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In 1782 when the storm clouds were gathering over France, St. Domingue was a rich and prosperous French colony; but by the dawn of the 19th century, that picture had changed completely. The great Revolution that toppled Louis XVI from his throne had found a bloody sequel in far-off, sun-drenched, St. Domingue. The slaves revolted; plantations were gutted and whole families massacred; and this in turn was followed by long years of savage warfare.

The final result was a mass migration of the surviving colonists. They settled in the neighboring West Indian islands and on the continent of North America; and to this very day, more than 150 years later, descendants of these French emigre families are still living in Jamaica.

Our three Volumes aim to preserve the records of some of these families ...



Documents that have been transcribed are from the Colonial Archives in France (for St. Domingue), Roman Catholic records from Kingston, wills, land and indemnity records from St. Domingue, Jamaica Almanacs, and some records from the United States.

The pages that have been transcribed from the manuscript are as follows:

From Volume I, and part of Volume II:

Genealogy of de Gournay including spouses Lagourgue, Chevolleau and Racine, and other pedigrees

deGournay documents including baptisms, marriages, burials, and a will

Charest genealogy and documents, including Charest de Lauzon, and Dubison connection

Charest pedigree chart and heirs, including DuBourg, Thibaut, Forget, de Montorsier, and de Cabarel de Sermet

Desgouttes genealogy, including spouses Branday, de Montagnac and Espeut

d'Ustou genealogy

de l'Enfernat genealogy

Lagourgue, de la Villeon, Onffroy

From Volumes II and III:

le Mercier du Quesnay and related families

le Mercier du Quesnay and Boisfontaine

St. Domingue Indemnity records for Duquesnay, Delahaye, Lefebvre, Hanus de Jumecourt, Boisfontaine.

DuBourg and Sainte Marie

St. Domingue Indemnities Dubourg, Brusle de Baubert, Espeut


Baptisms, Marriage, Burials from Registers for St. Domingue, Kingston, and New Orleans. (Dubourg, Chevolleau, Poirel de la Tour, Carvalho, Brusle de Baubert, Masse de la Villeon, D'Heillecourt, Espeut, Lagourgue, Malabre, de Ste. Marie.)



Pouyat and Daron

Espeut pedigree

Brusle pedigree

Indemnity Commission extract

Other documents (Chevolleau, Malabre, Duverger).

Parishes and Military. The parishes of St. Domingue before the Revolution. Military and Naval Roll [by L. Malabre]


A hand painted chart of coats of arms belonging to families into which the leMercier duQuesnay family married. These coats of arms had been hand-drawn in the Malabre Manuscript, but their validity was checked much later. See Coats of Arms.

For portraits from another source, not the Malabre Manuscript, please see:

Perrine Therese Elizabeth de Gournay

Rev. Marie Guillaume Arthur duQuesnay

Mr. Malabre also drew up a large family tree chart. Information from the chart has been used to tie together some records which had been found in certain records in the Roman Catholic Archives in Kingston, as previously seen on this web site. This information may also be consulted at pages for the de Gournay and Malabre families respectively.]

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