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The marriages were performed by Benito Fernandez, unless otherwise noted.


dtr. = daughter

[E] = written in English

[F] = written in French

illegit. = illegitimate

legit. = legitimate

[S] = written in Spanish


Hamley, Guillaume Manuel [signed as William M. Hamley] , adult illegit. son of Guillaume Hamley and of Barbe Narcivette married in Kingston 4/7/1833 Marie Angelique St. Ours, legit. dtr of Marc Rene Jean Baptiste St. Ours and of Rose Adelaide St. Ours, with her father's consent. Witnesses: Edward Escoffery, Alexander Smith, Pierre Eynaud. Also signing: George Montagnac, M. St. Ours, John Auvray, Zelie Montagnac, Theresine Gachet, Cora Escoffery, Eugenie St. Ours. [F] p. 165

Hernandez, Jose Maria son of Francisco Hernandez and Mariana Aranza married in Kingston in 10/1836 Vicenta Aguilar, all natives of Bogota in Colombia, the couple being residents in Jamaica for 2 years. Witness: Rosa Guerra Diaz. Also signing: John Delande, R Loue?. [S] p. 194

Herrera, Juan, native of Ormatraetos [?] in dordoba in Spain married in Kingston 1/7/1830 Clara Martinez, native of Cincel [?], Cartagena de Indias. Witnesses: Juan Soyro de Martinez, and Antonio Soler y Arra. [S] pp. 145-146

Hillier, Sergeant, of the 1st Company of black soldiers of the Royal British Army, married in Kingston 4/4/1836 Marie Francoise. Witnesses: Pierre Constantine, John Delande and others. [F] p. 190


Ignacio Garcia, Juan, son of Juan Garcia and Anne Amaza, married 7/28/1838 Joanna Romera dtr of Juan Miguel Romera all natives of Curacao. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Juan Francisco Incencia and Anna Helena Kaiso. [All signed by X]. [F] p. 216

Irwin, Thomas, Colour Sergeant of the 37th Regiment, married 10/22/1838 Catherine Swords [who signed by X]. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Attached statement certifying that Irwin and Swords were single persons, signed by Ann Barnett Barnes and Batholomew Kelly, Sergeant 64th Regiment, who were also the witnesses. [E] p. 220.


Jean Francois, a black man, in peril of death, married in Kingston 1/15/1835 Marie Madeline both resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Jean Pierre, Joseph Charles, John Anderson and Marie Catherine Mathon. [F] p. 178

Jean Pierre married in Kingston 2/24/1837 Marie Rose. Witnesses: John Delande and John Auvray. [F] p. 198

Jose, Pablo, native of Havana and resident in Kingston since 1822 married 12/27/1836 Anna Helen widow of Curo, native of Curacao resident in Kingston since 1822. Witnesses: Revd. G. LeMercier Duquesnay and John Delande. [F] p. 195

Julian, Antoine, proprietor living in Kingston, native of St. Domingue, adult legit son of Louis Julian merchant resident in Kingston and of Elizabeth Noel with his parents consent, married in Kingston 8/25/1829 Louise Eleonore Lasserre native of and resident in Kingston, minor legit dtr. of the late Jean Lasserre former captain in the Merchant Navy and former proprietor in Kingston and of Anne Pique present and consenting. Also present the bride's maternal uncle Jean Simon Maillard her ad hoc guardian. Witnesses: Victor Marchand, Pierre Roubion, Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger, Pierre Gauthier, all resident in Kingston. Also signing: J. Julian, Eugenie Jourdan, widow Marchand, P. Albert, Jn. L. Lajeune, Robert de Fredilly, Templet, G. Jouy, Henry Vendryes, Ch. L. Lapointe, J. L. Bouilly de Niray, J. P. Tardif, J. B. Bouilly, A. C. Seronville. [F] pp. 138-139

