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Noble Bernard Du Bourg, Seigneur de la Loubere et de St. Christant, (near Toulouse, France) who lived time of Henry IV(1589-1598).

He was father of:

Noble Francois Du Bourg, Seigneur de la Loubere et de St. Christant who proved his titles to nobility.

This Francois Du Bourg was the father of:

Noble Louis Du Bourg, Seigneur de St. Christant et de la Loubere.

He was father of:

Noble Francois Pierre Du Bourg, Seigneur de St. Christant. We are informed that Francois Pierre Du Bourg resided usually at Bordeaux (France).

He was the father of:

Pierre Du Bourg, Chevalier, Sieur de Rochemont, of Bordeaux, France, and of Saint Domingue, West Indies.

Pierre Du Bourg married FIRSTLY: At Bordeaux in 1750, JEANNE EULALIE RATEAU.

After the death of his first wife, Pierre married SECONDLY: MARGUERITE ARMAND DE VOGLUZAN, daughter of David Vogluzan and his wife Marguerite Collie Gobain. This second marriage took place in 1760, also at Bordeaux, France, and the marriage contract is dated August 27.

Pierre Du Bourg emigrated to Saint Domingue, West Indies, and there he married again, but we do not know the name of his third wife. His second wife died in Saint Domingue.

The following re Pierre Du Bourg is taken from Mr. Trist Wood's letter:

"Some misfortune, it seems, overtook the Du Bourgs and they lost their Seigneuries. Pierre "Capitaine de navires", came to the New World to restore the fortunes of the family --and he did so.

He married twice in France -1st Jeanne Eulalie Rateau and 2ndly Marguerite Armand de Vogluzan. Apparently he married a 3rd time in San Domingo. Among those who sign the D"Ustonde Gournay marriage act in Marmelade Pa. S.D. 1790 is Ruille du Bourg. Was this Pierre"s 3rd wife?"

The following from Mr. Trist Wood"s letter of June 10th 1913:

"The dossier winds up with a procuration (power of attorney) dated 21 April 1761 given by Messire Pierre Du Bourg., 'sur le pointe de partir pour faire voyage de long cours', to his wife 'Marguerite Vogluzan'. No doubt the 'long voyage' he was setting out on was his trip to St. Domingo. His marriage contract with his second wife (Marguerite Vogluzan) is dated 27th Aug. 1760."

From the Indemnity records we learn that Pierre Du Bourg owned a house in the town of Cap Francais, at the corner of Rue de la Fontaine and Rue du Gouvernement. He was also proprietor of a "Cafeyere" and a "Cafeterie" at Haut-du-Trou in the Parish of Dondon, and his heirs were afterwards awarded indemnity for the loss of these properties.

Mr. Wood once informed me that Pierre had a place in Saint Domingue called 'Rochemont" and he thought that this property must have been the coffee plantation at Haut du Trou. It probably was.

We do not know when Pierre died, but presumably it was in Saint Domingue.

The Issue of Pierre Du Bourg and of his second wife Marguerite Armand de Vogluzan were:

Louis Joseph Du Bourg who is said to have been called "Le Beau Du Bourg".

In the Indemnity records we find a Louis Dubourg as part owner (with one Francois Carrie), of a cafeterie at Bras Gauche in the Parish of Port Margot and another cafeterie at Piment in the Parish of Plaisance et Pilate. We do not know for certain that this Louis Dubourg was really our Louis Joseph Du Bourg but we think that it probably was. [Footnote addendum: We are now quite sure that this Louis DuBourg was 'our' Louis Joseph Du Bourg; Francois Carrie having married Marie Du Bourg (Louis' sister), Louis Du Bourg and Francois Carrie were brothers-in-law as well as partners.] Louis DuBourg was still alive when the claims for indemnity were filed with the Saint Domingue Commission and he himself, one of the ancien [former] proprietors, was awarded the indemnity together with the heirs of his partner, Francois Carrie.

