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dtr = daughter

legit = legitimate

L. M. = Louis Malabre

BAPTISMS from the Colonial Archives, Paris, France


From the Colonial Archives, Paris, France, Folio 5

May 25, 1790 I baptized Louis Joseph Marie Arnould, born February 15, 1790, legit son of Joseph Thomas Patrice Du Bourg, knight, sire of la Loubere, and of Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brusle, his wife, resident of the parish of Marmelade.

Godfather: Louis Marie Chauvet du Broeuil, the child's maternal uncle, captain of Dragoons at the Camp of Louir and resident of the said place.

Godmother: Marie DuBourg, the child's paternal aunt, wife of Francois Carrie, captain of the light infantry battalion of mulattoes, resident of Le Cap.

Signatures: [notes in italics are by Malabre]

Brusle DuBourg, the child's mother, Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brusle, Madame DuBourg. She was the widow of Louis Poirel and daughter of Antoine Exupere Brusle and his wife, Victoire Chauvet widow Du Broeuil, Madame Brusle.

DuBourg de la Loubere, The child's father, Joseph Thomas Patrice DuBourg, sire of la Loubere.

DuBourg Carrie, Marie DuBourg, Madame Carrie, the child's paternal aunt. She was born about 1763 and was twice married. Firstly to Carrie, secondly to Francis Regis Reynaud at Baltimore, Maryland, USA on April 12, 1798.

DuBourg de St. Colombe, Pierre Francois DuBourg de Ste. Colombe.

Chauvet du Broeuil, The child's maternal uncle, Louis Marie Chauvet du Broeuil. This gentleman was apparently half-brother to the child's mother, Josephine Brusle.

Chauvet Brusle, We assume this to be Victoire Chauvet Du Broeuil, wife of Brusle, the child's maternal grandmother.

Dubison Charest, Francoise Elizabeth Dubison, Madame Charest.

Elizabeth Brusle, The child's maternal aunt

Angelique Brusle, the child's maternal aunt

Carrie, Francois Carrie, husband of the child's godmother and paternal aunt.

DeGournay Charest, Perrine Therese DeGournay, wife of Charest de Lauzon.

DeGournay D'Ustou, Marguerite Antoinette DeGournay, wife of Jean Marie Alexandre D'Ustou de Casaril.

D'Ustou, husband of the above

Aimee de Gournay, Victoire Michelle Aimee de Gournay

Charest de Lauzon, Francois Charest de Lauzon

De Charon, De Gournay junior,

Mimi Charest. Tranquille De Gournay, de la Maronniere, Fortunee Buron, Blausane de Charon, Charest, Joliette, Charpentier, Laville, David? Charest, Dore, De la Govestrie?, De Charon, Layrac, Baradas, Deniattu/


From the Colonial Archives, Paris, France, Folio 8B

On November 3, 1781, I baptized Louise Victoire Charlotte, born August 26, 1781, legit dtr of the late Louis Poirel, resident of this district and of Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brule, his wife.

Godfather: the maternal frandfather, Exupere Brusle, resident of Haut du Trou, represented by Louis Chauvet du Broeuil, the child's maternal uncle.

Godmother: the maternal grandmother, Victoire Chauvet, wife of the said Brusle.

The godparents and mother signed.

Signatures: Chauvet Brusle; Chauvet du Broeuil;Brusle Poirel, widow.

BAPTISMS in Kingston, Jamaica. From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral


[Baptisms 1800-1814-1817, page 167]

May 10, 1817, Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues de Arnago baptized Elizabeth Celina Chevolleau, born Kingston February 25, 1801, legitimate daughter of Raymond Chevolleau, resident of St. Domingue, and of Louise Marguerite DeGournay his wife. Godfather was Jean Paul Daron, and godmother was Elizabeth Desmortiers Daron, residents of St. Domingue.



[Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals, Kingston, February to October 1807, page 1]

February 2, 1807, Guillaume le Cun, baptized Pauline, born in the parish of St. George, Jamaica on December 28, 1805, legitimate dtr. of Raymond Chevolleau, resident of the parish of St. George, and of Louise Marguerite DeGournay, his wife. Godfather was Alexandre Francois L'Enfernat D'Avarole, resident of the parish of St. George. Godmother was Pauline DeGournay, wife of Roland Onffroy, the child's maternal aunt. The father was not present at the baptism.



[Baptisms, Kingston, 17 May 1808 to 12 June 1812, page 10]

December 26, 1808 Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues de Arnago baptized Eleanore, born Kingston July 16, 1808, legitimate daughter of Raymond Chevolleau, native of the parish of St. Michel de Plaisance in St. Domingue, and of Louise Marguerite de Gournay his wife, native of St. Domingue. Godfather was Jean Paul Daron, doctor of surgery, native of the parish of St. Jorge, Isle D'Oleron in France. Godmother Perrine Francoise De Gournay, her aunt, represented by Elizabeth Francoise DeGournay, wife of Hippolite De (la) Villeon, her aunt.