Julian, Antoine, merchant of Kingston, legit son of Louis Julian and Elizabeth Julian nee Noel, being widower of Antoinette Laserre, married 8/6/1837 Josephine Emma Salmon [signed as Emma], legit dtr. of the late Francois Salmon, doctor of medicine, and of Eulalie Perrier, with her mother's consent. Witnesses: Js. Maillard, M. Lhoste, Henry Vendryes, widow Leger, J. B. Bouilly, Jeanne C. Salmon, L. Julian, R. Roux, L. E. Gourgues, C. L. Laulanie, widow Salmon, Josephine Perier, M. White, Fred Doyen, Helene Bourgeuil, Josephine L. Doyen, Josephine H. Doyen, Marie A. Salmon. [F] p. 198


Kunt, John and Laiza Macley married in 1838 [recorded between June 27 and July 14] by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Helena Bifiel and Marie Louise Templet. All signed by X. [F and E] p. 213


De Latour, Jacques, illegit. son of George De Latour and Zaire Desource married in Kingston 12/20/1834 Marie Louise d'Aulon, dtr. of Paul d'Aulon and of Marie Anne Pierre, both families resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Achile La Sedre, Jean Simon Maillard, Jean [signed as John] Desporte, Thomas Lourio. Also signing: Rose Elizabeth Dolon, John A. Dolon, Charles Dolon, Lewis Francis Dolon, P. Gautier, N. Vileure. [F] p. 177

Lester, Thomas P. of the 37th Regiment and widow A. Judge [by X] married 11/3/1838 by G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: W. Hannay, Mary Aughay, and W. Kannay [by X]. [E] p. 220

Limo, Juan native of Majorca in Spain married in Kingston 1/6/1829 Josefa de la Cova native of Cartagana de Indias. Witnesses: Antonio Soles, Francisco Riel representing Juan Limo, George Montagnac, Juan Vives [S] p. 130

Linwood, George, native of Kingston now resident in the parish of St. Andrew, illegit. son of the late Samuel Linwood and of Precilla Rud married in Kingston 7/26/1828 Marie Eve Felixtine Houssier native of and resident in Kingston, minor illegit. dtr. of the late Charles Felix Houssier and of Anne Marie Suzanne Dreux with the consent of her mother who was present [and signed by X] and also the authorization and presence of Dr. Paul Daron surgeon taking the place of a father for the ceremony. Witnesses Francois Salmon, Auguste Branday, Eugene Branday, Jean Branday, residents of Kingston. Also signing: Brooks Crowe, Eme. Lemoine, John Haney, John Auvray. [F] pp. 126-127.

Llerme [or Hume], Jose, legit. son of Rafael Llume and of Maria Francisca de Punta all natives of Capraya [? Capri?] in Italy, married in Kingston 2/3/1829 Catarina Martinez illegit. dtr. of Juan Martinez and of Maria Francisca Dibri__ [tight binding] all natives of Spanish Sto. Domingo. Witnesses: Juan Vives, Andres Je. del Pontillo, Francisco Buche [signed by X]. [S] p. 131.

Lombard, Jaques (James), native of Aigmanie[?] in the department of Hautes Alpes in France, adult legit son of Antoine Lombard, married in Kingston 10/12/1819 Barbe Grand widow of Shea [signed as Bab Shea]. Witnesses: Charles Ralph, Pierre Arberud, Edmond Docagne, and Domingue Chartiez, all 4 resident in Kingston. Also signing: Sarah Batier, P. Gauthier. [F] p. 141

Lubin, Pierre and Pheby King [both signed by X] married 7/22/1838 by Revd. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Matthos [by X], William Graham [by X], H. L. Duquesnay. [F] p. 215

Luciro, Juan, legit son of Francisco Luciro and of Maria de Acosta, native of Galicia in Spain, with the permission of Juan Jacinto Rodriguez de Araujo who was then curate of this church, Benito Fernandez dispensing with banns due to grave illness of the groom, married in Kingston 2/18/1824 Simona Cardenas, dtr. of Antonio Cardenas and Bernardina Caballero, native of Carthagena de Indias. Witnesses: Gregorio Puentes, Maria de la Cruz Puentes, Salvador Moren, Manuel Masia, Juan Benito Lorenzo. Signing: Juan Priero (by X), Manuel Garcia, A. Gonzalez. [S] pp. 158-159


