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As the march of time, or in some places neglect, or in others restoration, has left its mark on many of the monuments in the British West Indies, since Lawrence-Archer published his account of them in 1875; and as owing, apparently to lack of care in the correction of proofs, some of his information is incorrect, and many monuments have been erected since his time, it is thought that some annotations to his book may prove of service to those interested in the monumental inscriptions of the West Indies.

A commencement is here made with-


The notes were made in August 1909. The numbers used are those given by Lawrence-Archer. In some cases tombstones which were covered by pews in his time are now exposed, whilst others which were then exposed are now covered by pews.


After "John Lunan, Francis Smith, Churchwardens," add "Another tablet records that 'This Cathedral was restored during the year 1901 in commemoration of the Glorious Reign of Her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria 1837-1901.' "

The "tablet" (a painted board) said to be on the east wall of the tower is now on the east wall of the north transept. On it, for "Benefactors to the Poor" read "Benefactor to the Poor."


[1] This is the old parish church of St. Catharine in the parish of St. Catharine, co. Middlesex. It was sometimes called the "Red Church," whether from occupying the site of the Spanish Church of the Red Cross, or in allusion to its colour, I cannot say.

Its M.I. were first copied by John Roby in 1824 and printed in 8vo in 1831. Lawrence-Archer then brought out his well-known book in 1875. I have checked Archer with Roby, and find that the former included all the latter's Inscriptions, and of course added many which had appeared in the intervening fifty years. Archer, however, used Roman capitals throughout, although Roby copied the lettering as he saw it. Several names are also missing from the Index. In spite of these little drawbacks it is nevertheless a very valuable record.

It is a matter for regret that Messrs. Cundall and Livingston adhered to Archer's method, and sent me the M.I. in Roman capitals, and without distinguishing the lines. Their notes, however, are of such interest that this omission must be overlooked. I have used Roman capitals for names only, and added the footnotes.-EDITOR



1. For "Archdeckne" read "Arcedeckne." In the arms the chevronels are "or," not "gules."

2. The slab to John Atkinson is not now to be seen. The brass is now in the tower. It is inscribed "John Atkinson obiit ye 10th of November in ye 28th year of his age, Ano do. '83" [1683].

The slab to Ithamar, wife of Rose Fuller and the Hon'ble Richard Mill, is unconnected with Atkinson's monument.

3b. For "Broadbelt" read "Brodbelt."

6. The monument by Bacon to Richard Batty has been destroyed. The figure ("a female figure leaning over an altar tomb") placed on the wall in the tower evidently formed part of it.

7. Now in churchyard.

8. Now in churchyard. For "Lyeth" read "lyes." After "Lover of Justice" add "true to his trust and word." After "August" add "Anno."

11. Add "As also the body of Mary her daughter."

13. The inscription to Nideme, wife of John Blair, and to James Hay are not on the monument to James Blair as stated.

18. For "Athenry" read "Athunry." In the arms, for "Tout au Rien" read "Tout ou Rien."

19. For "Broadbelt" read "Brodbelt." Crest. The eagle is "or," not "sable."

22. The arms are now missing.

24. For "Mr." Read "Christr." [Editor's corrected copy of Roby.]

25. The inscription is now nearly obliterated.

27. For "Sarrenhaim" read "Sarrenham," i.e., Surinam. Arms. Insert "ermine" after "impaling."

30. To the beloved and revered memory of ALEXANDER BAYLEY, Esq. proprietor of Woodhall, St. Dorothy's, this tablet is erected as a simple mark of affection from those to whom by his love, his daily and unvarying kindness he was most justly endeared. Having endeavoured to live as a Christian he was enabled at the hour of death to resign his soul unto God with the humble but firm hope of rising for Christ's sake to life eternal. He died 14th July 1832, in the 60th year of his age.

ARMS.-Argent, Biletée sable, a saltire engrailed sable. CREST.-A demi-lion holding a billet in his jambes.

[An abstract only of this is given in Lawrence-Archer.]

35. Now in churchyard. For "1780" read "1789." For "Provost Marshal" read "Provost Martial."

36. For "Registrar in Chancery" read "Register in Chancery." For "Deportment" read "Department." For "secured" read "secure." The arms are now missing.

