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[From editions that originally belonged to Frederick G. Sanguinetti, Esq., in the Colonial Secretary's Office]

Friday, October 3, 1873


The Revd. Thomas Geddes of Montego Bay will deliver a Lecture, illustrated by Dissolving Views, at the Wesleyan Chapel in Falmouth on Tuesday, October 7th, in aid of their Repair Fund.


St. Thomas in the East

Death on an Estate: The death of another of the Book-keepers of Plantain Garden River Estate in the River district, (making 5 or 6 Book-keepers that have died on the property within this year) and the sickness of the others on the property, have caused some sensation, and whispers are freely indulged of unfair play, etc, but as all the young gentlemen had the benefit of good medical talent and attention, I do not believe there are any just grounds for suspicion.


Intelligence from Spanish Town

Death from Lightning: On Monday September 22, there was, during a heavy fall of Rain, frequent and severe flashes of Lightning. A Gateman named john Brown, employed by the Jamaica Railway Company to attend the Gate by Jones's Dam on the road to Port Henderson, and who was close to the wires of the Electric Telegraph, was struck by the electric fluid and died instantaneously. An inquest was held by Mr. McAnuff, the Acting Coroner.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth

In Port

For London - British Barque Arcadia, and Brig Britannia

For Inagua, British Brigantine Samuel Locke

Tuesday, October 7, 1873

Consular Appointment

The Jamaica Gazette of 25th September contains a notice that the Honorable Robert Nunes has been appointed as Acting-Consul for the united States of North America, in the room of the Hon. Thomas H. Pearne, resigned.


Mr. Joseph Malabre

We are unable to afford information to a Correspondent respecting the whereabouts of the above-named gentleman who holds, or did hold, an appointment in the Revenue Department. We have reason to believe that he has left Port Maria. We shall write to the Collector-General requesting his address.


Death of a merchant

The last Packet brought the intelligence of the death in England on the 2d instant, of William Barclay, Esq., of the firm of McDowell and Barclay in the city of Kingston.


Shipping Intelligence

The Brigantine Delta which left the port of Kingston a short time ago for Inagua, for a cargo of salt, experienced very severe weather on her voyage thither, whereby she sustained considerable injuries and was compelled to put back to Jamaica. She arrived here on Friday morning last and is now undergoing the necessary repairs.

The Sloop Victorine, Penaydo, Master bound to Inagua for salt, when within a day's sail of that place was obliged to put back to this port from the effects of the weather.

No news has been received of the Sloop Jane, belonging to this port, which left here a few weeks ago for Inagua.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


October 3, British Brigantine Delta, Hammet, in distress

October 3, Schooner Louise, Deland, from Port Antonio

October 3, Sloop Trial, Simpson, from Montego Bay

October 6, Schooner Trelawny, McFarlane, from Kingston


October 5, Schooner Sarah and Hannah, Wallace, for Port Maria and Kingston

October 5, Schooner Louise, Deland, for Port Antonio

October 5, British Brigantine Samuel Locke, for Inagua

In Port

For London - British Barque Arcadia, and Brig Britannia

For Inagua, British Brigantine Delta

Friday, 10th October 1873


A Gentleman of this name left England about 1822 for Jamaica, (part unknown), where he resided for several years and died there, unmarried, about 1840, being at his decease, entitled to property in England; he was born in Hampshire (England) in 1802. Any persons interested in his Estate are requested to apply to the undersigned who will give a liberal reward for the Burial Certificates of the said deceased.

Arthur J. Head, Solicitor, 89 Chancery Lane, London, England


Arrival of the Packet

The following items are taken from the papers we have received:

Naval Vice-Admiral George C. Wellesley, C. B. has been appointed Commander-in-Chief on the North America and West India station, vice Admiral Fanshawe, whose period of service has expired.

The Britomart, screw gun-boat, Lieutenant-Commander W. Richards, arrived in Plymouth Sound on September 13, from the North American and West Indian stations.

The unarmour-plated screw ship Duncan, Capt. G. H. Watson arrived at Spithead on September 4 from Sheerness. . . After receiving on board a number of naval and marine supernumeraries for ships on the West India Station, she left in the evening for Plymouth to embark others, after which she proceeded directly to Jamaica.

Paymaster Henry Gilpin has been appointed to the Aboukir (additional), for charge of naval and victualling stores at Jamaica.

Sub-Lieutenant Stephen Henry Thompson has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in Her Majesty's Fleet, with seniority of July 19, 1873, confirming a commission given by Vice-Admiral Edward Gennys Fanshawe, C.B., Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty's ships and vessels on the North American and West India Station, in the death vacancy of Lieut. Henry Waller.