Mainard, Desire, married in Kingston 2/8/1837 Marie Jeanne Brondeau [both signed by X]. Witnesses: Etienne Benjamin [signed as Stephen] and Adelaide Benjamin [by X]. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. [F] p. 197

Malliet, Alexandre [according to signature], son of Mark Antoine Maillet and Eulalie Savarie [who signed by X], resident in Kingston, with his mother's consent, married in Kingston 5/20/1830 Anne Knox, dtr. of George Knox and Josephine Zelee Jentillot [who signed by X], resident in Kingston, with her mother's consent. Witnesses: Eduard Escoffery, Robert Ashmeade, C. R. Nelson, Robert Aguilar. Also signing: J. D. Espinose. [F] p. 149

Manuly, Ml., Sergeant of the 84th Regiment, married in Kingston 1/2/1837 widow Catherine Thomson both natives of Ireland [both signed by X]. By permission of the Commanding Officer dated 1/14/1837 from Fort Augusta. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Catherine Coonerty, Louis Donnadieu. [E] p. 195

Martinez, Jose de las Mercedes, native of Cartagena de Indias legit son of Jose Bernardo Martinez and of Maria Conca. Santiago native of Cartagena de Indias married in Kingston 1/4/1830 Eulalia William, illegit dtr. of James William and Maria Teresa Eulalia all natives of Kingston. Witnesses Manuel Mas. Bonis, receiver or the gold medal for S.M.C. [?] and Administrator General for the Postal service of Cartagena in la Nueva Granada, and Manuel de Ibarra from Santa Marta, Louis Bello from the city of Havana, Juana Francisca Duganquier, Marie Therese de Laulanie, Antonio Sole. [S] p. 143

Massis, Francois Joseph, legit son of Mr. & Mrs. Massis, married in Kingston 5/2/1837 Eugenie Ferguson [signed by X], dtr. of Mr. Ferguson and of Marie Nimon, native of Kingston. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Thomas Lousco, Popotte Dejeun. [F] p. 200

Mater, Joseph and Anne Claire [both signed by X] married in Kingston 11/19/1837. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Anthony Davis and Popotte Tavalier [both by X]. [F] p. 207

Mayette, Henri, native of Kingston married in Kingston 4/27/1837 Marie Noel Char native of Kingston [both signed by X]. Ceremony by Revd. Joachin Faria. Witnesses James McGregor [by X] and M. L. Lecour. [F] p. 200

de Mayo, Juan Flores [signed by X], native of Curacao, son of Jacob de Mayo and of Lucia Flores marries in Kingston 3/12/1838 Catalina Gregorio, native of Curacao, dtr of Antonio Leon and of Maria Chavers. Witnesses: Andrea Martina Rodriguez [by X] and John Besent. [F] p. 210

McCrea, William Bennet, son of John McCrea and Caroline Leziare, married in Kingston 7/14/1832 Marie Anne Coates, dtr. of John Coates and Adelaide Gabaroche. The third reading of banns was dispensed with for cause. Witnesses: D. A. G. Casseres, John Feres, Charles R. Nelson, G. Montagnac. Also signing: Ellen Foussart [F] p. 159

MacDonald, George and Mary Marling, both natives of Kingston, [both signed by X] marries in Kingston 6/1/1837. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Lorence Steven [by X] and D. A. G. Casseres. [F] p. 201

McGregor, James [written in French Jacques], native of Kingston, son of Louis McGregor and of Louise Delaney married in Kingston 2/5/1834 Bernardine Smith native of Curacao, dtr. of John Smith and of Anne Cushnie. Witnesses: Antoni Sole, John Bourges, Eugenia los Balsiers. Also signing: Maria Clementina Smith (by X), John White, E. Duval. [F] p. 172

McLean, Henry, Private of the 84th Regiment married in Kingston 1/15/1837 widow Catherine Coonerty [she signed by X], both natives of Ireland. Witnesses: Catherine Thompson [by X], G. B. Duverger, E. Montague. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. [E] p. 196

