,209. 13s. 7d., and on that to Porus £90,040. 2s. 3d., about £256,250. The largest part of this is for excavations in the open and in the tunnel in the Bog Walk, in fact about two-thirds of the whole cost. The masonry in the Bog Walk is of course a heavy charge, £36,693. The use and advantage of these lines will be great; how much greater if the connection with the North side were formed.


The Annual Meeting of the Kingston Teachers' Association was held in the Mico Class Room on the evening of the 8th Feb.

Mr. Geddes, the Vice President, was in the chair. His Honor Justice Ker spoke of the advantage of reading clubs. His Honor the Custos of Kingston, Rev. W. Simms of the Jamaica High School, and Dr. Robb also spoke. Mr. Hicks was present, as was Mr. Gill of the Mico, and Mr. Stevenson of the Calabar Model School.


Large sums, in one week £8,000, were paid lately in bounties (at £10 each) to Coolies who chose to remain in Jamaica instead of being returned to the East Indies.


From the Report of the Hon. A. H. Alexander we learn that there were 13,245 coolies in Jamaica on 30th September of last year, of whom 7,903 had resided ten years; 396 had arrived, and 415 had returned to India during the year.


Subscriptions received:

R. T. Clerk, Charles Wood, Rev. H. B. Wolcott, Mrs. A. McLean, R. Briscoe, James Allwood, A. D. Smith, Mrs. Thomson, His Excellency the Governor, Rev. L. Miller, Rev. E. B. Heighington, John Bean, J. H. Davis, Miss D. Aguilar, Rev. D. J. East, Rev. A. Baillie, John Watt, Dr. A. G. McCatty, Solomon Marson, Rev. A. Thomson, B. S. Gossett, Rev. R. Gordon, Arthur A. Grant, Rev. T. Downie, Colin Hogg, William Lee, John E. Kerr, J. W. Parkin, Robert McAdam, Mrs. Clerk, T. A. Clark, Miss Scott, Capt. Wallace, S. Johnston.



Excelsior House

Green Island

Dress goods, boots, hats, saddles, coats, etc.

Robert Watson

Tuesday, April 1, 1884

Subscriptions Received:

Kell King, J. M. Facey, A. C. Byefield, Dr. Logan, Sutton Scottock, George H. Jenkins, Rev. J. Thomas, Rev. A. Thomson, D. Kelcher, Miss Johnston, M. ZR. Barnett, Charles Gale, J. R. Scholes, Rev. T. Banbury, C. W. Treleaven, Rev. G. Dawson, Charles Hines, Isaac Gordon, Rev. G. B. Alexander, John Passmore, Edwin U. Ellis, Daniel McPherson, John W. Nixon, Rev. Mr. Butcher, John L. Hill, Miss Lewin, Mrs. Brown, John Hewan, Alexander Dalrymple, George DeSouza, Sergeant Thomson, George Wood, Wallace Bird, W. Runcie, Ephraim Polack, Rev. T. C. Hutchins, Rev. J. Cochrane, Dr. Mosse, George Syme, Miss Knibb, Rev. H. Scott, Mrs. Miller senr., Lionel Lee, John McLeod, Philip Chapman, Dutton Trench, S. G. Corinaldi, S. G. Corinaldi, David Mills, A. Benloss, Alfred Vernon, Mrs. McDermott, A. Annan, Thomas Stirling, John Crawford, Thomas Brown, D. Samuels, A. Brown, Edward Martin, Miss Stirling, Hon. H. Sewell, Rev. J. D. Robertson, Richard Francis, H. Lindo, Hon. William Kerr, William Burton, Mrs. Laing, Martin Harris, Rev. T. Griffith, Charles Dryden, Rev. M. G. Mitchell, Richard Hamilton, James Stewart, J. A. Richards, Rev. William Murray.

Thursday, May 1, 1884


At Victoria Town, on the 7th April, the wife of the Rev. H. H. Hamilton, of a daughter.



Subscriptions Received

Isaac Solomon, R. McAdam, Messrs. McDowell & Hankey, E. R. Williams, Robert Henlin, James Martin, Rev. A. Seiler, Rev. S. L. Lindo, Rev. James Roberts, Alexander Rowe, Maximilian Ferguson, J. Colash, J. Dickenson, Rev. R. Gordon, Miss Davis, Martin Harris, Miss Wray.



A trained teacher, to take charge of Goshen Presbyterian School from 1st July next. Good quarters provided. Applications and testimonials to be addressed.

