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[Translations and comments in brackets are by jamaicanfamilysearch. Other adjustments have been made to translations done by Louis Malabre.]

In the Baptismal records of his twin daughters Marianne Celine and Elizabeth, (Kingston, 1815), Alexandre Francois de l'Enfernat is described as:

"ancien officier au service de Sa Majeste tres Chretienne" [former officer in the service of the French King]

And from the Baptismal act of his son, Louis Edward, (Kingston, 1810), we learn that he was:

"ancien lieutenant au regiment de Beary ...." [former lieutenant in the Regiment of Beary]

We do not know where Alexandre Francois was born, but in our opinion it was in France and not in the French Colony of Saint Domingue.

Nor do we know at present where he married our great-great-grand-aunt, Perrine Francoise de Gournay, but it seems probable to us that it was at Kingston, Jamaica.

At any rate, it was at Kingston in January 1801 that M. de l'Enfernat's father-in-law, the old knight de Gournay, drew up his last Will and Testament. And in that document, M. de Gournay appoints his son-in-law, M. de la Villeon, to be his Executor "and in his stead Mr. De L'Enfernat also my son-in-law."

M. de l'Enfernat was to manage property in the Parish of St. George which the old knight had leased from still another of his sons-in-law, Raymond Chevolleau, and on which he had planted Coffee. This property was in fact a part of Mr. Chevolleau's estate, and was called "Friendship".

The Will then continues:

"I give to him (i.e. to M. de l'Enfernat) from the beginning of this years crop one third part of the proceeds. He will bear one third part of the expenses and losses of the plantation. After my decease he will provide for his own table and until then he will contribute one third of the expenses for the same. At the time he will have to provide for the full expense of his table he will have the little produce of the plantation."

Michel de Gournay also declares that M. de l'Enfernat "will account yearly for the produce of the plantation to my Executor and should he become an Executor, to my heirs. After paying all the debts due from the plantation he will remit, if possible, to my sons Augustin and Francois in France the share coming to them."

To this Will, a Codicil was added on February 28, 1806, which refers to Alexandre Francois in the Sixth article as follows:

"Sixth. Mr. de l'Enfernat having the management of the Lease until the expiration of the term, in order to spare him the trouble of accounting to each of my heirs I nominate in his stead Mr. Louis Desgouttes my son-in-law Executor of my Testament in default of Mr. De La Villeon my son-in-law."

On January 31st 1807 when M. de l'Enfernat's sister-in-law, Jeanne Pauline de Gournay, married Anne Marthe Roland Onffroy at Kingston, Alexandre Francois and his wife were present, and both signed the marriage register.

See NOTES Nos. 1, and 2 below.

In the Jamaica Almanac for 1817, Returns for the March quarter of 1816, we find M. de l'Enfernat listed as Proprietor of Friendship Pen in the Parish of St. George with 22 slaves and 3 stock.

But apparently the de l'Enfernats "pulled out" of Jamaica, either in 1817 or in 1818. And in regard to this, let me quote from Mr. Trist Wood's letter:-

"In the end of 1817 or beginning of 1818, de l'Enfernat left Jamaica, and took up his abode in St. Caiterines Pa., Cuba (with Francois de Gournay who subsequently settled here)."

This 'here' refers, of course, to New Orleans, La.


"In 1842 Mme. de l'Enfernat (the Mother) was living at Saltadero quartier de St. Caiterine, Cuba. Last reference to her. Don't know what became of children but heard there was a de l'Enfernat family in Louisiana. (I got this information from France.)"

Perrine Francoise, wife de L'Enfernat, (nee de Gournay), received indemnity for de Gournay property lost in Saint Domingue. The award was made in December 1827, and she is described as "veuve l'Enfernat d'Avarole" [widow of]. This is the only intimation we have to date that the family name was de l'Enfernat d'Avarole.

Note: The name d'Avarole is also used in the Baptismal Act of Pauline Chevolleau (Feb. 1807). Alex. Francois was godfather. In that document it is spelled DAVROLLES.

The issue of Alexandre Francois de L'Enfernat, and of his wife Perrine Francoise de Gournay, were:

Louis Edward de l'Enfernat (about 1804-)

Elizabeth de l'Enfernat ... (1815)

Marianne Celine de l'Enfernat ....(1815)

(The above list is doubtless incomplete)

We know very little about Louis Edward and his twin sisters. If there were other children, and we are inclined to think there must have been, their Baptismal records would doubtless be found in the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral.