Merino, Pedro Nolasco, native of the isthmus of Panama in the Republic of Colombia, adult son of Juan Merino Gomez and of Rosalia Guerra Dias, married in Kingston 1/16/1836 Luce Anne Desnoes, legit ftr. of the late Pedro [Pierre] Desnoes and of Louise Henriette Leydier Desnoes. Witnesses: Juan Chrisostomo Campusano, Dr. Jorge Gutierrez, Jean Baptiste Bouilly, Pierre Gauthier. Also signing: Peter Merino, E. Clement, Louis P. Clement, P. Desnoes. [S] p. 189

Michels, Henry, married in Kingston 24th [February or March? No month stated], 1837 Amaly Huholt [she signed by X], both natives of Germany. Witnesses: Francis Henry Gorkel and Anton Sternhage. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. [E] p. 199

Montagnac, Alexandre Ferdinand married 2/15/1839 Adele Vance. Witnesses: John Harvey, George Montagnac. [F] p. 223

Montagnac, George Jean Charles, adult illegit. son of the late Joseph David, Chevalier de Montagnac and of Felicite Rose Sanotte Petit, both present and consenting, married in Kingston 6/6/1833 Marie Rose Arigunaga [signed as Rosita Arrigunaga] adult illegit. dtr. of Jean Baptiste Arigunaga and Anne Castell, with their permission. Witnesses: Pierre Albert, Pierre Casis, Louis Mathon, Jean Infansson, Benito Peres, Martyn Valencia, David A. G. Casseres, John Auvray, L. Montagnac, Charles R. Nelson, A. J. Montagnac. Also signing: Edd. de Montagnac, John Douglas, Larroux Mathon, John Varel. [F] p. 166

Morin, Jean Francois, native of Cuba, illegit. son of Mr. Morin and of Claire Porche both natives of Port-au-Prince in St. Domingue, married in Kingston 8/20/1828 Antoinette Llado native of Kingston, illegit. dtr. of John Llado native of Majorca in Spain and of Marie Margueritte Desdunes native of St. Marc in St. Domingue. The couple presented 4 children. Two were legitimized: Gustave and Marie Louise. The other 2 were adopted: Paula Morinette and Claire Ursuline. Witnesses: Pierre Eynaud, John William Loring, Emanuel Leon, Jean Llado residents of Kingston. Also signing: M. R. St. Ours, widow Dejean. [F[ pp. 127-128


Nelson, Francis Zaverie and Marie Magdeleine, both natives of Kingston [both signed by X] married in Kingston 9/12/1838. Witnesses: Vetaren Mazeren [by X], Haeren Vacquas [by X], Alexander Grant, John Douglas, Robert Clermont. [F] p. 218


Parsons, John, son of Ed. Parsons and Prudence Parsons, born in England, married in Kingston 8/28/1837 Elizabeth Gardener [signed by X], dtr. of John Gardener and Ann Gardener, born in Gibraltar. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: John Hilton, Moris Dias, Marcella Pouley. [E] p. 204

Paso, Salvador, native of Malta, legit son of Jose Paso and of Maria Besotin?, married in Kingston 7/16/1838 Ana Maria Arsel [or Arseles. Signed by X], native of Havana, legit dtr. of Andres Anseles and of Ursula Annolo, both bride and groom resident in Kingston for many years. Witnesses: Francisco Dasedo, Mariguita Dease, B. F. de Ripoll, Jose Fernandes, Esteban Casanoba. [S] p. 214

Patrat, Louis Aime, native of La Haye, adult legit. son of the late Joseph Patrat and of Alexandrina Fesier, married in Kingston 2/28/1829 Anne Louise Figuieres legit. dtr. of Joseph Gabriel Figuieres and of Anne Marie Christ all three residing in Kingston. Witnesses Charles L'hoste, Salmon, J. Briand who signed with the parents of the bride [but there was no Salmon signature. Instead there was L. E. Gourgues]. [F] pp. 135-136

Pegg, William, Sergeant of the 37th Regiment married 12/28/1838 Miss Eleanor McCarty [by X] widow of Private Thomas Burrows of the 37th Regiment stationed at Spanish Town, who died in Falmouth. Permission by J. Bradshaw, Major Commanding. Witness: Thomas Aughee, Private of 37th Regiment. [E] p. 222