Ex-Governor Eyre: Mr. Eyre, ex-Governor of the Island of Jamaica, is at present, residing with his family at Rosebank, Strathyre, Valquhidder, Scotland, where he passes his leisure time in fishing in the river Balvaig and the lakes of the parish, and has the reputation of being one of the best fishers in the district.


Military Intelligence: Lieut. R. F. Devereux, 2nd W. I. Regiment, has been appointed Fort Adjutant at Cape Coast Castle.

The appointment to a Sub-Lieutenant in the 2nd West India Regiment on August 9, 1873, of Edward Henry Clementson, gent., has been cancelled.


A Case of Stabbing: A shocking affair has just occurred on board an American vessel, named Helen Aungier, which sailed for Valparaiso. When a little way out from Queenstown, the second mate, superintending the working of the ship, threw some water among the crew. Part of the water fell on an American, who drew his knife and stabbed the mate in the abdomen. The vessel was at once put back, and the wounded man, who is not expected to recover, was taken to the hospital, and the offender delivered over to the police.


Intelligence from Lucea

Small Pox: The hope is entertained here that you will . . . urge the Government to adopt active measures to check the progress of the disease. Lucea is in a most filthy state. Pig styes, latrines, stables, gutters, etc., are as foul as they can possibly be, and there is nobody to look after the removal of the unhealthy deposits.

Green Island: The Government has bought York Hill near Green Island for £380, and it is said that the sum of £400 will be expended on repair, in order that it may be used as a Court House and Constabulary Station.


Intelligence from St. Ann

Sickness: There are 6 or 7 new cases of Small Pox, and 2 or 3 deaths on Sunday night; one of the individuals, being Mr. Cunningham, who was a clerk to Messrs. J. C. Lewis & Co. of St. Ann's Bay.


Intelligence from Montego Bay

Reading Society: a Book Club has been established in Montego Bay through the exertions of Stipendiary Justice T. H. Tharpe. The Revd. J. E. Henderson if Chairman, Dr. Deleon is Treasurer, Mr. Robert Fowler is librarian, and Mr. S. S. O. Jacobs is Secretary.


Intelligence from Spanish Town

Jewish Holiday: Divine Service on the Jewish Day of Atonement was performed by Mr. S. S. Layton, (Lay Reader) assisted by Mr. D. C. Peixotto.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


October 7: British Brigantine Ida, O'Brien, 20 days, New York, via Kingston, Breadstuffs, consigned to Messrs. D'Souza, Son & Lazarus.

Tuesday, 14 October 1873

Cricket Match

A Cricket Match was played at the Parade Ground in Falmouth on Saturday 11th, between the Members of the Phoenix and Oxford Clubs of Trelawny, the Gentlemen comprising the Clubs being all Planters in the Parish.

The playing commenced at 12 o'clock and lasted until after 5 o'clock in the evening, resulting in favor of the phoenix Club. Phoenix Team: Kemble, Stevenson, Bridge, Doull, Hoskins, C. Whittingham, J. Whittingham, Treleaven, Kerr, James, Morrish. Oxford Team: Strickland, Mortimer, Guy, Houchen, Watson, Perkins, D. Archer. C. Dewar, Booth, G. Dewar, King.


Trelawny Municipal Board

Meeting on Saturday 11th instant.

A transferable License for Hawking and Peddling was granted to Miss Miriam Lindo.

The tender of Ellis Julian for supplying the Pound at Duncans with fodder and water was accepted. The tender of Edward Blake for repairing the Duncans Pounds was also accepted.

A letter was read from Mr. Cooke, Catechist at Stewart Town, complaining of the bad condition of the burial ground there. The letter was forwarded to Mr. T. P. Kidd for an explanation.

Mr. Galloway was refunded £2.9s for money advanced to Mary Simpson, and aged female over 100 years old. She was placed on the roll at 2s per week.

A request from Dr. Lemonius for £1.5s due him for allowance to one Sarah Daly. It was refused as she had not been placed on the pauper roll.


Trelawny Local Board of Health

A letter was read from the Governor refusing to permit the convicts to remove offal, rubbish and other offensive matter from the streets of Falmouth.

An application will be made to the representative of Cave Island Penn for a lease of 2 acres of land as a depository for offal and rubbish.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


October 13, Spanish Schooner Almogabar, Uriate, 1 1/2 days, Manzanillo de Cuba. general cargo, consignment to Messrs. D'Souza, Son & Lazarus.