Louis Joseph Du Bourg died unmarried.

Joseph Thomas Patrice Du Bourg, Seigneur de la Loubere

Joseph Thomas Patrice Du Bourg married Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brusle, daughter of Antoine Exupere Brusle and his wife Victoire Charlotte Du Broeuil. This Josephine . This Josephine was firstly a widow of Louis Poirel de la Tour, secondly of J. Baptiste de Mauleon. Mr. Wood once informed me that Joseph Thomas Patrice had a plantation in Saint Domingue named "la Loubere after the ancestral seigneurie in France."

The DuBourg-Brusle marriage took place in Dondon Parish on March 19, 1787. Joseph Thomas Patrice Du Bourg owned a Coffee plantation at Plateau in the Parish of Marmelade, Saint Domingue, and in 1830 his heirs were awarded indemnity for the loss of that property. (see Saint Domingue Indemnity Commission records).

Marie Francoise Du Bourg who married Antoine Fournier on May 24, 1786, and who died in 1825. I understand that they had a plantation in the Parish of Fond des Negres, and a house at Cap Francais.

Marie DuBourg who married 1stly: Francois Carrie "capitaine au bataillon de molatres chasseurs"; and who married 2ndly Francis Regis Benedict Reynaud, at Baltimore, Md., 12 April 1798.

Marie was born in about 1763, undoubtedly in Saint Domingue.

Louis Guillaume Valentin Du Bourg



Louis Guillaume Valentin Du Bourg was born at Cap Francais, Saint Domingue, February 14th (or 16th) 1766, and died at Besancon, France, December 12th 1833.

He was ordained at Paris in 1788, entered the Company of Saint Sulpice and became Superior of a seminary at Issy. When the French Revolution broke out, Louis Guillaume Valentin retired to Bordeaux, and in 1794 he emigrated to the United States. There he became President of Georgetown College (1796-1799), was appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas on August 18, 1812, and on January 23, 1815 "on the threshold of New Orleans Cathedral, he bestowed on General Jackson the laurels of victory."

Was consecrated Bishop of Louisiana and the Floridas at Rome, 24th September 1815. Returned to United States in 1817. Resigned from the See of New Orleans and was transferred to the See of Montaubon in 1826. On February 15, 1833 was appointed to the Archiepiscopal See of Besancon: Died December 12th of that same year.

(Information given above from Catholic Encyclopedia.)

The following information from Mr. Trist Wood's papers:

Mgr. Du Bourg frequently refers to the San Domingo indemnity in his letters.

Mr. Wood writes: "Col. Arthur Bailly-Blanchard took the following notes from a letter Mgr. wrote the Minister of Marine Francet (translated): "His (Mgr's) brother Louis Dubourg and his sister Francoise Victoire co-proprietors of the paternal plantation situated in the quarter of Haut du Trou, Parish of St. Martin du Dondon."

"Louis a aussi habitation situee a la Marmelade. Francoise aussi habitation situee au fond des Negres, et une maison au Cap rue de la Fontaine veuve d'Antoine Fournier mort a Philadelphia en 1795."

Mgr. in his will dated 5 Dec. 1833, speaks of his revenues from the old land of the Church of Saint Louis, state of Missouri and from a house in Bordeaux; those two properties having been acquired, in part, by means of certain indemnities "on our family goods at San Domingo".

"Mgr also speaks of "my rights, either on my own behalf or that of my late brother Louis, himself the heir of my sisters Reneaud and Fournier, to four fifths arrears of the indemnity of San Domingo."

"Mme. Caroline de Ste Marie, nee Dubourg, Mgr's niece, was named in his will as sole heir, and, probably, collected the San Domingo indemnity he refers to."

"Mgr L. G. V. Du Bourg, taken to France when a child, did not return to San Domingo and, as it would appear, did not individually own any real estate in that island."

Pierre Francois Du Bourg. Chevalier de St. Louis, Sieur de Ste. Colombe.