Perez, Benito, adult legit son of Custodio Perez and of Silbestra [?] Lopez de Perez all natives of the city of Zuniga in Navarra in Spain, married in Kingston 1/21/1833 Elizabeth Dewhurst legit dtr. of Robert Dewhurst and Victoria Carlota le Brun all resident in Kingston. The couple presented 4 children born before the marriage named Benito Juan aged 6 years 6 months, Manuel aged 4 years, Ana Martina aged 2 years, Rafael aged 1 year 3 months whom they declared legitimate and heirs of all the goods of the union. Banns were dispensed with for cause. Witnesses: Antonio San Emeterio, the bride's mother, Francisco ___, Alexo Ibarra y Sorzano. Also signing: Blanche D__anache, Pedro Dominguez, de Hayos, Francisco Gonzales Guijano, Josefa Gordon de Jove, Fernando Rex__h. [S] p. 161

Peschle, Guiseppe, native of Volaca [?] in Austria, son of Mathis Peschle and of Guistina Peschle married in Kingston 4/26/1837 Francoise Foussatt native of Santiago Cuba, dtr. of Reine Foussatt native of Jeremie [St. Domingue]. Witnesses: Louis Mathon de Brotte, Daniel Lopes Alves, Charles Mathon, Joseph Foussatt, D. A. Gomes Casseres [F] p. 199

Peter, [blank], and [blank] native of St. Domingue, married in Kingston 6/24/1837 [F] p. 202

Plowright, Isaac, native of Nottingham, Private of the 84th Regiment married in Kingston 5/31/1837 Suzannah Spratt native of Dublin [signed by X]. [He left camp in Port Royal with a pass permitting him to marry and to return to his quarters by 8 p.m.] Witnesses: Mrs. Eliza Oneal [by X], J. Thomas. [E] p. 200

Prince, John and Marie Francoise Marechal [both signed by X] married 4/4/1839 by Revd. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Ulalie Amboise [by X], J. A. Prieur, M. P. Prieur, J. Natsh?. [F] p. 224


Rabau, Pierre and Margueritte Peche married 12/28/1837 in Kingston. Witnesses: Mrs. Joanis Peters and Mrs. Marie Jean Drummond Foussatt. [F] p. 208

Rafferty, Paddy and Louise Duquesnay [both signed by X] married 4/14/1839 by Revd. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: William Wadley [by X], R. Constantine, George Ennis. [E] p. 225

Recardes, Bartholomes [signed by X] legit. son of Jose Ricarde and of Juana Morin all natives of Barcelona in Caracas married in Kingston 2/11/1829 Marianna Nuvania dtr. of Sebastian Nabornia and of Juana Bannagan all natives of Cartagenade Indios. Witnesses: Andres Portillo, Antonio Solon. Also signing: Andres Je. del Portillo. [S] p. 135

Roig y Sagarra, Magin, merchant in Kingston, adult legit son of Magin Doig y Maxim and of Emenenciana Roig y Sagarra all three native of Sirges in Spain in Cataluna in the bishopric of Barcelona, married in Kingston 9/29/1838 Manuela Boffill y Buche, native of Kingston, legit dtr. of Buenaventura Boffill merchant in Kingston and of Rosa Boffill y Buche both natives of Galetta in Spain, bishopric of Gerona in Cataluna. Witnesses: Cayetano Vidal, Pablo Oliver, Francisco Guijano. Also signing: Henry Vendryes, Francisco Romero. [S] p. 219

de la Rosa, Juan, native of Santiago Cuba and resident in Kingston, married in Kingston 1/18/1832 Maria de la Concepcion Francisco, widow, native of Curacao. Witnesses: Martyn Valencia, Domingo Chartier, D. A. Gomes Casseres. [S] p. 156