October 12, British Brig Britannia, Tod, London

October 12, British Brigantine Delta, Hammett, for Halifax.

Friday, 17 October 1873


In Falmouth on Sunday 12th instant, Mr. Robert Higginson, a respectable inhabitant of this town, aged 58 years, leaving an aged mother, a disconsolate wife, an only child, and other relatives and friends to mourn their irreparable loss.

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord: they rest from their labours and their work do follow them."


The Church of England in Jamaica

There will be changes in the appointments of some clergy. Those which have been settled are: Revd. G. W. Downer to Kingston Parish Church, Revd. F. L. King to Stewart Town with Rio Bueno, Revd. Henry McDermot to have Trinity, Blue Mountain Valley, with Woburn Lawn, and Revd. J. E. Miller to Yallahs.


Ralph Nunes, Esquire

The above-named gentleman, who is at present in England, has been very ill. We are glad to learn that his brother, the Honorable Robert Nunes, has received a Telegram, announcing that a change has taken place, and that the hope was entertained of perfect restoration to health.


Rusea's Free School

Due to the inclement weather the appointment of an Usher to the school was postponed until the 18th. The candidates for the situation are Mr. Henry D'Oyley and Mr. Stephen Morrison, both of whom, we believe, have been engaged as teachers in this Island.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


October 16, Sloop Jane, Waite, 4 days, Inagua, carrying salt.

Tuesday, 21 October 1873

The Public Health

The Government and the Local Authorities are doing very little to check the progress of Small Pox in the several parishes of the Island. In the years 1852 and 1853 it committed sad ravages. Now it is doing its death work in towns and rural districts. . St. Thomas in the East, Clarendon, Vere, Portland, Port Maria, St. Ann.


The Steamer Atlas

An extract from the New York Times: "The steamer Atlas, the pioneer of the new line from New York to Jamaica, has completed her first return trip in remarkable time. She left Kingston a week ago last night, August 27th, and passed Sandy Hook at sunrise yesterday.. . . There were 35 passengers on the homeward trip, including Rev. William Murray, L.L.D. late of Halifax, N.S. and now of Falmouth, Jamaica, delegate to the Evangelical Alliance; Sir John Peter Grant, Governor of Jamaica, taking his vacation with Lady Grant, and en route for Niagara; John R. McNabb, of the Colonial Office; John R. McPhail, a wealthy planter, with his family, and a number of ladies."


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


October 17, American Brigantine R. S. Hassel, Hudson, Philadelphia, via Kingston, consigned to Messrs. Nunes Bros.


October 17, British Brigantine Ida, O'Brien, Cienfuegos

October 19, Spanish Schooner Almogavar, Uriarte, Manzanillo. Cargo: cattle, fowls, dried fish.

Tuesday 28th October

A case of smuggling

At the Falmouth Court of Petty Sessions on Thursday last, before Justices M. A. Nunes and J. A. Vine, Joseph Ross and Warner Herbert, two seamen belonging to the Brigantine "Hassel" were brought up at the instance of Sergeant Major Atherton of the Constabulary, each charged with bringing on shore 4 lbs. salted pork and 1 1/2 lbs salted beef. Testimony was given by John G. Chisholm, Acting Collector of Customs, and David Hodgson, Master of the "Hassel". The 2 seamen had stolen meat that was being prepared for the crew's dinner and conveyed it on shore without paying duty. They were both fined.


The Reverend George Sargeant

On Sunday last, the Revd. Sargeant, superintendent of the Wesleyan Body in Jamaica, preached two eloquent sermons at the Wesleyan Chapel in Falmouth. Mr. Sargeant, when he labored in Falmouth was a great favorite among all classes of every denomination.


Intelligence from Lucea

The Fruit Trade: A vessel is expected at Lucea in a couple of days to be loaded with Cocoanuts, Plantains, Bananas, and other fruits that are in season.

Vaccination: Mr. William Cort has received a fresh supply of Lymph, and has commenced vaccinating and re-vaccinating in the district.

The Kirk at Lucea: The Revd. Mr. Downie, Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation at Hampden in the parish of St. James, exhibited at the Kirk upwards of 100 views by a Lantern of great power. Proceeds of over £12 will go to the Cuba Mission Fund.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


October 25, British Brigantine Montrose, Flavin, 20 days, from Halifax N.S. Fish-stuffs.


October 27. American Brigantine R. S. Hassel, Hudson, for Trinidad-de-Cuba.

