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People in military service may be found throughout this website, but there are some pages that deal more specifically with the military. This is a gateway to those pages.



1. List of Regiments in Jamaica 1702- 1962. Regiments 1 from a list at the National Library of Jamaica. [M]

2. List of Regiments in Newcastle 1841- 1962. Regiments 2 from a list compiled Colonel Douglas of the Jamaica Defence Force. [M]
Newcastle is at an elevation of approximately 4,000 feet, in the mountains of St. Andrew, overlooking the city of Kingston. At this elevation the troops were less susceptible to the tropical diseases which were decimating the regiments stationed at sea level. For photographs of Newcastle nestled in the mountains St. Andrew, and for insignia on the walls in Newcastle, please go to Military, Newcastle. [F]

3. Lists of Regiments and their location, compiled by Jamaican Family Search from the Jamaica Almanacs, Parish Registers, Roman Catholic Registers, Gazettes, and the "Gleaner", 1765-1880:

West India Regiments and 1st through 58th Regiments [M]

60th Regiment through 101st, Royal Artillery, Engineers, etc. [M]


The Almanacs listed officers in the Army and Navy stationed on the island, as well as those in the local Militia. The lists for from 1776 to 1870 appear in the Almanacs.


The 1878 Directory contains a military section with the names of officers in the Regiments stationed in Jamaica in 1878, particularly in the 1st West India Regiment, as well as Naval ships stationed in the area. Go to 1878 Military. [M]


List of regiments and their officers serving in Jamaica in 1925, the Militia, the Reserves, heads of Committees. See 1925 Military. [M]

List of Naval officers, and names of ships stationed in the area, 1925. 1925 Navy. [M]


Jamaican Involvement

There were Jamaicans, and Jamaican places involved in the First and Second World Wars.
In Civil Registration records for 1943 there are records of deaths in the Military Hospital as well as in the Internment Camp at Up Park Camp. Among them were British military as well as German seamen who died in the camp.
Please see World Wars.[F]

From The "Who's Who in Jamaica" 1919

Recruiting in Jamaica for the British West Indies Regiment, including statistics. [F]

Officers who have proceeded overseas for service with the BWIR; the Jamaica Garrison. [M]

Commissioned Officers of H. M. Naval and Military Forces connected with Jamaica. [M]

Roll of Honour - Sons of Jamaica who died in military service in World War I
       Commissioned officers [M]
       Non-commissioned officers and men [M]

1807-1908 List of Children at RMA Chelsea whose fathers were in the WIR

Data on the children at the Royal Military Academy Chelsea, who were sponsored by the West India Regiment, and whose fathers had served in the Regiment. See RMA Chelsea [F]



The text of Archer's book of Monumental Inscriptions includes monuments and tombstones for soldiers buried at Up Park Camp and in Newcastle, as well as in other locations. See Monumental.

Photographs [F]

War Memorial in Ypres, Belgium, for casualties of British West Indies Regiment during World War I.

War Memorials for Old Boys of Jamaica College.

War Memorial in Port Maria for St. Mary residents killed in World War I.

Alfred George Henriques, who was in the Royal Air Force--tombstone in Poland. Tombstone in Poland.


The names of military personnel may be found throughout the Jamaican Registers of Burials, Baptisms and Marriages.

See Registers lead page. [F]


Some names of persons identified as being in the military have been extracted from the Registers and listed here.

See Soldiers. [F]


Some names of persons identified as being seamen, including personnel in the Navy, have been extracted from the Registers and listed here.

See Seamen. [F]

Newcastle Roman Catholic Records

There were Roman Catholic Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials in the Garrison Chapel in Newcastle, involving British military personnel. Go to Roman Catholic lead page [F]


Some army officers surnamed Garsia whose names were found in the National Archives in London. [F]

Excerpts from the autobiography of Thomas Faughnan, a British soldier stationed in Jamaica, including his observations on life in Jamaica, and his opinion on the Morant Bay rebellion in 1865. [F] Faughnan [F]

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