Rev. George Davidson,

Goshen Manse, Gayle P.O.



A trained teacher for the Presbyterian School at Chesterfield. Applications with testimonials must be sent to:

Reb. O. C. Dolphy

Golden Spring, P.O.

Monday, June 2, 1884

Both the railway extensions are making good progress. On the Porus line 17,600 of the 42,614 yards of permanent way contracted for, have been laid; and on the Ewarton line, 4,796 of 25,146. Nearly nine-tenths of the fencing of the Ewarton line is finished, and over three-fourths of that of the line to Porus. At no distant day these important extensions shall be completed; the railway whistle wake the echoes of the Bog Walk; travellers escape these weary miles of heat and dust; and many advantages will follow in the trains of both lines.


The fact is published in the "Gazette" of the 29th May that the two Jamaica candidates who presented themselves for the Matriculation examination of the London University in January last, have passed as follows:

Honours Division

1015. Earle, Edward Robert Charles, Jamaica Hugh School. (This gentleman is placed next to the second candidate in the original Honours List and has obtained the number of marks qualifying for an exhibition.)

First Division

1014. Pasmore, Edwin Stephen, Private Tuition.



Subscriptions Received

Rev. J. Duff, Charles Heighington, A. J. Sisk, Rev. J. Smith, Rev. G. McNeill, Rev. J. Martin, S. V. Patten, H. F. Burnett, J. A. Vine, Richard Carter, J. L. Tapper.



Wanted Immediately--a Trained Teacher, one who is able to play the Harmonium, to take charge of the Ewing's Caymanas Day School.

James D. Robertson

Ewings Caymanas, Spanish Town, P. O.

Tuesday, July 1, 1884

The Eastern Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Jamaica met in Kingston on the 24th and 25th June. They "licensed" Mr. John Kissock Braham as a preacher of the gospel; he is now therefore a licentiate of the Presbyterian Church of this Island.


A Gazette Extraordinary was issued on June 25th, directing how to make up the lists of persons entitled to vote.

1) The Collectors of Taxes shall by 3rd July make out lists of those who appear to have the right of voting, having paid not less than 20/- of taxes on a house, or not less than 30/- in rates or taxes.

2) These lists are to be tested by the Inspectors of Police, and Clerks of Municipal Boards, who are to report whether any on them are disqualified. The registrars appointed for the purpose shall then make out lists corrected by the omission of those disqualified, by 17th July, and these lists shall be published at the Court House, and Police Stations in each district. Any name on those lists may be objected to, or any person who name is not inserted, who seems himself entitled to vote, may claim insertion. These objections and claims are to be settled by the Judges of the District Courts between the 18th and 30th day of August, at Courts held for this purpose, and duly intimated. The final settlement of all disputed cases is left to the Judges of the District Courts, and thus the first registers or lists of voters will be fixed and be in force till others are substituted. Care is hereby taken by the Government to give justice to all.


We here submit a list of the contributions to the Building Fund of the Presbyterian College Mission Church which is now being built in Kingston. These gifts were most cordially and readily given. The erection of the building has been delayed, and the site transferred, because the fire of 1882 scattered that part of the population among whom we had been working.

Contributed in Jamaica:

His Excellency Governor Musgrave, The Hon. Judge Ker, George Hicks, Rev. John Simpson, T. F. Roxburgh, T. L. Roxburgh, George Stiebel, Archibald Munroe, Thomas Oughton, Richard White, The Hon. H. J. Kemble, The Hon. J. Mackglashan, The Hon. T. Capper, The Hon. George Solomon, J. Orrett, Miss Chaves, Miss S. Groom, H. A. Jacobs, F. W. B. Ward, Major General Gamble, Capt. Fawkes, Rev. E. W. Jarrett, J. S. Ingram, Mrs. Mackay, Dr. Robb.


Subscriptions Received

A. Dingwall, J. Craig, J. Levy, S. D. Smith, Rev. P. Larsen, William Johnson, Richard Drummond, Henry Box, Capt. Groom, J. A. Ellis, Rev. Mr. Scotland, Rev. G. S. Turner, J. Phillippo, Mrs. Bernard, W. B. Hannan, F. A. Petgrave, Rev. F. A. Hathaway, J. L. Mawbray.


WANTED Immediately, a Trained Teacher, one who is able to play the Harmonium, to take charge of the Ewing's Caymanas Day School.

James D. Robertson

Ewings Caymanas, Spanish Town P.O.