Roubion, Pierre Victor, merchant in Kingston, native of Ciotat in the department of Bouches du Rhone 'agathe Callier' [?], married in Kingston 6/8/1830 Jeanne Julian, native of Port au Prince in St. Domingue, legit. dtr. of Louis Julian merchant in Kingston and of Elisabeth Noel inhabitant of St. Domingue, with the consent of her parents. Witnesses: Louis Perrotin, Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger, Jean Simon Maillard, Pierre Gauthier. Also signing: C. Gabay, A. Julian, L. Julian, NB [?] Julian, L. Mathon, R. Mathon, C. Mathon, L. G. Mathon, J. Pothemont, C. Lhoste, Eugenie Jourdan. [F] pp. 150-151.


de Ste. Marie, George Quentin, native of the city of St. Quentin in Picardie, aged 63 years, legit. son of George Ste. Marie and of Therese Caslier, and Caroline Du Bourg native of le Cap in St. Domingue aged 38 years, legit dtr. of Joseph Thomas Patrice DuBourg la Loubert and of Josephine Charlotte Benigue Brusle, during August 1829 called Benito Fernandez saying that on 7/18/1808 they had been married in the Anglican church and they had had 6 children from the marriage: Josephine Caroline, Marie Josephine Perine, George William Arnould, Louise Adele, Valentin Joseph Henry, and Louis Guillaume Charles. They requested that he ratify this marriage by Roman Catholic rites. This was done in Kingston 8/12/1829. Witnesses Joseph Dessnoues, Ramond Roux, Pierre Templet, Charles Daron. [F] pp. 136-137

de St. Ours, Jean Baptiste Marc Rene Oursin [signed as M. R. St. Ours] resident in Kingston, native of the parish of D'Aquin in St. St. Domingue, widower with a child by the late Rose Adelaide Caroline Michel Pajeau, illegit. adult son of the late Mr. le Roy de la potherie Chevalier de St. Ours former proprietor in St. Domingue and of Marguerite Dupre with her consent, married in Kingston 5/17/1828 Eugenie Lapointe, resident in Kingston, native of L'arcahaie department of L'ouest in St. Domingue, illegit. adult dtr. of the late Jean Baptiste Lapointe former commandant of the parish of L'archahaie and Colonel in the British service, and of the late Catherine Laurence Poy. Witnesses: Jean (John) Auvray, Pierre Eynaud, Jean (John) Haney and Jean Francois Morin [signed as P. F. Morin], all 4 resident in Kingston. [F] p. 122-123.

Saintard, Louis married in Kingston 2/18/1835 Mary Louise Guillamet both resident in Kingston. Witnesses: John A. Delande, Victorine Nairac, Lize Thezan, widow Gaston. [F] p. 180

Sanders, William Charles, private of the 37th Regiment, from the Parish of Baising Stoke in England, married in Kingston 6/7/1838 Catherine Bradley native of Ireland. Approval and liberty signed by J. L. A. B. Worthington, C.P. who knew Private Sanders from infancy and knew him to be single man, and endorsed by William Charles A. Pavel, Captain 37th Regiment. Ceremony by G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses William Cotham and J. E. Dupeyron. [E] p. 213

Setton, Louis Charles, adult son of Charles Setton and of Marie Monique, married in Kingston 7/9/1835 Genevieve Paule, dtr. of Pierre Paule and of Mariane Castelle. Witnesses John Bisent, widow Dejean, P. Constantine, John Anderson. Also signing: Paul Lubin. [F] p. 183

Simon, Jean native of Kingston, and Reine widow of Charles, native of Port au Prince in St. Domingue [both signed by X]. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: R. Roux, L. Roux. [F] p. 210

Smith, James Bremond, son of James Fleming Smith, with his mother's consent, married in Kingston 7/14/1838 Amelia Vendryes, daughter of the late Louis Vendryes and Adelaide Toulouzan, with her mother's consent. Witnesses John Harvey, D. Campbell, John Auvray. Also signing: Cecilia Smith, Samuel E. Brown, Henry Vendryes Jr., Alex. Campbell, Fois Ferrier fils [Jr.], G. Montagnac. [F] p. 213

Steven, Charles and Marie Martina [both by X] married in Kingston 12/25/1837. Witnesses: Bernadine Oiman [by X], John Besens, and Benito Fernandez. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. [F] p. 208

Steven, Heratt and Celestina Paula, both natives of Curacao, married 1/6/1838 in Kingston [both signed by X]. Witnesses: John Besent and Maria Matthis [by X]. [F] p. 209