Friday, 31 October 1873

New Year's Benevolence

The good people of Montego Bay have entered the field for the purpose of promoting this tribute paid by the rich to the poor of their surroundings. At the head of the movement in St. James stands its Stipendiary Magistrate, Mr. Sharp, assisted by the worthy Master of the Friendly Lodge, Mr. Jacobs, and backed by a liberal subscription of £5 from the firm of J. E. Kerr & Co., The Hon. Mr. Justice Smith, Rev. J. E. Henderson, Rev. T. M. Geddes, George Lyons Esq., and Mrs. Lyons, His Honor the Custos, George Ffrench Esq., Rev. D. R. Morris, Rector, Dr. J. Deleon, Messrs. G. L. Phillips and Bro., R. Turnbull Esq., and other merchants and storekeepers.


Wesleyan Missions

Sermons in behalf of the Wesleyan Missionary Society will be preached in the Wesleyan Chapel of Falmouth on Sunday 2nd by Revd. Thomas Geddes of Montego Bay.


Intelligence from St. Ann's

Melancholy Death: Mr. David Edwards, the Assistant Clerk of the District Court here, took in very suddenly, while in the performance of his duties on Saturday last the 25th instant. He complained for a pain in his head, and about mid-day was seized with a fit. He was then removed to his residence, where the Government Medical Officer was speedily in attendance. All his efforts whoever to save the unfortunate young man was of no avail and he died at 4 p.m. the same day.

Tuesday, 4th November 1873

Military Intelligence

The Gleaner says that a telegram was received in Kingston on Tuesday notifying the Military Authorities that the troops now stationed at Up-Park Camp will shortly be relieved by the Head Quarters and one wing of the 97th Regiment; and that the present Head Quarters and 6 companies now at Camp must be held in readiness to embark for the West Coast of Africa. Of this detachment only one Company with the Band will remain here.



To the editor of the Falmouth Post

"Falmouth, 30th October, 1873

Sir: I think it would be wrong on my part to leave the port of Falmouth, which I have visited several times, without bearing testimony to the very kind and gentlemanly treatment I received, (for the first time since I have been trading in Falmouth) from one of the Customs' Officers, Mr. Trench, Junior Landing Waiter. This Officer, I must candidly admit, is one of the most efficient I have met in the course of my travels. . . John F. Flavin, Master Brigantine "Montrose".


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


November 2, American Schooner Fred. Smith, Smith, in 20 days from New York, via Kingston.


November 1, British Brigantine Montrose, Flavin, for Inagua.

Friday, 7 November 1873

Rusea's Free School

Due to the non-attendance of a sufficient number of Trustees to form a quorum the appointment of an Usher to the school was postponed until the 8th. The candidates for the situation are Mr. Henry D'Oyley, Mr. Stephen Morrison, William Walker, Frederick Bowen, and Stephen Langshaw. The situation is worth £60 per annum.


Wesleyan Missions

Sermons in behalf of the Wesleyan Missionary Society were preached in the Wesleyan Chapel of Falmouth on Sunday last by Revd. Thomas Geddes of Montego Bay. The chair was taken by Frentz Guiselin, Esq., and the other gentlemen on the platform were the Reverends John Corlett, T. M. Geddes, T. P. Russell, R. M. Parnther, Wesleyans, Revd. William Fownie, Presbyterian, and the Revd. John Kingdon, Baptist.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


November 4, British Barque Patricia, Roche, 52 days from London, general Cargo.

Tuesday, 11 November 1873

The Cornwall Agricultural Club

An agricultural fair was held on October 30 and 31 at Shettlewood Pen and Sod Hall Estate. There were over 5,000 persons present, including George M. Lawson, ex-Custos of St. James, his successor the Hon. George L. Phillips, and his successor the Hon., William Kerr; the Custodes of Westmoreland, Hanover, Trelawny, and Manchester, viz: the Hon. Messrs. Vickers, Cooke, Nunes and Muirhead, with Magistrates of the several parishes, and a lot of the Plantocracy; and I must not omit noticing, that "Coy's Boys" were right glad to see their valued instructor and friend present. "Old Fred" looked almost as fresh as he did in the days when he was distinguished in Hanover for hospitality, and he met with a "glorious reception." Messrs. Fisher and Shirley of Trelawny, and Messrs. John Parkin, Jacob Jackson, John Edwards, and James Whittingham of St. James and Hanover, with many others who are connected with the agricultural affairs of the Island, including Mr. Robertson, the Secretary of the Club, were actively employed in carrying out the Programme of the day.


The Revenue Department at Montego Bay

Mr. Manning, a Clerk in the Revenue Department in St. James, and who resigned his appointment on being ordered to proceed to Westmoreland left Monday as a passenger on a steamer which sailed to New York. There is some question of a cheque which Mr. Manning should have forwarded to the Collector but did not.