Friday, August 1, 1884


At Worcester, St. James, on June 27th, by the Rev. Adam Thomson of Montego Bay, Richard M. Arnold, Teacher, Friendship, Westmoreland, to Rachel Apfell, daughter of Mr. William Vernon.



On the 10th June, the memorial stone of a new chapel-school was laid in an unoccupied district about 6 miles to the north of Mount Olivet. The district has quite recently been opened up; and new settlers are flocking into it. The new building is to serve as a school for the children of these settlers: and also as a place where old and young can meet together to worship God. The memorial stone was laid by Mr. Baillie, under whose care the chapel-school is placed. Addresses were given by Mr. Baillie, Mr. Walder the neighbouring Moravian Minister, by Mr. Shaw the catechist of Bryce Church, by Mr. Johnstone and by Mr. Alexander. The name of the new chapel-school is Bailleston, to commemorate Mr. Baillie's connection with the station. As the name Bryce Church commemorates the connection with the neighbouring station of John Bryce, Esquire, of Burneyside, Kendal.

On the following day there was work of the same kind to be done in another unoccupied district, but not newly settled, about 9 miles to the West of Mount Olivet called Robin's Hall. Bryce Church stands between these two stations, rather nearer to Robin's Hall, than to Baillieston. A school has been in operation at Robin's Hall for 2 years, under an energetic teacher.


Subscriptions Received

Capt. Williams, S. C. Peynado, Rev. M. E. Mitchell, Andrew Ruddock, Rev. R. Gordon, J. W. Grant, W. A. Watson, John M. Edward, Rev. W. Anderson.

Monday, September 1, 1884


On Wednesday, 6th August, the Memorial Stone of a New Church at Alligator Pond was duly laid. Since 1873 mission and educational work at this place has been carried on by the minister of New Broughton, aided by a catechist. . . . Stirring addresses were delivered by Rev. Mr. Hamilton of Victoria Town, by Rev. Mr. Alexander of Ebenezer, by Mr. Nixon the catechist at the station, and by Mr. Campbell the catechist at Grove Town. Thereafter, in the presence of a large crowd, the Stone was laid by Joseph Distant Esq., merchant at Alligator Pond who, in many substantial ways, has testified his interest in the work.


The foundation stone of the new church to be built at Salem, was laid on the 5th August by Mrs. McDonald, the wife of his honor the Custos of St. Mary, in the presence of a large assembly. The new church is to be built upon the site of the former building, which was blown down by the cyclone of 1880. Reported by the Rev. George Turner regarding his young church.


The new Presbyterian Church of Mount Hermon in Westmoreland was opened on Tuesday 5th August. Mount Hermon is situated in what is known as Lamb's River district and is near to Seaford Town, a settlement of German immigrants. As the name implies, it is a considerable elevation on the south side of Jackson's Vale, and commands a delightful view of that extensive, fertile and well-populated locality. The station was founded 44 or 45 years ago, by the Venerable H. M. Waddell, now of Dublin, but then of Mount Zion in St. James, who had followed into the mountainous regions numbers of his people who, after emancipation, had left or been driven from the lowlands. . . The present pastor of the Church is the Rev. Robert Gordon, a native of the island. The new place of worship is capable of accomodating 400 persons. The minister who conducted the dedicatory service was the Rev. Hugh L. McMillan of Bellevue.


Subscriptions received:

S. S. Gooden, George S. Thomson, Rev. Q. R. Noble, James Kennedy, James Martin, S. B. Henry, Capt. Wallace, P. W. Strachan.



High School in Montego Bay

The Public are respectfully informed that, in order to supply the felt want of a superior Commercial and Classical School in Montego Bay, and in comliance with the expressed desire of a number of the principal inhabitants of the Town, it is intended to resume the


formerly conducted, for many years, by the late Mr. George Miller.

The Academy will be hereafter under the immediate personal supervision and control of the Rev. Adam Thomson, aided to a large extent by his son George William, who has just passed successfully the London University's Matriculation Examination.

The following are the leading branches of knowledge which will be taught in the Academy:


Reading, Grammar, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, History, sacred and secular, etc.


Latin, Greek, Mathematics (including Algebra and Geometry), Natural Philosophy, Mental and Moral Science, etc.

There will be two Sessions, of five months' duration each, yearly.

The Academy will be opened on Tuesday 16th September.

Union Street

P.S. There are several widow ladies in Montego Bay who would be glad to receive boys from the country as boarders, on moderate terms.