39. In the arms, for "chev." Read "bend." The crest is not visible.

40. The crest is not visible.

42. Verse, line 1, for "whom" read "who;" line 8, for "a" read "the;" line 10, for "flames" read "names."

43. Now in churchyard.

45. The monument to the Countess of Elgin is marked on the back of pedestal "J. Steell, Sculpt. 1842." Sir John Steell is best known for his statues in Edinburgh of Sir Walter Scott and the Prince Consort. The House of Assembly voted 300 guineas for this monument. For "relations" read "relatives."

49. Arms. The chev. is argent, and the unicorns' heads are sable, not gules.

51. On floor of north transept:-

Here lyeth ye body of BARTHOLOMEW FANTT [2] aged 35 years and departed this life the 24th November Anno 1703.

52. Arms. The fleurs-de-lys are rising out of the fess.

53. For "Matthew" read "Mathew."

54. The monument is marked "J. Wilson, ivt. et sculpt. 1788." Arms. The bars are argent, the Crest is gone.

62. The monuments to Hanson and Crassewell are separate.

66. Brodbelt is misspelt Broadbelt on the monument as given in Lawrence-Archer.

73. The monument is marked "I. Wilton ft." Motto. For "Candore decus" read "Ex candore decus."

75. Arms. The spur on the canton is reversed. Dr. Samuel Knight was not Member for

Kingston in 1691, but in 1699 and 1701.

76. For "Pietatis" read "Pietate." For "Recto" read "Victo." For "Clarissimum" read "Christianum." The inscription, which was half concealed in Lawrence-Archer's time, is now exposed, but is in great measure worn out.

81. At end add "On the 8th Aug. 1828 was committed to his tomb by his second wife with her fullest testimony to his virtues and affection the above named James Seton Lane in his sixtieth year."

88. For "Natural" read "Rational." In the arms the garbs are "or."

90. Now in churchyard.

95. In the tower:-

Here lyes the body of Mr. WILLM. MERRICK who dyed on the 9th of January 1714, aged 49. Also his 3 sons EDWARD, WILLIAM & HENRY By ANN his wife. His 3 daughters ANN, ELIZTH & ELIZTH and one grand daughter ELIZABETH daughter of JOHN and MARY MERRICK. She dyed the 20th of May 1728 aged 2 years and 6 months. [3]

96. On the west wall of the south transept:-

Near this place lies interred the body of Mrs. ANN MARCH, wife of FOSTER MARCH, Esq., who departed this life the 9th day of February 1739, aged 47 years.

Near this place also lies interred the body of Mrs. SARAH SPENCER, wife of Mr. JOHN SPENCER and daughter of the aforesaid ANN MARCH and FOSTER MARCH, Esq., who departed this life the 26th day of Octbr. 1746 aged 20 years and 6 months.

Likewise near this place lies enterred the body of Miss ANN SPENCER, daughter of the above JOHN and SARAH SPENCER, who departed this life ye 23rd day of August 1747 aged 10 Months.[4]

In the arms the mullet is misplaced. It is in the dexter corner.


[2] An abstract of this is given in Lawrence-Archer, and the name is spelt Fautt.

[3] An abstract only of this is given in Lawrence-Archer.

[4] ibid


98. For "Also" read "Allsoe."

99. Now in churchyard. For "Barronett" read "Baronett." The latter halves of the two lines of poetry are now illegible. The arms are incorrectly blazoned in Lawrence-Archer. They are: Ermine, on a bend a mullet between two garbs, on a canton a Baronet's badge; impaling a chevron between three palmers' scrips.

105. This is now in the tower. For "Animus" read "Animi." For "Benevolus" read "Benevolens." For "Memoriam" read "Memoria." The arms are now missing.

109. The arms are now nearly illegible.

113. Pestell should be separate from Pitcairn.

119. Now in churchyard. Ob. 16 Oct.

120. This is now on the floor of the tower. For "Henry Rennalls" read "Henry Richard Rennalls." Add after "Joseph Rennalls" "William Rennals." The inscription to Amelia Vesey Rennalls is now missing.

122. Now in churchyard. For "Age 19 years" read "Age 49 years." For "Honble" read "Hon." For "Interred" read "Interr'd."

127. For "Matson" read "Mattson." The statement that the Earl of Peterborough administered the government of Jamaica is incorrect. He was appointed, but never took up office.

