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From Volume 3


(From the Saint Domingue Indemnity Records - Volume 1832-1833.)

Jurisdiction Fort-Dauphin

1.. Quanaminthe

2.. Fort-Dauphin

3.. Terrier-Rouge

4.. Le Trou

5.. Valere

Jurisdiction Le Cap

6.. Limonade

7.. Quatre-Morin

8.. Grande-Riviere

9.. Dondon

10. Marmelade

11. Petite Anse

12. Cap Francais

13. Plaine-du-Nord

14. Acul

15. Limbe

16. Port Margot

17. Borgne

18. Plaisance

Jurisdiction Port-de-Paix

19. Saint-Louis

20. Port-de-Paix

21. Gros-Morne

22. Jean Rabel

23. Mole Saint-Nicholas

24. Bombarde

25. Port-a-Piment

25. (bis) Ile de la Tortue

Jurisdiction Saint Marc

26. Gonaives

27. Saint-Marc

28. Petite-Riviere

29. Verettes

Jurisdiction Port-au-Prince

30. Mirebalais

31. Arcahaye

32. Croix-des-Bouquets

33. Port-au-Prince

34. Leogane

Jurisdiction Petit Gonaive

35. Grand-Goave

36. Petit-Goave

37. Fond-des-Negres

38. Anse-a-Veau

39. Petit Trou

Jurisdiction Jeremie

40. Jeremie

41. Cap Dame-Marie

Jurisdiction Cayes

42. Cap Tiburon

43. Les Coteaux

44. Port-Salut

45. Torbeck

46. Les Cays

Jurisdiction Saint-Louis

47. Cavaillon

48. Saint-Louis

49. Aquin

Jurisdiction Jacmel

50. Baynet

51. Jacmel

52. Cays de Jacmel


Anderson (Louis). Major of Infantry, British Army. Served in Second Boer War and First World War.

Chevolleau (Raymond). Major of Infantry in the Service of his Britannic Majesty, George III. Comm. Captain with the Rank of Major 1795. Served in St. Domingue campaign.

Charest de Lauzon (Francois). Aide-Major in the Militia, 18th century French Colony of St. Domingue.

Carvalho (Edmund Joseph), 1869-1928. Jamaica Volunteer Militia (infantry).

Carvalho (____). U. S. Navy in Second World War.

Casserly (Frank). Lieutenant in Jamaica Contingency. Overseas service - wounded. (First World War).

Casserly (Edward) M. D. U. S. Medical Corps. (We do not think that he served in the First World War?)

Casserly (Denis). Infantry, British Army. (We believe that he was wounded but not sure about it.) Afterwards became (we believe) a staff Sergeant in R. G. Artillery.

Cotter (Richard). U. S. Marines, 2nd World War.

Cotter (Norman). U. S. Marines - 2nd World War.

Du Quesnay (Philippe le Mercier), 1742-1795. Captain in the Regiment of Desonnce. (Captain of Militia).

DuQuesnay (William le Mercier), (1920 - __). British Army, 2nd World War.

Desgouttes (Louis Corre). Knight of St. Louis. Said to have been a former officer of the French Army under the ancien regime.

De Gournay (Michel Isaac), 1728-1813. Knight of St. Louis. Captain of Dragoons in the St. Domingue Militia.

De Gournay (Paul Francois). Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of de Gournay's Heavy Artillery, Confederate States Army. Served in American Civil War.

Du Bourg (Pierre Francois), 1767-1830. See Miniature in uniform (rank unknown).

d'Ustou de Casaril (Jean-Marie-Alexandre). Knight and Captain and Adjutant Major in the Militia of Petite Anse, St. Domingue.

de l'Enfernat (Alexandre Francois). Lieutenant in the Regiment of Beary, in the service of His Most Christian Majesty.

Desnoes (Percy H.), M. D., 1893- ___. Captain in Canadian Army Medical Corps. (No overseas service). First World War.

Desnoes (Edmund Oscar) 1894-___. U.S. Navy in First World War (Transport).

Desnoes (Jack). U. S. Air Corps (Ground service in England). 2nd World War.

Gadpaille (Louis). R.A.F. (or R.F.C.) in First World War. Killed in action.

Malabre (Louis Rene), 1769-1814. Colonel in the Service of his Britannic Majesty George III. (St. Domingue campaign).

Malabre (Arnold Louis) 1827-1879. Officer of the Jamaica Militia. Said to have been "called out" during Negro Rebellion of 1865 (see photo in uniform).

Malabre (William Titley) 1858-1895. Jamaica Volunteer Militia (Artillery).

Malabre (Louis Duverger), 1863-1918. Jamaica Volunteer Militia (infantry).

Malabre (Leopold Alfred) M.D., 1884- ___. Captain, U. S. Army Medical Corps, First World War (served in France).

Malabre (William Alfred) 1887-___. U. S. Army in First World War. (No overseas service). We think he was a Quarter Master Sergeant (in coast artillery?).

Malabre (Louis Charles), 1892-___. R.F.A. and R.G.A. (A.A.). British Army in First World War (Served in France 1916-1919).

Malabre (Launcelot Arthur), 1898-1924. Jamaica Contingent (infantry, we think) in First World War. (Served overseas).

Malabre (John Philip-Gordon), 1904-___. U. S. Army in Second World War. (M.P. and we believe, infantry) (Overseas service).

Onffroy (Anne Marthe Roland), Marquis de Veres, knight of St. Louis. 1778-___. Captain of Artillery in the legion of Montalembert at age of 18. Afterwards Captain of Artillery in the Service of His Britannic Majesty George III. Served in St. Domingue campaign.

Sorapure (Edward Victor), M. D. Captain R.A.M.C. British Army. (He probably attained a higher rank but we do not know it). First World War. Served in England and on cross channel Hospital ships.

Sorapure (Victor). R. A. F. British Army 2nd World War.

Sorapure (John Boileau). R. A. F. British Army 2nd World War.

Sharpe (Eric Stuart). U. S. Army in Second World War (No overseas service).

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