The Anglo-Jamaican

Aromatic Bitters

Sole Manufacturer, A. C. McMillan

89 Barry and King Streets


Wednesday, October 1, 1884


At Rockhill Cottage, Goodwill, St. James, on the 27th August, by the Rev. Adam Thomson, William B. Pearson, Student of Theology, to Frances L. Gale, daughter of the late Mr. Adam Gale, Teacher.



At Palmetto Grove, St. Mary, September 2nd, Emma Wilhelmina, fifth and beloved daughter of Hugh Henry Walsh. Ages 12 years, 5 months.


William Mennie, Seaman (son of the late Robert Mennie, sometime Farmer at Ardo, Banchory Devenick) who left Aberdeen, about 26 years ago, and has not since been heard of, or his heirs, will, on applying to Messrs. Davidson & Garden, Advocates, Aberdeen, Scotland, hear of something to their advantage.



The Students were:

3rd year, John Kissock Braham; 2nd year, Robert Dingwall; 1st year, John Joseph Lannaman, George S. Patterson, James Gammon. And for a trial year, Hedley Brown.



The 50th anniversary of the formation of this congregation was commemorated on the 19th of August. The church was filled with an audience of about 800. The chair was occupied by Adam Roxburgh, Esq. Interesting and appropriate addressed were delivered by Rev. Messrs. Scott, Mitchell and Wolcott who had been appointed by the Presbytery to represent it, and also by Rev. Messrs. Turner and Davidson as representing neighbouring congregations. It may interest some to note that the roll of the Church 50 years ago, numbering 45, was read, and that there were found only 3 survivors.


Subscriptions Received

Harry F. Burnett, Charles Royes, Rev. R. Johnston, James Turner, Miss Kerr, Edgar Turnbull, Joseph Ellis, W. R. Hilton.



Mico Institution, Kingston

The Directors of the Mico Institution, Kingston, desire to engage an Assistant Master for the Normal Department, his duties to begin on January 1st, 1885.

Apply to the Honorary Secretary of the Institution, Rev. H. H. Kilburn, Kingston P.O.

Saturday, November 1, 1884

The Fifth Annual Report of the Registrar General, that for 1882-1883 [the year ran from October to September], shows that the population increased during the year by 10,735. The births were 24,132, and the deaths 13,397. The Registrar, stating that out of each 100 births 60 or 61 are illegitimate, says that this fact is suggestive to those who desire the moral advancement of the people. The marriage numbered 2,869, nearly 5 in each thousand of the population. Out of every 100 men 49 signed the register with their marks, while out of every 100 woman 68 could not write their names. This is a less proportion than that of the two years before. Of the 13,397 deaths 3,695 or 27.6 per cent were infants under one year of age, and 5,555 or 41 per cent were children under five. Of the deaths 32 per cent were due to those diseases which may be largely prevented by cleanliness all around in houses, lanes and streets.


Subscriptions received

Rev. F. Swaby, Mrs. S. Atterbury, Isaac S. Douglas, Rev. A. Thomson, Rev. G. S. Turner, Robert Shaw, J. S. Bruch, Joseph Whittingham, Miss E. Kerr, John E. Brown, Michael Meredith, Stephen Wilson, Edward Fray, Henry Campbell, Rev. R. Drummond, Miss Leonora Fraser.



A qualified teacher wanted for the School at Salem, Water-Valley, St. Mary.

Apply by letter prepaid to Rev. George S. Turner, Port Maria P.O.

Monday, December 1, 1884


At Rosehill Manse, on October 15th, the wife of Rev. H. B. Wolcott, of a daughter.


The Rev. William Murray, formerly minister of the Presbyterian Church, Falmouth, who left last year to recruit his health in Canada, has returned to Jamaica. Mr. Murray was the first editor of this paper.


None will regret the sharp criticism of the cost of our railway extensions. They have cost a great deal more than was expected, and especially the Ewarton line. One cannot feel very sanguine regarding the pecuniary results of a line that buts on Mount Diabolo, with no possibility of either climbing or tunneling. Perhaps it may be found possible to turn it, so as to get to the Northside, by either East or West.


Subscriptions received:

R. Beverland, Rev. W. Murray, T. F. Roxburgh, Miss Roxburgh, The Hon. George Solomon, E. B., Heighington, Joseph Codner, James Gunter, Arthur D. Cadenhead, Robert Watson, Rev. Josias Cork, The Mico Institution, Ebenezer Douglas.

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