The Virginius

The Virginius was captured when she was chased by the two Spanish vessels of war for upwards of 8 hours. The Virginius was taken into St. Jago de Cuba on the 1st instant, and on the 5th Generals Ryan, Varona, Jesus del Sol, and Pedro Caspedes were shot. It is rumoured that some passengers on the ship were shot later.


Captain Clough

Captain Clough of the 1st West India Regiment, now acting as Private Secretary to the Hon. Edward Rushworth, Administrator of the Government of Demerara, has received orders to join his Regiment in Africa, which is now engaged in the prosecution of the Ashantee War. Captain Clough was stationed here a short time ago as Lieutenant of a Detachment of the 1st West India Regiment.

Friday 14th November, 1873

The Jamaica Gazette of the 6th instant states that the Governor has accepted the resignation by Mr. M. C. Brownrigg, of his appointment as an Inspector of Police in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Friday, 21 November 1873

The Church of England in Jamaica

Other changes in appointments have now been made:

Revd. H. W. Whitfield to St. Paul's, Negril, with St. Mary's.

Revd. G. C. Linton, to take charge of St. Faith's, with Harewood.

Revd. J. E. Woodrow, to St. Alban's, with Mount Hermon.

Revd. J. D. Hunt, to St. Gabriel, Lime Savannah.

Revd. C. T. Johnson, to Porus.

The Revd. Charles H. Davis will not be removed from Green Island.


Inhuman treatment

A woman named Sarah Lyon was brought to Falmouth from Irving Tower, on Wednesday last, in the custody of Special Constable Jeremiah, charged with thrusting a lighted firestick in the mouth of her daughter, who, it appears, had stolen a piece of boiled plantain. The mouth of the little girl, who is between 5 and 6 years old, is very much injured.


Intelligence from St. James

Religious Intelligence

The Baptists had their Annual Missionary Meeting recently at Bethel Town, Shortwood and Mount Carey. Present in Bethel Town were, beside the Revd. Mr. Hewitt, Minister of the Congregation, the Revds. J. E. Henderson, P. Williams, C. Williams, C. Randall, Burrell R. Gordon, with Mr. Tilley, Civil Engineer.

Friday, 28 November 1873

Mr. William H. Dunn

. . .We announce the death on November 25th at Lucea of Mr. William G. Dunn, who, during the time of his employment as an Assistant Collector of Taxes in the parish of Hanover, was attentive and kind to all persons which whom he had business transactions in the Revenue Department with which he was connected. . . .


St. James' Circuit Court

The Circuit Court for St. James, Trelawny and Hanover was opened on Friday 21st before the Hon. Alan Ker. The professional gentlemen present were F. R. Lynch Esq., Assistant Attorney General; Mr. Advocate Wellesley Bourke, Thomas Brown, Esq, Clerk of the Court, and Solicitors L. J. Preston, S. H. Watson, and Manderson Cohen, Esquires.

The following cases were proceeded with:

Queen Vs Friendship Baillie of St. James for larceny of a gelding, property of Rebecca Williams. He was found guilty.

Queen vs Duncan Foster and John Foster of Hanover, for larceny of two pigs, the property of Joseph Whittingham, Esq. Guilty.

The Queen vs Thomas Redmond of Hanover, for Bestiality. Guilty.

Queen vs Kaddar Bacchus (a Coolie) of Hanover, charged with attempted suicide while an invalid in the Hospital of Hanover District Prison. Acquitted and sent back to prison.

Queen vs George Watson of St. James for feloniously wounding Thomas Ferguson. Guilty.

Queen vs George Henry Stevens and James Kelly for robbing on the high seas. Prisoners released, subject to later indictment, due to the absence of the Island of the Captain of the vessel for which they were droghing cargo.

Queen vs Robert Samuells, alias Bowen, of St. James for Housebreaking and Larceny of money and other articles belonging to Alexander Brodie. Guilty.

Queen vs Thomas Reckord of St. James, for wounding and maiming Robert Brissett. Guilty.

Court adjourned until Saturday.

Case heard Saturday 22nd November:

Queen vs Oliver Campbell of Hanover, charged under the Bankruptcy Law with making a fraudulent transfer of his stock in trade to one Esther Lewis, the housekeeper of the defendant. Guilty.


Arrival of Cubans

The Schooner Almogavar, from Manzanillo de Cuba, arrived in Falmouth yesterday, having on board several respectable Cuban families, numbering 74, men, women, and children.