131. Here lyeth the body of HENDER TOLDERBY, sonne of JOHN TOLDERBY, Esq., by HANNAH his second wife, who died ye first day of Feby. Anno Domini 1682 in ye fifteenth month of his age.[5]

The above was doubtless godson of Sir Hender Molesworth.

134. Arms. The three trefoils are in chief. At end, for "Bacon sculpt." read "Jno. Bacon, fecit."

141. For "Elyes" read "Ely" throughout. In line 4 read "Gerthom" for "Gershom."

In addition to the monuments given in Lawrence-Archer [6] the following have to be recorded:-

146. Mary Rennalls. [7]


[5] An abstract only of this is given in Lawrence-Archer. Roby described it as a black slab, in the church, but it is now in the churchyard.

[6] Archer's total is 145, though owing to duplications and errors 148 would be more correct. For convenience of reference the additional M. I. now supplied has been numbered from 145 onwards, and a few notices from the "Gent Mag." added as footnotes.

[7] 1813, Sep. 12. At Clapton, Dr. J.P. Rennalls, late of Spanish Town, J. ("G.M." 402.)


147. On the south wall of the nave:-

Sacred to the memory of the Honble JOHN LUNAN who departed this life on the 23 December 1839 in the 69th year of his age. He was for 44 years a resident of the parish of St. Catherine and at different periods filled the situations of Member of Assembly, Custos Rotulorum, and Assistant Judge of the Grand Court. Few men lived more honoured, respected, and beloved, not only for his superior talents also for amiable and charitable disposition. His remains were interred in the New Burial Ground of the town by the side of his beloved wife ELIZABETH LUNAN who died on the 8th of January 1837 aged 59. This tablet is erected as a tribute of gratitude and affection by his daughters ELIZA WILKIE and MARIA BARRY.

On the floor of the nave:-

148. Sacred to the memory of CHARLES PACKER who departed this life October 24th 1823 aged 44 Years.

149. Here lieth the body of ELIZABETH BRAYBORN...... (rest covered).

150. WILL. C. BROOKS died Feb. 14, 1820, aged 29 Years and 4 months.

On the south wall of the chancel:-

151. Sacred to the memory of JANE BROADLEY SULLIVAN who died and was buried at sea on her voyage from Turks Island to Jamaica on the 19th of December 1863 in the 26th year of her age..... This tablet is erected by her sorrowing husband.

152. In loving memory of EDWARD BANCROFT LYNCH, of Spanish Town, Solicitor, Churchwarden of this Cathedral, and Treasurer to the Dean and Chapter. Born 2nd October 1827 Died 24th February 1907. Also of MARY BLISSARD WILHELMINA his wife Born 25th February 1841 Died 8th April 1906.

On the east wall of the chancel:-

153. In loving memory of LIONEL PHILIP PAYNE GALLWEY M.I.C.E. 3rd son of Sir WILLIAM PAYNE GALLWEY, Bart., M.P. of Thirkleby Park, Yorkshire, England, who fell asleep in Jesus 25th January 1891, at British Guiana, aged 39 years and 6 months.

160. The Legislature of Jamaica admiring the official life and lamenting the death of the Honble. CHARLES NACLARTY MORALES, Speaker of the House of Assembly, erected this monument to his memory. Presiding for sixteen years over the Council of their Representatives he gained by his urbanity the esteem, and by his impartiality the confidence, of all classes of the people. He died honoured by his country on the 12th of December 1865 in the 54th year of his age.

Below: Speaker's mace and a sword in saltire, surmounted by his hat, all resting on a cushion.

154. (On a brass). Sacred to the memory of Sir JOSHUA ROWE, C.B. Chief Justice of Jamaica from 1832 to 1856 who died at his residence, Queen Ann St., London, 30th Octbr. 1874 aged 77. Eldest son of the late JOSHUA and HANNAH ROWE of Tor Point, Cornwall, England.

This tablet is erected by his widow FRANCES ANN in affectionate remembrance of the fifty happy years they passed together.

rms. As on window, but reversed dexter and sinister. Motto. "Sub cruce vincam."

On the north wall of the chancel:-

155. Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE ANN WINSHIP who was born in this Parish and was for many years Organist of this Church. She died the 19th day of July A.D. 1900. Aged 83 years and 6 months.

