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N.B. The Names of the Governors, &c., are given, as many of the latter were descendants of the early Colonists of the islands already noticed.

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GRENADA, discovered in 1498, was at first named Ascension. Afterwards it was alternately governed by the French and English, until 1783, when it was restored to Great Britain, and Major-General Mathew was appointed Governor.

It is divided into the parishes of Sts. George, John, Patrick, Mark, Andrew, and David.


Governors. A.D.

Br.-Genl. Robt. Melville 1764

Br.-Genl. Melville 1770

Br.-Genl. W. Leybourne 1771

W. Young 1775

Sir Geo. (afterwards Lord) Macartney, K.B 1776

Lt.-Genl. Edward Mathew 1784

Colonel Charles Green 1797

George Vere Hobart 1802

Maj.-Genl. W. D. M. Clephane 1803

Br.-Genl. F. Maitland 1805 &1810

Col. R. Ainslie, Vice-Gov . 1812

Maj.-Genl. Sir C. Shipley 1813

Maj.-Genl. Phineas Riall 1816 & 1821

Sir James Campbell, K.C.B . 1826 & 1830

Sir Lionel Smith, K.C.B . 1833

Sir E. J. M. McGregor, Bt., K.C.B. 1838

Sir Wm. Reid 1847

Sir W. M. G. Colebrooke 1849

F. Hincks 1856

James Walker, C.B . 1862

R. W. Rawson, C.B . 1869

Lieut. Governors, and Presidents. A.D.

(L.G.) Ulysses Fitzmaurice 1768

Frederick Corsar 1771

Frederick Corsar 1775

Wm. Lucas 1785

Samuel Williams 1787

James Campbell 1788

Samuel Williams 1789 to 1793

(L.G.) Ninian Home 1793

Kenneth McKenzie 1795

Samuel Williams 1796

(L.G.) Alexr. Houston 1796

Samuel Mitchell 1798

Rev. Samuel Dent 1801-1803

A. C. Adye 1804

John Harvey 1807

A. C. Adye 1808 to 1811

John Harvey 1813

George Paterson 1815

Andw. Houston 1817 to 1825



George Paterson 1821-1825

Andw. Houston 1829

Felix Palmer 1831-1832

(L.G.) Maj.-Genl. G. Middlemore, C.B. 1833

(L.G.) Maj.-Genl. J. H. Mair 1835

(L.G.) Lt.-Col. C. J. Doyle 1836

John Berkeley 1836

Matthew Davis 1840

(L.G.) Lt.-Col. C. J. Doyle 1841

F. Y. Checkley 1845

(L.G.) Ker B. Hamilton 1846

F. Y. Checkley 1850- 1851

(L.G.) Ker B. Hamilton 1851

(L.G.) R. W. Keate 1853

F. Y. Checkley 1855-1856

(ADM.) James Walker ......... 1856

(L.G.) C. H. Kortright 1857

(ADM.) Lt.-Col. C. Reading 1858

F. Y. Checkley 1858-859

Wm. Stephenson 1860

Alexr. Bain 1861

(L.G.) C. H. Kortright 1863

(L.G.) Major R. M. Mundy 1864-1865

(ADM.) E. D. Baynes 1865-1866

Andrew Munro 1865-1866

(L.G.) Major R. M. Mundy 1870


ST. VINCENT. Discovered in 1498. Granted in 1627 to the Earl of Carlisle. Declared neutral in 1660. Granted to Lord Willoughby in 1672. Granted in 1722, by George I, to the Duke of Marlborough. Then followed a settlement by the French. In 1748 declared neutral. Captured by General Monckton in 1762, and finally ceded to Great Britain in 1763.

Brigadier-General Robert Melville was (1763) the first Governor, since when it has had fifty-one Governors, Lieut.Governors, Administrators, and Presidents.


MONTSERRAT. Discovered in 1493. Colonized by the English in 1632. Taken by the French in 1664. Restored to England, 1668. Taken by the French in 1782. Restored to England, 1784.



ST. LUCIA. Discovered in 1502. In 1635 was in possession of the French. Settled by the English in 1639, all of whom were murdered by the Caribs in 1640. In 1642 again in possession of the French. In 1663 Thomas Warner, the natural son of the Governor of St. Christopher, captured the island, which remained in British possession until 1667, when it was restored to France. In 1762 it surrendered to Admiral Rodney and General Monckton ; was restored to France the next year. In 1782 Rodney again took it, but it was restored; but again, in 1794, taken by H.R.H. the Duke of Kent.

In 1797 Sir John Moore, the hero of Corunna, was appointed Governor.

In 1802 it was restored to France, but ultimately capitulated to General Grinfield in 1803.


TOBAGO. Discovered 1498. The British flag first planted, 1580. In 1625, an abortive attempt to form a colony. In 1628, granted to the Earl of Pembroke. Settled by the Dutch in 1632. Granted by Charles I., in 1645, to the Duke of Courland. After many changes, it was finally ceded to Great Britain in 1814.


TRINIDAD. Discovered 1498. First colonized by the Spaniards in 1588. In temporary French possession in 1676. In 1797 it surrendered to Admiral Harvey and Sir Ralph Abercrombie. The latter's A. D. C., Sir Thomas Picton, was left as first Governor. Definitely ceded to Great Britain in 1802. The list of Spanish Governors from 1735 to 1753 includes thirteen names.

Since the British occupation in 1797 there have been of Commissioners, Governors, Lieut.-Governors, and Administrators, fiftyseven.


DOMINICA. Discovered by Columbus, 3rd November, 1493. Granted, by patent, to the Earl of Carlisle, 2nd June, 1627. Under the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, it became a neutral island. In 1771 it was formed into a separate government, under Sir William Young. In 1778 it was captured by the French. Restored to England in 1783, Sir John Ord became Governor. In 1808, Sir George Prevost being Governor it gallantly repelled an attack made on it by the French, since when it has remained in the undisturbed possession of the British.

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TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. Formerly (until 1848) included in the Bahama group.


THE VIRGIN ISLANDs. These islands, discovered in 1493, so far as they are British, became so in 1666, but a regular Government was not established until 1773.



BAHAMAS. A group of upwards of nineteen small islands of which St. Salvador is remarkable as having been the first land discovered by Columbus.

New Providence was settled by the English in 1629; was alternately held by them, and the Spaniards, and French, after which it became a rendezvous for pirates until their extirpation in 1718. In 1783 these islands were ultimately annexed to Great Britain.


HONDURAS. On the east coast of Central America. Discovered in 1502. Constituted a Colony in 1861.


Col. E. M. Despard 1786

Col. P. Hunter 1790

Col. T. Barrow 1797

Genl. Sir R. Basset 1800

Lt.-Col. Gabriel Gordon 1805

Lt.-Col. A. M. K. Hamilton 1806

Lt.-Col. J. N. Smyth 1809

Major George Arthur 1814

Maj.-Genl. A. H. Pye 1822

Maj.-Genl. E. Codd 1823

Major A. McDonald (Acting) 1829

Lt.-Col. Fras. Cockburn 1830

Lt.-Col. A. McDonald 1837

Col. C. St. J. Fancourt, K.H. 1843

Sir P. E. Wodehouse, K.C.B. 1851

Wm. Stevenson 1854

Fredk. Seymour 1857

T. Price (Acting) 1857

J. G. Austin 1864

J. R. Longden 1867

W. W. Cairns 1867

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