Tuesday, 2 December 1873

Military Intelligence

The Transport Maritoban arrived in Kingston on Friday 28th last with 3 companies of the 97th Regiment, and 12 men of the Artillery under the command of Colonel Lord Clarina. There are besides 13 commissioned officers. The Band of the Regiment has also arrived. The 97th had been stationed in Ireland for some time. The men are stationed at Newcastle.

The headquarters of the 1st W. I. Regiment, consisting of 5 companies, will shortly embark for the West Coast of Africa. A portion of the white troops that are to occupy their place at Camp have already arrived from Newcastle.


A Miniature Buggy

We yesterday saw a miniature buggy, made by a lad of this town [Falmouth] named William Walker, son of Mr. Robert Walker, Coachmaker in Falmouth. The design and workmanship could scarcely, if at all, be surpassed by the most experienced workman in any part of the world. It may be inspected at the store of M. W. Nunes, Esq.

Friday, 5 December 1873

Wreck of a Vessel

The British Barque Persia of 530 tons, commanded by Captain Paul Patty, and having a load of Logwood of 400 tons, was taken from Black River to Orange Bay by a Pilot, arriving there on Wednesday forenoon the 19th November. During the night, a heavy north-wind set in, and the Vessel was driven ashore and became a total wreck. Two of the crew were drowned, and 4 others with the Captain were saved with great difficulty by the people of Orange Bay, particularly Mr. James Hart, Mr. W. Samuels, and 3 others. The Captain and his fellow-sufferers were conveyed to Green Island.


Reverend William Murray, L.L,D.

The above-named gentleman, who left the island in August to attend a conference, returned to the Island. He arrived at his residence on Monday evening last.


Induction Service

On Wednesday 26th November the Northern Presbytery, of the United Presbyterian Church, met at Mt. Hermon to induct the Revd. Robert Gordon to the pastoral charge there. Present were the Revds. Adam Thomson, Thomas Downie, and P. Franze, (Moravian).


Atrocious Murder

A woman, named Sarah Madden, from Tower Hill in St. Andrew, was found in a gap near the Kingston Race Course on Saturday morning with her throat cut from ear to ear. An inquest was held before Mr. William Andrews, Deputy Coroner. On Sunday Daniel Madden was apprehended by Detective Hall and Gordon at Alman Town, on information of one of his brothers, named Alexander Madden, an old Constable, on suspicion of the murder.


St. Ann's Circuit Court

The following cases were proceeded with on Thursday last:

The Queen vs Henry Peterkin for Bestiality. Guilty.

Queen vs Henry Harris of Brown's Town for making a fraudulent transfer of his property, under the Bankruptcy Act. Mr. Harris did not appear, and a Bench Warrant was issued.

Queen vs Henry Burnett for rape. Guilty.

Queen vs Charles Johnson for aiding and abetting Henry Burnett. Guilty.

Queen vs James Edwards for House-Breaking and Larceny. Guilty

Queen vs George Sinclair for escape from prison. Guilty.

Queen vs William Lowe for an indecent assault on a female. Acquitted due to lack of evidence.

Queen vs Richard Jones for assault with intent to commit rape. Guilty.

Cases heard on Friday November 29:

Queen vs Henry Shaw for forgery. Guilty.

Queen vs ___ Graves for assault. Guilty.

Queen vs William Rose for manslaughter. Not Guilty.

Queen vs Ellen Hyatt for assault. Not guilty.

Tuesday, 9 December

Capture of Manning in America

The New York Tribune of 20th November last stated that: :Detective Walling of the [New York] Central Office, arrested last evening, George Manning, recently arrived in this City from Kingston, Jamaica. The arrest was made upon a Cable despatch from Inspector Foley of that place."

Mr. Manning is the same individual who resigned the appointment he held as a Clerk in the Revenue Department in St. James, after being a defaulter to a considerable amount.

Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


December 6, British Brigantine Eagle, Swain, 20 days, Halifax, Fish-Stuffs.

December 6, British Barque Swanley, Wood, 40 days, London, General Cargo consigned to Samuel Thomson, Esq.

December 7, British Schooner Cairie Bonnell, Pinkham, Philadelphia via Kingston, Bread-Stuffs.

Friday, 12 December 1873

The Virginius matter

The following telegram was received yesterday:

"Santiago, Cuba, 6th December:- All the remaining prisoners of the Virginius removed to Havana except 9 men and 1 boy who remained behind sick."

