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"Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies," was written by James Henry Lawrence-Archer [1823-1889], and published in 1875. It contains 441 pages plus 12 prefatory pages. These web pages contain the complete text, including the description of Arms which are illustrated in the book but not reproduced here.

I have retained the page numbers so that the reader may use the Index which Lawrence-Archer provided, as well as the computerized Search.

A century after Archer wrote his book, Frank Cundall and Noel B. Livingston wrote some Annotations to the Monumental Inscriptions. They added more recent tombstones, and made some corrections to what Archer had seen. The annotations for the Spanish Town cathedral and churchyard have been added here. See the Annotations links following the main text below.

NOTE: Although Lawrence-Archer may be credited with preserving the information on tombstones and monuments, his remarks on the genealogy of certain families are not always accurate. The reader should verify his remarks by finding documentation to back them up.


Index to "Monumental Inscriptions" [F]

The author's Index is included for locating by page number the names that appear in the book (as well as using the general Search function.)


Other islands



iii- xii. Title, Contents, Preface. Monumental In. Preface

1 - 20. Introduction, Chronology, Civil Lists. M. I. Intro - Jamaica

21 - 38. Cathedral, St. Catherine. St. Catherine. M. I. St. Catherine

39- 58. Cathedral, St. Catherine, continued. M. I. St. Catherine 2

59- 77. Cathedral, Fort Augusta, Green Bay. M. I. St. Catherine 3

78- 97. Kingston Cathedral Church. M. I. Kingston 1.

98- 117. Kingston Parish Church Yard. M. I. Kingston 2

118- 137. Kingston Parish Church Yard. M. I. Kingston 3

138 - 158. Kingston continued. M. I. Kingston 4

159 - 176. Kingston continued. M. I. Kingston Ebenezer

176 - 195. Kingston continued. M. I. Kingston 6

196- 216. Kingston continued. M. I. Kingston 7

216 - 236. Kingston continued. M. I. Kingston 8

[Note, there are monuments in Spanish Town and Kingston to people resident in other parishes]

237 - 250. St. Andrew. M. I. St. Andrew 1

251 - 264. St. Andrew continued. M. I. St. Andrew 2

265 - 285. St. Andrew continued. M. I. St. Andrew 3

286 - 295. Port Royal and 296- 298 St. Thomas in the East. M. I. Port Royal/St. Thomas in the East

299 - 300 Vere, and 301-306 Clarendon. M. I. Vere/Clarendon

307 - 316 St. Dorothy, St. George, Metcalfe, St. John, St. Ann. M. I. Jamaica other

316 - 329. St. James and Trelawny. M. I. St. James/Trelawny

329 - 342 Hanover, Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth. M. I. Hanover, Westmoreland, St. E


345 - 357 Barbados Introduction, Chronology, Civil Lists. M. I. Barbados Intro

359 - 370 St. Michaels, St. Ann. M. I. Barbados St. Michael/St. Ann

371 - 384. St George, St. Thomas, St. Andrew, Christ Church. M. I. Barbados 3

385 - 401. St. Philip, St. Lucy, St. Peter. M. I. Barbados 4


405 - 414. Antigua. Chronology and Monumental Inscriptions. M. I. Antigua

St. Christopher

417- 420. Governors and Monumental Inscriptions. M. I. St. Christopher.

British Guiana

423- 426. Governors and Monumental Inscriptions. M. I. British Guiana.

West India Colonies

[No Monumental Inscriptions]

429 - 430. Grenada. Governors and Lieutenant-Governors

430 - 432. Other islands mentioned briefly.

432 Honduras. Governors and Administrators.

M. I. West Indies other


433 - 440. Index to Jamaica. M. I. Index Jamaica

441 Index to Barbados, Antigua, St. Christopher and British Guiana. M. I. Index Other


Notes and additions to the Inscriptions.

The Cathedral

The Churchyard continued


The following is a key to abbreviations used by Lawrence-Archer throughout the book:

&c. = etc.

(Ab.) = abstract, summary

AET., AETATIS SUAE = (Latin ) aged, at the age of

Bart. = Baronet

B. M. = black marble

C. Y. = Church Yard

DAUR. = daughter

G. M. = gray marble

M. = Monument

m. = married

M. M. = marble monument

MEM. OF ASSLY. = Member of Assembly

MERCHT. = merchant

NAT. = (Latin, natus) born

N. B. [referring to a place, found in Scotch Burial Ground] = North Britain

OB., OBIIT = he (or she) died

obl. = obliterated

ob. inf. = died as an infant

PAR. = Parish

Qy. = Query

s = son

s.p. = without issue, childless

T. = tomb

viv = living

w. = wife

W. M. = white marble

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