[Baptisms Kingston 1808-1812, page 88]

April 15, 1811, Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues de Arnago baptized Arthur Arnold, born August 27, 1810, legitimate son of Raymond Chevolleau, former Major in the service of His Britannic Majesty, and of Louise Marguerite DeGournay, his wife. Godfather was Pierre DeRonseray, former President of the Supreme Council of St. Domingue under the Government of His Britannic Majesty; the godmother was Melani Gouvain de Ronseray, his wife.



From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

December 8, 1859 Benjamin Charles Carvalho, native of Cap Haitian, legit son of the late Charles Carvalho, merchant at Cap Haitian, and of Rose Boyer of the same town, married Louise Antoinette Preston, native of Port-au-Prince, legit dtr of Charles Antoine Preston, merchant at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and of Louise Clementine Delaittre of the same town. Both resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Charles Preston and P. J. S. Laraque.

Signatures of others present:

N. Carvalho


S. Laraque

E. Cogniere

Charles Aug. Preston

Stephen Preston

Emmanuel Lyons

G. Hoeresty

A. Cogniere

S. Leake

Emily Drysdale

A. H. Lyons

Rose Evelina Preston

by J. E. Dupeyron

[Miscellaneous data by L.M.]

Benjamin Charles Carvalho, the groom, was born at Cap Haitian, (Cap Francais), Haiti (St. Domingue), in `833. He was a younger son of Charles Carvalho, and his wife Rose Adelaide Boyer. Charles Carvalho is said to have been "of French origin of Bordeaux," and his parents are supposed to have perished during the Revolution in St. Domingue.

We do not know when Charles Carvalho married Rose Adelaide Boyer, but it was probably between the years 1820 and 1826. They lived at Cap Haitien, and are said to have had fifteen children.

On May 7, 1842, a severe earthquake struck the Cap, and Charles Carvalho was critically injured. One account states that he "had his two legs broken, was taken on board a French boat and died." But another version says that Charles recovered from his injuries, and left Le Cap with his family but that returning there afterwards, he died of a "pestilence." He was a wealthy merchant, and is said to have left each of his children "quite a big sum."

Be that as it may, his widow, Rose Adelaide Boyer Carvalho, immigrated to Kingston, Jamaica in about 1850, apparently accompanied by two of her sons, Napoleon Victor and Benjamin Charles.

For Mrs. Boyer-Carvalho, Jamaica proved to be the end of the road for she died in Kingston on June 24, 1851, and was buried in the churchyard of old Holy Trinity. She was then 55 years of age.

We think it likely that B. C. Carvalho met his future wife for the first time, in Jamaica as her family hailed from Port au Prince and he came from the Cap. The young lady was Louise Antoinette Eleonie Preston and we believe that she arrived in Jamaica with her family in the same year as the Carvalhos. If we are correct, she was then about 12 years of age.

Benjamin Charles Carvalho and Louise Antoinette Preston, were married at Holy Trinity church on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, 1859. She was then in her 21st year, and he was about 26. The festivities that followed the wedding took place at the bride's home, a large mansion on the outskirts of Kingston then called "Brandon Villa" but which in later years was renamed "Marie Villa". It is located at the top end of Church Street.

We have heard that the table service used on this happy occasion was gold! This bit of information coming, we believe, from a lady who was a wedding guest at Brandon Villa on that December day.. . .

The Carvalhos had 9 children, 3 girls and 6 boys, all of whom were born in Kingston, Jamaica.

On November 22, 1891, Mr. B. C. Carvalho's brother, Napoleon Victor, died suddenly at his residence, 88 Duke Street, and as he left no will, the Duke St. property went to the eldest of the Carvalho brothers, George Washington Carvalho, who lived in Haiti. G.W.C., however, sold it to Benjamin Charles for a small sum, and B.C.C. knowing that the house was too small for his large family, enlarged it considerably, Bur the Carvalhos had hardly settled down in their new home when Benjamin Charles died, quite suddenly, like his brother, on January 31, 1893.

And almost 10 years later, On November 7, 1902, Mrs. B. C. Carvalho followed her husband to the grave.

88 Duke Street remained in the Carvalho family until early in the 1940s.

We may add that Benjamin Charles Carvalho started a business in Kingston in about 1865. It doesn't seem to have been very successful for the store was closed in about 1880.

Louise Antoinette Eleonie Preston was the daughter of Charles Antoine Preston, and his wife Louise Clementine Delaittre. Charles Antoine Preston was an Englishman and a merchant in Port au Prince. He was born about 1798.