He was born at Cap Francais, St. Domingue on December 30 1767, and is said to have "owned an estate in that island known as Ste. Colombe"; however, the Saint Domingue records do not list this property. These records only show that Pierre Francois Du Bourg was one of the heirs to his father's properties in the Parishes of Dondon and Cap Francais.

The following, from Mr. Trist Wood"s papers, bear on this subject:

"In his will dated New Orleans 27th Jan. 1830 after saying that his children are entitled to San Domingo indemnities and that their rights come to them from their grandfather, Mr. de Lauzon, he adds "These claims are now being prosecuted in France, as well as those in which I have a personal interest." That he alludes to claims arising from property that he himself had owned in S.D. is certain. Whether or not he alludes, in addition to indemnity for property owned by his father, is uncertain."

Also: "If the indemnity awarded to claimants was only 1/10 of the property lost, this as the sum of 109,566.26 francs was awarded by decisions in 1828 and 1830 for the plantation of Pierre Du Bourg, its total value must have been 1,095,662.60 francs. But the awards in 1828 and 1830 for the plantation are difficult to understand from the skeleton data given in the tables. In 1830 heirs "descendants are set down as representing 33/180 ans as awarded 60,415.26 whereas in 1828 all the heirs representing 49/60 (149/180) appear as awarded only 49,151.00 See awards for his house at the Cap --same difficulty. As to the plantation of J. T. P. Du Bourg (de la Loubere) the award being for 61,784.00 francs, the total valuation must have been 617,480 francs."

(end of quotations from Mr. Wood"s papers)

Pierre Francois Du Bourg died at New Orleans, La., on January 29, 1830.

But we are over-stepping ourselves since we have not mentioned his marriage yet. That occurred at Kingston, Jamaica, on 28th February 1797. His bride was Elizabeth Etienette Bonne Charest de Lauzon, daughter of Francois Charest de Lauzon and his wife Perrine Therese De Gournay, Dame Charest de Lauzon.


The Issue of Joseph Thomas Patrice Du Bourg, Seigneur de la Loubere, and his wife Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brusle, were:

Josephine Perrine Adele Du Bourg who was born in Saint Domingue. At Kingston. Jamaica, on December 18 1802, she married William Francois Espeut son of Pierre Espeut, habitant de St Domingue.

Louis Joseph Marie Arnold Du Bourg who was born in the Parish of St. Martin du Dondon, Saint Domingue, February 15, 1790, and who was Baptized May 25, 1790. We understand that Arnold was educated at Baltimore, U.S.A. by his uncle the Abbe (afterwards Bishop and Archbishop) Du Bourg. He became a judge of the Parish of Plaquemine in Louisiana, having been admitted to the bar in 1818. Arnold Du Bourg was also proprietor (with P. Cherbonnier) of the Franco-English paper called "Friend of the Laws and Commercial Journal" but now called L'Abeille. (about 1913???) Arnold was also Justice of the Peace in Orleans Parish.

Louise Caroline Du Bourg

We do not know when or where, Louise Caroline was born, but we do know that she received the Sacrament of Confirmation in Kingston, Jamaica, on July 7th 1805, at the Catholic Chapel on Hanover Street. (See History of the Catholic Church in Jamaica.) We do not know how old she was at the time but it is interesting to note that her future husband, Georges Quentin de Ste. Marie, was also Confirmed on July 7th, 1805 at the Hanover St. Chapel.

We understand her uncle, the Archbishop of Besancon, made her his sole heir. Arnold and herself were also awarded indemnity for the loss of their father's Coffee Plantation in Marmelade Parish, and for their grandfather"s properties at Haut-du-Trou in Dondon Parish and at Cap Francais. Arnold and herself also shared in the indemnity awards made to the heirs of Antoine Exupere Brusle. (See Saint Domingo Indemnity records, pages ).