La Bandera Espanola gives the following names of the prisoners of the Virginius converted to Roman Catholicism by the Priests of that Church, who were in attendance on them, prior to their Murder. In this list alone there are eleven British subjects, including 2 Jamaicans:

John C. Harris, Massachusetts, U. S., Infidel

William Baynard, U. S., Protestant

Edward Day, U. S., Protestant

Thomas Reed, U. S., Protestant

Frederick Williamson, Albany U.S.

John Brown, U.S., Protestant

Leopold Grey, Havana, Protestant

Walter J. Price, England, Protestant

Alfred Haissel, England, Protestant

Thomas Walter Williams, Manchester Jamaica, Protestant

George Thomas, Jamaica, Protestant

James Samuel, colored, Westmoreland, Protestant

Ezekiel Durham, colored man, Turks Island, Protestant

William Ross Henderson, Scotland, Protestant

Samuel Kard, colored man, Nassau, Infidel

Samuel Brown, Nassau, Protestant

Andrew Frank, Bermuda, Protestant

Thomas Grigg, Barbados, Protestant

Francis Good, colored man, Sierra Leone, Protestant

Leopold Renner, Curacao, Protestant

[The Falmouth Post editorial had been reporting that many passengers and crew on the Virginius had been killed, but there was no prior proof.]

Information by later telegrams states that the execution of a youth on the Virginius, named Walter Price who is the only son of a wealthy hotel proprietor in England, caused increased trouble. Lord Granville has taken the case in hand with great seriousness and firmness.


The Constabulary

His Excellency the Governor has appointed Thomas Alexander Esq., late Acting Inspector of Trelawny, to be an Inspector of the Third Class for Trelawny in room of Marcus Crosbie Brownrigg, Esq., resigned.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


December 9, Spanish Schooner Antonica, Jayme, from Manzanillo de Cuba, General cargo and 23 passengers.

Tuesday, 16 December

The Reverend John Campbell

The above-named worthy Clergyman, whose return after an absence of more than two years, as been welcomed in Lucea by the Members of the United Presbyterian Church of which he was Pastor.


Cricket Match

A Return Cricket Match was played on the Parade Grounds on Saturday last 13th instant. Some changes were made in the team members. New on the Phoenix team: Brodie, Hoskins, Mortlock, Cooke, Bruch, Stuart. New on the Oxford team: Alexander, Walcott, Armstrong. The Oxford Club won the Match.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


December 12, British Brigantine Samuel Locke, Allan, Lockport N.S. via Kingston. Fish-Stuffs.

December 14, British Brigantine Walloon, Acker, Lockport N.S. via Kingston, Fish-Stuffs.

December 15, American three-masted Schooner Harry White, Hopkins, Philadelphia via Kingston. Bread-Stuffs.


December 13, Spanish Schooner Almogavar, Uriarte, Manzanillo de Cuba

December 13, Spanish Schooner, Antonica, Jayme, Kingston

December 14, British Brigantine Eagle, Swain, Inagua

December 14, Schooner Cairie Bonnell, Pinkham, Barracoa de Cuba

Friday, 19 December 1873

Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


December 16, British Barque Patricia, Roche, London via St. Ann's Bay


Port of Montego Bay


December 14, British Barque James Duncan, Gerrard, 44 days, London, General cargo and 3 passengers, consigned to Messrs. George L. Phillips & Brother.

December 15, British Sloop Content, Crooks, Inagua, Salt, consigned to Messrs. Abraham Hart & Son.

The James Duncan, after discharging her outer-bound cargo, will proceed to Lucea, to load for London.

Tuesday, 23 December 1873

Another sad disaster has occurred at sea, in the sinking of the steamship Ville de Havre, through collision with the ship Loch Earn in mid ocean on the morning of 23rd November. The Loch Earn was badly damaged. The disaster occurred in Lat. 47N, and long. 35 W. 87 souls were saved from the steamship, including 25 of the crew.


The Palisadoes

A building has been erected at the above-named place, as the residence of the Cocoanut Plantation which is being established by the Government. Mr. Charles D. Sherwood has been appointed Superintendent.


The Government of Jamaica

Sir William Grey, formerly Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, has been appointed to succeed Sir John Peter Grant as Governor of Jamaica.


Arrival of Manning

Among the passengers on the Atlas Steamer Etna from New York is the defaulter Manning who was arrested in New York, accompanied by Detective Walling of New York who immediately turned over the prisoner to Detective Jones of the Jamaica Force.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


December 18, British Brig Harriett Wardle, Langlois, 35 days, London, General Cargo.

December 19, American Brigantine Perces Hinkley, Small, 19 days, New York, Bread-Stuffs.

December 20, American Schooner Sea Dog, Allen, 17 days, New York, Bread Stuffs.