156. Sacred to the memory of the Honorable ALEXANDER MCINNES Custos Rotulorum of the Parish of St. Thomas-in-the-Vale and a Major General of Militia. He died on the 9th day of September 1836 in the 65th year of his age, 44 of which he has resided in this island and was much respected by all who knew him.

157. JOHN GALE VIDAL, Clerk of the Honorable House of Assembly of this Island, died at St. Jago Park Pen on the 8th of November 1850 aged 58 years. As a tribute of respect to the memory of one who for twenty-nine years served them with zeal and fidelity, the Assembly with the concurrence of the other branches of the Legislature alike observant of his worth have caused this tablet to be erected.

Above: a mace.

158. On the west wall of the south transept:-

Sacred to the memory of JAMES LAING,[8] Esqre., of the Parish of St. Ann's who departed this life on the 15th day of December 1827 aged 62 years.

159. On the south wall of the south transept:-

Sacred to the Memory of CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH the wife of MATTHEW S. FARQUHARSON Esqre who departed this life the xxii day of February MDCCCL in the xxii year of her age. This monument was erected by her affectionate husband.

160. On the east wall of the south transept:-

Sacred to the memory of JOHN GARDNER MILLWARD [9] Esquire who died after a lingering illness which he bore with resignation and fortitude, on the 24th December 1822 in the 62 year of his age.

Also sacred to the memory of THOMAS JAMES BROWN [10] Esquire who died on 20th of April 1823 in the 33rd year of his age on his passage to England where he was going for the recovery of his health.

This monument is erected by their affectionate widows ANNA MARIA MILLWARD, &


Also to the memory of MARY KERR, MARY ANNA, and THOS. JAMES, children of THOS. JAS. BROWN and ANN GARDNER his wife, and grandchildren of the above J.G. MILLWARD. They died in their infancy.

ARMS.-Sable, a bend fimbriated, charged with three lions rampant. MOTTO.- Suivez raison.

Also (MILLWARD): Ermine, on a fesse gules three bezants. [See Millward arms, p. 40, of Lawrence-Archer.]


[8] 1800, Sep. 24. In Weymouth-str. Portland-place, David Laing, esq. late of J. ("G.M." 1007.)

[a]1817, Feb. 9. At her house in Piccadilly, the wife of James Laing, esq. of J. (Ibid., 188.)

[b]1824, April 14. The Rev. David Laing, of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, son of the late D. Laing, esq. of J. to Mary-Elizabeth, dau. of John West, esq. of the same I. (Ibid., 368.)

[9] 1795, Oct. 20. Thomas Millward, esq. of Spanish-town, J., to Miss Barnard, etc. ("G.M." 878.)

[c] 1815, March 18. F.B. Millward, esq. fellow commoner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, youngest son of J.G. Millward, esq. of J. (Ibid., 374.)

[d] 1822, Dec. 24. In Spanish Town, J., aged 61, John Gardner Millward, esq. Lieut. General of Militia in that I. (Ibid., 1823, 382.)

[10] 1823, Ap. 20. On his passage to England, aged 31. T. James Brown, esq. Member of the House of Assembly, in J. (Ibid., 478.)


161. On the east wall of the north transept:-

Sacred to the memory of SUSANNA wife of ROBERT ALLWOOD Esqr of this Island who departed this life January 24th 1836 aged 62 years.

This tablet was erected by her husband and children to mark their respect and affection for the memory of one in whom was centred all the virtues which adorn the character of a wife and a mother.

162. On the north wall of the north transept:-

......To the Memory of ELIZABETH wife of the Revd. W. G. BURTON who died suddenly 22nd May 1823.

Sculptured by Richard Westmacott. Recumbent figure with angel coming to fetch her away.

163. On a brass on the west wall of the north transept:-

In loving memory of CHARLES HAMILTON JACKSON, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Administrator General of the Island of Jamaica, Custos Rotulorum of the Parish of St. Catherine, where he died on the 14th April 1878, aged 60 years.

Also to his children ELIZABETH ALICE, LILIAN CHARLOTTE, HERBERT EVERARD, and HADLEY CHARLES, who died in Uganda on the 15th February 1900, aged 28 years.