Georges Quentin de Ste. Marie died at his property, Mount Caroline (doubtless named in honor of Louise Caroline) in the Parish of St Catherine, Jamaica, on June 9, 1832 and was buried on the estate. At his wife's request a record of this was made in the Registers (of Holy Trinity Cathedral) on the 20th of June 1834.

We do not know where or when Louise Caroline died.

The Issue of Pierre Francois Du Bourg (1767-1830) and of his wife Elisabeth Etiennette Bonne Charest de Lauzon were:

Louise Elisabeth Aglae Du Bourg de Ste. Columbe who married Michel Doradon Bringier of the "Hermitage", La., at Baltimore, Maryland, on June 17th 1812. Louise Elisabeth Aglae and her husband were the great grand parents of Mr. Trist Wood of New Orleans. (Louise Elizabeth -in St. Domingue Indemnity records)

Antoinette Caroline Noemi Du Bourg who married General Horatio Davis.

(Antoinette-Charlotte-Noemi in St Domingue records)

Louise Marie Eliza Du Bourg who married Seaman Field.

(Louise-Marie-Elisa in St. Domingue records)

Jeanne Charlotte Victoire Du Bourg who married James Harvey Field

(Victoire-Jeanne-Charlotte in St. Domingue records)

Jeanne Elisabeth Adele Du Bourg who married Jean Pierre Francois Thibaut.

(Elisabeth-Jeanne-Adele in St. Domingue records)

For these St. Domingue records see CHAREST.

Mary Louise Frances Du Bourg, who was born in July 1799 and baptized in Baltimore, Maryland on the 12th December of that same year. (Could this possibly be Louise Marie Eliza?)

Aloysius Joseph Du Bourg who was born July 21, 1800 and who was Baptized in Baltimore, Md. that same day and year.

Note: These last two children evidently died before the claims for St. Domingue indemnity were filed for their names do not appear in those records.

The above list is neither chronological nor perhaps even complete.

From Baltimore Cathedral Registers: Baptism 1799.

Marie Louise Frances Du Bourg child of Peter Francis Du Bourg of Ste Colombe1, and Mary Elizabeth Lauzon de Charette2 born xxxx day of July 1799 was baptized on the 12th day of December 1799 by the Rev. Francis Beeston the Sponsors being Francis Lauzon de Charette3 represented by Lewis Du Bourg4 and Louis Reynaud.


Baptism 1800

Aloysius Joseph Du Bourg child of Peter Francis St. Colombe Du Bourg1 and Mary Elizabeth Lauzon De Charette2 born on the 21st day of July 1800 was Baptised on the 21st of July 1800 by the Rev. Francis Beeston


1 Pierre Francois Du Bourg, Sieur de Ste. Colombe (father)

2 Elizabeth Etienette Bonne Charest de Lauzon, wife of Bourg (mother)

3 Francois Charest de Lauzon (child's grandfather and godfather)

4 Louis Joseph Du Bourg (child's uncle)


Signatures appended to Marriage Act of Michel Dorandon Bringier and Louise Elisabeth Aglae Du Bourg At Baltimore, Maryland, 17th June 1812.

(Copy of these signatures as sent to me by Mr. Wood of New Orleans, together with his comments re identity of persons mentioned.)

Me. Dorandon Bringier, bridegroom

Aglae Du Bourg, bride


L. Du Bourg, Louis Du Bourg, uncle and godfather of bride.

Turel, No doubt brother-in-law of bride's great uncle Maj. R. Chevolleau

Fois Chevolleau, Brother of Maj. R. Chevolleau

Beney ?

William Du Bourg, Later Archbishop

Mme. Fournier nee DuBourg, Bride's aunt

Lewis Baconais, a relative, but can't place him

H. Nolier (or Volier) Probably a relative.


See your St. Domingue indemnity data. Marguerite Chevolleau m. Turel. I believe all the above were S.D. refugees Beney, Lewis, Baconais, H. Nolier (or Volier).