Thibaut, Jean Hillert (or Hilair), native of Kingston [signed by X], married in Kingston 6/3/1837 Charlothe Vigneau native of Kingston [by X]. The couple presented 7 children named: Anne, Alexander, Jean, Louise, Jeanine, Hilaire, and Elizabeth, recognized as legitimate and heirs. Witnesses: Stephen Benjamin, Marie Amelie Richemond, Marguerite Lecesne, Florine Tibeaux, Catherine Caron, Francoise Brown. [F] p. 201

Thomas, Benjamin and Marie Louise, both born in Jamaica, married in Kingston 3/21/1838. Witnesses: R. Limon, J. Simon, M. Louise Popotte. [The couple and witnesses signed by X]. [F] p. 210

Touzalin, Etienne, proprietor in the parish of Westmoreland, native of Port-au-Prince in St. Domingue, today resident in Kingston, adult, banns being dispensed with due to the urgency of the situation, married in Kingston 1/4/1830 Monique Leslie Cowan native of Westmoreland and today resident in Kingston, adult. Witnesses: Roch Verna, Gaspard Jouy, Antoine Colin Seronville, all resident in Kingston. Also signing: Francs. DeVillicy. The couple presented 5 children from their union: Antoine Touzalin aged 11 years, Caroline Touzalin aged 8 years, Richard Touzalin aged 6 years and 6 months, Theodore Touzalin aged 5 years, and Seraphine Touzalin aged 18 months, which they declared legitimized to be their heirs at law. The groom declared that he is the father of 6 other children with Amelia Vanhorne, named: Alexander Maximilien Touzalin aged 22 years, Amelia Touzalin aged 18 years, Eugenie Touzalin aged 15 years, Etienne Touzalin aged 13 years, Edouard Touzalin aged 8 years, and Cornelie Touzalin aged 11 years. He declared that he was adopting these 6 children in order that they might bear his name and be recognized as his adopted children. [F] pp. 144-145

Tsenias, Juan Francisco and Charlotte Francoise [both signed by X] married in Kingston 4/6/1838. Witnesses: J. Arrigunaga and John Peters. [F] p. 211


Vasquez, Hiler Joseph, native of Baca Chica in Cartagena in Colombia married in Kingston 9/1/1838 Victorine Martine native of Kingston. Witness John Izama. [All signed by X]. [F] p. 218

Vendryes, Charles Robinson Nelson, son of the late Louis Vendryes and of Adelaide Toulouzan, married 8/4/1838 Marie Jeanne Chevalier dtr. of Joseph Chevalier and Marie Anne Lauge. Witnesses: James B. Smith, John Auvray, John Harvey, J. Escoffery, J. Genville, Francois Ferrice Jr., A. Clermont, M. Valencin, M. R. F?ours, G. Montagnac, James E. Brown, L. E. Pieters. [F] pp. 216-217


Waterfield, George, Private of 37th Regiment married 12/30/1838 Mrs. Mary Murray [by X] widow of William Murray of 37th Regiment stationed at present in Kingston. Permission by Joseph Bradshaw, Major Commanding 37th Regiment. Witness: Thomas Plester, Corporal of 37th Regiment. [E] p. 222


Young, James, son of James Young of the Parish of Ivanhoe in England married in Kingston in 1837 Mary Robinson [signed by X], dtr. of John Robinson in County Kilkenny in Ireland. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Moses Dias and James Hart. [E] p. 207

Young, Juan, native of Baltimore, U.S.A., legit son of Carlos Bedford Young and of Isabela Young, married by special dispensation for consanguinity of the first degree [first cousins] due to residence in a Protestant country, in Kingston 12/6/1829, Juana Agustino Gonley native of St. Marc in St. Domingue, legit. dtr. of Juan Bautista Gonley and Genovieva Gonley. Witnesses: Juan Gallart, John Stuart, Santiago Beyner. Also signing Mary Wordie, James Wordie Min___, A. Woodburn, Juan Fran. Infanson, Josephine Priee, Manuel de Ibarra. [S] p. 142

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