It will be noticed that the birth date of Louis Edward is not mentioned in his Baptismal Act. However, Mr. Trist Wood of New Orleans thought that Louis Edward was born in about 1804. All we do know is that he was born in the Parish of St. George, and Baptized in Kingston on January 3rd, 1810.

Regarding this missing birth date, Mr. Wood says: Only "line" I can get on Louis Edward De l'Enfernat's approximate birth date, the Countess Onffroy writes 1818. "Je pense qu'il a fait sa premiere Communion il y a longtans." [I think he made his first communion a long time ago.]

Louis Edward seemed to have been named for his godfather, Jean Louis Mazel. His godmother was, of course, our great-great-grandmother, Louise Marguerite de Gournay, wife of Chevolleau, the child's Aunt.

Elizabeth and Marianne Celine were both born in Kingston on July 7, 1815, and Baptized there on December 30 of the same year.

Elizabeth was doubtless named for her godmother Mdlle. Marianne Elizabeth Daron "cousin de l'enfant" [the child's cousin] so the de l'Enfernats and the Darons must have been related.

Marianne Celine seems to have been called after her cousin, Celina Chevolleau who stood god mother for her, and who was represented at the ceremony by Mrs. Elizabeth Desmortier Daron. From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston, Ja.

(Baptisms: Kingston: 17 May 1808 to 12 June 1812: p. 52)

Louis Edward.de l'Enfernat Bapt. on Jan. 3, 1810

. . .

Alex. De L'enfernat

L. De Gournay Chevolleau

P. F. D. G. De l'enfernat

J. L. Mazel

Fr J. J. R. de Arango, curate


De l'Enfernat d'Avarole NOTES:

1. (page 2) On February 2 1807 at Kingston, Ja. Alexandre Francois de l'Enfernat stood as godfather for his sister-in-laws daughter, Pauline Chevolleau. In that document the name d'Avarole is used (spelled DAVROLLES), although Alexandre Francois did not use it when he signed the register. He signed only as Alex. de l'Enfernat.

2. (page 2) .... In October 1804 at Kingston, Perrine Francoise, wife of De l'Enfernat stood godmother for her niece Luisa Elisanet Desgouttes. She was not present, however, and was represented by her sister, Mrs. de la Villeon.


January 3, 1810


From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston. From "Baptisms, Kingston, May 17 1808 to June 12, 1812," p. 52

Born in the Parish of St. George, legitimate son of Alexandre Francois De L'Enfernat, former Lieutenant in the Regiment of Beary in the service of his very Christian Majesty, and of Francoise Perrine DeGournay, his wife, residents1 of St. Domingue.

Godfather: Jean Louis Mazel, former merchant of Cap [Francais], St. Domingue.

Godmother: Louise Marguerite DeGournay [wife of Chevolleau], the child's maternal aunt.

Those signing the register:

Alex. De L'enfernat (the child's father)

P. F. D. G. De L'enfernat: (the child's mother)

L. DeGournay Chevolleau (the child's godmother)



Born: July 7, 1815, Kingston

Baptised: December 30, 1815, Kingston

From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral, "Baptisms Kingston 1800-1814-1817", p. 130.

Legitimate daughter of Alexandre Francois De L'enfernat, former officer in the service of His most Christian Majesty, and of Perrine Francoise DeGournay, his wife, residents1 of St. Domingue.

Godfather: Charles Joseph Daron

Godmother: Celina Chevolleau, the child's first cousin, represented by Elizabeth Desmortiers Daron, former resident of St. Domingue.



Born July 7, 1815, Kingston

Baptised December 30, 1815, Kingston

From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral "Baptisms, Kingston 1800-1814-1817", p. 130

[Parents same as Marianne, above]

Godfather: Jean Paul Daron, resident1 of St. Domingue

Godmother: Marianne Elizabeth Daron2, the child's cousin


1Alexandre De L'Enfernat and his wife had been living in Jamaica for many years prior to 1815, so "former" resident of St. Domingue would be correct. We believe the same is true for Dr. Daron.

2She was a daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Daron. She afterwards married Louis Charles D'aquin.


From the Jamaica Almanac for the year 1817. Returns of Properties, etc. for the March Quarter of 1816.

Parish of St. George. A. De L'Enfernat, Friendship Pen with 22 slaves and 3 stock.

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