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Jamaica Courant and Public Advertiser

May 22, 1830

City and Parish of Kingston

May 20, 1830

A List of Persons assessed for not Giving-in their Taxable Property on the 28th. March last.


King Street

William Adan

Moses Da Costa

William Hamilton

Michael Henry

Edward McGeachy

Jacob Stines


Church Street

M. I. Adolphus

Miss Brown

John Burnside

A. Duperly

John Francis

Mary Good

Andrew Judah

John Mais

George Miller

A. Meucci

Edward C. Mowatt

Mrs. Parkinson

Joseph Richards

Abraham Sequira


Blackmore Street

Robert H. Clement

Louisa R. Combold

Sarah Gibson

Duke Street

Rebecca Grant

Caroline Liza

Mrs. Mollard

Ann McLean

Ross, Tongue, and Hughes

William Sutliff

Stanton Street

Edward Francis

Francis La Biche

William Phillips

Eliza Shaw

East Street

Doctor Adolphus

Jacob Alberga

Ann Batty

Mrs. Lachlan Campbell

Noel Ca?moin

Eloise Cathcart

Elizabeth Colman

Madame Daron

Peter A.Foubister

Juan Gallart

Rosalia Gonzales

Mrs. Jeyes Frederick Gore

John Harvey

Mary Hay

Sarah Lewis

Miss McDorman

John Nairn

Richard L. Woolfrys

Hanover Street

Adelaide Bremand

James Campbell

Isabella S. Coakley

Richard S. Cooper

Sarah Croasdale

Antoinette D'Ausigne

James Delaney

Mrs. Groombridge

Miss McLachlan

John McDonnell

Mrs. D. Morrison

A.F. Robinson

Robert Ross

William Willasey

James Street

Stewart Dallas

Philip Smith

Golden Street

Reverend Mr. Clarke

George Maverley

Knight Street


David Cohen

Mr. Edwards

Philip Hart

Evelina Kerbey

Esther G. Mesquita

Adolphus Powell

Luke Lane

Jaco Gordon

Princess Street

Samuel Alberga

Jacob Chaves

Abm. R. DaCosta

Jacob De Campos

J. Hobeb

Emanuel Tavares


Mordaunt Street

John McKinney


Mathew's Lane

Captain Hubbard


Fetter's Lane

William McCormack


West Street

Thomas Anderson

Noel Camoin

Madame Rose Dance


Port Royal Street

William Davidson & Co.

Simon Geoghagan

Abraham Solomon

Simon Taylor, Grass Yard

John Vrigneaux


Harbour Street

James Denniston

Joseph Finlay, (two places)

Popote Lafaye

Lucas, Micholls, and Co. (two lock-up stores)

Commercial Rooms


Water Lane

Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Mary Francis

John McKinney

S. Deleon Thompson


White Street

Abraham Garsia

St. Jago Gonzales

Robert Labat

Mathew Lyon

Joshua Morais


Bourdon Street

Mrs. Cohen

A.P. DaCosta

Jacob Stines

Jacob Stines

John Tinker


Keywood Street

Madame Grisolle

David Lambert


Charles Street

John Nunes

David R. Scott

S. Deleon Thompson


North Street

John Stuart

Jacob Weissart


West Queen Street

Robert Bristow


Bernard Street

Henry Campbell

Miss D. Watson


High Holbourn Street

Samuel Greensword

Harmonic Society

Miss Lucas

Mrs. Roberts

George F. Want


North Street

Club House


Peck Street

William Lambert


Beeston Street

Dorothy Nugent


Sutton Street

Ann Carter


East Queen Street

Don Valentine Anguelo


Milk Street

Christ. J. Maddix

--- Moody


Lombard Street

Rebecca McKoy

Lachlan McLean dec (Negro yard)

James Spencer

John Wilmott


Barry Street

M. DaCosta

Joseph Foussatt

Andrew Scott


Thames Street

John Charles

Achile Laselve

Mary Peters

Miss Rodgers


Tower Street

William Adams

Pierre Chevalier

Louis Perrotin (Cord Store)


Water Lane

Jules Despinoes

Miss Hodgson

William Thomas Pike


Harbour Street

Clements & Mowatt

Commissioner's Office

Antoine Gautier

Lewis Harty, (two places)

John Mais (Negro Yard)

James McQueen, (attorney of R. B. Muirhead, Exor. Of Sarah Board)

Ditto, as assignee of R. B. Muirhead

Lydia Nunes


Port Royal Street

Richard S. Cooper

Robert Wilson



Mrs. Hannah Barnes

James H. Cox

Alfred Lewen

James Rose


Raes' Town

Joseph Bull


King Street

Frances Bish

Rev. Mr. Burton

James H. Cox

Chris J. Maddix

Ditto, Exor. Of Christina Hall

Nicholas Valenre(?) [Vileure?]


Peter's Lane

Isaac M. Belsario


Sophia Burger

Andrew Judah


Chancery Lane

Grace Williams Beckford


Orange Street

Joseph Benjamin

Rev. L. Chapman

Rev. Don B. Fernandes

arah and Rachel Dias Fernandes (on rent)

Nicholas R. Garcia

John Hart

Rev. Isaac Lopes

Mrs. Melhado

Sarah M. Pereira

John Sterns

William Willasey


By order, William Harris, C.C.C.

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