Louise Antoinette was born at Port au Prince, on September 1, 1838, and was about 12 years of age when her family settled in Kingston, Jamaica. We know that she had 4 brothers and 2 sisters, but there may have been others about whom we do not know.

Benjamin Charles Carvalho and his wife lived for many years in a large house at the N. E. corner of East and Beeston Streets. It had a double (?) flight of marble (?) steps leading up to the front entrance and there was a garden with (we believe), a fountain in it. This house seems ro have belonged to Charles Antoine Preston but whether he sold it, gave it, or rented it, to his son-in-law, we do not know. At any rate, all the children of Mr. & Mrs. B. C. Carvalho were born in this big house on East Street, 6 boys and 3 girls. An it was also from this house that their oldest daughter, Marie Antoinette married William Titley Malabre, oldest son of William Malavre, merchant of kingston, and later

BURIAL from the Colonial Archives, Paris, France.


Conception Parish, Petite Anse, St. Domingue.

September 1, 1786, I have buried in the cemetery of this parish, the body of the late Exupere Brusle de Baubert, aged 70 years, native of La Rochelle. former Captain Commandant of Marmelade, resident of Dondon, died at the house of Mr. Les Heritiers Brusle de Baubert and buried in the presence of the undersigned witnesses:

Signatures: Chevalier de Dillon

Gripieres Montaliber Robillart (L.M. is not clear whether or not Robillart if a part of one name, or a separate name.)

De Court de la Counelle

De Cour de Fermon (?)

Chauvet de Breuil


F. Millot

Cubert (?)

F. Cajetan, Cap. Pastor

BURIALS from the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral


From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

June 25, 1851, Rose Boyer Carvalho, aged 55 years, a native of Haiti died yesterday, buried in the churchyard [of the old Holy Trinity Church, Kingston.]

by Joseph Dupont



From "Funerals: October 1807 - November 1813" in the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston.

In the afternoon of December 22 1809 I buried in the Catholic cemetery the body of Julien Hypolite Masse, legit son of Joseph de la Villeon and Jeanne Morard, his father and mother; native of St. Servan, resident of St. Domingue and Jamaica, died at 3 a.m. in the house of Dr. Daron, in his 49th year.


V. J. Lagourgue

Louis Vendryes

A. Onffroy


Charles D'Heillecourt

J. P. Daron

Frederick Bataille

COl. A. G. Detteuse

La Rasho de Auiyfois (?)



From "Funerals, Kingston, 1795-1823", p. 319, in the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

In the afternoon of December 13, 1817, I buried in the enclosure of the Roman Catholic church the late Charles Francois De Baligand D'Heillecourt. born at Luneville in Lorraine, colonist and proprietor in St. Domingue, died 12/12/1817 in Kingston at 7 p.m. in his 72nd year.

Witnesses: Le chevalier Duboisqueheneux

Ls. Mathon

L. Perrotin

Ls. Nimelette

Amb. Perrotin

A. Verly

by Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues De Araugo.



From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

May 21, 1804, I buried in the church burial ground in Kingston the body of Jose Maria Luys, infant born the preceding day and baptized privately, legit son of Guillermo Francisco Espeut and Mrs. Josepha Perrine DuBourg, of the French nation and resident in Kingston.

Basilio Suarez de Lama



From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

In the afternoon of January 10, 1816, buried in the Roman Catholic cemetery Victoire Charlotte Bonne Magnan Lagourgue, born in the parish of St. Jerome de la Petite Riviere in L'Artibonite, St. Domingue, who died Kingston at 1 a.m. in her 55th year.



From Vol. 1875-1900, the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

February 5, 1880 was buried he body of M. Malabre aged 73 years.

Signed J. Taver, S.J.

[Notes by L.M. Her age was 71 years and 6-7 months.]



From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

On January 15, 1829 Benito Fernandez buried Louis Henry Gaston MAlabre, legit son of Louis Malabre and of Victoria Celine Manseaux, died January 14, 1829, aged 5 weeks.



From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

October 12, 1831 Benito Fernandez buried Caroline Josephine de Sainte Marie, legit dtr of George Quentin de Ste Marie and of Caroline Louise DuBourg, his wife, born July 8, 1809.



From the Archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral

I, the undersigned, Benito Fernandez, rector . . . declare, (at the request of Mrs. Louise Caroline de Ste. Marie, nee DuBourg, widow of the late George Quentin de Ste. Marie), that being called in the month of June 1832 to bury the body of the said George Quentin de Ste. Marie, who died on June 9th, on his plantation named Mount Caroline, in the parish of St. Catherine, about 16 miles from Kingston, and was prevented by the service of my church from going to the plantation where the burial of the body of the said deceased took place in the presence of persons who have signed the register with me wherein is written my present declaration, the 20th June, 1834.

Signed by Louis D'Aquin and Benito Fernandez.

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