164. East window:-

The window was the gift of the Honourable Sir Joshua Rowe, C.B., Chief Justice of Jamaica, A.D. 1848.[11] It bears the arms of the See, the arms of Jamaica, and the arms of Sir Joshua Rowe.

ARMS.-Gules, three pascal lambs Or; impaling Sable, a fess between three dexter hands appaumée bendwise, couped at the wrist Or. CREST.-A pascal lamb above a baronet's helmet. MOTTO.-SUB CRUCE VINCAM.

165. Font:-

In memory of the wife and children of C. H. S. HAMILTON JACKSON, C.W.

ALICE COAKLEY JACKSON, b. 1 Sept. 1844, d. 8 Feb. 1854.

ELIZABETH ELEANOR JACKSON, b. 10 Oct. 1849, d. 5 Dec. 1854.

MARTHA CLEMENT JACKSON, b. 25 July 1847, d. 8 Aug. 1854.

166. Reading desk of white marble:-

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of GUSTAV ADOLF BOETTCHER, entered into rest may 26, A.D. 1901.


167. Beneath this stone are interred the bodies of ELIZABETH youngest daughter of JOHN JAMES VIDAL [13] and ELIZABETH WADE his wife, born 16th June 1803 and departed this life 17th July 1813.

Also TERESA daughter of ROBERT VIDAL and HENRIETTA CHARLOTTE his wife, born 4th June 1840, and departed this life 3rd March 1841.


[11] The chancel was greatly extended in that year.

[12] Lawrence-Archer recorded very few of the inscriptions in the churchyard. Nos. 56, 57, 67, 71, 72, 78, and 133 were marked by him "C.Y."

[13] 1823, Oct. 22. At his house on Richmond Terrace, Clifton, to the inexpressible grief of his widow, his family, and friends, John James Vidal esq. . . Until the few last years this gentleman resided in the Island of Jamaica and was formerly Representative in the Honourable House of Assembly for the parish of St. Thomas in the Vale, and a Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature in that Island ("G.N." 572).


168. Sacred to the memory of GEORGINA ARCHBOULD wife of JOHN GALE VIDAL, Esq. born 22nd August 1795, died 15th May 1832.

169. Sacred to the memory of SUSANNA wife of ROBERT ALLWOOD Esq. of this Island, who departed this life January 24th 1836 aged 62 years.

Sacred also to the memory of their daughter MARY CHARLOTTE the wife of the Hon. WILLIAM STEVENSON, who departed this life 16th December 1850, aged 36 years.

170. Here lies interr'd ANDREW SPEIGHT, died 22nd June 1770, aged 7 months 10 days: WILLIAM SPEIGHT died 17th July 1776, aged 10 years 6 months 23 ds. Children of THOMAS & ELIZABETH SPEIGHT.

171. Sacred to the memory of EDWARD TRUEMAN GUY, Esq. born 26th August 1793 died 22nd July 1854 aged 60 years 10 months and 21 days.

172. Beneath are deposited the remains of ARCHER WRIGHT, formerly of Aspley in the County of Bedford, England, and resident at the period of his decease on his brother's estate of Aylmers in the parish of St. John, Jamaica. In life he was truly endeared to his relatives by the amiable mildness of his character and his humane, generous, and affectionate disposition. His death inflicted a deep and lasting wound in the hearts of his absent and deploring mother, brothers, and sister. After a hapless residence of only a few months in this Island, and an illness of only a few days continuance, he fell a victim to the scourge of the climate in the year of our Lord 1823 and in the 26th year of his age.

173. In memory of MARGARET MASON who departed this life on the 11th December 1843 aged 90 years.

174. In memory of SAMUEL MALCOLM FACEY who departed this life on the 16th November 1842 aged 32 years.

175. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. ELEANOR MUNRO wife of GEORGE MUNRO who departed this life on the 25th July Anno Domini 1828 aged 52 years.

176. Sacred to the memory of MARIE THEODORA MARGARET AUSTIN wife of HUGH W. AUSTIN who died on the 1st July 1863 aged 30.

177. Sacred to the memory of SUSAN STEWART, the wife of the Honble. WALTER GEO. STEWART. She died 25th January 1856 aged 40 years.

[Continued at Monumental Annotations (2)]

(Transcribed from Caribbeana, ed. V. L. Oliver, 1912, Volume 1)

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