"Marie DuBourg sister of Archbishop Du Bourg, married as widow Carrie at Baltimore, April 12th 1798 to Francis Regis Benedict Reynaud. Marriage register was signed by contracting parties, and William Du Bourg, L. DuBourg, Jo' Saurie or Joseph Faurie Sequin."

For St. Domingue Indemnity records see Malabre 14.




From paper sent to me by Mr. Wood (and which was returned to him):

"La signature Brusle Sane est celle de Dame Perine Victoire Brusle veuve de feu M. Langui Saney de Seythrac lieutenant des fregate du roi, qui etait marriane de Victoire Michelle Aimee nee au Limbe 29 Janvier 1775 fille de Michel Isaac de Gournay et de Perrine Therese Chevoleau et qui fut baptisee a la Marmalade le 2 Janvier 1777."


From Mr.Wood: ( Extract from Mr. Sherlock's letter of May 23, 1940

"Extract from Postscript to the "Royal Gazette" Kingston, March 4th 1797

Married: 25th February, 1797. In this town, (Kingston), Mr. DuBourg Saint Colombe, to Miss Lauzon.

This announcement is copied in the March No. of the "Columbian Magazine", 1797 as the wedding was on the 28th Feb. It would not have appeared earlier.

Pencil note reads: "I sent him date. T. W."


We do not know when Georges Quentin de Sainte Marie married Louise Caroline Du Bourg, but we are quite sure that the record of this marriage would be found in the archives of Holy Trinity Cathedral at Kingston, Jamaica. [jamaicanfamilysearch note. See ratification of marriage ]

Louise Caroline was the daughter of Joseph Thomas Patrice Du Bourg and of his wife, Josephine Charlotte Benigne Brusle; Joseph Thomas Patrice was Seigneur de la Loubere.

We are pretty sure that Georges Quentin and Louise Caroline were both born in Saint Domingue, but we have nothing to prove it.

In his History of the Catholic Church in Jamaica, Father Delany gives a list of those who received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Hanover St. Chapel at Kingston on July 7 1805, and among them we find Georges Quentin de Sainte Marie and his future wife, Louise Caroline Du Bourg.

In the Return of properties and proprietors for the March Quarter of 1823, the Almanac lists "George de St. Marie" (De St Marie, George) as proprietor of two plantations, both in the Parish of Saint Catherine. One was Mount Caroline, doubtless so named in honour of his wife, with 10 slaves and 7 stock, and the other was Richmond Hill with 15 slaves and 1 stock.

And at Mount Caroline on June 23, 1832, died Georges Quentin de Sainte Marie, and was buried on the plantation. Two years later, on June 20, 1834, at the request of his widow, Louise Caroline Du Bourg, dame de Sainte Marie, a record of his burial was made in the registers of Holy Trinity Church.

The Issue of Georges Quentin de Sainte-Marie and of his wife, Louise Caroline Du Bourg, were:

Charles de Sainte Marie, M.D., about whom we know nothing.

Caroline Josephine de Sainte Marie who was born in Jamaica on July 8, 1809, and who died there, unmarried, on October 12, 1831. She was buried "dans le Cemetiere des Catholiques" at Kingston.

Georges Quentin de Saint Marie, about whom we know nothing.

Josephine de Saint Marie -Religious, about whom we know nothing.

Louise Adele de Saint Marie who was born in Jamaica in 1814 and who married at Kingston on March 19, 1834, Henri Philippe Adolphe D"Aquin (1810-1869), son of Charles Pierre D"Aquin (de "des Cahots"), and of his wife Marie Louise Victoire Le Bon Lapointe.

Louise Adele died at Kingston, Jamaica, on Friday, July 28, 1893, at the age of 79.

Henri de Saint Marie, about whom we know nothing.

........... ....

And that ends our Sainte Marie 'dossier."

One of the many unanswered questions that remain is this: Honoree Elizabeth Sainte Marie received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the same time as Georges Quentin, in July 1805. We are of the opinion that Honoree Elizabeth was probably a sister of Georges Quentin de Sainte Marie.

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