December 19, British Brigantine Samuel Locke, Allan, Inagua

December 20, British Brigantine Walloon, Acker, Inagua

December 21, American three-masted Schooner Harry White, Hopkins, Jacksonville

Tuesday, 30 December 1873

Rusea's Free School, Hanover

The Public Examination of the Pupils of the above-named Institution, took place on Thursday 18th inst. The Hon. William H. Cooke, Custos, presided, and the other Gentlemen present were, the Revd. Charles Henderson Davis, Curate of Trinity Chapel in Green Island, Messrs. William H. Cooke, Junr., Dod and Lee. The following is a List of the successful Competitors:

Writing, First Division: 1. Isaac Allen. 2. A. S. Chisholm. 3. Charles Evans.

Second Division: 1. Evelina Patterson. s. Alice Walton.

Reading: 1. A. H. Hopkins. 2. Thomas Laurence. 3. Catherine Levermore.

Latin, First Division: (Virgil, 1st Eclogue) 1. William S. Rusea. 2. John A. Levy.

Second Division: (Cicero De Amicitia). 1. Isaac Aller, (Cap. 22-25), and 2. Charles A. Lee, Christopher Levy, and A. B. Allwood, equal.

Greek: (Acts 3rd chapter) 1. William C. Rusea. 2. John A. Levy

English Grammar, Parsing and Syntax: No special prize was awarded, as all the Pupils acquitted themselves remarkably well.

Dictation: 1. William C. Rusea, A. B. Allwood, and A. H. Hopkins, equal. 2. Isaac Aller.

Arithmetic: A. H. Hopkins, A. B. Allwood, Frank Dod, Thomas Lawrence, Isaac Allen, William C. Rusea, Charles Evans, Charles A. Lee, John A. Levy, Alexander S. Chisholm, equal.

Geography: 1. John A. Levy. 2. A. H. Hopkins.

Ornamental Printing: 1. Elijah Vosper. 2. Charles Evans, Thomas Laurence, Frank Dod, A. S. Chisholm, Daniel Santfleben, equal.

The Recitations followed, and were, with scarcely an exception, admirably delivered: those in Greek and Latin by William Charles Rusea and John A. Levy, and the English ones by Frank Dod, Thomas Lawrence, A. H. Browne, A. H. Hopkins, and A. B. Allwood.

The Custos presented the prizes. The Revd. Charles H. Davis remarked how fortunate Lucea was in possessing an Institution, at which the children of the poorest people could obtain such an education as it is calculated to afford. The Head Master, the Revd. J. K. Collymore was thanked for his careful and diligent tuition of the pupils.


Masonic Intelligence

The Installation of Officers of the Athole Union Lodge in Falmouth will take place at their Lodge Room in Market Street, on Tuesday 6th January. The names of the Officers elect are:

Master Elect: The Right Worshipful Past Master D. C. D'Souza

Depute Master: The Right Worshipful Past Master M. A. Nunes

Substitute Master: The Right Worshipful Past Master John C. Lewis

Senior Warden: L. J. Preston

Junior Warden: Henry E. Reuben

Senior Deacon: John C. Scott

Junior Deacon: Albert Nathan

Treasurer: Louis H. Lazarus

Secretary: A. C. Henriques

Inner Guard: George Stricker

Tyler: James Atkins



At Meikle Barntshields, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, on 21st ultimo, George Miller, late of the Montego Bay Academy, Jamaica, aged 71 years.


Shipping Intelligence

Port of Falmouth


December 23, British Barque Josephine, ___, Savanna-la-Mar, with part Cargo lumber.

December 24, American Schooner Vicksburgh, Snow, Norfolk, Staves and Headings.


American Brigantine Perces Hinkley, Small, Kingston


Charles Delgado & Co, Falmouth, 9/22/1873

has reopened their bakery. "Families will find the difference in quality by ordering their Servants to purchase Bread at the 'Falmouth House.'"


George L. Phillips & Bro.

At the St. James' Store, Montego Bay

Imported in the "Arcadia"

Clothing, jewelry, household goods, saddles, etc.


Kingston, 6 October

Compagnie Generale Transtlantique

for Colon

the fine French Mail Steamer


Commander Chicaudet

expected from Santiago Cuba on the 10th.

For freight and passage

Apply to A. L. Malabre & Co., Agents


Falmouth, 3rd November 1873



The Stock to be disposed of as early as possible

In consequence of the demise of Mr. David Morales, the Business must be brought to an early close, and the Subscriber offers great inducements to the public by Wholesale or Retail, in lots to suit purchasers.

Abraham Morales

Corner of Market Square

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